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Dear MP Adam Vaughan.

Adam Vaughn

August 21, 2017

Dear MP Adam Vaughan,

Please copy this correspondence on to the office of the honourable Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and to each Liberal Party MP. My living circumstances are as bad as they have ever been and therefore it is very difficult to communicate and disseminate information through normal channels and with the proficiency I would like.

The conclusion first. If the Paul James matter is not resolved on or before September 18, 2017 I will begin my fifth hunger strike in less than a year. In conjunction with this I will submit a letter to the honourable Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, the Canadian Sports Minister and the Canadian Soccer Association demanding my individual inductee status be annulled from the Canadian Soccer Hall of Fame along with a letter to the Canadian government requesting my Canadian citizenship be renounced.

Adam, I remember watching your father Colin, on City TV. A social activist supreme. He genuinely cared about average Canadian citizens and fought for them against extreme social injustices. While you followed admirably in your fathers footsteps within the media world, from my own personal experience you have not replicated his integrity and resolve in facilitating justice in the face of extreme plain and obvious injustice.

In the past election you not only received my vote, I lobbied behind the scenes on your behalf with no fanfare. That will not happen again.

As I breathlessly await my fifth and final hunger strike to begin 28 days from now I state for the record the Paul James matter without immediate correction and resolution will be the downfall of the Canadian liberal government. Nothing more important to a society’s literal health and well being than the mental health of its citizens and the correction of sickening injustices.

And the barometer of the quality of any society is the delivery of fairness, equality, dignity and justice to ALL its citizens. Canada has failed me brutally in this regard just as it has failed millions of others in years past including more oppressed citizens than I - persons of colour being the most atrocious example. What chance does a black woman or man have of living a reasonable quality of life if a well educated, highly successful Caucasian male can experience such appalling abuse and oppression because of his known disability?

The responsibility for the resolution of my circumstances now lies firmly in the lap of the leader of our country the honourable Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

To be clear, the Liberal government cannot talk, manipulate, litigate, or deceive their way out of the handling of the Paul James matter, which history will prove to be the watershed moment when change began on the most extreme of modern day immoral injustices - persons suffering substance addictions. All the information and evidence in the Paul James matter is on public record and/or transparent for all to see and verify if persons are ethically inclined to do so. Therefore, there is no excuse for the deceit and egregious manipulation and excuses of your party as disseminated by some of your fellow MP”s which suggests the Liberal party can be as sly, dishonourable and Machiavellian as they so readily point out about foes on a national or global basis.

Here is your own July 6, 2017 response to my fourth hunger strike and my June 26 letter to the Prime Minister twenty one days into the protest.

Mr. James: I am writing in follow-up to your recent correspondence to my office. As requested, my office has forwarded your correspondence to the Prime Minister’s office and the offices of the Minister of Justice, Health, and Sport and Persons with Disabilities. I would like to be clear that I do not support you putting yourself in harm’s way to resolve the issues you have highlighted in your correspondence, nor do I think that they will be resolved with this strategy. I strongly urge you to protect your health.


Adam Vaughan, M.P. Spadina-Fort York

Adam, do you, the Prime Minister, and your fellow MP’s know how painful that fourth hunger strike experience was? The humiliation, the anxiety and terror of waiting for a response and correction of the circumstances only for their to be nothing.

And still today five weeks on from the 26 day hunger strike I have yet to receive a response from the Prime Minister and the Liberal government, when even to the most illiterate of Canadian citizens the treatment and injustice I have received over the past eight years is nothing less than horrendous, despicable, and sickening. It is a decision by your government which will NOT stand the test of time based on the pureness of its deliberate inhumanity.

Along with the academic institution York University, the Liberal government, rather than act swiftly to correct the circumstances have ignored my plight and shirked responsibility for correction through a never ending system of bad politics, a rife tactic Justin Trudeau suggested would be eliminated from Canadian society during his term in office. Through the Liberal Government’s efforts to “criminalize” my circumstances you have criminalized yourselves through complicit alignment with York University the main architects and culprits of discrimination, prejudice, and collusion.

Instead of displaying your own collective courage to fight the oppression of a minority group which has been subjected to appalling suffering over many decades you have succumbed, at all costs, to self serving hypocrisy irrespective that a Canadian life was on the line. Canada has no right to point fingers of opinion on other countries transgressions based on my own domestic experiences.

It is timely to remind your government that ALL Canadian lives matter.

Recently two of your parties MP’s Deborah Schulte and James Maloney have illustrated the Liberal governments immoral, deceitful, willfully ignorant and illicit behaviour in my regard.

Rather than address the verified incontestable information on the injustices I have experienced, comments were made by Liberal MP Deborah Schulte to Peyvand Mossavat which included the statement that I deserved and should have expected the negative consequences that have happened in my life as a consequence of my impaired “choice” to use crack cocaine. I needed to accept them and live my life accordingly. Only to be trumped by the conclusion that York University had the right to dismiss me. Most egregious however, Deborah Schulte compared me to the man who, while impaired from alcohol, jumped in his car drunk and ended up killing a family.

Considering the June 26 letter I wrote to the PM which encapsulates pristinely the validity of my circumstances and experiences, it is unfathomable that these punitive comments and manipulative, criminal thoughts were made. Aside from being insulting, willfully ignorant, targeted and complicit with York University - whose Chair of the Board of Governors Rick Waugh overlooks a Liberal Party working group - they are also an infringement of my human right to be protected under section 15 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Does the Liberal party of Canada seriously need reminding that a diagnosed substance use disorder is a mental disability protected under the Canadian charter? That persons with such disorders have human rights?

On that basis, how do you conclude and justify that Ms. Schulte's prejudicial thoughts, are ethical, respectful, dignified and moral knowing you and the Liberal party are privy to the truth of the matter?

Substance addictions are human health problems not criminal ones.

The War on Drugs has been a criminal catastrophe for over a 100 years at the expense of millions of lives and trillions of dollars. In the future persons who act in such away - President Duterte from the Philippines being the most extreme modern day version of evil - will be tried for war crimes.

Just as alarmingly to the aforementioned the Liberal party apparently, cannot delineate between courage and mental illness even when it pokes them directly in both eyes.

Adam, as stated at the outset, I will reluctantly be embarking on my fifth hunger strike on September 18, 2017. As you mentioned in your July 6 correspondence you do not believe it is the way to resolve the matter. Well then, please have the Prime Minister provide me with an alternative which will garner immediate public truth and justice to myself, whereby ALL Canadian citizens can benefit.


Paul James

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