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Homeless: Not To Be Celebrated!

Hello George Wright,

Thank you for your email.

While I respect your efforts with completing a documentary about the upcoming Homeless World Cup in Cardiff, Wales next year I cannot be apart of any conversation. The "Celebration of Homeless" does not contribute anything remotely positive towards de-stigmatizing poverty, disparity of economic and social classes, the arrogance of the power and wealth, corruption, collusion, abuse of power, and overt social injustices which kill far too many Canadian citizens.

And these factors before even considering Canada's pitiful approach to the nations suicide rate and poor mental health/disability.

Social depravity and decay cannot be respected, challenged or changed through celebratory sporting events.

Accountability and imprisonment of politicians, lawyers, media and other elites including our institutions when they break and/or collude/circumvent laws to their benefit because of greed, power, and superiority would be a far better strategy as would certifying these professionals on an annual basis on morality and ethics.

To be clear then. I am not in any way willing to meet with you on this project nor do I have any interest in being a part of your documentary. To be candid. I am insulted. Not by you George specifically but the very system(s) that permit this kind of thinking. The audacity and absolute absurdity.

I do recommend you contact the person's cc'd to this correspondence and highlighted below, who are along with others, responsible for my very own classification and scapegoating reasons as to why I am homeless. I have absolutely no respect for any of them.

Bob Rae, Joe Cressy, Adam Vaughan, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Maureen Armstrong General Counsel of York University, Jenn Myers Athletic Director York University, York University President Rhonda Lenton, Catharine Zahn President of CAMH; Malcolm Mercer at McCarthy Tretault, Peter Montopoli General Secretary at Canada Soccer, Pat Santini Legal Counsel for Canada Soccer.

Also, etymology of the word schadenfreude will permit you to discover just one of the dreadful consequences of the Canadian establishments actions in my regard and their repugnant glee which camouflages their insecurity of responsibility....imagine the schadenfreude that would kick in similar to the September 7 and 8th Toronto Star execution of any morsel of dignity that I had left....if the following was permitted....

"Former Canadian World Cup player to the Homeless World Cup"

....the thinking which caters to all that is wrong with Canada.

We are diabolical, pathetic, spoiled nation.

On a global level our youth are graded D to D minus on physical activity and physical fitness. Where does that come from George? Our Leaders. Our elite. If you pass any Canadian school on a weekday morning you will get caught in a "car logjam".

Our judiciary accountability is ranked behind Bangladesh and Angola on a spectrum of integrity. 17% and 32% on a scale of 1-100. 1 being complete corruption and 100 being complete integrity. The Paul James matter confirms and cements the validity and accuracy. Considering our wealth and advantage over other nations we represent a total disgrace to global humanity.

The handling of my human rights claim including the most recent article and malice intent from the Toronto Star is representative of all that is wrong with Canada. Our establishment protected and controlled by the media are hillbilly and outdated and not as progressive and chic as we think. To be that you need to smart, humane and truthful. The Canadian establishment walk around with spinning ties, feathered hats adorned with metaphorical knuckle dusters, cattle prods, and machetes.

George. Why not lobby Bob Rae, Joe Cressy, Adam Vaughan, the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Colin Perkel, Maureen Armstrong, Malcolm Mercer, Jenn Myers, Shelia Forshaw, Rhonda Lenton, Catharine Zahn, and Mary Ormsby to disrobe from their Armani's, Dolce and Gabbana's, Tweeds, Boat Shoes, Slippers and get them to start to lick pavements while they are sleeping. For a day or two. See how they like it.

Through an unrelenting methodology of collusion, lies, deceit, manipulation, slander, defamation, intimidation, suppression of truth they have facilitated such brutal injustice and abuse in my own instance, I am no longer willing or prepared to tolerate it. I have no respect for Canada as a nation. I cannot massacre other human beings. And so taking the lead from what a Paul James supporter, Kevin Tierney, stated earlier today,

"What I told you today and have been telling you for a long time is that they are going to let you die".

...well then, this dastardly motley group will get their wish this weekend. Bob Rae's ongoing lies and manipulation of facts and circumstances surrounding the Toronto Star debacle has contributed/guaranteed that the decision will not be upheld. Here is a part of an email I wrote to Bob Rae yesterday:

Bob, You should have been Prime Minister of had all the ingredients and presence and intellect and suave a pedigreed coach I get my assessments right not 100 per cent of the time but at a very high "batting rate".....your inhumanity is the reason you did not get the words of Jose Mourhino when talking about the great legendary soccer coach Sir Alex Ferguson - who was as uncompromising and as tough and demanding a coach as there ever has been - stated he had such great humanity in all facets of his life which separated him from the pack....a determining distinguishing factor that separates the great leaders from those that fail to reach the same heights.....and Sir Alex Ferguson is now adored, respected and revered by just about everyone in the footballing world

Even with the TS article Bob you have inhumanely covered yourself on all angles.....and you pick and choose when to discuss what we discussed depending on if it fits your agenda or the agendas of the would have assisted me to have had you recite that you disagreed with ALL York University's decisions and that of the Judicial process and how badly I have been that would have been a display of humanity to a highly disadvantaged would have the advice that the TS was not a good idea.... after all you write for them....but then only now do you reveal it.....

The PJ matter is a shocking story Bob Rae....highlighting all that is wrong with Canada as a society.....I cant see how your performance in my regard assists you on the inhumanity front in anyway. I will not see this Xmas without full comprehensive resolution.

George I wish you well. Sorry I could not be what you were looking for.

Paul James

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