January 29, 2017

Thank you all for the support. 96 hours. #hungerstrike #mentalhealthmatters #stigma #ENDTHEWARONPEOPLE #PaulJames

January 27, 2017

Paul James addresses the reasons why and what he wants done regarding his hunger strike and thanks the outpouring of support offered to him...and that he will bring his story to an end one way or another.

January 27, 2017

Paul address his hunger strike and the issue of injustice due to the stigma of drug addiction.

January 27, 2017

Paul speaks with Dwight Drummond of the CBC regarding his hunger strike; and to raise awareness regarding the discrimination and injustice caused by the stigma of drug addiction.

Correction by the Canadian government on the injustice Paul faced through the Canadian Judi...

January 25, 2017

An open letter to Prime Minister Trudeau - by Paul James, confronting the injustice on the discrimination of poor mental health. 

Please support this message by contacting Prime Minister Justin Trudeau via:

Email: justin.trudeau@parl.gc.ca

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Ju...

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In February 2012 Cracked Open was released for public consumption via a Canadian Press article written by Neil Davidson.

While the article was high...

Cracked Open - Supreme Court of Canada; Non-Redactions; Documents

May 13, 2020

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