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Dear Bob Rae, How then does it feel? To be called an Addict. To be patronized. To be called deceitfu

Dear Bob Rae,

How then does it feel?

To be called an Addict. To be patronized. To be called deceitful. A liar. Evil? To be accused of something that perhaps you are not. To be put under such scrutiny on personal frailties?

You and your collaborators and cronies have earned the past emails. You have let Paul J James, Ashley Anne Kelly and my family down - millions of other Canadian facing similar stigmatization and human rights abuse.

Sprinkling crumbs as "charity incognito" and expecting me to be grateful is a thought of the elite - not regular citizens. It is the Hunger Games analogy. Again it is like being hit by lightening wearing second hand clothes, living in shelters, not having credit card. Not being able to be independent.

While I do have regrets. This is not the moment to express them.

Instead. Lessons learned. Well there are many.

Here is one: Politicians should have no public opinion on mental health and substance disabilities when they have no idea what they are talking about. You are an awful species of people - who should have no say on mental health based on politics.

Here is another: For two decades the Canadian Parliament have sat back and done absolutely nothing when warned about the importance of implementing a national stigma strategy to combat discrimination and prejudice of a citizens mental health.

And another: Canada has some beautiful people in mind body and spirit. Plenty of character. But not at the establishment level on this matter. The cruelty you have delivered in this matter really is sickening.

If the roles were reversed and I found out how you had be been treated so badly along with the disgracefulness of injustice, I would have asked you a series of questions and resolved the matter based on your feedback. This is not about whether the matter is Right or Wrong. It is wrong from start to finish. Period. You and others know it.

And I did not agree to the injustice continuing on for another three years. That was you, Bob Rae, unilaterally making that choice for me with no consideration for my health and well being. Just that I am selfish for not starting a social movement - another mitigating strategy to relieve the responsibility of York University and the system for the dreadful behavior they have delivered.

Similar to, "we must get you back in the soccer industry"

You didn't even ask me. And if you had I would have said "not without justice you won't". Without correction of discrimination you merely empower it to take place again.

With asking you questions in reversed roles I would have given you two options based on what you had already suffered:

1. Do you want to be a part of the process for societal change. And if you do it will take another three/four years.

2. Or do you want immediate resolution with York University.

I would have selected option two because of the uniqueness of the matter but also because of my age and damage already delivered.

Not every social injustice delivered should have the option from the establishment that someone has to then fight for the rest of their lives for social change. It is a yet another barrier put in place to assist the establishment.

Not matter at what level or form substance dependence/disability is absolutely appalling. Horrible. Made however, far far worse by stigma and peoples attitudes.

You have acted in the Paul J James matter Bob, unfortunately with no class. And I make that assessment on the fact the matter still remains alive. Over your career the handling of the circumstance is not one of your better moments.


Paul J James

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