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Total Starvation is Painless

Total Starvation is painless compared to the unrelenting, unforgiving humiliation and discrimination of the past decade, encapsulated in the "Mary Ormsby/Bob Rae" Toronto Star article - the final layer of human cowardice, brutality, abuse and cruelty.

As a York University board of governor recently stated to JP Savage, "make him suffer".

To Mike Young's message from California to live and be employed in Wales:

I appreciate very much your offer but I will stand my ground until the end.

To Mary Orsmby, Bob Rae, Adam Vaughan, Stephen Meurice (CP), Colin Perkel (CP), Anne Marie Owens (National Post), Irene Gentle (Toronto Star), the Right Honorable Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the Honorable Attorney General of Canada Jody Wilson-Raybould

Your axis of pure unadulterated evil in my regard knows no bounds. Your collusion in obstructing justice with York University humiliating and abusing a Canadian citizen through the process - who sacrificed much for the nation - can never be hidden nor can it ever be forgiven. It is a collective series of criminal acts which have taken place, ultimately now, to assassinate one Canadian citizen .

As Monique Begin - former health and welfare minister stated in 2010, to paraphrase, "there is unequivocal social science evidence that Canadian social injustices are killing Canadians on a grand scale".

Paul James is merely therefore going to be another notch on the belts of evilness of the Canadian establishment.

You had (have) a duty to ALL Canadian citizens to be transparent with the TRUTH on matters of such significance of which there can be no more important than a nation's fair legitimate social justice and overall mental health whether it be one single individual, a minority group of persons or the nation as a whole.

The system has DELIBERATELY and Ruthlessly failed in getting to the TRUTH and then swiftly and unequivocally correcting it in the Paul James matter. NONE of you should be in THE positions you currently occupy. PERIOD. To stand back and to have not only done nothing but deliberately exacerbated the injustice - when you know the plain and obvious REALITY - is to be an unlawful Canadian citizen and a Premier League coward of all cowards.

Instead of truth and swift reconciliation, institutional, corporate, and media collusion and corruption has made my life worse to the point I have had to live in Toronto Parks and streets to continue to fight the cause and not because of poor mental health or substance addiction. Now after the Toronto Star debacle I would prefer to not exist than let the system get away with such diabolical humiliation, deceit and ongoing abuse which will last in perpetuity. For those in power (Bob Rae) who have the INSOLENCE to suggest that living to fight the justice within a system so corrupt is an antiquated Machiavellian approach to something so simple which should never have happened a decade ago and should have been resolved years before now.

In how you dealt with the Paul James matter you are all: Mary Orsmby, Bob Rae, Adam Vaughan, Stephen Meurice (CP), Colin Perkel (CP), Anne Marie Owens (National Post), Irene Gentle (Toronto Star) the Right Honorable Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the Honorable Attorney General of Canada Jody Wilson-Raybould a disgrace to the nation of Canada - the country you purportedly care so much about.

To Mary Orsmby specifically:

To partake in such evilness as you have, will over shadow any preceding career work which may have been deemed positive.

a. At great pains I read the piece and I was actually physically sick from what I read.

b. As clarification to the readers of this email: Bob Rae is a contributor to the Toronto Star; the Star are a liberal leaning news paper and in 2016 when I submitted a 78 page Affidavit to the Supreme Court of Canada outlining the appalling discrimination, prejudice and abuse of one Canadian citizen - the Star almost immediately report on York University's award of a PHD Academic scholarship to a former "crack cocaine addict" former prisoner - giving the false public impression (in light of my affidavit) the institution do not discriminate against those with such disabilities and that they actually care. The manipulative faux pas was magnified when one considers the unlawful antiquated approach by York University which harms everyone from progressive improvement of a system dreadfully outdated. Calling the man "5 years clean" was as prejudicial as it was unlawful as it was insulting.

c. We had an agreement after I initially refused your request for an interview. You then cried hysterically and stated you did not want me to die.

d. Some time later I agreed to the piece under the condition's it would be aimed aimed at getting to the Truth of the PJ matter which would have to include the Canadian Judicial process; that you would give me a transcribed copy of the tape-recording (YOU NEVER PROVIDED THIS); and that you would send me any quotes from me that you planned on using in the article so that I could approve them and add any context if need be (YOU NEVER LET ME KNOW OR PROVIDED ME THE QUOTES YOU WOULD BE USING)

e. You painted once again a brutally false narrative on the Paul James matter to my detriment and complete and humiliation and to the benefit of York University, Bob Rae, the Liberal Party of Canada and the Canadian media most sickeningly in the vent of my passing from hunger striking.

f. You never once held York University accountable for the OVERT LIES York included in their submissions which are unlawful acts: Jenn Myers, Bree carr-Harris; Jamie Teixeira; Carmine Isacco et al

g. You never highlighted Lisa Constantine was fired from McCarthy Tretrault in 2015 because of her unethical, corrupt handling of the matter throughout the judicial process;

h. You never highlighted the collusion with the media on the divisional court's false ruling on the merits of the case by the National Post

i. Your remark regarding my relationship with Ashley Kelly being a 20 year age gap and her declining to comment was not relevant but a nasty attempt at embarrassing me and her.....why on earth include that? The reason Ashley declined to comment to you was because she didn't TRUST YOU

j. Your open ended reference to the Singapore incidence was brutal

k. Your assertion that I want to change to the Discrimination Laws is a dead give away of the collusion you have had with Bob Rae - the sentence re survival is identical to an email I have from Bob.

l. I have never said I want to change the discrimination laws. Never. There is nothing wrong with our discrimination laws....this is about judicial non-application of them and the lies and deceit to cover it up in a wild, wild west, political system of absurdity. It is about identifying if substance disability is protected under section 15 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms - which it is - and holding York University accountable for the appalling injustice and ongoing abuse. I want nothing to do with advocacy. I want to live a life as a normal Canadian citizen to live as a normal Canadian citizen with the CHOICE to do what I wanted to always do and sacrificed so much for. I have just wanted my life back to normal since it was ruthlessly destroyed by York University and others including now the Toronto Star and the malevolence of the clearly damaged goods Bob Rae who couldn't get his own way of doing things which did not include the delivery of social justice/resolution and so instead he plotted an approach of evil - the self confessed sociopath he is.

m. Your reference to the Confronting the Stigma of Drug Addiction website as being a vehicle to aggressively "roast" people with your convenient reference to Bob Rae is as diabolical as it reckless, as it is culpable as it identifies his very own selfish narcissism . It is a similar position that Colin Perkel states in his brutally Rae fueled email sent to the PJ group as I am in an ambulance. The CTSODA is a website less than two years old - it contains gold-dust of important information on helping a nation on an illiterate social phenomenon collated and produced, according to you, Mary Ormsby, Bob Rae Colin Perkel, CBC et al a "homeless a drug addict". Yet being angry and outraged is what is required to penetrate some sort of social change throuigh advocacy. Other minority groups on Race, Transgender, Gender Equity, Sexual Orientation issues have through history cost people their lives. My stand as a one man stand was courageous, intelligent and counter to what the stereotypical thoughts on crack cocaine dependence conjure up by all and sundry. It is really just the beginning of destigmatizing the social issue of such gravity.

That was the real story Mary Orsmby, Bob Rae, Adam Vaughan, Stephen Meurice (CP), Colin Perkel (CP), Anne Marie Owens (National Post), Irene Gentle (Toronto Star) the Right Honorable Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the Honorable Attorney General of Canada Jody Wilson-Raybould

Shame on you ALL.

Paul James

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