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Dear Bob Rae...

Paul challenges Bob Rae, a Canadian icon and humanitarian, to confront York University and all those that would discriminate against and deliver injustice to those that suffer from substance disability.

March 2018

May 16, 2018

Dear Bob Rae,

A subsequent email correspondence will highlight a communication thread between my sister, a banking institution and myself. The igniting of the banking hardship rule I thought was perhaps a consequence of your understanding of the rule and your communicating that to the institution on my behalf. It was not the case.

My initial thought in this regard reflects an innate need to try to see goodness and empathy in people even when they have “delivered much harm”.

This correspondence is a consequence of actions and decisions that have been made by you and your cohorts. The communication is my subsequent preemptive rebuttal to my circumstances and pursuit of social justice being scapegoated onto mental illness which you have tried to do throughout our interactions, most egregious of which was the ending to your most recent email to me, to paraphrase, “seek help and get healthy”.

This was a similar phrase York University General Counsel Maureen Armstrong has used as a means to intimidate my resolve for seeking fair access to justice/resolution similar to Liberal MP politician James Maloney in the summer of 2017. The comments are irresponsible, stigmatizing, abusive, inappropriate and deflect from the important matter of national importance I have raised which has been consistently and corruptly ignored. The Paul James story in full highlights why persons diagnosed with substance disability must categorically be protected by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms through enforcement of the law by the Supreme Court of Canada. The failure to do so is a clear warning to persons with substance use issues to never ever open up to seek help and support.

As a reminder Bob, I am a normal person living responsibly with a substance disability under extraordinary life circumstances I could never have anticipated in my wildest dreams I would encounter.

My hunger strike protests are not mental illness they are the only option I have as a disadvantaged Canadian citizen to pursue access to social justice from such extreme injustices spanning now over 9 years. I have been forced to learn how to live with my circumstances as best I can because of an appalling Canadian system of mental health care and the non-accountability of Canadian institutions including all four Canadian political parties. In this latter regard egregious “errors/decisions” can be made with complete impunity because controlled legal and media institutions can prevent the dissemination of truth when it suits the needs of power and wealth which has proven to be incestuous, colluded and corrupt in my instance as a means to deliberately coverup reality in order to deny access to fair social justice on an issue of such profound national importance.

As a recap, when we met in December 2017 I initially declined to end the hunger strike protest because I didn't trust your motives. Knowing your relationships with the Prime Minister and Liberal Party - both connected to York University with an agenda to protect them - and former General Counsel at York University Harriet Lewis I perceived your intention in part, as cloaked by an obvious hidden agenda more to assist them than myself.

The second time we met however, partly out of desperation of a 32 day hunger strike I decided to hold faith in you. We shook hands, with you stating, “you would not let me down”.

So much so was my trust in you at that time, when I stayed at my sisters for the Xmas holidays she accessed funds on her line of credit to assist me with paying down my banking debt and for me to go away to physically build myself up - hence the positive photographs.

Upon your return from Florida in January however, your approach and attitude towards resolution/justice of my case was markedly different than when you left. You did not recommend or want to take the claim back to the Supreme Court of Canada - the positive outcome of which which would not only have assisted all Canadians through reduced annual economic burden that poor mental health has on Canadian society but also, the ratification of law that persons diagnosed with substance disability do in fact have human rights, a vital cog for improving the lives of the most oppressed segment of our society who are far too often abused of which, I am living proof.

The fact I am today on day 43 of a ninth hunger strike protest is an unimaginable absurdity of the handling of the Paul James matter. As a consequence it is with profound disappointment that I say to you Bob Rae, like your cohorts including the Right Honourable Prime Minister Justin Trudeau you have no where to hide on your immoral handling of this matter. And you have most certainly let me down.

Back in December you stated as an alternative to the Supreme Court of Canada you could write to York University but they would likely not get back in contact and so you recommended helping me to get back on my feet. This in spite of the fact you confirmed verbally and in written form that you disagreed with York University’s decisions throughout and the decisions of the Canadian judiciary which as you expressed had treated my file and myself as a person very badly in delivering social injustice.

The stereotyped plan/methodology you suggested moving forward is exactly how Canada treats persons who have been harmed, discriminated against and abused because of exposed substance disability. We are worthless slaves to appalling injustices. We have no human rights. I was numb when you delivered your recommendations. I do not require help getting back on my feet. I require justice and accountability from those who have harmed my life unreservedly.

Your suggested approach would of course let York University off the hook for the appalling treatment they have delivered for so long to the abhorrent detriment of my life moving forward. Importantly it guarantees discrimination, prejudice and abuse will continue to happen to other Canadian citizens facing similar circumstances.

You also confirmed contrary to Liberal MP Adam Vaughan’s and Bob Lenarduzzi’s contrived messages that there were alternatives to receive justice other than hunger strike protests, as being nonsense. Getting back on my feet as charity is no justice proving I have no alternative but to put my health and well being and life on the line to access justice and/or resolution. It is truly disgraceful knowing how hard I worked for York University and what I gave and committed to for so many.

Currently While I am still ingesting a few calories per day which has permitted me to have reached 43 days of this current unbearably painful starvation protest, it has surprised me that I have sustained myself for so long. My body has seemingly adapted although not without severe consequences which get worse each passing day. Even if I stopped today the chances of me seeing through 2018 are slim such is the damage that has been done. Of course you and your cohorts are preposterously aware of this hence no communication or morsel of effort for resolution.

Knowing the deadline regarding resolution with York University is today May 16, 2018 clearly the Canadian government, Canada Soccer and most importantly York University are not going to correct the matter. These decisions along with your most recent comment confirm there is an ongoing significant “evil agenda” to adhere to the covering up of the truth of the Paul James matter most specifically at a time of my ultimate physical demise. How else can you explain letting a Canadian citizen starve to death knowing the colluded appalling injustices that have been deliberately served for so long.

There really are no words to describe the horror of how my circumstances have been dealt with, a recurring nightmare of unimaginable proportions. It would not be an exaggeration or unfair for a person to now conclude that it is you Bob Rae, York University, the Liberal Party of Canada, the Right Honourable Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau and Canada Soccer who are psychologically very unwell. To sit back and to permit the Paul James circumstance to happen and to continue in front of your very own eyes in the year 2018, when you know such abuse and discrimination has taken place is highly immoral, repugnant, disturbingly shocking and sickening. Your actions and decisions are also culpable and can never ever be forgiven.

If you read Chasing the Scream the Johann Hari book I gave to you at Xmas you will be able to observe that not only in different parts of the world are people fighting back against such evilness delivered to them through the War on People - persons subjected to such abuse and horror - it is now happening in your very own city of Toronto of which you are unfortunately intertwined.

I have been fighting back against the oppression, discrimination, prejudice and abuse I have faced a by-product of which, in the future, can facilitate others facing similar circumstances to be treated with some semblance of dignity and respect. To be treated as normal people - not drug addicts - trying to responsibly live productive lives in spite of exposed substance disability.

Your unfortunate “seek help and get healthy” comment is the kind of prejudicial insulting, disrespectful, undignified comment I have had to deal with for far too many years and is why substance disabilities unequivocally require protection of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms which is afforded to all other Canadian citizens.

To be very clear, if it is not already, the scapegoating of my circumstances onto mental illness as indicated in this “seek help and get healthy” statement is totally unacceptable to me. It is the epitome of what it is to live with an exposed substance disability. No matter what I do or say if it goes against someone else’s agenda then the mental illness; good luck in your recovery; stay well; be a good boy card; is played as highly stigmatized tactics to humiliate and intimidate.

Not only was your statement egregiously wrong Bob Rae, it illuminated and verified your hidden agenda in previous comments and actions to me and to others. Life is tough. Life is unfair. Is he still using? et al. Not the normal behaviour of someone who is supposed to be supportive of my pursuit for accessing social justice on the overt discrimination and abuse I have faced but the very same comments which emanated from Liberal MP’s Deborah Schulte and James Maloney in 2017 with the agenda to protect York University. Would you have delivered the same comments to the honourable Prime Ministers wife based on her own mental disability in the form of an eating disorder?

With all the information you have had at your disposal there is no excuse or rationale for this matter to not have been resolved or to have swiftly moved forward on accessing justice. You and your cohorts at the Liberal government and York University have been so irresponsible in the handling of the Paul James matter it is disgracefully cruel. It is unimaginable you cannot see how depraved it is.

Most disturbing however is that you, the Prime Minister, the Canadian government, Canada Soccer and York University have communicated in your actions you are willingly prepared to let Paul James, a Canadian citizen die rather than responsibly inform the Canadian public on the truth of this matter which would bring forth valuable messages and information on social progress of the social phenomenon of substance disability. An evil agenda to cover-up the truth has been the modus operandi from the very beginning.

The Paul James matter encapsulated highlights the catastrophic consequences of opening up and seeking help and support for mental disability in the form of substance disability (not illness). In addition to the extreme abuse, it exposes a wild, wild west approach to the Canadian legal system which is not ethically or morally prepared to adjudicate fairly when faced with overwhelming evidence that injustice, through the discrimination of a persons mental disability, has taken place. The system has proven it will not rule in favour of the victims of overt discrimination based on mental disability no matter the severity of the injustice if they are controlled by others to not do so. This is immorally, ethically and disturbingly so wrong magnified by the reality that the system is prepared to let one of their own citizens die rather admit and correct the injustice to the benefit of ALL Canadians.

As it stands the Paul James matter is a profound illustration of why NO Canadian citizen should ever open up to seek support for poor mental health disability. The risk of being treated differently and very poorly including being discriminated and prejudiced against is too high and itself “suicidal” on a social level.

The most important part of the matter for me is that the Truth is exposed and understood by the Canadian public which will assist to make Canada a better place in which to live - a responsibility which should come from the politicians who are remitted to do just that and not from the ultimate self-sacrifice of one Canadian citizen.

Imagine if you and your cohorts were correctly labelled and held accountable for mental dysfunction because of the psychopathy that surrounds the handing of the Paul James matter. The mental disorder is far more destructive to society than substance disability as proven so simply in this case. Imagine if I recommended for you or the Prime Minister to seek help and support in order to get healthy, to permit a minimum display of moral, ethical fibre that has been required for so long in this case. And this before even considering empathy, humanity and compassion.

For myself, seeking help and assistance in 2009 is the vey reason I have my poor circumstances today. Until the government and York University ethically and morally accept and correct this fact now and into the future then progress for the well being of millions of other Canadians cannot be made. The simple remedy for my circumstances is justice and resolution. Nothing more nothing less but time is running out which you are all aware of.

Paul James

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