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PMO, Chief Justice: BAD POLITICS Jeffrey Epstein. Pedophile, Power, Wealth & Corruption; Stigmat

To The Right Honourable Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau

To The Honourable Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada: Richard Wagner

To The Past Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada: Ms. Beverley Maclachlin


"A beast can never be as cruel as a human being, so artistically, so picturesquely cruel" Fyodor Dostoevsky

1. In addition to previous requests I also add and respectfully request you renounce the Canadian citizenship of Paul J James. I cannot afford the administration fees. Would prefer not to live in the country which has and continues to deliver such depravity in the treatment of just one citizen. You must be, at the establishment level, among some disturbed individuals.

2. The repeated attached documents confront and scalp the deceit and obstruction of justice from the James vs York University and James vs Mooredale Soccer Club discrimination matters; from Canada Soccer, the Canadian Judicial system, the Supreme Court of Canada, Canadian politicians and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

3. The same documents have been sent before. It is an indictment on Canada, that the matter has been permitted to continue so long without resolution. It is now the year 2020. It is unfathomable you cannot see the "conditioned malevolence" which permits this to happen.

4. As the most prominent leaders in the nation, to have not corrected the injustice on a matter so profoundly important and unequivocally unjust proves the systemic nature of the Stigmatization of Substance Issues. Your non communication over three and a half years of such commitment yet unnecessary suffering is insulting, arrogant and rude. It is also culpable for further transparency.


Ignoring. Scapegoating. Punishing, Patronising. Blaming. Defamation. Slander. Deceit. Collusion. Corruption. Humiliation. Isolation. Uncertainty. Anxiety. Distress. Sleep Deprivation. Starvation. Assaulted. Falsely arrested. Walked 1100 kms. Decade of Unemployment. Hall of Fame status annulled. Turned down offered social housing and social payments because it was to replace justice. Malcolm Mercer. Jonathan Odumeru. Excommunicated. Followed. Tracked. Reminded there are others worse off. Sleeping on concrete or borrowed beds or shelters. For four years Family throw all scrapbooks away only to be topped by being called sick by my father for confronting it. Only to be topped by the comment, "Amazing family" from Bob Rae because it suits his needs. Then make him suffer more by York University governor. Move on with life. Suicide Ruse. As long as you don't play the victim card by Lorna Marsden in 2011. Told to write another Book - another rabbit hole. Note to self never hire a crack head. You are a Rat. He threw a game - when I didn't. He kept the money when I didn't. He's technically not very good - insulting. He wouldn't even pass a police check - when I did. He's a dick head - I was his best man; Just wants to settle scores,- if I did the guy who wrote it would be in a coffin.. A Narcissist - I'm not. An ego manic ,- I'm not. Singapore. David Norman. Terry Dunfield. Bob Rae. Pat Santini. Peter Montopoli. Maureen Armstrong. JP SAVAGE. Jason Devos - Gregor Young. Barry MacLean. Jenn Myers. Bree Carr Harris. Jamie Teixeira. "Friends who were never Friends. Colin Miller" Colin Perkel. Mike Young - Bob Rae collusion. I'm out of the Paul J James business. You are sick. Does he still use? Don't enable him. Is he clean? Let him die. You're going to use crack right? Ottawa Mission. Good Sheppards. Maxwell Meighen Salvation Army cockroaches. Queen and Sherbourne. Dante's Inferno Dundas and Sherbourne. Filmores. Turned down for soccer training at Oakville, Erin Mills, Ajax and Mississauga Soccer Clubs Well I grant you you should at least be able to work - Joe Ross.....and on and on...... Felix House respite - sleep in a cheap plastic chair. As long as you're there the next night at 7pm you have first dibs on the same chair. If it's close to a table you can rest your head...... Victoria Station London. Harrow. Paddington England.....

6. The default positions of blaming the circumstances of Paul J James including homelessness onto poor mental health and substance use are egregious, sick repugnant acts with consideration of the truthful facts and the sanctity of a citizens right to be treated equally and fairly which the Canadian Charter purportedly protects. Scapegoating immorality delivered by institutional psychopaths. Without correction you have condoned them. That is the reality of the disturbing national ethos of doing things in Canada.

7. This matter is not about Paul J James being mentally ill; or the need to go to Rehab. He is not sick or an invalid. He is not a customer of hookers or crack whores. Nor is he HIV Positive with Aids. This is not about Narcissism, Ego or Selfishness This is about a normal person who when he needed and requested support for mental health assistance, his life since has been obliterated and abused in Canada. I should not have been unemployed for one single day nor alone a decade. And you sit back and do nothing.

8. Here are two quotes from a year ago which you have earned but ignored.

Supreme Court of Canada. It is not your right to be Supreme Court Justices. It is a privilege and honor for you. Start acting like it is. Canadians are losing their lives because of your incompetence and/or corruptness. Canadians have their lives ruined as a consequence of confronting social injustices to the complete advantage of the establishment class. And you sit back and do nothing. You live in an unrealistic world. A very sick world that you are a part of. You are enablers of evil acts against your very own citizens. You have no control over your troops who have taken such extreme advantage of their unworthy power and status".

"Intelligence is not your impediment. Nor is intelligence the impediment of the Canadian Judicial system. Character is the problem. Cowardice. Greed. Ethics. Immorality. Cheating. Bad Faith. Immature ideology. On the latter point. Canada has established its legal approach as the complete opposite of the litigious United States. And you have done so at the expense of a citizens liberty. Their purity. A nations purity. It has escalated to the point no one gets justice and organizations abuse their positions of power willfully. And it has reached epidemic levels. It has cultivated irresponsible behavior. Incompetence. Cheats. Bad (evil) Politics. Inequality. Crime. Arrogance. Willful Ignorance. Hierarchies of Incompetence. A wild, wild west. Cowboys/Girls with no scruples".

9 The malevolence and collusion in covering up the truth and delaying the delivery of social justice in the James vs York University matter is incomprehensible.

10. I defend the truth with my life.

Opening Statements

"You tell your story or other people will tell it for you creating false facts and false impressions". Edward Snowdon 2020

11. This document is as transparent as all other PJJ submissions throughout the Canadian Judicial system and through the CTSODA website, whether under oath of an Affidavit, or not.

12. When isolated from society it exposes citizens to personal anxiety and emotional distress.

13. Chronic isolation as a consequence of discrimination, being oppressed, an outcast, marginalized and stigmatized, exposes people to the further wickedness of "serpents" seeking extreme advantage.

14. The poisons of human jealousy, power, wealth and psychopathy, along with wealth's impunity from accountability are all routes to such malevolence in the handling of the Paul J James matter.

15. Transparency through "written confronting" is an antidote to the Scapegoating weapons of so many oppressors adorned with Gestapo Jackets and Sheriff badges. It is not to hurt even though it should, it is to embarrass and shame those for having such disgraceful characters. Willful Ignorance. No morals. No ethics. No couth.

16. No discrimination. No defamation. No slander. No unemployment. Moral character from individual and institutional oppressors including York University, Canada Soccer, the SCC and Canadian government and there would be no injustice.


Jeffrey Epstein. Pedophile

Power, Wealth & Corruption

17. The new documentary series on Jeffrey Epstein not only illuminates the horror and poignancy of pedophilia on the victims but also how the power of money can corrupt and obstruct justice.

18. In the September 2018 Toronto Star article Mary Ormsby used innuendo in describing PJJ relationship of 6 years with Ashley Anne Kelly.

19. Outlining the age gap - which is the same age gap as British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his fiance - along with stitching Ashley Anne Kelly's 'no comment", to it, threaded disgusting speculation. And it still remains on line.

20. Canada picks and chooses when to be tolerant; when to apply the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms; when to appear humane and kind and when to be pure evil.

21. Ashley did not trust Mary Ormsby nor the Canadian system. We spoke prior to her interview. I advised her to consider making no comment. It turned out to be sage advice of a damned if you do damned if you don't when facing such premeditated malevolence.

22. The Toronto Star innuendo along with John Kennedy Fitzgerald's suggestive comments regarding former Niagara University coaches Jack and Dena Armstrong in my regard in combination with TSN's deliberate misplaced wording confirmed the level of evil the Canadian system would stoop was the behaviour of sick disturbing citizen's not dissimilar to those covering up the Epstein scandal.

23. The power of money to corrupt and obstruct justice as in the Epstein story is replicated in the Paul J James matter through York University, Canada Soccer, the Canadian Judicial process and the Canadian Establishment.


Stigmatizing Labeling by Oppressors

Predator, Narcissist, Self-Promoter, Ego

24. Paul J James is not a sexual predator, a customer of hookers, crack whores or any unsolicited sexual relationship. I have never harassed women in that or any other regard - wouldn't even know how. I do however claim to be on the receiving end of female propositions in and out of the coaching profession which I politely declined including from, not limited too, Ashley Kelly, Kelly Saxby, Kalyan Kyle, Rosie Posca, and Bree Carr Harris.

25. Some feedback I received over the years suggest I was a lady's man - a playboy type. I was not I was more the proverbial couldn't score in a whorehouse guy.

26. Paul J James is no more a Narcissist than an average citizen looking in the mirror each morning. A Narcissist has no empathy and would not starve themselves for the greater good or post humiliating videos and photos on social media.

27. Paul J James has self promoted over the past decade as means to defend the human rights claims against York University and the accompanying defamation and Stigmatization of a hard earned soccer background. It would be a weak position not to defend myself in such a way.

28. As a single person in such dreadful isolation you do become self absorbed with your circumstance and life. It is out of self survival not desire.

29. I do not get jealous or envious of others, their achievements or their material things. Have always taken the path of most resistance which fitted with my nature to not undermine people to get ahead. Get frustrated however when I see it happening to others or myself. And I do desire in others some things like stabilized life and families. But I certainly have never resented it in others just profoundly disappointed it did not happen in my own regard.

30. And with Ego. Well you need Ego to get out of bed in the morning. Ego is on a sliding scale. At times as a soccer coach or player it can be grounded at other times more exaggerated because it needs to be. You need Ego to defend yourself when you are taking so many hits from enemies. Like the unrelenting bullying of this process.

31. You have to straighten out facts and not worry about the perception of ego which you need to be fearless in order to confront. That is the acute type of ego it fluctuates with the needs of your environment. It's why humility is good but not all the time.

32. Chtonic type of ego is who you really are. As a former Canadian national soccer player and coach I went to LeMoyne College in 1994 for two seasons. They competed at the NCAA Division 2 school level without a winning season in 15 years with no recruitment budget playing against top teams in the nation. I worked there for two years on a part time basis making 5000 dollars per year. Some one with a big ego or Narcissist would not take such roles. Nor would a person with a chronic exaggerated big ego and Narcissism come out open and write a humiliating account of one's life. Narcissists have no empathy. That does not fit the PJJ profile but I get labelled anyway but the pathology and poison of others.



Letter to CBC"s

Tom Harrington

May 29, 2020

Dear Tom,

Hope you are doing well and keeping safe with the COVID19 pandemic.

Bob Rae, Mary Ormsby and six other persons have been blind copied to this communication including two lawyers.

There is no need for you to respond.

It is a difficult note to write as I do not want to offend you. You are still a Canadian hero of mine.

The reality is the Bob Rae and Mary Ormsby recommendations did not work out - an understatement. PJJ is cut from a different ethical cloth, a different mindset and values including knowing what it is like to be poor.

Both initial interactions I did not trust the motives of either of them. It is why I turned them down. Out of desperation and pain I gambled because I had no alternative. Damned if you do damned if you don't. I should never have been in that position any way.

The Toronto Star article was the end of the line. Knew it then and nothing has changed now. It was a disgusting illustration and reminder of all that is wrong with Canada and the world. On the subject.matter; on the imbalance of privilege and poverty and the true nature of abusing power.

Mary's comments on Singapore and Ashley Kelly will remain with me for the rest of my life as an illustration of evil in motion. But also as a reminder of the freedom I feel from being away from the nation I once regrettably represented.

In short, I will never return to Canada. Nor do I want to work in the soccer industry nor in the mental health field which itself delivered such chaos.

As important, at this time and the main reason for my communication to you, I do not want to receive any more "reach outs' from cloaked individuals pretending to assist me in some stereotyped, scapegoating, stigmatizing way. It is insulting and far too late for feeble altruistic promotion and assistance. Like Hansel and Gretel being thrown crumbs of sawdust. The contacts are quite frankly disturbing. To think I would now work within Canadian society where I was brutalized is to not understand the consequences of stigma.

As I narrated to the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in January 2017. "Stigma is not just a word. It is a word with devastating consequences'.

The only leverage I have left is starvation. My body, stomach, skin and internal functioning has been ruined. And so it is hardly a risk at this stage.

The Supreme Court of Canada need to correct what needs to be corrected and the RCMP need to intervene on the growing list of people who have delivered such unlawful harm.

Otherwise prepare for the worst.

Of course it gives both Bob and Mary a head start on further scapegoating of their improprieties to save face. It is what selfish, jellyfish do. It also gives them something to reflect on.

Truth is stubborn. I know what I have lived. And the Truth is, the matter should never have happened in the first place.

Wishing you well Tom and thanks for receiving this correspondence.



The Stigma of Drug Addiction

34. Stigma - when applied to drug addiction in Canada - is also, a systemic brutality.

35. If societies including Canada want to improve the mental health of their nation including substance use disorders they will have to confront, address and reconcile the stigma which accompanies it.

36. The honourable Michael Kirby identified this reality with regard to substance addictions in 2004. Warning of dire future consequences if there was a delay.

37. Social Determinants of Health a Canadian perspective published in 2010 identified that Canada is so wealthy it manages to mask it's inequality gap, youth suicides, addictions and discrimination of those most marginalized among other undesirable traits.

38. The Canadian Establishment has failed ALL Canadians with regard to these matters most especially Stigma.

39. Past Chief Justice Beverly Maclachlin stated on public record, 'it is a part of the human psyche to discriminate against others'. Knowing this undesirable is cultivated through the socialization process and a part of the socialization process is confirming or denying such behaviour, how do you justify the Canadian Judicial systems deliberate, premeditated impotence in the Paul J James matter(s)?

"Only by ruling against discrimination can you reject stigma and only by rejecting stigma can you make it unfashionable. Once rejecting stigma is considered fashionable then you can begin to confirm human dignity onto those who should never have been denied it in the first place". 2019

40. Not correcting unlawful discrimination you permit and empower it to happen again.

41. Borden Ladner Gervais used the National Post defamation, HRTO and SCC dismissals all from the James vs York University matter as part of their irrelevant submissions in the James vs Mooredale Soccer Club human rights discrimination claim.

42. So did Sheldon Parchment a social worker at CAMH and a York University graduate (see below)

43. So did Lee Godfrey, Ben Ryecroft and other soccer imbeciles out to harm the reputation, life and soccer career of Paul J James.

You see how easily you ruin lives from a LIE that travels half way around the world while the truth is just putting its shoes on.

See attachments and submissions.

Scalping the Perpetrators of

Stigmatization & Obstruction of Justice

44. Stigma is not just a Word - It is a word with Devastating Consequences" 2017

45. "Delivery of Stigma is based on Ignorance, Malevolence or a Nexus of both.". 2019

46. "Most people have good, honorable, humane intentions when interacting with their fellow citizens. If however, you want to turn admirable people into unwitting discriminatory, prejudicial, judgmental citizens then simply inform them you live with a substance disability. The metamorphosis is breathtaking and cutting, facilitated by profound ignorance and bias erroneously conditioned onto our psyches as normal behavior when in receipt of such information. For the past three generations we have behaved towards persons in this unenviable group so poorly and inappropriately it now ranks as the most significant preventable societal immorality". 2018

Perpetrators of Stigmatization

47. Persons highlighted below are copied on this correspondence for transparency. Each future correspondence will add information on the individuals. Canada Soccer is written here as an overview of the organisation. Individual contributions to the Stigmatization and obstruction of justice will be given next time and so will missing gaps now. Each time there will be added names. All validating the systemic nightmare of Stigmatization of the issue.

48 Sheldon Parchment Is a social worker at CAMH. In 2005 he tried out for the York University men's soccer team.when I was the coach. A decade later in November 2016 six days into first severe hunger strike I requested if he may have any Stigma literature or information so that I could use at the Tribunal hearing. He metaphorically stuck the middle finger in response by providing the National Post defamation article and HRTO/Court dismissals in York matter with not a word in response.

49. Catharine Zahn the President of CAMH. refused to meet to discuss an administrative matter in 2014. A series of professional emails are in Court submissions. Ms Zahn later denied Carmine Isacco denied she even knew of the Paul J James vs York University matter and Paul J James the person.

50. Jenn Myers is York University Athletic Director. You can now ask Ms Myers about the following quote made under oath in Affidavits through this process on my Departure from York University. It highlights the most egregious acts of harassment, prejudice and discrimination, "Gillian McCullough, manager of sport and recreation at York, stated as I entered the Sport York Offices, "Jenn hopes you have your head screwed on straight this time”, Within a minute of entering Sheila Forshaw’s office I was told by Jenn Myers that the decision to dissolve the master coach position into two full time coaching positions had been made, and that I could apply for the women’s soccer position and my application would only be considered with other applicants, while the decision to hire Carmine as the men’s full time coach had already been decided. A month earlier Paul led the York University women's soccer team to their third OUA in 5 years". December 8, 2009.

You may also ask Ms Jenn Myers why she LIED in an email to me on February 8, 2012 denying she knew of any mental health issues - when it was Jenn who informed the YU wellness office that I had been unwell, it was psychological in nature and I needed 3 months off.

51. Bob Rae/Mike Young/Kelly Kidwell

April 2019. The Long walk to Ottawa. 400 km in ten days. Day six arriving in Shabot Lake after walking 44 miles in one day. Shattered I open the TSN video highlighting a part of the walk. The following two lines appeared in the video presentation:

"James began using Crack Cocaine as a college coach in 1998. In 2016 he became homeless"

It was a non starter. It completely stereotyped what we were fighting against. And it was wrong. I started using crack cocaine not as a college coach but a national team coach. It goes beyond implying that I was homeless because of crack cocaine. Which was false. It stereotyped the matter and made a mockery of the effort of the walk but also all the years of sacrifice and hardship which had proceeded it. Left untouched. No different from any other story of substance use narratives. It assisted York University. No different to the Toronto Star article. Paul J James became homeless as a personal decision to fight the injustice and after a decade of oppression, discrimination and overall abuse of my human right to live freely. To have let this stay would have been to let Canadian society completely off the hook. When I completed the walk a few days later I reviewed the video again having given breathing room to eliminate emotion. The second viewing confirmed the stereotyping. I requested TSN take it down which they did, a destigmatizing moment I respected. I then receive an email from Multi-Emmy winner Mike Young from California which ended with

"I am sorry but I am out of the Paul James business".

Followed shortly after by an email from Mike's, PA, Kelly Kidwell which included

"There are times that you have been your own undoing" No, we cannot climb inside your head and better understand the reasoning for your decisions, but I, for one, am saddened by your unwillingness to know that all victory has compromise. I handled the communication as best I could not replying to Kelly Kidwell's. The consequences were multi-layered as it highlighted the vulnerability of persons such as Paul J James. What they both didn't realize their communications were all the "further evidence" I needed that they had been in contact with Bob Rae. "There are times when you have been your own undoing" a near enough identical message from Bob Rae to Paul J James in January 2018 predicting just that - "your mind will be your undoing". An evil Thumbscrew tactic Bob Rae implemented from near enough the get go to make sure I would be obedient to his, "I can be stubborn too" because if I wasn't he was communicating he would "play" the mind card. It was when I first realized the lengths Bob Rae would be willing to go. The evilness. Another damned if you do. Damned if you don't. Mike and Kelly were not personally invested enough as human beings to recognize that Paul J James well being was not as important to him at that stage than the Truth of the subject matter which affects millions of others. Their willingness to not see what PJJ sees, hindered progress with penetrating stigma. Also. It showed how vulnerable PJJ and millions of others are. If people do not like what you say or if you do something not to their liking they will cut you off immediately with no thought as to how it affects you - being homeless with nothing, the indignity, not even an after thought. "My circumstances today are not because of a substance disability but the reaction to the substance disability"

52. Steven Reed President Canada Soccer

53. Peter Montopoli General Secretary Canada S.

54. Pat Santini. General Counsel Canada Soccer

55. John Pugh. Board of Director Canada Soccer

56. Victor Montagliani Past President Canada S

Canada Soccer

Your decisions to handle my desperate requests for assistance over the past five years in the manner you have, has been as shocking as it has been disturbing. Morally and ethically, with particular consideration that the genesis of the health issue began under my tenure with the Canadian Soccer Association, you had a humanistic responsibility no matter how many years later, to assist responsibly, when called upon". "Yet my requests for Canada Soccer to assist have been met not with honor but with a corrupt schadenfreude approach. With ridicule. With deceit. With collusion. With rolling eyes. The fact you never consulted the Board of Directors of Canada Soccer on the handling of the Paul J James circumstance including the annulment of the Canadian Hall of Fame status of Paul J James will forever live in the memory of how worthless persons like Paul J James really are".


57. Maureen Armstrong

58. Mary Ormsby

59. Adam Vaughan

60 Bree Carr Harris

61 Jamie Teixeira

62. Colin Perkel

63. Bob Lenarduzzi

64 James Sharman

65 Joe Ross

66. Jason Devos

67. Tess Sheldon

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