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In February 2012 Cracked Open was released for public consumption via a Canadian Press article written by Neil Davidson.

While the article was high...

Cracked Open - Supreme Court of Canada; Non-Redactions; Documents

May 13, 2020

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Prime Minister Trudeau: Do You Care?

December 1, 2017

Tuesday November 28, 2017


Dear Right Honourable Prime Minister Justin Trudeau; Honourable Attorney
General of Canada and the Liberal Party of Canada,


Do you CARE if Paul James - a former Canadian World Cup soccer player and coach
who collectively has represented Canada over 100 times - dies of starvation in protest
of the social injustices delivered to him as a consequence of confronting the
discrimination, prejudice, and abuse he has received because of his known mental
disability in the form of depression, anxiety, and a substance use disorder?
Does the Liberal Government CARE if I, Paul James, pass away from confronting the
social justice issues centred around the discrimination and prejudice of persons with
mental disabilities; accessing fair social justice for average Canadian citizens; and the
unethical, immoral, deceitful behaviour of an academic institution, York University,
remitted to develop and educate younger generations of Canadian students?
If the Liberal Government and the Right Honourable Prime Minister Justin Trudeau DO
NOT care whether I die then I appreciate the honesty but I cannot respect your point of
view because:

1. All Canadian lives matter.

2. All human lives matter.

3. All Canadians should be protected under the Canadian Charter of Rights and
Freedoms to be free from discrimination and prejudice irrespective of mental

4. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has stated publicly that, “Canada cannot pick and
choose when to apply the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms”.

5. Well Canada in the Paul James discrimination matter before the Canadian courts
has chosen not to apply the CCORAF fairly and equally in this matter which would
have cemented that the human rights of those persons suffering the disability of
substance addiction are enforceable.


6. Instead the Paul James matter establishes if you have a diagnosed substance use
disorder you have no enforceable human rights.

7. All Canadian’s should have fair access to fair social justice irrespective of minority or
socio-economic status.

8. All Canadian’s should be treated with dignity and respect from the institutions
remitted to deliver them. To date I have not been afforded this dignity and respect
by York University, the Canadian judicial system, the Liberal Party and most sadly
the Prime Minister of Canada.

9. All Canadians expect a Canadian Judicial system which is free from collusion,
conflict of interests, deceit, partiality, obstruction of justice, abuse of power,
intimidation, unethical delays, and false reporting. My claim before the Canadian
courts and in the media has been exposed to these corrupt, unethical, cheating
“tactics” throughout.

If the Liberal Government and the Right Honourable Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s
answer is “YES, we do care if Paul James dies of starvation”, then:

1. Why did it take the Prime Minister/Attorney General 77 days to reply to my June 26
letter/appeal and this only after I sent a second letter on September 5, 2017
requesting my Canadian citizenship be renounced along with an annulment of my
Canadian soccer hall of fame status.

2. The June 26 letter was sent to you during a period when I had embarked on a
severe life threatening hunger strike protest that was public knowledge. Aside from
this letter you would have had the opportunity to read my 78 page, SIGNED UNDER
OATH Affidavit sent to the Supreme Court of Canada outlining comprehensively: the
injustice I have faced; the immoral, unethical and corrupt behaviour of York
University in dealing with this matter and a colluded, deceitful judicial process and
system in the adjudication of my human rights claim where the abuse of power,
intimidation, unethical deliberate delays - including at the Supreme Court of Canada
- obstruction of justice submissions, misapplication of law, false reporting, and
conflict of interests including between the Honourable Chief Justice Beverley
McLachlin and the Law Firm McCarthy Tetrault (respondent council), all of which
were overt, plain and obvious, prejudicial and discriminatory.

3. Rather than reply to my June 26, 2017 correspondence, why instead, during the
same period did the Right Honourable Prime Minister Justin Trudeau make the
following comments related to mental health and substance addiction in preparing
for any controversy in the event of my passing, “There is no Canadian who
doesn’t have a friend or family member affected by mental health,” Trudeau
said. “We know the challenge it poses to our communities, our families, to our
economy. It is long past time Canada stepped up, in terms of mental health, in
terms of fighting addiction, in terms of working to heal the ills that aren’t
always visible to the naked eye.” “I wouldn’t be my mother’s son if I wasn’t a
strong advocate for mental-health and de-stigmatization of mental health”.


4. Why during the same period did Liberal MP Deborah Schulte state to a Paul James
supporter Peyvand Mossavat, that "I deserved my circumstances" and "what did I
expect" which aside from being callous, insulting, undignified, unfair and
disrespectful they also harm millions of other Canadians suffering behind closed
doors in fear and terror of seeking help and support because of the potential of
receiving such appalling, stigmatizing comments as delivered by Ms. Schulte.

5. Meanwhile Liberal MP James Maloney speaking to Paul James supporter Sonia
Henri during this same period tried to infringe on my personal privacy by requesting
“is he clean” a highly disturbing prejudicial remark on the most stigmatized of all
mental disabilities protected under Section 15 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and
Freedoms. What gives the right of any citizen to ask the question? It was an
undignified and disrespectful scapegoating inquiry to deflect from the reasons of my
protests and Sonia Henri’’s pleads for the MP to get to the truth on a matter of such
national importance and when a Canadian citizens life was at stake.

6. How does the Right Honourable Prime Minister Justin Trudeau justify MP’s within
the Liberal Party making such stigmatizing damaging statements, made worse by
his declaration during the same period that, “I wouldn’t be my mother’s son if I
wasn’t a strong advocate for mental-health and de-stigmatization of mental

7. At the same time, why did the same Liberal MP James Maloney defend the Justice
Edwards adjudication of the file at the Divisional court of Ontario, when, as outlined
in my Affidavit sent to the Supreme Court of Canada, it was plain and obvious that
Justice Edwards was unreasonable, unfair, disrespectful and acted in bad faith
based on the evidence and testimony submitted to the Honourable Divisional Court
of Ontario, both orally and in written form.

8. Most extreme was Justice Edwards statement which inappropriately ruled on the
merits of the case, an issue which was not before the court, which infringed on my
human right as a Canadian with a mental disability to be treated equally and fairly. It
was a disgraceful premeditated bad faith decision to make the statement which was
extremely damaging to my health and well being and prejudiced my claim moving
forward while corruptly relieving responsibility for York University. The Edwards
statement was unequivocally wrong in every nuance it communicated based on
the evidence before the court which equates to Justice Edwards delivering
premeditated deceit to the total benefit of the respondent, York University.

9. This damaging discriminatory statement prejudiced my claim at the Ontario Court of
Appeal, the Supreme Court of Canada and was used by the National Post to write
and publish a defamatory derogatory humiliating article on the claim, delivering even
further damage to my life and prospects of being employed - the number one
determining factor of a persons opportunity to live a heathy life. It was a sinister
action to a person with a declared bona fide mental health condition which the
Liberal government purportedly care about.

10. When the prejudicial statement was then used in the Supreme Court of Canada’s
Case Summary file disseminated to the world online, I confronted its highly
prejudicial discriminatory harmful use through a number of emails to the court. The
statement was eventually removed. It was removed not because I confronted or
objected to it. It was removed because it was BLATANTLY WRONG proving the
catastrophic damage it has caused to my file and life after Justice Edwards
premeditated, inappropriately delivered it.

11. Once my September 5, 2017 letter was received by the Prime Minister’s Office
addressing the Prime Ministers non-reply to my June 26 letter, only then did I
receive a response from you, conspicuously, only six days later on September 11,

12. While the Honourable Attorney General regretted the delay in responding she did
not comment on the September 5 correspondence requests to have my Canadian
citizenship renounced and my Canadian soccer hall of fame status annulled nor
could you offer any assistance beyond recommending as a self-represented
Applicant I return to some element of the Judicial system, a system I have legitimate
grounds to have absolutely no faith in its functioning to be honourable, to be fair, to
be respectful, and to be just, in order to deliver access to fair social justice to a self
represented applicant.

13. My reply to the Attorney General’s office I delivered on Youtube which can also been
seen in written form at

14. Only recently did I receive a reply from your office (Keith Smith) to the September 5,
2017 correspondence this time 80 days after it was received and conspicuously on
the very same day York University sent a deceitful, immoral letter once again
dishonestly denying responsibility on their plain and obvious guilt and at a time when
I am living in the most gruesome of conditions.

15. While Keith Smith from your office was cordial, meekly suggesting you care, it was
in addressing my request for the renouncement of my Canadian citizenship and
annulment of my soccer hall of fame status that illuminates the true reality and
consistency of the Liberal governments indifferent approach in my regard.

16. Unfortunately your office has treated these extremely difficult requests for me
personally to make, like I was ordering a pizza or a latte, displaying the true reality
that you simply do not care.

17. A more respectful and dignified approach would be to ask a former Canadian World
Cup soccer player and coach and three time inductee into the Canadian soccer hall
of fame why would you be making such requests? After all, would your office, the
Prime Minister, and the Liberal government not want to know?

18. It is my position that you are concerned with receiving the answers.

19. And you should be because the Right Honourable Prime Ministers’ decision to “let
me die of starvation” rather than investigate honourably the Paul James matter, is
highly immoral and disturbing in its illumination of how poorly we treat persons of
mental disability in the form of substance use disorders. It is the most significant of
all the reasons why I have requested the renouncement of my Canadian citizenship.
This should be of concern to the Prime Ministers Office and to the Liberal Party of
Canada as it should ALL Canadian citizens.

20. At a time of my passing from starvation for confronting the social injustices I and
millions of others have received over many years, and when the truth is delivered on
a global basis, what do you think Prince William - a significant advocate of improving
the way we treat poor mental health citizens - will conclude of the Canadian Liberal
government and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s role in this matter.

21. To any reasonable fair minded Canadian citizen privy to the aforementioned
information it is plain and obvious the Canadian Liberal government have been
influenced by the power and wealth of York University and McCarthy Tetrault.
Please rebut this statement with confirmation the stakeholders have not
communicated with you directly or indirectly.

22. You cannot do this, which highlights the sadness of what one Canadian has had to
experience on the back of such immoral and inappropriate behaviour of our
supposed treasured institutions.

23. The failure of Liberal MP’s to ask the right questions establishes they did not care
about getting to the truth of the matter, instead making prejudicial statements in
defence of York University at every turn, adding nothing else, which while it was
blatantly callous, undignified and disrespectful it was also revealing on the
incontestable collusion in this matter.

24. Furthermore, a conflict of interest through York University’s Past President Dr Lorna
Marsden (whom I met in 2011 and discussed what had transpired at York University)
being a long serving member of the Liberal party including her role as assistant to
the Honourable Pierre Trudeau in the 1980’s and current Chair of the York University
BOG being a working member of the Liberal party points to other clear conflict of
interest moments and gives a more than reasonable motive as to why Prime
Minister Justin Trudeau did not reply to the urgency of the June 26 letter which was
sent to him.

25. It’s consequence is best summed up by EMMY/BAFTA Award winner Mike Young’s
recent plea to the new President of York University Rhonda Lenton which has been
ignored, “This story cannot get any more compelling than when the audience is presented
with the words of former international and English professional soccer star Paul
Peschisolido who described Paul as a “Canadian soccer legend” only for the Canadian
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and York University to reveal their incontestable intent that
they were/are prepared to let a "Canadian soccer legend" die of starvation rather than
accept and own the truth of the errors and injustice which has been delivered to him”.

26. In 2015 as Right Honourable Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made the following
public statement to Canadian voters, “All Canadians should have faith and trust in
the Canadian Judicial system".

27. With that in mind and after reading the sworn under oath Paul James Affidavit
submitted to the Supreme Court of Canada and all other relevant documents why
has the Prime Minister and Liberal government not intervened to save the life of
Canadian citizen who has received such injustice and abuse; who represented the
nation at the highest levels; who has suffered health issues close to the Prime
Ministers heart and that of his wife and mother, the fair resolution of which, would
assist millions of Canadians vulnerable to the stigmatized consequences of their
health conditions?

28. Had the Prime Minster and Liberal Government acted in a good faith honourable
way to the Paul James matter and shown some urgency and care for getting to the
truth on such plain and obvious abuse of power against a disadvantaged Canadian
citizen, then the impression imprinted on you would be different.

29. As it stands, it is clear to any reasonably minded Canadian citizen there has been
collusion between the power brokers in this mater throughout, including now, the
Liberal government which is killing in the words of Paul Peshchisolido a “Canadian
Soccer Legend”.

30. If not corrected or resolved, this premeditated social injustice will take my life which
will leave a global legacy of, “how can Canada have permitted this to happen"

31. I therefore respectfully request the Right Honourable Prime Justin Trudeau to
intervene immediately to find an equitable solution to this matter.

32. To say I am in physical pain is an understatement of significant proportions.

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