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Dear Paul J James Supporters, Thank you so very much

Dear Paul J James Supporters,

There really are no words to describe the feelings I have which would adequately describe what your support has meant to Paul J James each and every night I have laid my head down over the past three years. Whether on concrete, grass, coat or bag the unrelenting support has so often given me the push and energy to keep going.

To those who have donated and even taken the final step to comment publicly, I thank and tip my hat to you for being so brave on a subject matter so profoundly, yet so unnecessarily stigmatized.

A special mention to Carmine Isacco whom I had to confront so ruthlessly for something, much of which, in the end, was out of his control. Carmine your immediate reply, understanding and kindness was a shinning example of how to deal with being confronted on the issue of stigma, when so many others have failed. I have so much respect for you for doing so. You are an outstanding character/person/coach. Never to be forgotten. Ditto Mike Bourassa.

Of course. I sincerely wish my health circumstance did not add such inconvenience/stress to ALL of your lives.

Just know you were always on the right side of the issue. An issue I will now finally lay down my life for. The Truth will eventually rise to the top and the world will be a better place for it. Social change will be possible. Suffering will eventually be less and significant monies will be saved from the implementation of a better more humane system. Know when this takes place, you will have ALL played a significant part, even though it may not always be easy for you to understand why. Hint: I could never have made it this far without you. For that, the world owes you a debt of gratitude.

Leaving Monday into the unknown. The fight will continue until the end.

Kindest regards always.

Paul J James

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