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Dear Anne Marie Owens, Chief Editor, National Post News Outlet.


Dear Anne Marie Owens,

I trust you recognize the damage you and your news outlet have caused my life, those closest to me and by association, many other Canadians. I "begged you" two years ago in a 15 page email to remove the defamatory, libellous, targeted and ridiculed article - devoid of transparency of evidence, yet, smothered with impropriety - which your organization disseminated on a national scale as a consequence of the patently unreasonable collusion of York University and the Judicial system in exonerating themselves from the plain and obvious injustice which had been delivered onto me through the dismissal of my discrimination claim before the Canadian courts.

You refused to communicate, as I requested, in spite of being privy to documents including the 2013 thirty-eight page report and appeal I sent to President Mahmoud Shoukri.

Instead of courteous, responsible, requested due diligence from your reporter and/or yourself as the main leader of the National Post, you instead did nothing to get to the truth of the matter suggesting your own complicity with the system and with York University. As a consequence, the targeted damaging news item is still online highlighting the extreme disadvantage persons of mental disability face due to a lack of financial resources and negotiating (bargaining) power when injustice and abuse have been poured onto them.

Borden Ladner Gervais used the National Post news item in the fall of 2016 as submitted evidence on a separate Human Rights Tribunal discrimination claim, in order to discredit my background and reputation, as did a social worker from CAMH, Sheldon Parchment, who sent the article to me as a means to discredit my claim of the painful injustice I had received.

One day, somewhere down the road, there will be a need for a guttural apology to Paul James - whether posthumously or not - from your organization, in particular York University and many individuals who have taken extreme advantage of my health circumstances and myself as a person.

Until that time, I have no avenue of legitimate redress hence my decision to starve my body of sustenance, a third time, as a last, desperate, appalling methodology to illuminate the complete madness.

Through the process of my next hunger strike, I will request my soccer hall of fame status be annulled by the Canadian Soccer Association and for my Canadian citizenship to be renounced by the Canadian government and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Perhaps then, someone with integrity within a position of influence, will investigate the Paul James story thoroughly, in order to piece together the appalling cover-up of the facts which agonizingly lead to the doorstep of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada, Ms. Beverley McLachlin.

After all, how do you explain that the Chief Justice did not recuse herself from reviewing my leave to appeal file in May of 2016, when there was a clear apprehension of bias (conflict of interest) based on the facts that:

A. Partner of McCarthy Tétrault, Malcolm Mercer is listed as staff member at the York University Faculty of Law.

B. October 16, 2011, Osgoode Law School Unveiling of Donor Wall and Guest Student Interview. In 2013 York professor in the Globe and Mail quoted, "Ideally she would like to minimize controversy and leave a significant legacy", says Bruce Ryder, a constitutional law expert at York University’s Osgoode Hall Law School. “She picks her battles accordingly".

C. The Chief Justice's previous two legal assistants now work for McCarthy Tétrault - York's legal counsel - and did so in 2015/16.

These items alone are the tip of the iceberg of impropriety in my discrimination claim before the Canadian courts.

To further illustrate, I have attached my most recent submissions to the Supreme Court of Canada for your perusal and that of others copied to this correspondence.

The documents are:

*1. A ten page statement of argument on why my dismissed Leave to Appeal Application needed to be reconsidered.

*2. A 78 page Affidavit connecting the dots on the egregious way my claim and myself as a Canadian citizen with a mental disability have been treated through the judicial process beginning in the fall of 2012.

I challenge you, your in-house legal counsel, or any other Canadian citizen upon reading these two items from start to finish, to defend the process I have been exposed to. It truly is a disgrace to humanity and an indictment of a Canadian system completely out of touch with reality of what it is to be treated with dignity and respect irrespective of ones standing in society. My case makes a mockery of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms proving its complete and utter futility for average Canadian citizens nor alone citizens of minority, disability status.

Imagine the absurdity. Both items were returned to me and not filed on public record. Why? Because the rigged system permits the court to do so with no legitimate explanation when the claim before the court proves overt abuse of power from a system remitted to provide fair honourable access to justice.

Consider the information now at your disposal. It unequivocally establishes the extraordinary lengths York University in tandem with the Canadian Judicial system have gone to to dispose of and "assassinate" one Canadian citizen.

It is little wonder that the Global Index of Integrity ranks Canada, on its Judicial accountability and selection of judges, on a scale 1-100 with 100 being complete integrity and zero being complete corruption, with scores of 17 and 32 percent behind both Bangladesh and Angola for goodness sake. As stated in a previous blog: The narrative our Canadian elitist system presents to the world is a complete illusion.

I have harmed no one throughout my life. I cared more about Canada than myself as a person. In particular, I cared more about the the well being and development of the Canadian soccer industry epitomized through the heart and soul commitment I gave to the Canadian Soccer Association and York University when I was in their employment.

Yet, now in 2017, it was apparently all for the country as a whole have turned their back on me as a person facilitated by a judicial process devoid of any principled credibility, ethic, or moral compass.

The whole absurdity of the matter boils down to this:

York University knew I was in significant distress from poor mental health during the years 2007-2009, but they did not know what to do and so they did nothing to support or assist me. Nothing. Rather than seek professional advice on how to assist, they instead requested I formalize my resignation and then devolved my position before I had even left the institution. Getting rid of the problem was the easiest solution but also highly discriminatory as they categorically knew I suffered from a mental disability; they had official documentation, and knew I was in desperate need of support.

To make matters worse when then confronted with the errors they were culpable for in the spring of 2012, York University rather than honourably accept the reality, correct their errors of judgment and discrimination in private..they, through the "wisdom" of their war room strategy, decided to avoid the truth of the matter at all costs and instead covered up the reality through whatever means including egregious deceit and the implanting of methodologies both internally and through the media - giving the impression they are on the cutting edge of mental health assistance for all their students and faculty. And what facilitated this process is an aligned Judicial system set-up to protect the wealth and power of organizations at the expense of average Canadian citizens through the systemic barrier called the one year delay.

The following paragraphs highlight the extraordinary hypocrisy and extreme callous ethos of York University in my regard. It is taken from the opening section of my Leave to Appeal Application to the Supreme Court of Canada submitted January 5, 2016:

Oct 10, 2012. Ms. Clara Hughes the remarkable Canadian athlete, Olympic Gold medalist, humanitarian, and international advocate for speaking openly about mental health was deservedly, awarded an honorary PH.D. from York University. Ms. Hughes was an inspirational speaker at the convocation awards ceremony on that day.

A few months earlier on June 27, 2012 Applicant received a letter from York University's in house legal staff denying the institution knew anything about his poor mental health and addiction while he was an employee at the institution.

Mark Twain once wrote, "a lie travels half way around the world while the truth is just putting it's shoes on".

As I surf couch to couch and street to street each evening, I assert to you Ms. Anne Marie Owens, my circumstances are a reflection of the total disregard for ethics, principles and integrity at seemingly every level of Canadian society when it comes to the health and well being of our most marginalized Canadian citizens - those suffering poor mental health in the form of substance use disorders.

Unfortunately, your news outlet, at least on this particular matter, are complicit.

And I hold you accountable.


* Documents to be released at a later date.

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