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Thank You & Goodbye

Dear Paul James Supporters,

Just a final note to thank you for your support over the past two years as I have, with every ounce of my mind, body and soul tried to access fair social justice against a system clearly rotten to the core. Although the past two months have by far been the worst of my life, without your financial support the reality of living permanently on the street would have come far earlier. For that longevity I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Encapsulated, from the Canadian media, to Canadian politicians, to Canada Soccer, to the Canadian Judicial process bad politics (an evil bad faith approach to democracy) rules the roost in Canadian society to our complete detriment.

Through rigorous transparency I have provided enough evidence to sink a fleet of battleships on the plain and obvious, patently unreasonable injustices which have been delivered onto Paul James for far to long. There is no need for me to regurgitate or repeat further facts at this juncture.

Mary Ormsby from the Toronto Star kindly wrote a feature on the Paul James matter which while compelling it will unfortunately not serve the purpose required to access justice. I do not accept or respect Mary's statement on Singapore and so the assignment and my faith in this particular process was redundant. Had I have known in advance of the potential for such malice I would have declined completely for the Toronto Star to have reported on my circumstance.

Moving forward I will leave the City of Toronto early tomorrow morning, September 8 and will not return. It is impossible for me to complete a total starvation hunger strike while living on the streets and in the parks of Toronto. The eventual pain of starvation is at a level which requires assistance and peaceful surroundings. In anticipation that the Toronto Star article would skirt the full on truth of this matter - which in reality is the appalling abuse of one Canadian citizen - I had planned in advance the final phase of this final hunger strike which will begin tomorrow.

I will not be able to access any emails moving forward nor am I desirous of doing so. There is only one person who will have access to my email and that person will deal with any correspondences appropriately which will be very few.

Upon the conclusion of the hunger strike a series of blogs will be released. Below is the opening sample of one of them. Again I thank you all for your support of the cause I embarked on. You helped move the ball an inch, which in the world of substance disability, is a seismic earthquake.

With warm thanks and regards,

Paul James


Drug Addict or Substance Disability?

Turns out I wasn't after all the pejorative, highly offensive labelled Drug Addict I and many millions of people have been oppressively branded for far too long. Never had been. I was a normal person with a diagnosed substance disability. At times the disability was active, during most other periods it remained dormant. And dormant did not necessarily mean as a person I was not using - merely that the use was not an impediment to living a normal functioning life.

I wished I had understood that and written the following mantra far earlier.

Please don't ask me if I am clean, if I still use or assume either one. These are highly prejudicial, loaded inquiries. Not until nations through their Supreme Court systems of justice rule that substance dependencies are bonafide mental health disorders worthy of protection on the basis of the equality of a persons human rights can a person justify being open about their health in this regard. Remaining private even through excruciatingly painful life threatening periods is a far better strategy - the only one - of living a non-oppressed life.

Opening up seeking help and support for my substance issue with Crack Cocaine in 2008 was the mother of all Alice in Wonderland Rabbit Holes. Ten years later while on my hands and knees with the count at 9 I still desperately tried to scramble my way out of a stigmatized world not so wonderful.

To be very clear my circumstances then were not because of my substance disability to crack cocaine or mental illness. They were a result of Canadian and Global society's antiquated and appalling reaction to the legitimate psychological condition. A condition which - once you know what its all about - can remain dormant or be managed when active to mitigate any functional harm which would permit you to live a completely normal life as a person with a substance disability.......

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