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101 Stigmatizing CUTS: Suicide Would be Painless Compared to Living Through the Stigma of Drug Addic

Paul James, Hunger Strike #5

Preface to this latest submission. I am 17 days into my fifth hunger strike. While I have ingested more calories per day in this protest than the previous four, it is still less than a thousand a day, still painful and I am very thin. As of Tuesday, September 26th, I will be on total starvation which will accelerate my demise at lightning pace.

The Liberal Government and Canadian Soccer Association have still not made contact in spite of numerous emails from me regarding the renouncement of my Canadian citizenship and annulment of my soccer Hall of Fame Status. The disgracefulness of their approach in not assisting to facilitate justice or to resolve this matter knowing the full truth of the matter, is beyond repugnant it is clearly complicit.

The colluded approach of York University with the Canadian Soccer Association and the Liberal government towards defeating one Canadian citizen on a matter of justice which if served could benefit millions of Canadian citizens illustrates the illusion of Canada as the land of opportunity, freedom and democracy. We have limited freedom and we can be as corrupt as many third world countries if it suits the agenda. We have deteriorated since 1980 when I first came to Canada on our application of respectable values: integrity, fairness and equality towards average Canadian citizens.

In the 70’s a British comedy program, Love Thy Neighbour, regularly hit top of the charts in viewership numbers. I remember as a young boy watching it in my pyjamas. “I’ll ave an halfff” was one of the more memorable catch phrases. The program can still be viewed on Youtube. However the offensive racial language used in reference to the black protagonist and his wife in the program is so offensive, contemptuous and repetitive it is numbing watching it now in 2017. Such language would never be permitted today - people would rightly be banned, ostracized, and condemned for doing so.

The modern day version of the same kind of stigmatizing abusive language is delivered to substance dependent people like tap water, through such pejorative labels as crackhead, junkie, addict, pothead, airhead, loser along with a whole slew of blame the victim statements, its sad, stay well, good luck in your recovery, just get on with it, you are a weak character, you are lazy, you have an illness.

Unfortunately, to our profound detriment, we are far from exterminating this kind of language. People roll their eyes if you look offended yet it is so damning.

Skin colour is not a choice, substance use is a choice will be the Dunce Cap Brigade explanation when trying to compare oppressions. But we are not talking about just substance use we’re talking about substance dependence which is a bonafide impaired choice/disorder is the incontestable rebuttal. No one wants the disorder or should wish it on anyone.

Jane Elliot’s famed exercise on racism - separating one set of people into two groups based on eye colour is a stunning illustration of what it is to be in an oppressed group. While I have never considered myself racist in anyway and with my nephew being mixed race I thought I had a good understanding of the impact of racism and racial attitudes on those persons on the receiving end of prejudice, discrimination and abuse. While we may try to understand another persons perspective if you haven't walked in their “moccasins” it is impossible to gain a full appreciation hence why prejudice, discrimination and stigma still lingers, on a racial level, even with much progress.

In the Jane Elliot exercise she, as the educator and instructor favours one group over the other condemning, ridiculing, patronizing, scapegoating, verbally abusing the non favoured group while pouring treacle on the superiors. It is a remarkable illustration of what happens to otherwise normal persons who have never been in an oppressed group to feel what it is like to be ostracized, prejudiced, discriminated against, inferior and powerless.

In everyday life and not just through a 2 hour exercise you often feel worthless, insecure, angry, uncertain and as a consequence you want too retreat from the pain. You avoid confronting the “abuse” and instead conform and accept your circumstances no matter how bad, the essence of self-stigma. It is why I could never have filed a discrimination claim against York University in 2010. Aside from it being a terrible period of stress, uncertainty, and poor health you feel you deserve the punishment and you have no redress - you don't recognize you should have human rights.

On the flip side of the Jane Elliot exercise how the superior group act is equally as revealing. Condescending, superior attitude, sanctimonious (with substance addiction in particular), patronizing, judgemental and at times downright nasty.

Substitute the paper collar Jane Elliott uses with a chain spiked one and racism with substance addiction and you have an idea what it is like to live as an exposed person of substance addiction. Of course if you are from a high status wealthy background you can buffer, mitigate and navigate your way through with not having to walk on shards of glass wherever you go.

Perusal of the following sample of short summaries from the 101 Stigmatizing CUTS will illuminate the following six “stigmatizing weapons of destruction”; Scapegoating; Ignoring the Person; Blame the Victim; Willful ignorance; Third Class citizen; Punish don't Support.

You Have No Status No Negotiating Power

A couple of recent gems on the 101 list to begin.

When I started the hunger strike protest on YouTube in late January Peter Mackie: Rank 71 from the University of Waterloo was up in ams with concern for my mental health - like some other dummies he thought I was mentally ill. I spoke to him, told him seeking justice through truth is not mental illness. He agreed, understood and he said he would get me a bit of coaching work as soon as he could. There months pass Peter finally gets in contact with an offer to coach a number of sessions over a full day and a half. The compensation he offered was very poor, insulting for the amount of work and what I would have normally been able to earn a decade ago. The $150 for the day and a half I was offered I would normally receive for one session. I said to Peter I would do it for $200. He said okay. The day before the event Peter sends a text saying he had to cancel my involvement because a couple of coaches from the US were travelling up to the event and he wanted to give them the coaching work for attending. I politely said its ok Peter i’m use to it. I was living on a couch for fucks sake - humiliating is an understatement. Another sense or worthlessness.

John Hendricks: Rank 91 President of Cherry Beach SC hired me for three months at $23 a session when again, normally I would have commanded $150. I had to coach 6-8 year olds. I would run from downtown to the Danforth 7 miles in total to conduct the session and catch a subway home. Six months later I said to John I would happily coach his boys U17 team for a nominal fee. He said he would like to hire me but when the parents get online they see some good but they also see far more bad (courtesy of two brutal henchman bloggers and TheScore media at the time).

I called John Pugh: Rank 28 (a current CSA Board of Director) from the Ottawa Fury SC about applying for the Technical Directors job in 2014. I stated to John I would prefer not apply if there was a chance my health background would cause awkwardness. I told him rejection I could try to live with as long as someone communicated with me so I didn’t feel discriminated against or humiliated again. He was very nice and said he didn’t see a problem. Never heard from him or the club again.

And the list is never ending, turned down for a dish washing job at Johnson and Sons Oyster House in Toronto; Oakville Soccer Club: Rank 74 turned down my request to conduct training sessions in 2012 in spite of the fact it was my alumnus club from when I first came to Canada and in 2008 when I was on my hands and knees health wise I conducted a 75 minute seminar for over 120 parents, players and coaches on university soccer in both the US and Canada. And I did so pro-bono.

Peter Gilfillan: Rank 75 was a soccer player I traded for when I was head coach of Ottawa Intrepid back in 1989. I recommended Peter to be a part of the Francophone Games team which won a gold medal. I happily was very supportive of Peter - it was my job but I did go the extra mile. In 2013, I visited his offices on King and Sherbourne. Walking in, I spoke to the secretary to see if I could speak with him. She said it wouldn't be a problem but then when she went to see Peter she said he can’t see you he's busy. I remember walking out feeling two feet tall. Another Stigmatizing CUT.

Research INC: Rank 80 is a company which conducts trial tests on all kind of drugs including illicit. I registered on the company’s website to be included. Compensation for a few visits is quite good 3-8,000. I’ve contacted them on a dozen occasions answering ads when they were looking for persons for testing. I have been turned down each time because I have been diagnosed. They are looking for causal recreational users of cocaine was their answer. It is complete madness. The ignorance of not understanding that a person who has been diagnosed for many years and is still alive has learned to live with their condition. The risk is for the ‘causal user”. Not much worse could happen to me or any one else with a similar background in any trail setting. The guy the one time said ideally they are looking for a university student who casually uses cocaine. WTF. You get discriminated against even within this arena. An important lesson against the cultural tide of understanding is that I could use a $20 of the substance of need and an hour later beat a university soccer team in a 5 mile run, then stand up in front of a thousand people and give a riveting standing ovation speech and then write an LSAT and pass it. Prejudice and discrimination is based first and foremost on pure unadulterated ignorance.

Dwight & Chris Hornibrook, Jamie Teixeira, and Bree Carr-Harris: Rank 17, 18, 19, 20.

While we promote opening up to persons when you need help and support for poor mental health, there should be huge asterix and disclaimer, “but you do so at great risk to your overall well being for the rest of your life”.

Recently I wrote the four worst mistakes I have made over 53 years of my life. While my decision to work for York University wins the top prize for worst mistakes, closely on the heals at number 2 is the day I called Dwight Hornibrook.

It was the day I put a chain spiked collar around my neck. It was the day my life changed for the worse and forever. You unwittingly give up control of your life when you permit people to assist on mental health matter, which was made worse by the fact I was suffering a substance use disorder to crack cocaine.

In short, the approach from the beginning was punitive not supportive and it didn’t stop. I needed Dwight to be a good supportive friend and while he was from a perspective of time and energy his Christian background and faith had conditioned him to treat me in a certain way when it came to the health issue itself.

At the Spring 2008 intervention both Dwight and his sanctimonious Christian brother Chris, Bree and Jamie my two assistant coaches and my sister wanted me to go away to rehab right away. I explained it was not practical and with the backing of my sister we persuaded the rest of group it was not possible until December so that I was not exposed in my employment positions.

The two goals of the intervention were very clear. Regaining my health and making sure I kept my soccer careers.

Eighteen months later I was in worse health condition and my media and coaching careers were over.

Jamie whom I had hired, mentored, provided jobs through Sport York, made the highest paid assistant coach in the OUA, gave him monies out of my pocket ; so did my bed ridden mother; treated me differently from the get go. He became from that moment judgemental and careless - “be a good boy tonight Paul” was an example of the unwitting approach of Jamie in regards to my health.

Jamie would no longer go the extra mile for me but I still did for him.

Bree Carr-Harris meanwhile had a romantic interest in me which I just couldn't reciprocate no matter how much I tired and wanted. Not only was it the wrong time because of addiction I just couldn't feel the way she felt. Yet I did much for her including assisting getting her a position at MLSE.

November 2008, 20 days before I was due to go away to rehab Dwight, Chris, Bree Carr-Harris and Jamie Teixeira made the life changing decision to ex-communicate with not just me but my sister and my mother and father. Again I thought I had been hit by a lightening bolt with one hundred thousand volts. It was under the premise that I was about to die and that I needed to go away to rehab right away. It was devastating and psychologically changed my path forward in such a negative away as I became so non-trusting of others.

The tactic was punitive, incompetent and selfish on behalf of Jamie and Bree whom I had done so much for. Jamie who became impossible for me to manage ever since he found out about my health was told by me to stay away from the soccer program until I got back from rehab and with Bree I told her I couldn't possibly reciprocate a romantic relationship.

Both used those decisions against me, contacted Dwight Hornibrook and his brother Chris and said I was close to death. Dwight rather than contact me personally to get all the information, with his brother made the brutal decision to excommunicate. Knowing my soccer profile and my rightful paranoia about keeping my health private it was nightmare of all nightmares. I still completed my work which included an obligation with Canadian World Cup Superstar Christine Sinclair along with my attendance at the York mens soccer national Championship banquet, the OUA meetings and GOL TV on camera obligations.

Bree and Jamie meanwhile, vindictively did not turn up to the national banquet in spite of my parents and sister repeatedly contacting them to do so. It was an absolutely unbelievable experience to receive such psychological punishment. I have felt nothing like it since. And as anticipated, from that moment forward people suspected something was wrong. Carmine the mens coach inquired what was wrong and where is Bree and Jamie?

When I was away at rehab I completed a two page reference letter for Jamie to get into York teachers college which he did. There was no thank you from him in return. Bree I gave the opportunity to be back with the York women’s program in 2009.

But then in the early summer of 2009 she made contact to tell me she couldn't attend the game that night as she was going to a movie on a date. I said I was so happy she was getting on with her life, with someone else. I never heard from her again as she abandoned me and the York soccer program with no communication to anyone making me so, so vulnerable. It was another brutal decision illustrating what it is like to live with an exposed substance use disorder. People hang it over your head when it is convenient to them. She would never have done that if I had cancer or any other less stigmatized disorder.

But it wasn't enough to just create such havoc in my life with their cruel decisions. When called upon for the human rights claim Jamie overtly lied and deceived, while Chris played the role of supreme coward and was no where to be seen and Bree turned mute. Dwight took responsibility but always with an addendum of excuses for his own role.

On my fourth hunger strike when it looked like I was on my way out I finally hear from Chris Honibrook - the first time in 9 years. He patronizingly asked what I had learned through this whole process. I replied to him, paying homage to the late Christopher Hitchens, “GOD is not Great...Religion Poisons Everything”

Painful, Painful CUTS

President Mahmoud Shoukri: Rank 4 (Past President York University)

In 2013 I sent a Comprehensive Report to President Shoukri with a request to meet to resolve the matter. My request was rejected similar to the offer to meet in private in 2012. Based on what was written it was an appalling, sick, inhumane decision.

In the earlier 2017 hunger strikes President Shoukri met with Nick Bontis from the CSA to discuss my circumstance. Firstly Nick Bontis lied stating he knew me and had spoken to me. Never met him before.

What they came up with was to provide mental health assistance. The ultimate scapegoating insult to the display of courage on a social injustice matter of huge national significance. Their approach was scapegoating. They all knew what this was all about and the deliberate injustice delivered. The CSA have been in cahoots with York University throughout this process. The strategy was to get them off the hook in the public eye and to avoid responsibility for the damage they have delivered, when given so many opportunities to make amends. If I required any health assistance that is a private matter and if i did it would be a consequence of York University’s decisions and behaviour over the past nine years in my regard that would be the cause.

Later on a few months later president Shoukri admits to a university soccer coach that what had happened to Paul James is wrong, dreadful and sickening . Nevertheless his hands are tied. How can a President not make an ultimate decision? A deep cut by a man I respected very much when he was hired at York University but a name I cannot stomach to hear now.

Rick Waugh: Rank 5 (York University Chairman Board of Governors)

Connected with the Liberal government and deliberately failed to inform all the YU Board of Governors of my request to meet which would have prevented a fourth hunger strike. As leader of the Schulich School of Business at York the hypocrisy of social responsibility and ethics is so irresponsible it should require people to be fired. With no contact made I went on a 26 day hunger strike. Rick Waugh was hoping I would have died and I am assuming still is.

Harriet Lewis: Rank 6 (York University Past General Secretary)

The person who made the decision in 2012 to not resolve the matter privately and instead decided to embark on a strategy of assassination of a Canadian citizen who gave so much to the York institution. How she could have made the decision to not resolve the matter after our fall 2011 conversation is unforgivable. During this 2011 conversation in regards to Jenn Myers conduct she stated, “well we all make mistakes” to which I replied well as mistakes go that was a bad one. To top things off Harriet Lewis decided to embark on a process of deceit, manipulation and collusion and deceit as the strategy for getting York off the hook. After reading my life story and CP article the decision of Harriet Lewis defied any kind of ethical, moral, humane responsibility. Harriet Lewis has so much to answer for - deep cut destroyed a soccer career I spent a life time building and she didn’t care an iota. A despicable approach which can only come from a despicable person in my regard.

Maureen Armstrong: Rank 7 (York University Current General Secretary).

When Tom, Mark, and Kevin eventually met with Maureen Armstrong to see if there was common ground for resolution in bad faith she tried to defend the whole circumstance: one year delay, published e-book et al.

I did not leave a 25 year coaching career at York University to write an e-book on my crack cocaine dependence. I left York University because of a total lack of support, discrimination, harassment and poor treatment. And they knew it and have covered it up for 8 years. By the time the book was released I had so many cuts from the brutality of people knowing I decided to confront the nightmare. I had nothing to lose at that stage. The word was out. I was getting discriminated against before my circumstances were even announced through the CP.

No contriteness or responsibility from Maureen Armstrong. Even her eventual email to me was brutally disingenuous (see website Letter to YU Board of Governors) prepared for the public as a public relations gimmick in the event I died from starvation. It was not meant for me. it was as disgraceful as it was everything else the institution have done. They have no boundaries for their abhorrence.

Then to add to the nausea Maureen offered to pay for me to go to rehab. Another disgraceful insulting remark highlighting the true brutality of the York University institution. To begin, I am, as a person who has been diagnosed in 2008 protected under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms from such prejudicial statements and assumptions. A complete effort to invade and infringe on my privacy.

Scapegoating, ignorance, stigmatizing my circumstances, trying to humiliate me further illuminating the greed and inhumanity of an academic institution who have committed so much damage on an issue which should have been resolved 6 years ago. With competence it wouldn’t have happened in the first place.

If York were genuine, then the suggestion if it had to be made should have been delivered to me in private at the conclusion of compensatory damage discussions. Not at the beginning. Then I would have alerted Maureen Armstrong and York University that they clearly do not understand addiction nor Rehabs. The latter of which becomes redundant once you have been a few times.

A complete waste of money unless they can provide employment in a career you are desirous of. In the United States rehab facilities have dwindled from 15,000 to 10,000 in less than eight years. Consumers have caught on to the absurd prices, ineffectiveness of treatment, at times abusive approach and the total neglect to the social connectivity aspect of a persons well being which begins with employment. It is why York University’s handling of the Paul James circumstance since 2008 has been so devastating. Not only did they discriminate against my health circumstances their sinister decision to not resolve this swiftly has perpetuated the discrimination in all other others of my life and employment opportunities ditto the Judicial process. They have guaranteed through their decisions not only can I not get hired but the stigmatized treatment I receive is magnified and more hurtful and damaging.

Under the BioPsychoSocial model of understanding substance addiction, the social aspect is the most important and most difficult to get right because of the societal stigma which is presented. As former Health Minister Monique Begin stated whats the point of sending a person away to get treated to then send them back to what made them sick in the first place.

It's what happened to me in 2009/11.

Any perceived health issue York University have when it comes to Paul James is is their responsibility and issue to resolve. Remedy for my circumstances is simple, justice and/or resolution.

Its where the greed and repugnancy comes in with York University. The greed because they do not want the responsibility of the damages they are responsible for and they will go to any lengths to not be responsible including letting me die.

As a consequence of Maureen Armstrong’s approach, devoid of genuineness with no intent whatsoever of being responsible is the reason I have been on two more hunger strikes.

All I asked in return for not committing to a fourth hunger strike was a meeting with the York University Board of Governors. But it got turned down. Why? Because they are gatekeeping the truth and hiding the atrocious errors and decisions which have been made in my regard. They then proceeded to sit back as I embarked on 26 days of a hunger strike hoping I would die as they connected with the Liberal government.

An absolute nightmare of an institution who keep digging the hole deeper. Deep CUTS at a vulnerable time from Maureen Armstrong.

Jenn Myers: Rank 8 (York University Athletic Director)

In November of 2016 during the period of my first hunger strike Jenn Myers made a call to UOIT Athletic Director Scott Barker nervously inquiring if I was going to be alright. A guilty conscience displayed not just illustrated because she did not contact me directly but also because the person she chose to call, she knew would relay the information to me. Jenn Myers is not necessarily an evil person and perhaps has a humanistic side. Her action here indicated if she had her choice she would have solved this matter a long time ago.

As it is however, the damage and CUTS inflicted on to myself and those closest to me from her handling of my health, the information she knew and her decision to lie firstly in an email to me on February 10, 2012 and then in the York University submissions, knowing the damage it has ultimately caused, can never be forgotten and without resolution never forgiven.

As a summary I told Jenn Myers I needed 3 months off in November 2008. because I hadn't been well for some time. She stated she would have to inform the Employee Wellness Office and I would have to provide a doctors note at some point. I told her the metaphor, “when you wake up and see blue sky I only see grey clouds” to clearly establish it was a mental health issue. Employee Wellness Office contacted and received a Doctors note from my family GP in February 2009. No follow up and support was given. And they admit to this lack of support in their submissions. In the fall of 2009 I was blamed for an incident where by the men’s soccer coach had used the rugby field for training when he apparently shouldn't have. Jenn’s assistant at the time was brutal in blaming me for something not of my doing. In a phone conversation with Jenn I told her I would be resigning at the end of the season. Its what you do when you have been so stigmatized and damaged by the actions of others. You give indications that something is wrong that you need the harm to stop and you need support. By now I had already been callously fired by GOL TV, vindictively excommunicated by my assistant coaches one of them because I couldn't reciprocate a romantic relationship while the word was out in the soccer community of my substance dependence. As in Jane Elliott's exercise you just want to retreat from the painful treatment.

Had I have really wanted to resign my position I would have provided a letter. Stating at the end of the season bought me and York time to do something. Rather than investigate and provide support however Jenn a few weeks later requested in a nano-second that I formalize my resignation. Feeling worthless and embarrassed I did so. After winning an OUA with the women’s team the third in five years I went to my second rehab in England. When I was told by my therapists I didn’t need to give up my position they told to go back to York explain the full nature of the addiction and they will support you. Without employment they said your path will be much more difficult if not impossible. After leaving rehab early, so I could meet a speaking obligation to the YU history department I was met with, “Jenn, hopes you have your head screwed on straight this time” delivered by Gillian McCullough from Sport York followed by a declaration from Jenn Myers in front of Sheila Forshaw that my position had been devolved, the master soccer coach model didn’t work; Carmine Isacco the part-time mens coach was being hired as the full time mens coach and that I could apply for the women’s soccer team coaching position and my application would only be considered with other applicants. That is what you call a DEEP DEEP Stigmatizing CUT. I had been the architect of the York soccer programs success including 6 divisional titles, 4 OUA tiles a National Championship; numerous individual awards including CIS player, rookie and coach of the year awards and a fundraising account 10,000 in the black after being 8,000 in the red six years earlier. And crazily I was still employed in my master soccer position. I hadn't even left the institution. After that treatment though I couldn't get out of the office quick enough. Two years later Jenn reinstated the master soccer coach model and hired Carmine in dual roles. 6 years laster Jenn and Gillian cheated on the York soccer schedules trying to get the women to win. Yet eight 8 years later the York women have not won an OUA title not since 2009.

When I contacted Jenn Myers and Sheila Foresaw in the fall of 2011 to address the harm which had been done but both persons avoided meeting. I sent both an email a week before I came out public to which both responded Sheila apologizing for not meeting and Jenn lying. She stated she just thought I had personal matters to take care of when i first divulged my poor mental health to her in November 2008. The LIE had been hatched and York University have tried to cover it up ever since.

Painful CUTS and Scares

Sheila Forshaw: Rank 9 (York University Board of Governor)

I once said to Sheila Forshaw I had no illusions about anyone - that way I can limit the psychological damage if or when people let you down. She thought I was negative. I wrote to her recently stating I had illusions about her - I thought she was honest and honourable.

Sheila knows the truth and is bitten by her conscience. Lisa Constantine: Rank 10 (formerly of McCarthy Tetrault)

On March 4, 2015, as we were leaving the court room, Lisa Constantine shouted to me across the aisles, “Well done Paul. You were excellent today”.

I could see from her eyes and body language that she was worried. When she shook my hand a few minutes later I stated to her “the best that York University can ever maintain is that they just didn’t know what to do”.

Lisa Constantine’s submissions were a keg bomb approach with know care to ethics or appropriate conduct of a lawyer or foresight on the damage she would cause.

The Jenn Myers lie, testimony from Bree Carr-Harris when she didn’t even communicate with her and trying to justify that just because I stated, “when you wake and see blue sky I only see grey clouds" as a metaphor to explain why I was unwell and needed three of absence that it doesn't indicate my health issue was psychological were three of many ludicrous statements. She even had the Employee Wellness Office information submitted in their own submissions while lying with Jenn Myers testimony denying she knew I was unwell.

Lisa Constantine does not work at McCarthy Tetrault any more adding another layer of damage the matter has caused. She was very respectful for me on the day of March 4, 2015 although Justice Sachs admonished her immediately once she started with her own oral submissions, “Of course we recognize what has happened to Mr. James is very sad....” “Don’t go there counsel, just don’t go there” was Justice Sachs’ response.

It is sad....but its not me that is sad.... it is society’s appalling approach which is sad.... along with a futile legal system. Paul Aterman: Rank 11 (HRTO Adjudicator)

An adjudicator with an agenda to dismiss the file at all costs because if he didn’t and the claim proceeded to a hearing York University would have been caught out on deceit and discrimination would have been proven.

With that in mind he dismissed powerful medical evidence from the time frame required; manipulated submitted case law by respondent from “indicate to explicit” which even as a layman lawyer I could decipher didn’t make sense. He blatantly lied saying I didn’t submit an argument on York’s submissions and created a false narrative on who I was as a person - diminishing the severity of my health while eliminating all the social intersecting factors which clearly identified why I couldn't file within the one year time frame including my inability to file taxes for years 2009,10, 11 until 2012 in spite of the fact I could have received $18,000 in refunds. And he completely ignored Stigma. A decision rationale from Aterman full to the brim with deceit, discrimination, stereotyping and manipulation.

When he received my reconsideration submissions which took me 10 months to prepare so thoroughly he ridicule them in three pages. The same submissions Justice Sachs at the Divisional Court stated were outstanding.

I smashed dishes around the apartment when I received his second decision.

Absolutely brutal!!

Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario: Rank 12

Plenty of CUTS delivered by the HRTO including in the James vs Mooredale claim which was straight forward but turned out to be so badly adjudicated by the HRTO and deceitfully managed by the Respondent counsel at BLG that I committed to my first hunger strike. November 2016. The manipulation of law, changing the adjudicator at the last minute, eliminating 95% of my witnesses and evidence to the way the Adjudicator spoke to me at the beginning of the proceedings to the coercion for me to settle was a disgrace to humanity for an institution purported to protect an individuals human rights.

And with the York claim while you can file a claim after the one year delay which I did in the York matter all that is required is a reasonable explanation - in the HRTO literature/jurisprudence. Thats what the HRTO has as its yardstick. With what was presented to the Tribunal any right minded Canadian citizen would conclude my submissions surpassed the threshold by a country mile.

My blood boils when I think of the HRTO.

Painful CUTS.

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