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38 Hours and Counting - Paul James Death Row - Vote For Anyone BUT Liberal

Dear the Right Prime Minister Justin Trudeau,

Just so that it is documented I have approximately 38 hours of existence remaining. I am on Death Row. I am often physically sick now because I want to live. If I pass into oblivion. Then it is your responsibility Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. And your FINAL decision alone.

In the event my passing takes place then you WILL be held accountable by the Canadian and Global public including from the United Nations and FIFA for years and generations to come. You should not remain as Prime Minister of Canada; Bob Rae should have his Order of Canada annulled, Adam Vaughan should be removed from the Liberal party and in the future ALL Canadians should:

Vote For Anyone: But Liberal

Perhaps in the short term you and your evil minions will scapegoat. But in the long term you, York University, Bob Rae et al will be metaphorically hung for your behavior. It has truly been incomprehensible what you have permitted to take place. A modern day Auschwitz - as I follow Viktor Frankl's Man's Search for Meaning.

I have written a letter to Prince William and Prince Harry.

The Paul J James matter is a horror story of appalling incompetence, complacency, selfishness, corruption, collusion, greed and evilness personified within Canada.

Canada should not be permitted to host a FIFA World Cup Championship based on the overt abuse and disregard for a persons basic human rights and dignity. Abuse channeling like a waterfall from Canada Soccer onto an alumnus who gave much to the organization and country when they did nothing to assist my health and well being when it mattered back in 2000/01.

And now you sit back and permit an academic institution and law firm - York University and McCarthy Tretault respectively - to walk all over you. Cannot you not see the sickness. The evilness of what has already been permitted to happen over the past 24 months. In front of your own eyes. Can you not see the wickedness of the institutional collusion, the corruptness of the Canadian Judiciary, the Bad Politics. The manipulation. Of course you do. Because you are a part of it. You and your office have facilitated it.

Perhaps within your party you need to do some thorough digging, due diligence and then culling. You have some appalling Cancer Sticks. Perhaps you unaware of them. Here is one for you. Adam Vaughan. As a successful coach over many years at the highest levels of the sport you become astute at ferreting out those that are "evil" with their ethics, morals and approach. You Prime Minister have too many in your midst.

I desperately want to Live. But I want to live as a free citizen. As a citizen with access to the human rights all other Canadian citizens are privileged to have. To be treated with dignity and respect. To live as a regular citizen. Not as a fourth class citizen.

My life, my reputation has been obliterated to smithereens. And all simply because I came open seeking assistance for a mental health disorder to my supervisors at York University. York University, the Canadian media, the Canadian Judiciary, your very own office, Bob Rae, Adam Vaughan have collaborated to execute a Canadian citizen rather than accept the Truth of the Matter. I have faced ongoing discrimination and have been abused at every single turn, trying to live as a Canadian citizen, most recently by the Toronto Star who participated in an act of evil with their corrupt writing and approach which will live on in infamy as a barometer of all that is wrong within Canada. How feeble we are as a nation. How diabolical. How pathetic we really are. Rather than assist you and your colleagues have conspired to make my life far worse if that was indeed possible. Bob Rae into the future should be assigned to mentoring Cowards because unfortunately as proven with his appalling actions and decisions in my regard - he is one. He is the prototypical baby in a pram. When things do not go his way. He throws out his toys, in the form of abuse, reference Colin Perkel fiasco.

I have not accepted disability payments for the past six years nor have I accepted social housing. And it is because I should not have to accept them. I have been able to work since 2010 but cannot. Only since I have been on hunger strike have the wheels of change begun. But even then I am confined to third class citizen status and menial employment.

Only in Canada can we get away with a Police Officer assassinating a Canadian Citizen with a barrage of bullets caught on video to then be charged and found guilty of attempted murder and given a 6 year sentence. Only in Canada can we compensate a former terrorist $10 million dollars for his 3 years of captivity and killing persons while compensating a Canadian citizen $3 million for having served 23 years in prison on a false charge and conviction. Only in Canada can our populace gloat when Indonesia execute three foreign citizens after serving 12 years in jail. Only in Canada can we not have qualified for a FIFA Men's World Cup Championship when we have had all the resources to do so for over 35 years. Only in Canada can we let a three time Canadian Soccer Hall of Fame inductee starve himself to death nine times rather than accept and account for the appalling injustices he has faced. Instead we then watch as he lives homeless sleeping on concrete slaps with nothing but clothes and a bag. Only in Canada will we relish a former Canadian international soccer player and coach who represented Canada over 100 times take his own life rather than accept and account for the Truth of the Matter. Only in Canada do we have a Judicial System and process built as a medieval cult not dissimilar to the White-Walkers in Game Thrones. Doesn't matter how ethical, honest or honorable you were going in. No matter what the truth is a "Kill before being Truthful" mandate must be followed when necessary. Once you are indoctrinated there is no turning back as a Canadian lawyer.

In Europe citizens are arrested and tried for racially abusing fellow citizens because of the color of their skin. SO they should be. In the future persons who abuse and deny the human rights of persons with mental disability will receive the same repercussions.

I will give up my life for that without your intervention Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. 30 hours now.

Yours very respectfully,

Paul James

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