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Execution of a Canadian Citizen: Preamble and the CBC

Six weeks ago I had one of the better experiences I can recall over the past decade when a last minute conference call was organized so that I could chat to Canadian soccer alumni in support of the social justice I had been fighting to access for so long.

As the cold wind whistled by the phone box on Queen Street West in Toronto, I opened up the dialogue by giving the 60 listeners a definition:

"The Stanislavski Method"

A renown methodology actors have used for many years in developing their acting skills.

Through the dialogue I knew I would be hitting "memory posts and landmines" that would incite emotions at a level which would need to be tamed into silence. Implying - subliminally - the "reasons" for the forthcoming pockets of stillness, was made easier through illuminating my ability, at this latter stage of my life, to potentially be a reasonable "film actor".

Actors are taught through the Stanislavski Method to draw upon past experiences when required to act out high threshold emotions such as crying, rage, anger, laughter. Being Stoic. Sad. Silent. But I am not a film actor nor did I require any display of emotion on this conference call. In fact being emotion free would have been most efficient for the task at hand.

Unfortunately however, it is the dreadful consequence of living in such a highly stigmatized, abusive cauldron for so long and of course confronting it. Not only do I hit regular sensitive landmines through speaking, I can also draw upon the same emotions and their negative consequences in mere seconds through recalling deep thoughts of past trauma's/CUTS. If I were to reference quick short flashbacks in my mind for example, which were abusive and/or anxiety filled, particularly over the past decade, it can/will provoke the physical reaction of being sick et al.

So proficient now, I can incite watering-of-the- mouth in less than a minute and the actual act of throwing up within three.

An illustration?

All I need to do - using the Stanislavski Method - is to psychologically draw upon the savagery of the September 7/8, 2018 Toronto Star article, specifically what was written, the methodology used by the collaborators to get me to do the interview, the appalling malice behind its intent and the people involved.

The accumulative tally of so many psychological CUTS over the past ten years is the reason for my expertise of being able to self-produce such shocking horror.

And why do you need to know this?

So that under the category....

Execution of a Canadian Citizen through Maple Leafs Sports and Entertainment, York University, the Canadian Media, the Canadian Soccer Industry, Canada Soccer, the Canadian Judiciary and Canadian politicians.

....readers can begin to grasp what it is to be so highly stigmatized because of a known substance disability and the way too many persons and institutions within Canadian society behave in delivering such appalling abuse. The stigma of drug addiction is an unparalleled systemic phenomena which facilitates such hideous immorality from too many cowards, dunces and imbeciles.

How can anyone in the power elite, justify the handling of Paul James matter in such an inhumane, cruel way, on the heels of knowing we currently have 11 overdose deaths a day in Canada; we are 14 years on from the 2004 Dr Michael Kirby Report who so poignantly highlighted the impending doom if politicians do not take significant actions to prevent increases in mental health disability, addiction and suicide?

And all this before we even consider former federal health and welfare minister Monique Begin's unforgettable angst in concluding in 2010 that, to paraphrase, "There is incontrovertible social science evidence that social injustices are killing Canadians on a grand scale". Or what about Dr Denis Raphael's assertion through the highly acclaimed Social Determinants of Health: A Canadian Perspective that employment is the number one social determinant of health most especially with recovery from any health condition. Want an irony? Dr Denis Raphael is a professor at York University.

The need for no other Canadian citizen to have to live the same Paul J. James path of such unnecessary suffering, discrimination and prejudice should be an absolute priority.

To begin the "Execution of a Canadian Citizen" series of such maligned behavior, lets start with the Canadian Media who have so much "cowardly psychopathic blood" on their hands it no longer drips it gushes. And what better place to start than our most treasured of all media institutions the CBC.

Execution of a Canadian Citizen: Canadian Media: CBC


A January 26 2017 CBC article/blog/interview which presents a false representation of the Paul James matter vs York University including false statements, a false narrative and highly prejudicial damaging assertions/statements/dialogue.

For example, "Paul James" is a 20 year crack cocaine addict since 1998". The blog was uploaded online without my permission and has remained online since, in spite of my protestations to have it removed because it colludes with and protects York University, the judicial process, and the power establishment. President of CBC Hubert Lacroix is former partner and lawyer of McCarthy Tretault, York University's counsel.

Mark Kelly, Bob McKeown and of course the lovable Tom Harrington have been media professionals of the highest grade who have supported myself in general since I can remember. It is therefore difficult to write of negative experiences from the institution they are so loyal to. But then. That is what it is to confront a social phenomena that facilitates such ignominious perdition on so many.

January 26, 2017

Its just after 5pm.

I'm sitting in the interview chair opposite Dwight Drummond. Experienced and very popular CBC reporter. A household name in the City of Toronto and elsewhere.

I couldn't help but notice. This guys upped his game over the years. Slick, stylish, well dressed. Lovely disposition. He's got it going on is my last thought before I hear Dwight announce to the behind the scenes controllers....

"Let me do a quick run through before we tape in three"

PJ wakes up.

"Don't worry Paul. Sit tight. I'm just reading the script once through. No need to comment".

Okay great I'll listen to whats coming is the thought in my head. PJ has finished yawning and is alert.


I'm thinking Fuck Sake - its a Fucking set-up. Time seemed to stop. PJ is ready to fight to the death.

I hear.

"On camera one minute".

I tense my body which choke holds PJ. Long winded answers is my thought. Don't let him ask many questions.

"Three, two, one...."

As I say good bye to Dwight a morsel of sweat drips from my lip.

I hurry as fast as I can to the subway.

As I travel to Yonge and Sheppard all I can think of is the previous afternoon. CBC called five times wanting an interview. I was reluctant. I felt it could be a set-up. Eventually speaking to Alexander S. we talked for 90 minutes and I explained the injustice and significance of Canadian society knowing about the deceit in York University submissions and the sweeping injustice of the system. My final message to Alexander was I did not want her to release anything until she had read the 78 page Affidavit I submitted to the Supreme Court of Canada which held all the incontrovertible truth which I could get to her the next day - "tomorrow".

As I travel closer to Yonge and Sheppard I'm resigned to the fact I know when I get on the internet there is going to be a blog on the CBC website that will be maligned, made in bad faith to what the purpose of my self sacrifice was for.

I could feel PJ's heart beating. I'm ready to let him loose. As I open up the CBC site within minutes I set PJ free and he smashes my cell phone against the wall. I haven't had a cell phone since.

I send the following emails to CBC including to Tom Harrington which made no difference to the power brokers. I am a third class citizen. Worthless. No human rights. Not really human. The CBC was just the beginning of pain, suffering and an appalling display of immorality from the collaborators of social injustice throughout the next 2 years.

January 26, 2017 Paul James Emails to Alexander S. and Tom Harrington from the CBC

1. Alexander that is an absolutely BRUTAL on earth do you think that helps!!!

2. Alexander I see the political machine is channeled to the CBC also....


If the article you wrote is not taken down I will contact the RCMP immediately and I will never stop on my campaign....

3. Tom can you please make immediate efforts to have this blog removed....i did not approve it is littered with wrong items i.e.. 20 years as a crack addict....confronting stigma means confronting words like "Addict"....its like calling someone a "N" ....i spent one hour and a half on the phone with Alexander clearly outlining the discrimination harassment...the judicial system corruptness and this is what Alexander produced she even had the nerve to say this is not about money.....and it paints a picture for I am doing a hunger strike to die because I want to raise awareness......

If this piece is not taken down I will renounce my citizenship and announce it to the Prime Minister tomorrow morning ....

It is the absolute final straw to know CBC are at the same level of political she could produce that after the conversation is life and that of others is at stake....i'm never backing down....

4. The piece written by Alexander was wrong and is a similar narrative to HRTO/Court's rationales...although cloaked with some positives on my side.....I need to clearly outline in a 5 minute recap of how the legal system works re video.....

In the conversation I had with Alexander I told her that I had a 78 page affidavit she needed to read which connects the dots.....and explains all the "deliberate errors" and false narrative through the justice system. She was in a rush and said she will be be back in contact. What I explained to her in the 1 hour phone interview would have been what I would have told you and more re the system and my story.

Her narrative did not and does not reflect that in key areas but instead assists the Respondent. She gleaned from the court and tribunal rationales information that fits their narrative which is false and non-transparent rationale in the first place. A reporter goes to the courts finds the HRTO or Divisional written decisions and then assumes they are fair, accurate, transparent of evidence et al because we assume the court system is built on fairness and integrity.

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