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Dear Canadian Political Party Leaders, Supreme Court of Canada and Canadian Media - Metaphorical Pig

September 17, 2019 7.30pm

Dear Canadian Political Party Leaders, Supreme Court of Canada, Canadian Media (and PJJ Supporters as monitors)

Paul J James here. Fail to Read at your Peril and as an Insult to ALL Canadian citizens!

Below this opening reference are two statements. Statement One from May 2018 and Statement Two from September 15, 2019.

Tomorrow September 18, 2019 at 9 am I will descend onto Parliament Hill in Ottawa.

If you are unaware of the Paul J James matter at this late stage - then Shame On You and your Political Party, your Campaign and the Canadian Judicial System.

The Canadian media are well aware of their manipulative improprieties in this matter, to the dreadful detriment of ALL Canadian citizens.

As of 12 midnight I will consume just water moving forward.

Each of the next five days I will also commit to running 5 miles during the middle of the day - to spice things up a bit and to accelerate the process. Parliament Hill to the Strathcona Park path and back.

Since September 2, 2019 I have eaten below 1000 calories all 16 days; below 800 on some and on other days, no calories at all. In short, similar to the past three years I am starving myself. Not eating - Paul J James is now skilled at. Therefore, enough on the body to survive at least 6 days through total starvation.

Difference here, it will take place in public. Right in front of You. Outside in the elements so there can be no misunderstandings.

As you are aware from your political science educations for persons facing such extreme social injustice:

Hunger Strike Protests are:

A. Powerful Political Strategies/Tactics used to enact Social Change.

B. Not indicative of Mental Illness but Courage, Resilience, Determination, Passion to Fight for something worth fighting for, most often driven from such extreme oppression.

Metaphorical Pigs or Canadian's of Character?

The late Mark McCormack the Founder and Chair of IMG wrote a book titled "Never Wrestle with A Pig".

The McCormack metaphor "Pig" references those who are so totally ignorant on matters but who will argue to the death as if they know what they are talking about - who will never apologise or admit in the face of such outrageous wrong. And so:

Which one of you therefore can admit that they know what it is to have lived a life over the past decade as summarised in Statement Two below?

To know what it to use Crack Cocaine or any of the substances of other Canadian citizens need - Opioids/Heroin/Cannabis?

To be fired from your part-time employment as a soccer analyst and for no reason once you returned from Rehab?

To be harassed, excommunicated, discriminated against and then dismissed from York University after delivering such commitment and success to their soccer program?

To then be so brutalised of ones human right to be treated equally and fairly through the Canadian Judicial process?

To be so ruthlessly oppressed and stigmatised for a decade, you even get turned down for a dish washing job in the city of Toronto?

To be so ruthlessly undermined by the Canadian soccer media by friends and persons whom you did so much for, through their very own use of your exposed mental health against you ?

Who can attest to what that feels like?

To have your private life ransacked while confronting such extreme injustices?

To know what it is to starve yourself to the point you lose 45 lbs of your normal body weight? And for 3 years?

To have lived the life of Paul J James?

To have lived the past decade of such pitiful oppression and disgusting abuse one of one's human rights?

To have your courage and determination in confronting the stigma of drug addiction scapegoated as mental illness or substance use at every single turn?

Who can attest to the humiliation of that?

To know what it is to be homeless like those 35,000 Canadian citizens who endure such indignity in a country so wealthy?

To know what is like to live on 300-1200 a month as a diabolical subsidy of ones oppression - the so called Canadian social safety net of world renown depravity?

​To have been abused and manipulated of your human rights, like millions of others facing a similar set of circumstances;

To be so overtly defamed in the Canadian media because you have confronted such social injustices ?

To be chastised and scapegoated as being mentally ill when you are not in agreement with someone else?

And the list could go on and on ....


Which of you can relate to Statement Two below?

To being psychologically Raped of the Truth you were fighting for by the Toronto Star in 2018

And by York University since 2009?

We should assume. None of you.

Therefore without asking the Right Questions your opinions which contradict the Truthful reality of this matter would/will be opinions of Metaphorical Pigs.


If you have not read the FULL submissions to the Canadian Judicial system on the James vs York University and James vs Mooredale Soccer Club and at bare minimum

The Letter of Appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada (parts 1, 2, and 3 section 1 and 2); letters in 2017 to the Right Honourable Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and

The following link:

then your opinions against the Truth of Matter can only be considered open to manipulation of the reality, as illustrated from the public narrative of the Paul J James circumstance which is so egregiously corrupt. So plain and obvious.

Add to the Mark McCormack "Pig" metaphor:

Persons who live their professional lives through complete adherence to Machiavellian Politics and at ALL costs;

Persons averse to apologies even in the face such clear wrongs;

Persons so jealous of others yet so unaware of themselves they are oblivious to their carelessness;

Organisations who are a representation of York University in tandem with McCarthy Tretault whose behaviour over the past decade in their handling of the Paul J James matter has been representative of ALL that is bad in the world and the ultimate well being of civilisation itself: outrageous arrogance, unashamed deceit, appalling inhumanity, shocking selfishness, total lack of human care and decency, unethical to the core; outrageously immoral.

To be clear: For ALL Canadian Politicians to have ignored hundreds of appeals for intervention from Paul J James over the past three years on such plain and obvious injustice, well, it puts you ALL in the category of Metaphorical Pigs.

And so who should Canadian citizens vote for?

From what I read and heard on the news I would say this current 2019 Canadian Election campaign has the potential of being the worst, most uninspired election of ALL time. Not just in Canada but around the globe.

The National Post on the front page tried to ignite Religion as issue. In the words of John McInroe "You cannot be serious".

Paul J James will not be voting for any political leader.

Aside from having no confidence that I will exist come October. How could I possibly do so when you have delivered such stigmatisation and oppression, ignoring all correspondences and/or labelling Paul J James as mentally ill and all to protect the improprieties of others; York University in general; the establishment. And all because in a nutshell it is about the greatest of ALL addictions/dependence's/disabilities. Power and Money.

For what it is worth to you. I say to other Canadians consider voting for the Leader (and party) who is (are) the most articulate; well spoken; genuine, passionate on the issues which should matter most to your offspring, to your grandchildren, to your family, to you as individuals.

And there are two issues which should supersede all others in the year 2019 and moving fwd:

Climate Change and the Mental Health of ALL Canadian citizens - the latter of which as illustrated in the Paul J James matter Canada as nation are off the mark from getting right: economically, socially and from human suffering.

Until discrimination of a citizens rights in this regard are dealt with sternly and Bi-Partisan politics prevails on the issue then there will be no positive change and further catastrophes await.

Demand it from the media and Canadian politicians. Address the mental health of a nation NOW. Note the responses and and select accordingly.

Statement One

May 2018

My Canadian soccer career aside from York University’s immorality has been ruined beyond repair not because of my mental health disability but the reaction to my mental health disability.

Opening up to persons at York University seeking help and support for poor health in 2008 was a mistake when it should not have been a mistake. It has been catastrophic for my health and well being. It has taken nine years of my life away, every asset I had and every morsel of dignity.

Discrimination was incontrovertible and so was the callous premeditated failure by York University and the Canadian Judicial system not to resolve egregious errors and mistakes which permits further discrimination and abuse.

At the judicial outset in 2012 I was looking for fair access to social justice in order to save any semblance of a soccer career. After six years caught up in the Canadian Judicial system and ten years on since 2008 now in 2018 that career is irretrievable.

And so where does the responsibility truly lie?

For the Paul John James matter? For the 8 overdose deaths a day in Canada? For the deliverance of such extreme injustice when clear discrimination has taken place?

For the outrageous behaviour of the Canadian soccer media, the Canadian soccer industry and Canada Soccer?

As a nation Canada has not permitted the truth about substance disability to diffuse through to the Canadian population and as a consequence the stigma of drug addiction has become a “living animated machete". The warning signs have been there for all to see and observe since the Michael Kirby report back in 2004. The law and jurisprudence was put in place which were reasonable under the circumstances. It is the irresponsible application, non-accurate education and non-enforcement of the law which have been cultivated and permitted by organisations and individuals who act with outrageous impunity when they are so brutally wrong.

Therefore, there is only one place to look to for responsibility. And that is with the Canadian Government, the Canadian Parliament and the Canadian Judiciary. You have failed ALL Canadians. You have failed my former partner Ashley Kelly. And you have failed Paul James. You have not done your job on combating what was warned to you a decade and a half ago. You have failed. Paul James embarking on a ninth hunger strike in 16 months is all the verification one need to know that something is terribly wrong with Canada as a nation.

It is very much the butterfly effect. A butterfly landing on wildebeest in Africa leading to a stampede and then a tsunami in Asia. A lie travels half way around the world while the truth is just putting its shoes on. The Mark Twain borrowed quote is appropriate as the truth has now caught up with the lie.

Canadian society can and needs to catch up on the reality of substance abuse/dependence/ addiction for what the social health phenomenon really is. A mental health disability at varying levels on a continuum. They are not criminal behaviours or debilitating illnesses per-se as we've been told for far too many years. They are disabilities which can be managed and lived with and recovered from during periods of ill health. And the academic society knew about it, at a bare minimum, two decades ago.

Canadian society also needs to catch up on the reality of who we are as a nation of people. It appears we have cultivated a nation of too many liars, undermining wannabes facilitated through the edict of Machiavelli. It is about time politicians discarded from their mantle-pieces ‘The Prince’ and replaced it with something more relevant and useful. ‘New Earth’ by Eckard Tolle a Norwegian living in Vancouver for example. That is, of course, if you want civilisation to exist beyond this current century.

So, if I may be permitted, Ill use a crude footballing (soccer) anecdote from a bygone era but most appropriate at this time. As Dario Gradi from Crewe Alexandra in England once said to his players at halftime. Its not the fact we are 3-0 down. Or the fact we have played so badly. Its the fact that all of you are pointing fingers, arguing and blaming the person next to you. Well, now you have the facts. There are no changes coming from me. You work together as a team and not individually or this will get a whole lot worse. Now, I’ve said my piece....but remember..... you’ve got us into this f****** mess.....and so now you f****** get us out of it.

Statement Two

September 15, 2019

"13 hunger strikes over a three year period; hundreds of communications ignored by the Canadian establishment; and this after 6 years of fighting to correct the human rights social injustice as a self-represented applicant through the Canadian Judicial process. As a non-conformist to the power and wealth's stigmatisation and oppression of those with substance disabilities, the establishment led by York University unethically and immorally counteracted Paul J James. They ignored; scapegoated; manipulated, punished; defamed; slandered; ridiculed; patronised, colluded against and humiliated the Truth of the matter at such a level of depravity it has led to the indignity of my choosing homelessness as a part of the delivered austerity; my accepting of donations; enduring years of unemployment; excommunications, labels of crackhead; dickhead; cunt; mentally ill; sick, loser; junkie et al, etc. During this period of abuse I have applied for over 100 jobs without an email in response. Have been turned down for a dish-washing job; worked as a dog walker, delivered flyers, house cleaned and have been employed in factories and construction sites. I have been followed, tracked, filmed, and photographed by the oppressors. Falsely arrested and abused by Toronto Police. Told time and time again to move on; to accept disability payments. Liquidated all pensions to continue the social justice fight; and I have lost two homes; my beautiful partner; my magnificent dog; and all social status against the deceit, collusion and corruptness of the Canadian system. Have walked and/or biked to and from Toronto and Ottawa covering a distance of over a thousand kilometres with no response from the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. And this after three years of writing and filming for the www.confrontingthestigmaofdrugaddiction website with again absolutely no response or correction from the oppressors and those guilty. Paul J James has even requested that his Canadian citizenship be renounced and hall of fame status annulled - both requests deliberately ignored as I am, like millions of others, a worthless human being not worthy of being acknowledged or addressed respectfully or with dignity. All told now and as a consequence of such outrageous treatment and for so long, living at this time, is really, just not as important. Gaining social justice and winning the human rights fight so that others do not have to face such human rights indignity is what matters most using whatever remaining methodology I have left at my disposal which would NOT include harming another human being, even though I have seen and met other citizens who would not be able to hold such restraint. Encapsulated when the Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau and Opposition Party Leader Andrew Scheer of the Canadian Conservatives send implicit messages that they are prepared to let you suffer such pain to the point of dying, rather than responding to your legitimate fight for social justice, to the benefit of millions, well then. From the working class world I was raised. It is time to say goodbye to Canada".

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