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PMO:SCC One Year Limitation Period; Bell Canada's Let's Talk Campaign; Suicide Ruse & Ha

The Right Honourable Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Honourable Chief Justice SCC Richard Wagner

Past Chief Justice Ms. Beverley Maclachlin


One Year Limitation Period

Systemic Barrier - Stigmatization

1. In the Fawlty Towers episode titled "The Builders" Basil cheaps out on getting refurbishments to the hotel. Grinning like a Cheshire cat to his wife Sybil a more competent builder suddenly exclaims "without lintels the whole bloody lot will come down"- or something like that.

Bell Canada's Let's Talk Campaign

2. There is a 51 billion dollar annual economic burden in Canada because of poor mental health, a significant portion because of the untreated symptoms and a similar proportion because of substance issues.

3. By 2025 Bell Canada's anti-Stigma campaign encouraging people to open up and talk about their mental health would have invested over a quarter of a billion dollars since 2010.

4. It would be fair to conclude that Aliens visiting earth from another planet would conclude that such an investment would be the consequence of "earthlings" having a significant problem with talking about their mental health.

5. To make matters more profound as it relates to the PJJ claim, Bell Canada have not even listed substance use disorders as a part of their platform promotions - not even admitted substance use issues as mental health conditions. How do you think that assists with stigmatization of those citizens with a substance issue past or present?

6. Add to the stigmatization list the racialised words Crack Cocaine and there does not seem to be too much difference with the restrictions on one's life than if you were a pedophile.

7. Yet the HRTO adjudicator Paul Aterman in 2013/14 deliberately ignored the social intersecting factors of my life of which STIGMATIZATION would have been the most significant factor as to why PJJ could not apply during in the one year limitation period.

Suicide Ruse & Hanging

from the Rafters

8. And Paul Aterman ignored the social intersecting factors including stigma by manipulating one preposterous deficiency on Applicants submission after another the most egregious and culpable being case law from "Apotex" which required medical evidence to INDICATE that PJJ could not apply within the one year limitation period.

9. Aterman in Bad Faith - the legal euphemism for "cheating" - manipulated INDICATE for his own invented requirement of an EXPLICIT statement from Linda Perlis my psycho-therapist. It made absolutely no sense.

No psychologist can be one hundred percent that Paul J James was going to commit suicide by writing hanging from the rafters or his nonexistence on December 12, 2018 as indicated in his writings at the time.

10. There were indications that I may but there is no blood test like there is for cancer that one hundred percent I would commit suicide or could have filed on time during the one year limitation period.

11. INDICATE was therefore the correct reasonable barometer for evaluating the Linda Perlis medical evidence. Demanding after the fact it must be an explicit statement was egregiously wrong and could only have been achieved in the words of Toby Young from the Human Rights Legal Support Center "if you had been comatose".

12. With consideration that the Tribunal law at the time in 2012 and today, requires a REASONABLE explanation for any delay in filing within the one year period, to then have the REASONABLE expectation dial as being COMATOSE is a patently (very) unreasonable expectation which discriminates against a citizen's human right to be treated equally and fairly by the very Human Rights institution remitted to protect them.

13. The Suicide Ruse and Hanging from the Rafters proved many elements on this path including the bad faith (cheating) of the original HRTO adjudicator Paul Aterman in deliberately manipulating case law to nonsensical law in order to avoid taking into account the social intersecting factors on the life of Paul J James; in order to avoid taking into account the devastation of stigma on a person's life; in order to avoid a hearing on the merits of the case which would have exposed the York University and Jenn Myers LIE on the main thread of discrimination - which was: Did we know of Paul J James' mental disability?

Acute Stress Disorder

14. Acute Stress Reaction/Disorder in quotes is what the York University Employee Wellness Office had in thier files from my medical doctor of 30 years Dr Joel Spector in February 2009.

15. Any rudimentary manager leader would know that Acute Stress Disorder is not only a mental disability protected under section 15 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, it is also the number one symptom indicating substance issues/disability.

16. Furthermore, Ashley Anne Kelly was told by the equipment manager of the York University women's soccer team that I was away at Rehab in November of 2009. Ashley in turn told 6 persons from the YU therapy program and soccer team. Don't take my word for it ask Ashley Anne Kelly.

17. In totality York University discriminated against Paul J James in 2009 and constructively dismissed him. Avoided correcting the matter in 2012 when confronted. Lied instead in Judicial submissions and then corrupted the system along with the Canadian establishment to destroy and kill a life if necessary.

18. And York University have been assisted by many including Canada Soccer; former teammates and people I had done so much for.

19. The Paul J James matter is not complicated. It is straightforward. Discrimination took place and cover-up ensued because the system has been set up to be rigged and corrupt when it needs to be. Non correction for so long provides unequivocal evidence the 'status white privilege class" can get away with anything.


Michael Landsberg

"No Consensus"

20. Meanwhile one of Bell Canada's leading campaigners was TSN's Michael Landsberg who now years later looks and talks worse for the experience. A clear indication to regression not progression was illuminated with his hashtag "I'm not weak I'm sick". How about neither stigmatizing label?

21. On the continuum of stigmatization opening up talking about anxiety and depression is one thing - being ostracized and discriminated against because society knows of your mental health circumstances are the real devastating consequences of stigma. Seeking support where opening up leads to catastrophe. No Lintel-Foundation from the support of the courts and Bell Canada's campaign becomes futile.

22. January 2014 PJJ submitted to the HRTO a sixty page Request for Reconsideration document along with 38 appendices connecting the dots on why without foundations/lintels of protecting those vulnerable to discrimination Bell Canada's campaign will not only prove to be ineffective but worse still harmful and detrimental to many, creating further devastating harms not less. Point 245 stated the following:.

"As it stands now Bell Canada's Lets Talk promotional campaign geared towards penetrating societal and organizational stigma on poor mental health, avoids what the true reality is for persons in need of support who speak openly: you are treated poorly, differently and tacitly with very little respect. The collateral support of organisations such as HRTO is therefore a necessity in order for such campaigns to be effective. Circumstances of clear discrimination, prejudice, and harassment need to be met with stern repercussions against those who infringe on the human rights of those suffering, which will send powerful and necessary messages for organizations to adapt their cultures to be more authentic, open, trustworthy, compassionate, supportive and accountable when dealing with the mental health of their employees. This can then assist Bell Canada's courageous campaign to be more effective and successful"

23. It is now 6 and a half years later after the statement as a layperson not a lawyer or industry professional. And yet the honourable court and the Prime Minister still stigmatize the life of Paul J James and by association millions of others through ignoring not only the communications and appeals but the plain and obvious social injustice. Why should Paul J James have to wait a day longer for justice to be served? Instead of served justice PJJ is viciously scapegoated on absolutely everything the system and people who have harmed him can come up with. Sensitivity being the most recent molecular smoke screen to feebly protect oppressors transgressions of depravity. At this stage personal sensitivity is reserved to those who lie, cheat and back stab. Sensitive awareness to those realities is an asset in the quiver.

24 Yet in June/July of 2017 Prime Minister Trudeau you stated publicly that you would not be true to your mother if you did not appreciate and advocate for those citizens suffering poor mental health. In regards to substance issues you stated, paraphrasing, "it is about time we begin destigmatising drug addiction and the societal ills which facilitates it's happening". You and your Liberal Party have done nothing since in this regard. Not a morsel. Not a sausage of effort. On the contrary you have stigmatized in an unrelenting fashion. Proving the system optically is just one big ridiculous metaphorical board game. A CON.

25. For example at the very time of your July 2017 pronouncements PJJ was emaciated on a couch appealing to you to intervene. Rather than do so you left me for dead. Three and a half years later and you have still done nothing to correct the injustice or destigmastize relief for any Canadian citizen. You and your colleagues have only added to the pain. Why should any citizen have to wait for social justice on such a painful, stigmatized health issue - it makes no humanistic sense unless you are protecting the "status white privilege class". Which the system is.

26. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, in spite of your mother suffering depression and your honoutable wife with experience of an eating disorder (similar stigmatization to a substance use disorder) it is unconscionable you have avoided this matter.

27. You have proven in 2017 and again in December of 2018 you do not care whether PJJ or any other citizen of similar ilk suffers. Same with the honourable Supreme Court of Canada. How can Paul J James or any other Canadian citizen respect the approach of clear improprieties at the honourable court?

28. There are supporters copied here who have spoken to a number of Liberal MP's back in 2017. For example James Maloney and Deborah Schulte. The responses were not honourable. They were scapegoating and stigmatizing.

29. Maloney stated that PJJ is paranoid. That he himself as a Liberal MP had a friendship relationship with Justice Edwards of the Divisional Court of Ontario and could attest to Justice Edwards integrity.

30. Review of the attached SCC Affidavit confirms Mr Maloney therefore is culpable for unlawful bias, deceit, impartiality and a conflict of interests. This particular claim and knowing the close relationship of York University and the Liberal Party of Canada including past president Lorna Marsden working directly with Pierre Elliott Trudeau in the 1980's illuminates the collusion of Maloney. But then in Canada the status white privilege class permits impunity from apparently anything.

31. Ms. Schulte meanwhile who has a son who suffers depression and poor mental health stated it was Paul J James fault because I shouldn't have opened up to anyone - a similar rationale given directly to myself by constituent MP Adam Vaughan.

32. Is that correct, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau? Canadian citizens should not open up if they are suffering behind closed doors with mental health discomfort and distress?

33. All lives matter. But when the system ALWAYS leverages in terms of society first that is when institutional improprieties and corruption fester and perpetuate. It provides yet another systemic barrier to accessing fair social justice. It is why York University were prepared to Lie so egregiously in 2012. Persons with exposed substance disabilities are worthless human beings and treated as such. The requirement of a movement on such a basis is ludicrous. Justice before Advocacy when it comes to mental health is rational.

34. If York University knew they would be held accountable in 2012 for their unlawful behaviour they would have resolved the matter then. Instead they recklessly and immorally facilitated and destroyed lives and reputations across the country and continent including at their own institution. They have brought Canada as a nation into disrepute.

35 And every day the honourable court and the Liberal Government of Canada continue to stigmatize Paul J James the person and all those who face a similar set of circumstances through the act of ignoring what is so egregiously wrong.

36. The Stigmatization of Mental Health will continue and disaster awaits many irrespective of the huge sums of money invested on anti-Stigma campaigns.

37. Stigma is a juggernaut which without the foundation and lintel support of stern Judicial accountability when organisations or individuals discriminate against those most vulnerable the whole project surrounding Bell Canada's anti-Stigma campaigns becomes discredited and futile.

38. As it stands now those with legitimate mental health disabilities particularly those with substance disabilities are lambs sent out to slaughter.

39. The system doesn't even recognize substance disabilities as bonafide mental health conditions. Bell Canada won't even talk about it. The most segmented, separated, under funded and stigmatized per capita of all mental health conditions. Substance Disabilities.

Ridiculed - "Raped & Sodomized"

40. Ridiculed - "Raped & Sodomized" Defamed, Slandered, Blamed. Punished. Demeaned. Ostracized. Stigmatized. Isolated. Unemployed. Scapegoated. Scapegoated again. And then Scapegoated again.

41. For a decade PJJ has put forth every morsel of effort in seeking social justice which should never have been denied in the first place. Honour, respect, ethical rigour, nous, couth and dignity were delivered from the Applicant to the Canadian system.

42. In response and reply however and at every single turn and layer Paul J James has been "Raped & Sodomized" of such dignity, respect and honour. Every personal asset and every human right to live freely eviscerated by a system run by the "status white privilege class". A status white privilege group which can, and do, anything with complete impunity. Lie, cheat, abuse, defame, manipulate, scapegoat and with no repercussion. No apology is ever forthcoming from persons within the "status white privilege class" rather they deliver scapegoat after scapegoating depravity.

43. Psychological consequences of rape victims? Reference Dr Gabor Mate copied here on the harm to the brain from excessive psychological abuse and/or ridicule - how the limbic system lights up like a Xmas tree as it would if deeply cut with a knife.

44. Or ask Dr Bruce Alexander also copied here, the consequences of social isolation and social dis-connectivity on a persons psychological well being and psyche. Or the consequences of vindictive premeditated excommunication with those who are vulnerable from those who know you are vulnerable. Do not take my word for the damage it delivers, reference Dr Alexander. The consequences real.

45. This was stated to you Prime Minister Justin Trudeau directly from Paul J James in a January 2017 video, "Stigma is not just a word. It is a word with devastating consequences". Stigma of the issue made sure my inbox went from 100 a day to less than 10 in a week, to now a few junk mails. John Pugh copied here is a board of director at Canada Soccer. A lovely honourable man. Makes no difference though when it comes to stigma. I spoke to him directly in 2014 about applying for a technical position within his Ottawa Fury soccer organisation. I explained the discrimination I had faced for 5 straight years in pursuing jobs. He assured me I would be communicated with if I applied. I applied twice and never heard back from John or anyone at the Ottawa Fury organisation. That is just one devastating consequence of stigma tines a thousand and one others. Stigma of the issue you and the honourable court have avoided - making a farce of the Canadian systems approach to mental health, truth and justice.


Justice before Advocacy

There's no I or Me in Team

"No but there's an I in Win"

Michael Jordan.

46. And so the final hurdle of obstructing justice from the "elite panic" of the "status white privilege class" is to now "demand" that PJJ create a movement or stimulate non mainstream attention on the issue.

47. The audacity of obstructing/delaying Justice even further sewn onto the masses as part of a disparate cognitive map away from the Truth and to mitigate damage and transparency of many who have obstructed justice. York University should not have discriminated in the first place in 2008/09. Worse still they should not have avoided correction in 2012. Made even more evil in the middle of 2020 for it to still remain unresolved.

48. Chief Justice Wagner and Ms MacLachlin, where in the human rights commission manuals of living freely does it require the establishment of social change movements to gain social justice for the single individual?

49. The "status white privilege class" using a pandemic like approach have incrementally infected onto the psyche of the masses a psychological addiction to social change movements so great it creates a jumbled spaghetti junction of confused injustices. It guarantees no one ever gets social justice just as the establishment class want it permitting elite organizations to never take responsibility for errors when they happen. It is where inequalities and injustices perpetuate and recreate themselves. It is an elite attitude problem from human beings in power who have permitted such an approach for too long.

50. Applied to the Paul J James matter. Discrimination, harassment, prejudice and poor treatment in 2008/09. Then York University and the system they control lie, cheat, defame, slander, ignore, manipulate, scapegoat, collude and corrupt at every conceivable level to avoid accountability and responsibility.

51. Knowing the stigmatized harm delivered to one person as a consequence of being open when seeking assistance in 2008/09 from mental health distress, it is reckless and irresponsible to expect others with health issues that are private to rally support as if it were equivalent to race riots or homophobia. Why would anyone want to expose themselves to such risk when the system in 2020 is so blatantly corrupt and irresponsible.

52. Paul J James in 2014 communicated with Richard Elliott and Donald MacPherson two advocates for their own groups with mutual cross pollinated interests. Libertarian policy change was their wicket. It is not the wicket of PJJ. Requested they assist on the human rights matter - they could not. I tried. Instead I went alone into the tidal wave of abuse because I had no viable alternative choice knowing what I had lived and experienced and the abysmal options of living a remaining life of such oppression and marginalization and obliterated soccer career.

53 The PJJ wicket, refuses to answer the loaded questions from oppressor evilness: do you still use? how long have you been clean?

54. They are privacy matters for those citizens when needing protection under section 15 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Such indignity is the high price you pay for being exposed.

55. The unscrupulous inquiries of the oppressors are malevolent not based on ignorance. They ask in order to scapegoat, harm, shame, and embarrass. The "status white privilege class" treat such citizens as worthless, unequally and unfairly and with a total lack of dignity and respect because they can get away with it. Only because the substances are unlawfully prohibited and egregiously misaligned to the illness/disease model are such inquiries from evil minded individuals not met with sterner self-rebuke.

56. Bob Rae, Adam Vaughan, JP Savage, Maureen Armstrong, Canada Soccer personnel copied here have each made such inquiries whether directly or indirectly. But do not take my word for it ask them.

57. The Liberal Party of Canada through the "status white privilege class" have had Paul J James followed and tracked for such purposes and have communicated to others their observations such is their intimidation carelessness.

58. How do you justify that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau - honoutable chief Justice Wagner/Maclachlin?

59. What is their objective in doing so?

60. Why have you taken such risks with the life of a Canadian citizen knowing the negative consequences of starvation?

61. Which scapegoating repugnant communique will the PMO choose to impart onto the masses in the event Paul J James succumbs to the protest? The default position of poor mental health? Or Homeless Crack Addict?

62. Can you not see how disgusting and sick the world we live in is, with particular reference to why you would delay this matter? Has the injustice not been great enough yet?

63. Is it to protect the "status white privilege class" money and power and the different sets of rules which blankets them?

Scapegoating Incidents

64. The worse scapegoating incident being the collaboration of Bob Rae and Mike Young with communicating to PJJ that three Canadians had talked to Mike Young in California stating he was still a crack cocaine addict and for him to stay well away from Paul J James. It was a wicked Ruse to intimidate. But don't take my word for it ask Bob Rae directly.

65. Once that Ruse did not work then the Canadian government tried to cuckoo a potential documentary on the matter with Mike Young through a Montreal based company funded by the Liberal government. Prospects of the story being manipulated away from the Truth were inevitable and so on behalf of the greater good it was a another non-starter and continued self-sacrifice. A hell on earth perpetual nightmare

Nuclear Family of Four

"No sewer you would not travel"

66. From the dearth of PhD evidence on the stigma of substance disabilities (drug addictions) four of the main stigmatizing issues/moments for any person with an issue past or present are:

a. the fear of having your personal health privacy held over your head, disseminated and then losing everything through discrimination and stigmatization.

b. going to rehab and the humiliation and incompetence it entails including interventions which extract all human rights from you including the right to make your own decisions.

c. scarring stigmatizing labels and questions - drug addict, junkie, crackhead, are you clean?

d. poor treatment from ashamed embarrassed families.

67. The Liberal Party of Canada's severest action was the communications through Bob Rae with the James family who have treated their son/brother with such shame and indignity.

68. The James Nuclear Family of four worked like this. My mother was the family member most needy and injured from life's travails. My father played the role of martyr rather than confront to make their lives better; my sister became the caregiver; Paul the unit's self esteem through education and achievements.

69. The problem with the role I was assigned by the universe is that if things go awry for Paul and not to their liking it negatively affects their self esteem. Once I was fired from GOL TV and then dismissed from York University it empowered my family that I was bad they were good; Paul is wrong they are right. Then troubled discarded treatment follows. They are ashamed. And it goes on around the nation every minute of every day. Gestapo Jackets and Sheriff badges.

70. Bob Rae and indirectly Colin Perkels ruthless communications with my family were disgraceful; disgusting and highly inappropriate which caused immense turmoil and further ostracization. An irretrievable relationship. Three further lost years.

71. It is not for Paul J James to apologize to his family it is for Paul J James to forgive his family without their apologies. And that can only be done now - on a fragile limited basis - through Justice served. It's the nuclear family self-esteem issue. It never goes away.

72. And how then, in that regard, Prime Minister and SCC Justices do you conclude the Toronto Star 2018 article of savagery assisted the James family. The James family who did nothing wrong to deserve such humiliation. Not to you. To York University. To Bob Rae. To Mary Ormsby. We emigrated here from Cardiff, Wales in 1980 - very clearly a mistake. We were a poor family always because money was not the most important thing in our lives.

Mary Ormsby is copied here why not have a chat with her and Bob Rae to get the reason why they would connive, defame and humiliate in such a way. The innuendo with Ashley Anne Kelly. The criminalised label applied to the role I was dealt with in Singapore. Only in Canada could a citizen be harassed so ruthlessly for 35 years for being so honest.

73. Imagine if my mother or father were to die before justice is served? Just add it to the list of unquantifiable damages.


Socialized Status White Privilege

"Black Face"

74. The reason Prime Minister why you appeared Black Faced not understanding what was wrong with the actions is because over your lifetime you have been socialized into the "status white privilege class" which you have lived in for your entire life. You, Bob Rae, Lorna Marsden, Adam Vaughan etc, et al and the establishment class of status white privilege cannot relate to social injustices, inequities, racial disparities and oppressed groups. Suffering poor mental health as an elite is a whole lot different than suffering at the lowest socioeconomic bracket. And if you lack a functional amygdala as a consequence of such conditioned privilege you certainly cannot feel the same pain as others. It is what it is to be spoiled in comparison.

75. After all, the reason there is a racism problem in the first place is because of the "status white privilege class".

76. The reason Bob Rae has lied, deceived, intimidated and manipulated the Paul J James matter and Paul J James the person is because of the "status white privilege class".

77. The reason why York University have lied, deceived, manipulated, colluded, obstructed justice and abused the system is because of the "status white privilege class".

78. The reason Mike Young from California betrayed and backstabbed PJJ through Bob Rae's cuckooed attempts of distorting pristine Truth is because of the "status white privilege class".

79. The reason Liberal MPs Adam Vaughan, James Maloney, Deborah Schulte obstructed truth and justice is because of the "status white privilege class".

80. The reason the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the Supreme Court of Canada ignore the Paul J James matter is because of the "status white privilege class".

81. The reason the Supreme of Canada incumbents are not representative of multicultural diversity can be traced back to the "status white privilege class".


Paul J James

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