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RCMP Intervention into the Paul James matter including scrutiny of Canada Soccer and the Singapore B


The Right Honorable Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Attorney General of Canada Jody Wilson-Raybould

Conservative Party of Canada Andrew Scheer

Green Party of Canada Leader Elizabeth May

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh

President Canada Soccer Steven Reed

General Secretary Canada Soccer Peter Montopoli

1. I continue living on concrete once again as a personal choice. Kindly, a person has offered use of a Toronto Apartment which I have declined. I am three days into a tenth hunger strike which I am struggling with as I try to find the energy to write the final few pieces to the Paul J James matter.

2. My existence is not as important as is the transparency of Truth in regards to my life, the discrimination and ongoing injustices I have personally faced and the correct definitions and interpretations of what substance disabilities are and how absurdly we treat them as a society in all aspects.

3. In light of the fact I have not heard back from any Federal Canadian Politician in regards to the Paul James matter I am now once again, this day January 7, 2019 requesting the Canadian Parliament investigate immediately through the RCMP the Paul J James matter in full including full scrutiny of the following persons as it relates to my life.

Mahmoud Shoukri (Past President York University) , Lorna Marsden (Past President York University), Harriet Lewis (Past General Counsel York University), Rhonda Lenton (Current President York University) , Rick Waugh (Former Chief of Governors of York University), Maureen Armstrong (Present General Counsel York University) , Jenn Myers (present Athletic Director York University) , Sheila Forshaw (Present Board of Governor York University), Bree Carr-Harris, Jamie Teixeira, Carmine Isacco (present Master Soccer Coach York University), Dwight Hornibrook, Chris Hornibrook, Malcolm Mercer, Lisa Constantine, Bob Rae, Adam Vaughan, Anne Marie Owens (National Post) Alexandra Sienkiewicz (CBC), Tom Harrington (CBC), Stephen Meurice (Canadian Press), Colin Perkel (Canadian Press), Mary Ormsby (Toronto Star), Terry Dunfield, Jason Devos, Andrew Oliveri, Pat Santini, Bobby Lenarduzzi, David Norman, Ben Massey, Gregor Young, Ben Ryecroft, Lee Godfrey, Richard Whittall, Kristen Jack, John Molinaro, Bill Ikos, Michael Barcelos, Chris Keem, JP Savage, Barry Swadron, Scott Weinstein, Randy Ragan, Jason Bogle, Barry Maclean, Tess Sheldon (ARCH), Sonja Cori, the Toronto Star, Canada Soccer Board of Directors, the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario as it related to the James v York University human rights discrimination claim; HRTO as it relates to the James v Moordale Soccer club human rights discrimination matter, Justice Edwards the Divisional Court of Ontario, Eileen Gillese Ontario Court of Appeal, Former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada - Beverley MacLachlin; Pasquale from the Supreme Court of Canada's administrative branch.

4. I am also requesting the Canadian government remit The Minister of Sport and Persons with Disabilities and the RCMP to investigate immediately Canada Soccer in regards to Paul J James and their genuine lack of support in investigating the discrimination, harassment, abuse, defamation, slander I received - a consequence of my exposed substance disability - from within the Canadian soccer industry and in some instances from personnel within the organization itself including current Canadian U20 men's soccer coach Andrew Oliveri and current Director of Technical Development Jason Devos.

5. I am requesting also that an investigation is re-opened and conducted with respect to the infamous Singapore bribery scandal which took place some 32 years ago in 1986 yet to this day still causes much pain and anguish in spite of anything I do to try to correct the slander and abuse I continue to receive. It has unfortunately played a role in my subsequent development of a substance use disorder/disability. Any subsequent investigation will reveal in my regard that:

a. I did my best to play as well as I could for Canada on the date in question as I always did in any game when I represented the the Canadian national soccer team.

b. I never wanted to be a part of any bribery scheme but did not know how to deal with the matter at the time once I was informed by the four conspirators who had been involved for the previous two weeks.

c. I did not keep any monies and returned what was in my possession back to the four conspirators prior to the teams departure from Singapore informing them I never wanted to be involved from when they met with me.

d. When called upon I testified on behalf of Canada Soccer and the Crown in 1987. I was never granted immunity to do so, as I had not committed any crime. I handled the matter as best I could at the time even though my best course of action should have been to have informed team management of the scheme and of the four conspirators. I didn't want to "rat" them out was why I elected not to do so.

e. The Singapore episode in my life is a reflection of my honest character and courage to tell the truth in a world so dishonest and conspiring.

f. Since 1986 I have been slandered and defamed and the incident has been used against my name as a sinister and malicious stick to undermine my life in some way most especially the more successful I became as a soccer professional. I did my best always to take the high road.

g. On Sun, Apr 3, 2011, 9:37 am Jason Devos sent an email with reference to my involvement in Singapore which was defamatory; In 2014 Andrew Oliveri in front of national team players hit his chest like Tarzan and expressed that I had thrown a game for Canada I was now a drug addict and therefore I had no right to be demanding players to have the right character.

h. I addressed this latter issue with Victor Montagliani in a telephone conversation 2015 and requested Canada Soccer take steps to correct it which they were dismissive and therefore laughed off the episodes significance. Below taken from the Guardian newspaper is a an example of how far substances disabilities are away from improvement compared to other oppressed groups including disadvantaged groups based on Race. Mark Sampson was eventually fired for his actions. A decade I have been fighting for fair access to social justice for the appalling treatment I have received with not a morsel of success. Just more injustice. And and it has ruined my life time passion, my health and well being and any hope of resurrecting a life i would be happy with.

'The Chelsea Ladies player at the centre of the race row currently engulfing the Football Association is not just a striker, a pundit and an eloquent speaker, she is also a sports and entertainment lawyer . This week she received an apology from the FA for racially discriminatory remarks made to her by sacked England women’s boss Mark Sampson. This came after a reopened independent investigation decided Sampson had told Aluko to ensure her Nigerian relatives did not bring Ebola to a match at Wembley. The ensuing row, which reached a furious crescendo this week, has sparked one of the biggest crises in the FA’s 154-year history.

i. In February of 2012 upon the painful release of an e-book the following persons conspired and colluded to harm the truthful narrative of the Paul James story including the reality of the Singapore affair. Terry Dunfield, Jason Devos, David Norman, Ben Massey, Gregor Young, Ben Ryecroft, Lee Godfrey, Richard Whittall, Kristen Jack, John Molinaro and others.

j. In 2004 among other such comments over the years I received this via my email from a so called Canadian soccer supporter who a week early had requested the Score Television network to remove me from their broadcasts.

Fuck you asshole, you are a morbid cocksucker. Im going to slice your nose up and shove it in your penis, you son of a fuck. I hate your hair and fuck you. You are a master coach of master queers, and you like men, you want to touch men such as your father in his grave. Get off sportsworld, noone wants to look at your face you ugly shit, you ruined the sport of soccer, you welsh piece of shit. Go accept a bribe from singapore. ill let you give me ten dollars if i fuck your whole family. Die. and by the way you're ugly. you look like shit in a bagel. From:..........obviously were not telling you you stupid fuck......go fuck your couch, or your mother, your choice. BYE

k. September 2018 the Toronto Star outlined the Singapore affair as if I had a committed a crime. On December 23, 2018 in an email from the Toronto Mayor's office sent to a Paul J James supporter they provided a link to where I can look for a pardon outlining the perception left by the reporting that I had indeed committed a crime and/or had been charged when I had not.

l. Also, Bill Ikos an otherwise very nice man - referenced, Paul "the Rat" James in late December 2018 in an email, highlighting the never ending slander. defamation and abuse this time courtesy of the Toronto Star.

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