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The Hillsborough Disaster

From SHARON BEARPARK to Paul James

"Oh my gosh Paul, I hope you are managing as best you can. I have to thank you for re-sending the Hillsborough link. It is such a riveting documentary and compelling on so many fronts. I admit to coming to tears throughout and feel that everyone was scapegoated to protect what is a disgusting display of systemic injustice. I get the parallels and found myself writing down Professor Scraton's words thinking how poignantly they encapsulate what you experience. "The endless pressure; with high hopes that justice will be served... and then this does not happen; A system that could not respond; What I witnessed was the distress & depression associated with injustice; It exacerbated bereavement; Deep, hurtful, painful, suffering over a long period of time; People taking their own lives; People dying prematurely; People broken by the struggle for justice; The appalling treatment by some of the media of the good reputations of innocent people; The cavalier way in which wonderful people were vilified - that's the price The price is institutional injustice A fight for the truth and for justice The righteous anger after 20 years was overdue From the outset the police ( the system) set out to criminalize those who had died and to damage their reputations Denial of justice - delays, dragging on over many years, the exhaustion It's about the fight and the injustice of it all The level of culpability Criticisms of those in positions of power Criticisms before, during and after the event Justice delayed is justice denied" All these and much more of the personal stories touched me deeply as has your own story. The parallels are uncanny I'm not sure where Tony and Bob L's attempts to engage with the CSA went/is at, but I'm back home for the next while & please keep me posted. Your strength amidst this debacle is mind boggling and in the Hillsborough disaster you at least know injustice IS systemic and you are not alone -sadly your own story could have been dealt with so much more honestly and with truth, integrity and compassion We are a sorry lot, but some fights are won... for the 96 and for you! Sending you every good wish possible Sharon

Please watch the video below to understand how a lie by people in power, aided and abetted by an irresponsible media can hatch a myth that will take 25 years to overcome. Justice for the 96!

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