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Ending the War on People

Hello everyone,

So yesterday it's 12.15am as I step off the streetcar and begin walking across the street to my current home alcove on the Lakeshore. From a distance I can see the brake lights of a vehicle at the concrete slab where I sleep. 48 hours earlier I awoke at 3am in the morning staring at a guy hiding in the bushes who was looking at me. When I got up I scarpered to another area of the city as the person put whatever instrument was in his hands back into his trousers. Armed with this thought in my mind as I moved closer to the brake lights I decided to hide behind the wall thinking the vehicle would eventually leave. But it didn't so I walked around the other side of the building out of sight of the car but close enough that I could hear if and when it did. Ten minutes later the sound of the door opening and closing caught me off guard. Almost breathless I wait, then time appeared to stop as my eyes stared at Peyvand who had tracked me down. He appeared as pale as I did from the uncertainty of the environment. As he drove me to his home for the night Randy Samuel called from BC happy with the turn of events that temporarily, would get me off the street. The beautiful man that Randy is reminded me that the epic photograph we were both privileged to be captured in was a time piece for the ages.

As he so eloquently noted, while it was an important symbolic photo signifying the team work and pride of playing for Canada and qualifying for the first time to a FIFA World Cup Championship in 1986, it was as important now in representing the camaraderie, friendship, and bond which had been forged a lifetime ago, coming together for an important social cause. The helping of humanity to be better and to contribute to alleviating so much unnecessary suffering. A Canadian contribution to Ending the War on People.

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