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Cracked Open - Supreme Court of Canada; Non-Redactions; Documents


In February 2012 Cracked Open was released for public consumption via a Canadian Press article written by Neil Davidson.

While the article was highly stigmatized it was not a consequence of Neil's intent. That was a consequence of what Paul J James had written at the time. Highly stigmatized I knew no better than to reference such pejorative and incorrect labels as Addict, Illness, Disease et al.

Aside from Neil's unfortunate omission of the written sentence with regard to the Singapore bribery scandal - where I wrote I played as best I could for Canada (always) confirmed also through RCMP - it was otherwise a reflection of Neil's talent to produce such writing under such difficult circumstances.

This is not the moment to release a personal review on Cracked Open and the malevolence it cultivated from others within the soccer industry.

It is the time to reassert five points:

1. Paul J James did not leave York University because he wanted to write an ebook on such personal circumstances including Crack Cocaine use.

2. The writing and subsequent release was a reflection of the poor treatment I had received - incrementally - since I opened up seeking support in 2008.

3. Cracked Open proved how self stigmatised Paul J James was, paralyzed - like millions of others facing similar circumstances - from knowing he had the human right to live with equality and fairness irrespective of a mental health disorder.

4. Tried to avoid releasing the narrative/diary through contacting York University to confront the poor treatment and lack of support They eschewed their responsibilities.

5. The end of Cracked Open is merely the beginning of the story as highlighted in documents below and other writings and submissions.


Non-Redaction of Names

To preempt scapegoating of the use of names as a means for PJJ to settle scores against those who delivererd such stigmatized harm. It is not the case. York University, Bree Carr Harris, Jamie Teixeira etc et al etc, can have no complaints now. Surfing back through their Inboxes will reveal Paul J James attempted on many occasions to meet with persons to resolve the impropriety and poor treatment. Because that is my nature. It was not my responsibility to do so. But I did anyway. I cannot be responsible for those who refused/refuse to be responsible.

Truth is the "tangible element" left in the quiver. Continued website transparency is the remaining option available to illuminate this Truth.

As former Canadian soccer legend Les Wilson stated, "Truth is stubborn". He is right. It is.


Supreme Court of Canada

The following documents are a small portion of judicial submissions (these from 2016) and a comprehensive Letter of Appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada delivererd in the summer of 2019.

The 2016 official submissions PJJ wrote as best he could in legal prose similar to others which had been submitted the previous four years.

The ten page memorandum focuses on the sentence which unlawfully ruled on the merits of the case and ideally should be read first. It was an egregious Supreme Court of Canada procedural error to have published it as a part of the honourable courts disseminated Case Summary. It was confirmed as an error by the courts removal of the sentence from their public website after my objection.

It is why, in part, the file must go back to the honourable court to be corrected for the greater good. The James file was treated unfairly and unequally by the guardians of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms dealing with a matter of such national importance.

The ten page document in full, also highlights to those not prone to envy, that no matter whether Paul J James wrote with precise clarity; with emotion/outrage via emails subsequent to judicial dismissals; or through the narrative diary of Cracked Open, either way, it did not make a difference. Injustice, malevolence and impropriety continued, escalated and so far prevailed. The 78 page Affidavit highlights and collates not only the discrimination delivererd by York University but also the overt discrimination, prejudice and appalling treatment throughout the Canadian Judicial process. It also confirms the national, systemic, ruthless nature of stigma on those most unfortunate to be on the receiving end of such treatment.

For those who care about truthfulness, justice and humanity then this document highlights the opposite delivererd to Paul J James. And it is unequivocal.

Meanwhile, the three part 2019 Letter of Appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada has, to date, been ignored. The level of personal revelation and sacrifice in pursuit of social justice for the greater good, without a reply, reflects the level of recklessness, immorality and malevolence from those remitted to care and to deal with this matter.



A. Two Official Documents Submitted to Supreme Court of Canada in 2016.(affidavit and memo statement)

B. Part One of Letter

C. Part Two of Letter

D. Part Three of Letter section one

E. Part Three of Letter section two

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