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In February 2012 Cracked Open was released for public consumption via a Canadian Press article written by Neil Davidson.

While the article was high...

Cracked Open - Supreme Court of Canada; Non-Redactions; Documents

May 13, 2020

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Part Three of Four: Dear the Right Honourable Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

March 19, 2019


Dear Right Honourable Prime Minister Justin Trudeau,  


The Barbaric Stigma of Drug Addiction  


"My circumstances today are not because of my Substance 

Disability but the reaction to my Substance Disability"


Cowards and Bullies 


This is part three of my correspondence series to you.  In the name of Transparency which as Prime Minister you have proposed to the Canadian public as being so important to the health and well being of a nation, well then.  


The following is the art of Transparency.  


Along with all prior communications available to you on


;  and through the Canadian courts in James vs York University & James vs Mooredale Soccer Club you are now in possession of the full Truth as it relates to the Paul J James matter.   


By-products of the process of Confronting the Stigma of Drug Addiction have revealed how weak and barbaric Canada can be as a nation.  How immature and underdeveloped we are in important areas.


Canada's elite are prepared to KILL Canadian citizens to get their own way.  For Greed.  Narcissism.  For Self Protectionism.  Prestige.  For Selfishness.


But don't take my word for it:


“Adding social sciences evidence we now have accumulated indisputable evidence that social injustice is killing Canadians on a grand scale” Monique Begin former Minister of Heath and Welfare (2010)


Donald Trump was right in reference to Canada's elite and establishment class.  Canada is a spoiled nation.  And we act and behave like we are.  Children in Prams throwing out their toys when they do not get their own way.  Or when they lose at something.  As in the Paul J James matter where the establishment do not have a "leg to stand on".  Irresponsible, reckless, unethical, colluded, cowardly. 


Again.  Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.  I am not your enemy.  Nor am I an enemy of those challenged through Confronting the Stigma of Drug Addiction over the past twenty eight months. 


I know it is a difficult period for you.  But it could be worse.  For example, you could be living the life of Paul J James. The humiliation of it all.


And of course my circumstance could be far worse also.  I could be living life in a wheel chair at Dundas and Sherbourne as a minority group female, homeless, with a substance disability. 


The lovely lady is representative of what it is to be brave.  Who Canada should recognize.  Not the isolated media success stories of chefs, Hollywood stars who party themselves to the cliff of oblivion because they wanted to,  only to then through blinkered, lustful eyes be deemed as heroes.  Russell Brand is no hero for the masses.  The world should kneel in homage to the lovely lady and learn from her courage and ability to survive.  


I currently weigh 145 lbs I am eating a little in order to complete these final two letters to you.  


As a reminder.  To end this hunger strike protest, I am requesting of you Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.  One final time.  Your intervention into the Paul J James matter to bring long over due resolution and restitution to the outstanding circumstance in a manner which benefits ALL Canadians; to please respectfully renounce my Canadian citizenship and then through your Minister of Sport please facilitate the annulment of the Canadian Soccer Hall of Fame status of Paul J James.  All requests now, as powerful, meaningful symbolic actions in perpetuity.  A reminder to ALL Canadians, on how not to treat persons with exposed substance disabilities.  


If you think I did not care about Canada as a nation then you never saw me play football.  Nor did you see the teams I coached.  At this stage there is no amount of money, no level of apology which will permit my desire to remain in Canada.  I regard myself as an outlier,  a prisoner in a country who ruthlessly turned its back.   Who communicated they would let a Canadian starve to death or reach the precipice of getting there rather than codify the truth to the benefit of a nation.


Encapsulated, how dare York University, Canada Soccer, the Liberal Government, the Canadian judicial system, Adam Vaughan, Bob Rae, the Canadian media and you yourself, the Right Honorable Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, treat any Canadian citizen in such a perverted, depraved way.  


The unnecessary process has been a disturbing representation of the Canada I was once proud to have represented.


Preface to Opening Passage


Below under the title  Filmores, Kidney Stones, Hunger Strike Protest Number 9 you can review three correspondence notes.  One sent from Colin Perkel at the Canadian Press to over two hundred people using his Canadian Press email account in 2018.  He did so, prodded by people you converse with.  Members of your inner circle.  Let me repeat that, Prime Minister.  Prodded by people you converse with.  Members of your inner circle.   


The second and third correspondence notes I sent to Colin Perkel. 


In the latter, March 9, 2019, correspondence I state the following   "Heed Michael Wernick's sage passionate statements.  I respect him.  He gets it".   I respected the fact Mr Wernick stated he is concerned and worried about Canada as a nation.   I agree he should be as should you, Prime Minister.  And in the areas that should matter most.  Canadian Politicians. Canadian Political System. Canadian Media. Canadian Legal Fraternity. Canada's collective mental health as a nation.  In these areas, Canada are harming its citizens at an appalling level.  We have lost our way.  We are a fake nation.  The handling of the Paul J James matter has been a clear representation of how far we have fallen. 


In the areas which matter most to our collective well being Canada are Machiavellian to the Core.  Something not to be celebrated. Not to be proud of.  Bad Politics the power brokers are excellent at.  Its why we excel at underachievement.  


“The truth is that Canada – the ninth richest country in the world – is so wealthy that it manages to mask the reality of poverty, social exclusion, discrimination, the erosion of employment quality, its adverse mental health outcomes, and youth suicides. While one of the biggest spenders in health care, we have one of the worst records in providing an effective social safety net. What good does it do to treat people’s illnesses to then send them back to the conditions that made them sick?”  Monique Begin,  Former Minister of Health and Welfare 2010.


Since I wrote the statement in regard to Mr Wernick, I have read his testimony at the SNC-Lavalin hearing on a few important areas which contradict Ms. Jody Wilson-Raybould.  


Mr Wernick is manipulative not Ms Jody Wilson-Raybould.  Aside from it being so plain and obvious.  A  fisherman knows a fisherman.  I am cut from the same ethical cloth as Ms Jody Wilson-Raybould.  Read the letter the honorable Attorney General at the time wrote to Paul J James on September 11, 2017.  Seventy days after I sent you a letter pleading for your humanity in making Canada a better place while sitting emaciated on a couch as encouragement to you.   You know.  When you did nothing aside from being influenced by York University (Rick Waugh and Co) and McCarthy Tretault.  The establishments power brokers in this circumstance.  You instead made public statements preparing spin and advantage in the event of the ultimate demise of a Canadian citizen.    


Well, on September 11, 2017 Ms Jody Wilson-Raybould took the hit for you Prime Minister.  "The Prime Minster has asked me.....I regret the delay in getting back in contact......"     


Mr Wernick alluded to the fact he is worried about someone assassinating the Right Honourable Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.   Knowing that a man who states the truth is the most hated one.  I would say there is greater chance Paul J James will be assassinated before the Prime Minister.  The Transparency.  The threat of the Truth.  


I need no body guard.  I don't fear death like perhaps Mr Wernick does.  Just like the 11 Canadians who will die over the next 24 hours from an overdose don't fear death, knowing what their alternative reality is. It is The Barbaric Stigma of Drug Addiction.  


If you do need a body guard. I am unemployed.  I would take a bullet for you.  As would many other Canadians.  And this in spite of your willingness to let me endure such physical pain, humiliation and for so long. 


Canada is in a mess in the areas, that should matter most. 


And where do you start to investigate where the problems originated.  Well.  A good start would be to look at the persons in positions who've  been around to cultivate the demise in the first place.  Turns out Mr Wernick has been around through all the transitions. It is the Truth.  I hear he is a brilliant man.  But even brilliant people sometimes get things wrong and need reflection.  


Living on the street I've seen much warranted rage and anger.  Average and poor Canadian citizens getting a dreadful raw deal.  Chained by Bad Politics.  The route to the nation's underachievement.  An ingrained Ethos permeating at every single level of Canadian society.  Good Canadian people afraid to speak because we have developed a culture that rewards a "Cowards" approach (deceit, path of least resistance, manipulating, undermining, back stabbing, egotistical. selfish, passive/aggressive entitled system - persons averse to being Truthful and truly talented - who compensate instead as being Cowards and Bullies). We have far too many of the wrong people in positions of power. We are not a true meritocracy that rewards rigorous ethics, morality, strength of character, hard work, bravery.  We reward, perhaps unwittingly in some instances, "Cowardice" far to often.   Canada Soccer, York University and Canadian Politics are clear examples.


Canada has a culture that is not sustainable.   We consistently underachieve when we should not.  As a football analogy.  Canada  has the resources of Arsenal from the English Premier League but perform, produce and act far to often, as if they are two levels below the Premier League



Canada a Reminder 


We have 8700 homeless in the city of Toronto.  We had a Toronto Police officer riddle the body of an 18 year old with 6 bullets. The poor guy suffering mental distress, had in his possession, a butter knife.  The Canadian Judiciary find the officer guilty of Attempted Murder with a sentence of 6 years.  Delivered by Justice Eileen Gillese.  Only in Canada.  


Ms. Eileen Gillese is the same Justice from the Ontario Court of Appeal who dismissed the James vs York University file.  To add a little wrinkle to the willful lack of due diligence in the Paul J James matter.  Justice Gillese not only dismissed the file, she awarded costs to the Respondent of $1000 in spite of both parties declaring NO COSTS and my desperate appeal in the 2015 submissions that, "I am a street person in the making" having been unemployed for six years up to that point.  Not only was it bad faith adjudication to dismiss the Paul J James file on the evidence before the court it was extremely inappropriate and unethical for Justice Gillese to then award costs to the Respondent against a disadvantaged Canadian citizen breaking the ethical code of conduct for Justices.  


Can you see a problem with this Prime Minster Justin Trudeau?  How do you justify that behaviour? The $1000 was not going to make a morsel of difference to York University.  The charge was to Intimidate and Bully Paul J James into giving up on the fight.  An already disadvantaged stigmatized citizen on a free fall to oblivion.   


Canada has 11 over doses a day which is getting worse not better.  Our Judicatory is ranked 17 and 32 per cent by the Global Index of Integrity on our Judicial integrity and accountability.  We rank behind Bangladesh and Angola.  Our youth are ranked on a global level at D minus for overall physical fitness and health.  Who is responsible for that gem of a statistic?   If I were Prime Minister of Canada our Youth would be ranked at an A plus on physical fitness, health and well being.  Like Vladimir Putin I'd mandate all schools elementary level and up to implement daily one hour exercise programs.  Not just exercise programs.  Like Putin.  Rigorous exercise programs.


Digress to 2004.  York University Lecture hall.  Sitting at back.  Opening day class.  Professor walks onto the stage.   "If you could take a pill each day for the rest of your life and that pill would immunize you from all illness and disease, hands up who would take that pill?  Hands raised.  "Well that pill is exercise".  Next day I conduct my first of what would be three years of PKIN soccer courses for the Kinesiology and Health Science course curriculum at York University.  I required at the beginning of each class that all students (age range 18-23)  complete two laps of the soccer pitch as their warm-up.  At least a third of those students could not complete the task without walking.  Of those that did most acted like they had taken part in a war.  When I had a student who skived off the task and classes in general I told the person they could not graduate the course.  I get called into the administration offices and get raked over the coals for having expectations that are too high.  Only in Canada. These were our next generation of health care professionals. Do you see a problem Prime Minster Justin Trudeau.   We need our backsides kicked from coast to coast.


We lie, deceive, manipulate as if it is tap water.  Our politicians perform their duties, again, as if it is a children's board game.  Our media, far too often, report like it is also.  No consistent  ethics or morality.  As if there are no living breathing human beings on the other end.   We abandoned a Canadian in the Philippines to be executed (beheaded) instead of paying the ransom and billing their Psychopath leader for the amount immediately.  Or how about outsourcing the job of retrieval to the British SAS who in Operation Barras gave an absolute masterclass in caring about every one of their citizens.  Of course once the head was severed you and your government scapegoat the reason why you failed.  We then let a former Canadian International soccer coach and player and soccer hall of fame inductee endure 28 months of humiliation and physical pain rather than accept and resolve the plain and obvious Truth of the matter because it does not fit the agenda of the establishment who pull ALL the strings. 


And of course our Canadian World Cup men's soccer team have not qualified for a FIFA World Cup in what will amount to 40 years.  We are ranked Top Ten on the basis of under achieving soccer nations out of 209 others.  We are rankled so high with consideration of our resources, and advantages over most other nations.  Sound familiar?  And there are common threads to all of this.  Here is an important one.  Realistically the most important.


Sir Alex Ferguson the most successful football manager to have walked the planet looking over Paul Sturrock who was recuperating from a heart attack and surgery, stated "I've told you before you'll never change their attitude. Don't take the risk".  For Ferguson and any soccer coach who is able to sustain success, attitude is everything.  Players who are good trainers, competitive, moral, ethical, selfless, resilient, tough, loyal.   Weak, selfish, unethical, sly, scapegoating, undermining, disloyal players don't make it with good teams.  One or two may be able to fake it for a while.  But they get found out.   Good teams win or at a bare minimum they maximize their potential every time.   Canada falls short in too many areas all to often because of an ingrained weak, sly, undermining, selfish attitude of too many people most especially in positions of power and influence.


My experiences over the past decade and the past three years in particular have confirmed this reality.   


Ferguson writes about Canadian Owen Hargreaves, "Didn't like him from the first minute.  Didn't trust him".  I chased and recruited Owen Hargreaves more than any other coach to play for Canada making an appeal video which I sent to his home in Calgary and his football club in Germany.  He turned is back on Canada and played for England.  When he arrives home to Calgary, then Prime Minister, Stephen Harper meets him at Calgary airport congratulates him and completes the misguided  photo opportunity.  Only in Canada.



Filmores, Kidney Stones, Hunger Strike Protest Number 9


"Kevin.  I'm in serious pain". Sweltering room at Filmores.  A sudden stomach attack after gradual uncomfortableness started two hours earlier.  Hard to describe how bad the pain of kidney stones is.  Not eating diminishes  the bodies natural pain killers - endorphin's - which adds to the awkwardness.  It's worse than the last attack 60 days earlier.  Ate a few French Fries thinking its the starvation process and it will help.   Made it worse.  During first encounter the MRI technician stated he'd been told by female patients of the condition "it is worse than childbirth".  I'm thinking at the time "how's that helping me right now?"  Just as Kevin walks in I vomit everywhere.   Then 10 minutes later I'm on hands and knees in the lobby area of Filmores.  In reality it was as humiliating as it could get.  As I'm wreathing on the floor the public and staff are scattering.  Ambulance on way.  "In short spurts of breath I  stutter Kev...a Bob...texxx   DR.....Abe....." Bob replies "He's not my doctor.  Tell him to walk into the clinic".   "WTF....How did Bob get to where he has"...rings in my head. Took ambulance 30 minutes to get there.   Meaning the scene created personal chaos for too long.   One zap of whatever pain killer I was given and I am a chatter box of gibberish. Kevin sends email to group of supporters (and clearly enemies).  He then sends on to me a correspondence which Colin Perkel from the Canadian Press - prodded by people within your inner circle Prime Minister  - sent out to over 200 persons via his Canadian Press email address.   


"Thx for the update. And for ensuring Paul gets medical attention.  I’ve been biting my tongue for a long while, but it’s bleeding now.  So, from a purely *personal* perspective: Regardless of the alleged merits of his fight with York U. and the world, Paul needs serious and urgent mental-health intervention (and has for some considerable time).  And, if I may be so bold, I have real difficulty with those who would profess to be his friends and supporters yet appear to do little more than enable futile, self-destructive and manipulative behavior that is highly unlikely to end well. Me done, now. Cheers. Col.      


My naive father writes a reply to Colin Perkel.  Thanking him.  Saying I am sick. The same father I have talked to twice in three years the last time of which he interrupted within seconds requesting if this was the long or short version. The same father who kicked me out of his car calling me sick because I was disappointed that my sister had thrown all my soccer photos and memorabilia into the garbage.  


Worshipers to the Machiavellian way will understand from one of the final scenes in the original Godfather epic where Michael states to his brother.  "You never turn against the family".   I still care about my father and sister. But I can no longer have any relationship with them.  My family like all families facing similar circumstances are highly stigmatized and embarrassed.  Combined with ignorance and a lack of strength in character they are susceptible to making disloyal irrational decisions on a whim.  They, like others, are malleable to believe so many untruths and manipulations from, in this instance, collaborators (Bob Rae, Colin Perkel, Stephen Meurice) of obstructing justice, who have taken unforgivable advantage of them.


Back at Filmores.   Lying in bed at 12.35 am with pain having subsided at least from the kidney.  I think to myself.  "There's no way out".  As I closed my eyes I figured, for the second time in my life.  If I didn't wake up.  I'd be okay with it.  Little did I know when I woke up, in line with a comment from a York University Board of Governor - make him suffer more -  the evilness was going to get a whole lot worse. 


That same day I sent out an email to Colin Perkel the coward, bully and scapegoater that he is. 


"Colin, I will be replying to your email shortly. For transparency I met with Steve Meurice the Chief Editor of the Canadian Press today and informed him of my circumstances and complete repulsion at the repugnant  email you disseminated to a mass list of persons as I lay in hospital in considerable distress from kidney failure.  I have informed Steve Meurice that I will not be ending the hunger strike. Rather I have added an additional condition for me to end the protest which is that you are removed (fired) from your position with immediate effect.  The Paul James matter is going to be a harsh lesson for Canadian society one way or another the most important point being the days of treating persons with exposed mental health disabilities with such deceit, disrespect and indignity are gone and those that do are to be held accountable with the harshness of repercussions.  In your instance Colin it boils down to this.  You get fired for your appalling behavior and I live or you stay in your position and I Die.   I am not sure what kind of mistakes you have made in the past.  In this instance - it was a big one. How dare you be so corrupt and disrespectful. I say again I am one hundred per cent right on this matter: legally, ethically and morally.  York University, the Canadian Judiciary and their collaborators are 100 per cent wrong: legally, ethically and morally.  Your alignment with them and carelessly  using my "current health circumstances" as negative leverage is culpable.  You have also destroyed any future relationship I would had with Neil Davidson that could be based on trust.   Like Maureen Armstrong, Jenn Myers, Sheila Forshaw, JP Savage, Graham Brown, Pat Santini, Peter Montopoli, Canada Soccer, Bobby Lenarduzzi, Carmine Isacco, Bree Carr-Harris, Jamie Teixeira, Gillian McCullough, Lorna Marsden, Mahmoud Shoukri, et al  I caution you Colin Perkel, to govern yourself appropriately moving forward.  


Colin Perkel and my family were the initiators to my living in parks and on the street.  To be followed by the worst of ALL abuses, bullying, cowardice, defamation, malice and act of appalling perverted depravity I have experienced over a lifetime.   The Toronto Star Ruse.  Again, facilitated by people within your inner circle Prime Minister, along with reporter Mary Ormsby.   Do I need to repeat that for you Prime Minster Justine Trudeau?  People within your inner circle.  


It was this outrageous act of repugnance and criminality by the Toronto Star that determined once and for all I will never live in Canada if I get through this current hunger strike.  I would prefer to risk my life than live here.  And Michael Wernick worries about assassinations.   Does he not wonder where they are cultivated from?  


After all that has transpired in my life over the past twenty-eight months and knowing the level I am about to take this hunger strike protest it was prudent and fair to preempt any further acts of immorality and depravity from within the Canadian media.  


In doing so, I sent the following email to Colin Perkel:


March 9, 2019 Letter Sent to The Canadian Press Reporter Colin Perkel 


Dear Colin Perkel


Just a short note to caution you or any one you may harbour within the incestuous Canadian media circles in which you have stolen a living for far too many years.  If you even attempt to pull off the repulsive communication stunt you did last year regarding your contrived personal opinion on my mental health  then I cannot guarantee the brakes on the frontal lobe segment of my brain will work this time.  You are a very lucky man knowing you were out of the Canadian Press offices the day after you wrote what you did and I visited.  Your boss Stephen Meurice's lips were quivering when I confronted the issue.  The days of treating and using a persons mental health circumstances past or present against them in such a repulsive agenda based way are long gone Colin Perkel.  Heed Michael Wernicks sage passionate statements.  I respect him.  He gets it.    The penny hasn't dropped for you. I have a soldiers mentality.  I would take a bullet for the Prime Minister, for my father, my sister and for any one of the Paul J James supporters and any decent abiding citizen. I am willing to give up my life for what I believe in.  You wouldn't.  You are a coward.  When I write a blog entitled, "How to Spot a Coward" Ill use your picture and what you wrote and why. And so, if you would like to see what real mental illness looks like.  Let me know.  I'll dropped by the Canadian Press offices on King Street pull you by your hair all the way to Bloor Street.  We will visit some of my new friends at the Toronto Library.  Then Ill tug you by your nostrils and we'll visit the respite I called home for nine months.  In the middle of the room I'll stand on the table and introduce you to my other friends who know the cause I have been on - hunger striking and all.  Then Ill read what you wrote, whom you sent it to and the REAL purpose you did.  Think Lions who haven't been fed for a month.  Got it?   If need be invest in a gum shield so you don't ruin your lips any more once you read the next two letters to the Prime Minister or when you view the next video.  Better still invest in a lobotomy to sever your Parietal Lobe which houses, clearly in cement, The Prince the edict of Machiavelli.   You, Bob Rae and others are living in a bygone era.  The world wants and needs something different to that utter evil nonsense. You and your cohorts have already facilitated enough damage.  Me done now Col. You repulsive little man. 


How else Prime Minister when a system communicates it will not protect you, at all costs, no matter the level of injustice and abuse of human rights, can the victim stop the bullying and abuse?


Scapegoating:  Definitions 


"A person who is blamed for the wrongdoings, mistakes, faults of others".


"The bloody sacrifice of the scapegoat seems like a barbaric relic of the past but the practice lives on today, if indirectly and symbolically, since power depends on appearances and those in power must seem never to make mistakes, the use of the scapegoat is as popular as ever. What modern leader will take responsibility for blunders?  They search out others to blame, a scapegoat to sacrifice".


"It is an extremely human response to not look inward after a mistake or crime but rather to look outward to affix blame and guilt on a convenient scapegoat object".


"Our good name and reputation depend more on what we conceal than on what we reveal.  Everyone makes mistakes but those who are truly clever manage to hide them, and to make sure someone else is blamed.  A convenient scapegoat should always be kept around for such moments".


"By apologizing you open up all sorts of doubts about your competence, your intentions, any other mistakes you may not have confessed.  Excuses satisfy no one and apologies make everyone uncomfortable.  The mistake does not vanish with an apology; it deepens and festers.  Better to cut it off instantly, distract attention from yourself, and focus attention on a convenient scapegoat before people have time to ponder your responsibilities or possible incompetence"


Scapegoating: Attempted Applications Against the Paul J James Matter


We will Pay Your REHAB  


disgraceful ruse from York University, Canada Soccer, Liberal Party, Bob Rae scapegoating my substance disability from their responsibility for the unlawful discrimination of Paul J James in 2009.  Further public humiliation delivered onto an illiterate conditioned society.


This particular ruthless Machiavellian scapegoating tactic was two fold.  


One.  If  I accepted York University's malevolent offer then in the public eye, tacitly and explicitly, a false narrative of the Paul J James protests and overall circumstances would have been spun like a spinning top.  That is what it is to be exposed with a substance disability.  If you confront perpetrators of injustice then the disability will be twisted like a knife to the stomach against you. Because you treated as worthless.


Two. The scapegoating tactic would have reaped it's real value for the "criminals" if I died.  Then the words of Bob Rae become relevant for the evil doers.  "Well we did all we can to help him".  We offered to pay for Rehab.  But he declined the offers.  Because he is sick.  He is irresponsible.  He was a drug addict.  A crack cocaine drug addict. 


It is why I have been followed and tracked.   Videotaped.  The narrative of the CBC, National Post, the Canadian Press, the Toronto Star, Liberal MP's.  Three phone calls to Mike Young in California slandering Paul J James from purportedly former players and coaches I worked with and/or competed with.  All courtesy of York University's collusion.  Paul J James is Crack Cocaine drug addict.  That is why he is protesting injustice.  He lost.  He is mentally ill.  He is sick. That's why he is dead.  We tried.  So sad.  The insidious art of scapegoating from the establishment.   


A true illustration of why no Canadian citizen should ever open up to receive help and support for any mental disability.   You forfeit your human right to be treated equally and fairly and with any morsel of dignity and respect.  Most especially if you confront legitimate grievances. 


To know that the Liberal government are ready to pitch decriminalization which would ensure human rights protection in such a scenario adds to the hypocrisy and malevolence.   Had I have said Yes to rehab assistance.  Perfect for the oppressors to scapegoat.  And saying no, in their eyes, protects them from responsibility in the event I die from Starvation. It is why this matter has dragged on for so long.  The establishment have Paul J James in chains.  I must do as you say.  No different to being a slave. 


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, to be clear on the issue of REHAB.


Why on earth would I go to Rehab now?   


Last time I checked they are not in the business of serving  social justice, reputation repair, providing employment opportunities, resurrecting a soccer career, turning back the clock to permit York University, the Canadian Judicial system,and the Canadian media to correct the brutality of their deliberate unlawful behaviour.  


The greatest value of Rehabs is containment if your substance use is out of control.  That's it. They are generally a poor investment of financial resources.


There is nothing a counselor could do to assist at this stage of my life.   On the contrary I could assist them to do their jobs in a far better way.  


It is the social aspect in the BIOPYSCHOSOCIAL model of understanding which is the defining problem to be solved for all persons.  And it includes stigmatization.   Rehabs do not solve social issues.  In most instances - as in stigmatization - they add to the problems.


I figured my life out on my own and at great personal cost.  Connected the dots and educated myself on all aspects of the health disability and have observed what a dreadful system REHAB is.  The process is criminalized and illness based and therefore of little substantive value for anyone.  It has been a catastrophic incompetent error from governments and industry professionals for decades who purport they care.  On a global basis the human rights carnage has been unimaginable.


Connecting the Dots on my Life was "forced" onto me just like the judicial process was.  No counselor, Rehab  process or psycho analyst provided the answers.  Personality -  Distress  - Stress Response - Isolation -  Rat Park Social Integration - Maslow Hierarchy of Needs - Psychological Gap  - Substance fills a Need/Gap  - Stigmatizing Words addict, junkie, sick, abuse....replace with use,  issue, disability - Substance Dependence not an illness or disease - Substance Dependence is a psychological learned behaviour which can be lived with - Disability - Lack of Definitions; We paint Everyone With Same Brush when it is very individual - Very Personal.  For example, did you Masturbate last night Prime Minister?  Well. Did you?  It's the same level of embarrassment for most with substance disability to ask them if they used last night. And it is why it should be protected particularly when it is so barbarically stigmatized.


Social Determinants of Health

Number One Factor - Employment /Passion /Income:


Billie Holiday was a world famous Jazz singer.  A colossus achieved posthumously over time.  Billie lived most of her life heroin dependent but could take solace in her ability to perform  as  a jazz singer..  It was cruelly taken away by Harry Anslinger and Co (US authorities) who used her heroin disability to eventually kill her passion and then her life.  


"How do you best act cruelly?"  her friend Yolande Bavan asked me in 2013.  Its to take something that's the dearest thing to that person away from them"   Billie had been able to survive everything - but this?  "You despair because you have no control.  You cant do the thing that is a passion and that you made your livelihood at, and that has brought joy to people all over the world".  Bavan says Billie was finally silenced.   She had no money to look after herself or eat properly.  She couldn't even rent an apartment in her own name".   Johann Hari excerpt taken Chasing the Scream.  


"It was during this period that my father took me to my first professional  

football game on Saturday, November 11, 1972. Cardiff City played Nottingham. Forest at Ninian Park. I still remember it well. It was my birthday, and apparently.  They announced this fact over the loud speaker. But I was unaware of it. Instead, I was in complete awe of my surroundings: the atmosphere, the excitement, the players, the teams, the songs, the goals. Cardiff won the game 2–1, scoring a penalty into the goal just ahead of where my Dad and I were sitting.  After the game, as my little pudgy legs tried to keep up with my father’s and we made our way through the terraced streets looking for the “space ship,” I decided that all I ever wanted to do was play football. Over my lifetime, I just wanted to be involved in the beautiful game in some capacity.  The first of my addictions had been cast in stone".  Cracked Open 2012 Paul J James  


And so where were York University in this regard Prime Minister Justin Trudeau?   How do you justify the immoral, colluded, corrupt, inhumane behaviour of a Canadian academic institution for over a decade? When they knew they were wrong all this time?  With no intervention from you, Bob Rae or any institution remitted to care?  Can you see why I cannot respect Canada as a nation?  Why I cannot live here a moment longer?  And it gets a whole lot worse. 


PH.D. research concludes Going to Rehab is the most stigmatized aspect for those with substance disabilities. I agree it is.


Do Rehabs work?   


A study was conducted a decade ago which analyzed the success rates of Rehabs. Over 85 per cent of those who enter Rehab within five years they are worse off in every facet of their life.   


Bob Probert nine Rehabs. Dead.  Robin Williams.  Dead.  Phillip Seymour-Hoffman. Dead.  Michael Jackson.  Dead.   Amy Winehouse. Dead.  As it applies to the Paul J James story.  Three Rehab visits.  Life annihilated.  First visit?  Come home.  Fired from GOL TV.  Eight months later Constructively Dismissed from York University. 


And it's not because of substance use which can be managed.  It is because we have set the system up to fail.  Criminalized or illness/disease models.  Both are catastrophically wrong.  And as a result we fail those who seek support.   And the older you are the worse it is as opportunities fade to nothing.   


It is why York University and their collaborators have been so unlawful, immoral, reckless, and irresponsible from 2009 through 2019.  The disgraceful organization that they are, the Canadian system and Canadian citizens who have protected them should be chastised and held accountable in the sternest possible way.  It is why only now in 2019 the world are beginning to see the level of immorality which has taken place for so long.  


To know that the Liberal government are ready to pitch decriminalization  which would ensure human rights protection in such a scenario while positive and long overdue adds complete absurdity, hypocrisy and inhumanity to the corrupt handling of the Paul J James matter.  



Bob Rae


No matter what I did or wanted, wrote, or stated....with Bob Rae it was scapegoated and undermined as he set about to protect the establishment.  To execute an agenda.  And at all costs.  My life was not the first priority.  It was always going to be secondary to the system's need. 


First met Bob Rae 32 days into seventh hunger strike in December 2017.


Meeting lasted 3 hours.  Five hours later I sent Bob an email stating I would not end protest.  I did  not trust Bob's motives.  Harriet Lewis York University's former General Counsel - the person who in 2012 made the decision to not correct the damage - is a friend of Bob's and his connection with the Liberal government were clear warning signs.  But also Bob did not ask the right questions or any at all.  He was prescriptive of my circumstances from the start.  


On the second meeting three days later Bob pulled out all stops.  " I disagree with ALL of York University's and the Canadian Judicial decisions.  You have been treated very, very badly.  I will not let you down". "The Singapore episode in your life was traumatic.  You were in a no win situation. "Which ever way you went you were destined to suffer".  


That did it.  I agreed to end the hunger strike.  Bob arrives home from Florida two weeks later.  Changed demeanor. 


"If we go back to Supreme Court it may take a year and you may still lose" "York won't settle so let's help you get back on your feet" "Got to get you back into the soccer industry" 


The blood drained from my body.  


"Get back on your feet; "Got to get you back into the soccer industry" were pristine examples of the Stigmatization I had been fighting against for so long.  No you won't help me get back on my feet.  Didn't need help to get back on my feet.  Needed justice so that I could move on with life without living the rest of it so stigmatized and in need of charity and helping hands. Could not re-enter the soccer industry without justice. Would have to deal with ongoing prejudice and discrimination,disrespect, riducle, et al.  Not doing it.    


Some of the worse scapegoating moments/comments from Bob. 


"I can be stubborn also".  I'm thinking I am not trying to be stubborn.  I just want my dog Max back.  And how easy is it for you to be stubborn knowing your life circumstances and all - in comparison?


"Well we've done all we can to help him" preparing spin for if I were not to make it....


Toronto Star article gets released...I comment on YouTube. Bob sends text to Kevin, stating he would not have done interview if it were him.  That being the case and if Bob cared so much about humanity why would he not have informed me.  Being as he writes for the Toronto Star.    


Sent Bob Rae Hillsborough Disaster - an incredible poignant documentary which in an uncanny way replicates the Paul J James matter on a social injustice level, collusion of the courts, media, politicians and government to a  tee.  Couldn't believe what I was watching.  Sent YouTube link to Bob.  Within 24 hours it was taken down and hasn't been up since.


Out of respect to Bob Rae and the fact he is a Rhodes Scholar who  has been a great servant to Canada which was justifiably recognized by his Order of Canada it is warranted to leave other information under the blanket.  Bob is on a different intellectual paradigm and so his actions in my regard must have a different purpose for which I cannot decipher. 



Mental Illness 


As reasons for scapegoating hunger strikes...diabolical and sickening...yet unrelenting as the establishment could not compete with the courage, determination and resilience. And so in the Canadian way the system up the Machiavelli approach.  Turn even more petty to the point I had to pull off a Suicidal RUSE to prove the point.  Since when has seeking and speaking the Truth been a mental illness? 





Scapegoated onto Paul J James not thinking straight and mental illness.  Yet contained outrage has facilitated the conviction to not succumb to the  oppression of the collaborators of injustice.   In the words of Dr Tom McClellan from the University of Pennsylvania, in 2012.  "Paul, people in your exposed position become justifiably very angry.   Your options disintegrate.  You can drive a taxi cab, deliver pizzas, or become an addictions counselor.  We have it all wrong".  Dr McClellan is a pre-eminent global voice on substance addiction.



CBC 20 year Crack Cocaine Addict 


Ruthless disgraceful defamation, eliminating once and for all any job prospects or future beyond menial and poor. The CBC's January 2017 premeditated, stigmatized defamatory article which I have repeatedly requested to be taken down, still remains online.  


For Transparency, the following is outlined so that the Canadian public can view for themselves the level of corruption/collusion/conflict of interests which afflicts our nation and how it permeates every Canadian institution, even our most treasured. 


The CBC piece was disgraceful and had nothing to do with the starvation protests or the interview I gave.  The malice and deceit.   Epitomized in the following statement  "20 year Crack Cocaine Addict" communicating a false, ignorant label that from 1998 to the present day Paul J James is and has been a crack cocaine addict.   How does that gem of defamation assist my employment prospects?


Do you know