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Dear Supreme Court of Canada Justices, Absurdities, Dignity & Respect, Answering the Question

Dear Supreme Court of Canada Justices,

James vs York University Docket Number (#36795)

"Oh! So now you are not mentally ill"

Dave McDowell Head Soccer Coach Queens University

Spring 2018

"I've never claimed to be mentally ill Dave"

Paul J James Retort 2018

"Paul. You will, like so many others become very angry at the way

you get treated. Being exposed, society will permit you to

now deliver pizzas, drive a taxi cab or become an addictions counselor.

We have it all wrong".

Dr Tom McClellan University of Pennsylvania

Preeminent Global Speaker on Drug Addiction 2012


Absurdities (part one)

Ever wonder why Kamikaze Pilots wore helmets?

Why we try to celebrate societal inequality through the Homeless World Cup of Football instead of treating Homeless persons with dignity and respect.

Why in Rehabs the overwhelming majority of clients and staff in between sessions congregate on the veranda to smoke cigarettes.

Why Heroin and Cocaine were once legal while at the very same time alcohol and tobacco were illegal.

Why Justin Fortino stated, not so long ago, "Legalizing marijuana will be like legalizing murder."

Why Politicians can scapegoat their lying as "politics"; lawyers with their manipulations simply as bad faith; and judges who deliver patently unreasonable rationales, as being skillful.

Why Jamal Smith a former York University player would write to PJJ in 2017 that when he knew me I was a very professional, a kind man and soccer coach. "And not so angry as you are now". Yet Jamal knew PJJ when substance use was at its most problematic (worse) - and so highly stigmatizing.

Why Research Inc a Canadian Research Company canvass, contract and compensate persons who use cocaine, opioids, and crystal meth as recreational users for their research experiments. If you have been diagnosed and have stabilized use through learning how to live with it you are eliminated. Absurdly backwards. It is recreational users who risk developing a disability not the other way around?

Why Canadians regard themselves as being so nice yet when three foreign citizens were put to death in Malaysia after serving 15 year prison sentences as a means for the country to scapegoat their drug dependence problem, too many Canadians rejoiced on chat sites while the rest of the western world were horrified.

Why Prime Minister Justin Trudeau would state publicly in 2015, "that all Canadians should have faith and trust in the Canadian Judicial process."

Why Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in June/July of 2017 ignored a passionate comprehensive letter from Paul J James to intervene in the matter as I sat withering away on a couch. Instead the PM made public statements on mental health and addiction professing he was an advocate of supporting those in need. He was preparing spin in the event I ceased to exist.

Why once you open up and seek support or get diagnosed then you are labelled the pejorative "Drug Addict" exposing yourself to the ruthless impertinence of others through questions such as: are you clean? how long have you been clean? when was the last time you used? And it lasts a lifetime, used by those unscrupulous enough to deliver them.

Why, when the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms protects under section 15 substance disabilities/dependence/addiction as a mental disability, have the Liberal Party followed and tracked PJJ to see if he uses a substance? Spreading information; talking about it and using it as a threat.

Why would Jenn Myers the Athletic Director at York University LIE in Canadian Judicial submissions that she thought Paul J James was just dealing with personal issues and not poor mental health when it was Jenn Myers who contacted York University's Employee Wellness Office to inform them he was going to be away for 3 months taking care of mental health issues.

Why former York University assistant soccer coach Bree Carr-Harris would not correct false testimony on her behalf submitted to the Canadian Judicial system to the benefit of York University.

Why Paul J James had to execute a Suicide RUSE in order to prove that Hunger Strike Protests are a legitimate social activist methodology and not mental illness.

Why a lawyer from McCarthy Tretault - Jonathan Odumeru - would write a With Prejudice letter to Paul J James and Ashley Anne Kelly trying to extort $1200 after his clients as tenants caused $15,000 to our property and he had at the time signed a letter from his clients expressing their regret and liability.

Why former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada Ms. Beverly McLachlin did not excuse herself from the James vs York University file knowing her "closeness" to the matter through York University and McCarthy Tretault.

Why Jason Devos would falsely write in a 2011 email to PJJ referencing him as "someone who took money for throwing a game in Singapore" - while communicating and aligning in 2012 with David Norman against Paul J James. David did "deliberately play poorly in games" for Canada receiving in excess of 15,000 for doing so.

Why would a Board of Governor of York University state to JP Savage, "make him (PJJ) suffer more in 2018."

Why did the Score Media refuse to take down a defamatory article on Paul J James from internet sources when I requested they to do so in February of 2012. Only in 2014 was it removed.

Why would Bob Rae refuse to take the James vs York University human rights claim back to the Supreme Court of Canada in January 2018 after two weeks earlier stating he disagreed with all of York University decisions in regards to Paul J James matter and all the decisions of the Canadian Judicial system. And that I had been treated very very badly.

Why would Bob Lenarduzzi write a letter to the Prime Minster Justin Trudeau to the greater benefit of York University and not Paul J James in December 2017.

Why would Mary Ormsby from the Toronto Star in the summer of 2018 cry when I initially declined her canvassing to write an article.

Why would Bob Rae take steps to remove the two hour riveting and poignant Hillsborough Disaster documentary from all internet sources including YouTube when, from a social injustice perspective, the story replicated uncannily and sadly the Paul J James experience with fighting to receive social justice highlighting the corruption and collusion of the system and the dreadful impact on those affected.

Why would the Liberal Party put the "Thumbscrews" to Paul J James through having him tracked, followed infringing on his right for privacy.

Why would Michael Barcelos representing the Liberal Party enter into the life of Paul J James in the fall of 2018 after my email location was traced and then write soon after the following, in an email to many,

"I was going to write a huge paragraph but there’s nothing I could say that Paul doesn't know already he was there when we met. But I will say this Paul humans by nature are already selfish self seeking and self centered once we become dependent on a substance we do not see these personally defects. We have never asked anything from you, all we ever tried to do is help you. I pray that one day you will look at your side of where you have put yourself into lonely Christmas ,park sleeping ,not eating and all for drugs. These are all your choices . you are aware of all accept how to utilize what people have offered to help you . I totally understand it’s hard it’s your best friend it’s there when your lonely, there when your sad , happy, and mad . Paul bottom line I’ll pray for you and apologize for you because you are sick. And people don’t understand addiction or the behavior because of the psychological that comes with it . If look hard enough you will find it Paul. I truly believe from my experience that you suffer from a drug induced psychosis. Not once has any of anything you have said had anything to do with your part in anything that has happened to you You have always deflected it. It's sad".

Dignity and Respect.

Person's exposed require dignity and respect. Not sympathy. Not to be stereotyped. Not to be belittled. Not to be patronized. Not to be followed. Not to be Tracked. Not to be condemned. Not for others to make decisions for you. To be told what you can and cant do. Not be excommunicated. Not to be cleaning toilets as a part of Rehab. Not to be told to apologize when it is the other way round. Not to be told you are sick. You are sad. Ill. Or diseased.

March 4, 2015 Justice Sachs the lead justice in the James vs York University claim before the Divisional Court of Ontario interrupted York University counsel, Lisa Constantine, as she stated, "I must acknowledge, Mr James' circumstances are very sad....." "Counsel!! Don't go there. Just don't go there", said Justice Sachs saving the dignity of Paul J James in the process as Ashley Kelly emotionally choked.


April 2019. The Long walk to Ottawa. 400 km in ten days. Day six arriving in Shabot Lake after walking 44 miles in one day. Shattered I open the TSN video highlighting a part of the walk. The following two lines appeared in the video presentation: "James began using Crack Cocaine as a college coach in 1998. In 2016 he became homeless" It was a non starter. It completely stereotyped what I was fighting against. And it was wrong. I started using crack cocaine not as a college coach but a national team coach. It goes beyond implying that I was homeless because of crack cocaine. Which was false. It stereotyped the matter and made a mockery of the effort of the walk but also all the years of sacrifice and hardship which had proceeded it. Left untouched. No different from any other story of substance use narratives. It assisted York University. No different to the Toronto Star article. I became homeless as a personal decision to fight the injustice and after a decade of oppression, discrimination and overall abuse of my human right to live freely. To have let this stay would have been to let Canadian society completely off the hook.

"My circumstances today are not because of a substance disability but the reaction to the substance disability"

When I completed the walk a few days later I reviewed the video again having given breathing room to eliminate emotion. The second viewing confirmed the stereotyping. I requested TSN take it down which they did, a destigmatizing moment I respected.

I then receive an email from Multi-Emmy winner Mike Young from California which ended with "I am sorry but I am out of the Paul James business". Mike Young

Followed shortly after by an email from Mike's, PA, Kelly Kidwell which included "There are times that you have been your own undoing" No, we cannot climb inside your head and better understand the reasoning for your decisions, but I, for one, am saddened by your unwillingness to know that all victory has compromise. Kelly Kidwell

I handled the communication as best I could not replying to Kelly Kidwell's. The consequences were multi-layered as it highlighted the vulnerability of persons such as Paul J James. What they both didn't realize their communications were all the "further evidence" I needed that they had been in contact with Bob Rae. "There are times when you have been your own undoing" a near enough identical message from Bob Rae to Paul J James in January 2018 predicting just that - "your mind will be your undoing". An evil Thumbscrew tactic Bob Rae implemented from near enough the get go to make sure I would be obedient to his, "I can be stubborn too" because if I wasn't he was communicating he would "play" the mind card. It was when I first realized the lengths Bob Rae would be willing to go. The evilness. Another damned if you do. Damned if you don't.

Mike and Kelly were not personally invested enough as human beings to recognize that Paul J James well being was not as important to him at that stage than the Truth of the subject matter which affects millions of others. Their willingness to not see what PJJ sees, hindered progress with penetrating stigma.

Also. It showed how vulnerable PJJ and millions of others are. If people do not like what you say or if you do something not to their liking they will cut you off immediately with no thought as to how it affects you - being homeless with nothing, the indignity, not even an after thought.

Answering the Question

How do you expect to improve the system and negative circumstances which encompass the dreadful stigma associated with substance dependence and mental health in general with specific consideration of how the PJJ matter has been dealt with?

First and foremost it is for society to get to the Truth on the subject matter and you do that in tandem with applying the Rule of Law on a matter of discrimination of one's human rights where the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms are to be applied. I respectfully submit in the Year 2020 that you, as Canada's highest court, have an unavoidable responsibility to Canadian society to ignite social change on the deleterious and destructive social phenomenon, the stigma of mental health most specifically in the form of substance dependence/disability. The stigma associated with substance disability is devastating at every level of Canadian society. Most profoundly it is devastating on the individual. No greater illustration than the aforementioned email from Michael Barcelos - a diagnosed person attached to the 12 step program and illness model who carelessly provided evidence that the Liberal Government have engaged in appalling intimidation of Paul J James through having him tracked and traced ultimately on behalf of York University in order that they could use substance use against Paul J James to scapegoat their unlawful discrimination and treatment, most especially if I had died from starvation. In spite of the 2004 Kirby Report, Canadian Politicians, the Canadian Establishment and the Canadian Judiciary have done absolutely nothing to mitigate the problem. Rather they have engaged in behavior which has exacerbated the problem. While decriminalization of all substances will assist it will not be the panacea to penetrating the stigma of drug use, issues, and dependence at the level it needs to be. After all all substances are defacto decriminalized and yet the destruction and abuse continues unabated. The social construct of stigma is too ingrained after decades of incompetence leading to our present day catastrophes. Implementation of the Rule of Law with regard to discrimination of a persons exposed mental health will have the single most positive affect. Among many benefits it will permit consensus education while shifting the onus on organizations to be more responsible with how they deal with the issue and particularly those who suffer such indignity from ruined lives and oppression. It will lift the veil of fear from those who need support but who remain paralyzed behind closed doors in terror that their exposure will lead to oppression and the loss of everything. The Paul J James matter provides the honorable court a once in a generation opportunity and means to apply the rule of law equally and fairly. But also with dignity and respect to all those who have suffered so much oppression. The Honorable Court, York University and the Canadian legal system know the Truth and reality of this matter. The reality is Paul J James has been discriminated against at every level of Canadian society and throughout the Canadian Judicial system. The correct ruling will hold York university accountable for discrimination; the Canadian media accountable for defamatory, stigmatized and colluded reporting and the Canadian Judicial process for ubiquitous unabated unethical behavior in the matter. Canadian society at every level will be the beneficiary. Otherwise. How can the Canadian system including the Supreme Court of Canada permit the "Pedophiles of Truth" at York University - a public academic institution - to get away with such immoral unlawful behavior as illustrated though the Paul J James story. Discrimination of a persons mental health, deceitful submissions, collusion, intimidation, obstruction of justice, absolutely disgraceful treatment of a Canadian citizen. Unimaginable. Without accountability and acceptance of errors and unlawful discrimination when it takes place, well, then, there can be no improvement with penetrating the juggernaut which Stigma delivers. Holding people and organizations sternly responsible is the starting point of social change on the matter.

Paul J James submissions through the Canadian Judiciary in the York University and Mooredale Soccer Club matters combined with three years of the Confronting the Stigma of Drug Addiction (CTSODA) website has contributed immense research for societies in general including a more realistic definition of what substance issues really are and permit.

"Substance use at whatever level is unique to each and every person. The act itself is best understood as a learned behavior filling a psychological gap/need in a persons life developed over a persons life path. Every brain like finger prints are different and so are the environmental impacts of a person over a lifetime. Learning to mitigate a substance's potential harm should be first and foremost when educating and supporting a person in need of assistance. Abstinence is the plain and obvious ideal as no one wants to use regularly nor alone be dependent on potent substances. A person can learn to live with a substance of any kind, mitigate its harm in order to be productive members of society. All providing, that is, Stigma is annihilated which starts with dignity and respect not such dreadful stigmatization and abuse as delivered to Paul J James".


Paul J James

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