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101 Stigmatizing CUTS.

Stigmatizing cuts

“Never Wrestle with Pigs or Chimney Sweeps”

The Malcolm Mercer Contribution

Existential Anxiety is the excruciating razor sharp cutting feel and experience that there is nothing. Absolutely nothing. No superstitious god, no afterlife, just the laser beam, precision feel of the total futility of life. That is Nothingness. It is what those poor persons on the 9/11 planes would have felt as they realized their lives would be taken before their time. In the early part of substance use the combination of alcohol brought me to such nothingness feelings.

Years later I focused on watching documentaries on 9/11 as I felt connected to the terror.

In doing so, I reviewed one film which highlighted a self admitted psychopathic pig of a lawyer. So immoral was the guy he sat on his hotel bed next to one of the towers readying his notes for court so he could destroy the life of another few people. And in doing so a plane hit the tower. But he just didn’t care. He even had the television on and knew what was happening but was not concerned an iota.

When the towers eventually fell and smashed the hotel he was staying at to pieces he was trapped. At the point of death a kind samaritan risked his own life to save him. Nothingness changed the lawyers approach to the legal profession and to his life.

It appears from my own horrendous experiences in the Paul James matter we need a 9/11 in Canada which brings the legal profession and persons in charge to their knees in order for there to be reform and change to a disgraceful wild, wild west system of impropriety and brutality.

If there were “Nuremberg Trials” for War Crimes against humanity in the War on People then, with respect to the Paul James matter, Malcolm Mercer General Secretary from McCarthy Tetrault would be the first person tried and sent to the gallows for his decisions and dreadful lack of moral leadership. When I die from starvation, in line with Malcolm Gladwell’s Blink, getting to the core of issue, the buck stops at Malcolm Mercer’s desk.

After all, past President of York University Mahmoud Shoukri, in a recent conversation with a university soccer coach admitted that what has happened to Paul James is wrong, dreadful and sickening. He wished he could do something but his hands are tied by lawyers.

A month ago I stated on a YouTube Video that I needed a miracle to prevent myself from embarking on a fifth hunger strike. And the miracle would be for the power, wealth, greed, and arrogance of the law firm McCarthy Tetrault and its General Secretary to act for the first time in my regard in an ethical, moral, responsible way. In spite of the total mismanagement of the case it didn’t happen putting an exclamation point on the depravity of the Canadian legal system and the abusive power and wealth of McCarthy Tetrault.

The legal system in Canada is monopolized by a few rich wealthy and powerful law firms who if they choose to act unethically or immorally they can do so with complete impunity. Like a soccer team competing in games with their very own referees officiating the matches.

What makes the hypocrisy so energy sapping is that Malcolm Mercer has been the head of the Law Society’s ethics committee for many years. The same society and fraternity which conditions their lawyers to gate-keep self-represented applicants from winning at absolutely all costs including death. And everyone is in on it. A cult of wild wild west impropriety to get the job done. Embarrassing for McCarthy Tetrault to have to accept that a self-represented applicant out did them. It is why behind closed doors they had hoped I would have died from starvation by now, so their aftermath strategy could kick in, either to ignore the Paul James story completely or through controlled media to spin the reality.

Malcolm Mercer in combination with York Law faculty, is ultimately responsible for the errors and devastation his firm and York University have caused to my life. From Lisa Constantines ludicrous, corrupt York University submissions littered with deceit and improprieties which were so bad that in combination with her performance on March 4, 2015 Divisional Court hearing Malcolm Mercer had no choice but to fire her; to Jonathan Odumuru a McCarthy Lawyer who tried to extort $2100 from Ashley Kelly and I when our Condominium apartment was ransacked by his clients leaving $15,000 worth of damage which led to us losing our apartment; to the conflict of interests from being a part of York Law faculty; to Eileen Gillese from the Ontario Court of Appeal who in spite of a declaration of no costs from both parties she still awarded costs against me for $1000 in spite of her knowledge of my poor socio-economic circumstances - a deep moral infringement on judicial code of conduct; this is the same Justice Gillese who gave the Toronto police officer only 6 years for assassinating an 18 year old on a Toronto streetcar; to Tess Sheldon from ARCH disability law firm who in undermining the claim as a consequence of her connection to McCarthy TeTrault through a Law Society committee warned me that the “Gillese circumstance” would take place then absurdly connected with me a few days after the Justice Gillese decision to gloat she was right; to the National Post; to the CBC; to Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada Beverly McLachlin; to the Supreme Court of Canada Administrative Department and the list could go on, on with one brutality after another. To the traps which were set including with Barry Swadron Associates, Randy Ragan and Scott Weinberg to the connection to the Liberal Government of Canada to the doorstep of the Prime Minister to the ultimate decision behind closed doors to stargaze for and hope that I Paul James die.

It is why the International Global Index of integrity rank Canada’s Judicial accountability at 17% and 32% with one hundred being complete integrity and zero being complete corruption. Canada ranks behind Angola and Bangladesh for Pete's sake.

As opposed to the underdeveloped nations where power brings you money in the developed world money brings you the power. And with power you get tested on your morality, ethical rigour and your propensity to abuse. Malcolm Mercer and McCarthy Tetrault have exposed themselves in the Paul James matter for their immorality, corruptness and sickening ethos.

Ironically today as I write this summary, FIFA announced that a Caribbean/CONCACAF soccer official is suspended for six years on bribery and conflict of interests charges.

There a number of unenviable truths regarding the Canadian Judicial system.

One of the clearest, “a self-represented applicant will never be permitted to win” - right or wrong, it doesn't matter the severity, the system and fraternity of lawyers will happily “kill” someone to prevent this happening. It is a sickening cult, in a sickening world.

Access to justice does not exist if you are an average or poor Canadian citizen irrespective of the propaganda emanating from the legal institutions.

Malcolm Mercer, McCarthy Tetrault and York University have deliberately delivered the deepest most painful cuts to myself and Ashley Kelly.

They are the poster names for the urgency of legal reform of the Canadian system.

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