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Whitchurch High School Steve Williams, Gareth Bale; Executing a Canadian Citizen ....CANADA SOCCER..

Dear ALL

1. Currently I am still living outside, hunger striking and trying to write which is not a good combination. Therefore I have had to ingest some calories more than normal at the beginning. The petition has been updated. Please check it out this link and disseminate far and wide.

And of course sign if you believe in the cause End the War on People which to be fair to the Liberal Government of Canada the Conservatives are responsible for. And their day of reckoning is fast approaching. Bi-Partisan politics is the best you Conservatives could hope for. The world wants and needs change on this, the greatest immorality of our time: the way we treat persons with diagnosed Substance Disabilities.

2. It is my target to complete the following 5 items within the next few days

a. Ethnomethodology of the Paul J James "Suicide RUSE" December 9/10 2018

"Mud Wrestling with Elephants"

b. Dear Jason Bogle

c. Dear Kellie Mildren

d. Dear Justin Trudeau (again)

e. What it's all about

3. Then I will escalate the hunger strike and just sleep and meditate outside through the Xmas period. The deeper you dig. The more you read. The more appalling the Paul J James matter really is. As I sleep each night I think about how much I detest the nation I once played and coached for. We are an absolute disgrace. Every politician not just the Liberals have no where to turn for an excuse. No out. In case you need reminding I WILL NEVER EVER GIVE IN. I consider myself WELSH not CANADIAN.

4. This time last year I was 7 days away from meeting Bob Rae. At least I wasn't sleeping on the street when I met Bob Rae. Now I am homeless. This year has been the worst year of my life which considering what has preceded it is quite the statement. We are a very strange nation. So cowardly. We would not last two days if there was World War minus nuclear weapons.

5. Bob Rae is not the man I thought he would be. He has undermined and harmed me at every turn, making diagnoses when he is not a doctor, manufacturing information to fit an agenda and actually contributing to the severance of my relationship with my remaining family. Most egregiously he has sat back and watched while I suffered in so much physical pain from hunger striking and then when I had to be admitted to hospital rather than get the matter resolved HE blamed the courage before his eyes on poor mental health and substance disability ditto the rest of the collaborators of injustice. Yet I know No ONE. NO one in my life who I have coached or played with who I KNOW could have endured what has been thrown my way for the past decade. It is not to lament. It is just to make the point. There are others who have lived worse circumstances around the world. In the whole scheme of things however this is as bad as one can imagine a physical and psychological nightmare.

6. York University, the Toronto Star, the National Post, the Canadian Press, the CBC and Canada Soccer do NOT have a moral, ethical, legal "leg to stand" on in the Paul J James matter. Period. They have lost. Live or Die from the complications of my day to day circumstances now makes no difference. The Establishment Lose. The boomerang of scapegoating has come back to hit you.

7. Switching gears. Thought you should know this email and all others which you are blind copied on directly from pjjames.09 is sent out to over 300 persons. Then 1,000's of others as a consequence of multi Emmy/BAFTA winner Mike Young and/or as a result of your own dissemination.

8. The pjjames.09 list includes all federal MP's of the Conservative Party of Canada; a few Liberal MP's; the PMO; ALL perpetrators of injustice including York University, the Toronto Star, the CBC, the National Post, Canada Soccer, Bob Rae, Mary Ormsby et al and a growing list of supporters from outside of Canada.

9. This list also includes Steve Williams my former PE teacher the catalyst of implementing a high school school sport system which housed Gareth Bale (Real Madrid), Sam Warburton (current captain of Wales Rugby), Geraint Thomas (Tour de France Winner and Olympic Gold medalist cyclist), Chris Pike (the uncle of Gareth Bale) former Cardiff City player with whom I played on the same Whitchurch HS team in the late 70's for three years. Half "a degree of separation" - not six degrees - from all of them.

10. Please check out the link below. You will see the Whitchurch HS Wall of Fame which is shown a few times....if you look carefully you will see a photo of myself with Michael Platini playing in the 1986 World Cup in Mexico. My former PE teacher Steve Williams, once he heard of my mental health disability in 2012, contacted me immediately and requested some photos - of which they would select one to be a part of the Wall of Fame. When Steve Williams who is now in the retirement years of his life - a former tough skilled Neath rugby player - got back in contact he stated, "Paul we have put your photo next to Gareth and Sam out of respect to you and what you have lived". Steve Williams was a fabulous teacher and mentor and wonderful rugby/track and field coach when I was at Whitchurch HS.

A week ago - as already provided to you - Steve Williams wrote the following:

Dear Paul

I am very dismayed by all you have been through and I have read all your mail with difficulty in comprehending such shocking treatment. I am still in touch with Pierre, Palmer, Singer and your co 1500m runner Phil Rudd We still reminisce of those fine years when you boys were the best in sport around these parts. The legacy of fine sportsman throughout those years and indeed before, I am sure created that environment which is producing world class performers at present in Gareth Sam and Geraint T. I wish you well and our thoughts are with you. God Bless.

Steve Williams

11. Meanwhile in Canada in 2012 I was being hung, executed, maligned, slandered, defamed, humiliated, ridiculed, turned down for jobs, fired for no reason and this after 3 years of hell on earth from 2008 to 2012 once I made the dreadful mistake of opening up in a country driven by immaturity, pettiness, ego, jealousy and bad politics guaranteeing we under perform at just about every level epitomized in our national governing body of soccer: Canada Soccer

Jason Devos and Terry Dunfield (two players I had formerly coached and did so much for) were a part of a coordinated deliberate "media campaign" to assassinate the Canadian soccer narrative of my life and myself through John Molinario, Richard Whittall, Kristen Jack, James Sharman, Ben Ryecroft, Lee Godfrey, Ben Massey, Gregor Young, David Norman and others just because I had referred to Jason and Terry in the story of my life for a few indiscretions on their part - in just a matter of lines - not to their liking. Rather than maturely absorb and empathize with the horrific context in which they were made, their sense of entitlement, ego driven, poorly educated/managed minds on the subject matter, took over.

The selfishness and patronizing of this particular group and those latter two person's is beyond anything I have ever known or experienced over a life time.

For those of you who have suggested to PJJ to just get on with my life.......well consider the damage.......and you will see that the thought would be very ignorant of the reality: that STIGMA is not just a is a word with devastating consequences.....which imbeciles within the Canadian Soccer Industry took extraordinary advantage of.....below are just a few of hundreds of stigmatizing moments which have contributed, along with York University and the Canadian media, in executing Paul J James as a Canadian citizen ....and there is NO WAY OUT for the culprits. Too much has been documented.

April 17, 2008. I did a speech to the Oakville Soccer Club - my Alma-mater. At the conclusion they offered to pay for my services. I declined and suggested they donate it to charity or reinvest into their less advantaged.

Four years later I had been out of work for 3 years being turned down at every turn. I approached the Oakville Soccer Club through Dino Lopez their Technical Director. I had coached Dino in 1992 London Lasers and made him captain; recommended him for his one and only cap for Canada; hired him as a York University assistant coach when he requested I do so. In other words Dino had every reason to go the extra mile when I requested: could they hire me to run a few sessions for the Club? They said No. That is STIGMA. When I confronted Dino that surely as leader he could have done something he ended his curse, short reply with GOOD LUCK IN YOUR RECOVERY. That is STIGMA.

b. Applied for over 100 jobs...with no email in response......THAT IS STIGMA

c. Coached U12 Mooredale team. 6 weeks in I receive a text from manager of team stating: note to self never hire a crack head because I didn't play his son enough minutes THAT STIGMA

d. John Hendricks the President of Cherry Beech SC turned me down to coach U17 boys team for $5,000 for the year in 2015 because as he said, when parents Google your name they see more bad than good. THAT IS STIGMA

e. Parents of a different soccer club wanted me as their coach, They went to the Technical Director who said "No way. No chance. He's a drug addict and wouldn't even pass a police check". I had never met or spoken with the TD. THAT IS STIGMA

f. Borden Ladner Gervais used the two bloggers Gregor Young and Ben Massey outrageous defamatory blogs to tarnish my character as they fought to defend the Mooredale Soccer Club......who eventually settled for an amount six times what they originally offered but a pittance of what I sued for. The law firm made triple the amount I was compensated, not including their billing hours which they extended over two years while Ashley Kelly and I tried desperately to settle. It was when the HRTO at the "bequest of the legal system" changed the Tribunal adjudicator at the last minute, got rid of 90 per cent of my evidence and witnesses while keeping the respondent counsels non-relevant corrupt evidence which included the defamatory National Post article on the York University matter and the Massey and Young blogs that I decided to go on my first hunger strike. It was not a premeditated thing it just came out of my mouth. "I'm on hunger strike". ........and the list goes on and on.......THAT IS STIGMA

12. Andrew Oliveri the current Canadian U20 men's team coach in front of many soccer person's slandered my name stating I had thrown a game for Canada in Singapore because of a bribe and then prejudiced and ridiculed my substance disability calling me a "drug addict/loser" in front of players - slamming his chest imitating/ridiculing Paul J James as saying "playing for Canada requires character". THAT IS STIGMA. His motivation? In 2001 I had cut Andrew Oliveri from the Candian U20 team which qualified for the FIFA World Championships winning a CONCACAF Championship in the process because of his diminutive size and inability as a consequence to compete against his rivals for the position. A decade on clearly Andrew hadn't gotten over the disappointment and is at the lower end of emotional maturity.

13. In 2015 I addressed this particular issue with President of Canada Soccer at the time Victor Montagliani and legal counsel for the governing body Pat Santini. To not do so permits it to happen over and over again. They have done nothing to address or support my current circumstances and have done nothing to correct the Jason Devos, Terry Dunfield and the Andrew Oiliveri circumstances.

14. On the contrary in the Andrew Oliveri case after failing to qualify the women's U20 team for a FIFA World Championship a very rare Canadian achievement over the 25 year history of the tournament Andrew gets promoted by Canada Soccer to be the men's U20 head coach. Only in Canada could rewarding such failure be permissible. And for the record and not to be petty myself but rather considering my current circumstances and the lack of couth from Andrew Oliveri, he could not TIE my shoes laces when it comes to a display of character. Not in any department.

15. In 1997, 2001, 2003, and 2005 Canada qualified for the men's FIFA U20 championships. We have not done so since. Bruce Twamley and Dale Mitchell were our two best Youth team coaches of ALL time. Bruce should have been the Canadian World Cup coach. It was a mistake not to have given him the opportunity after Holger Osieck left the CSA. And with Dale Mitchell, had the timing have been right - which should have been after Bruce - he would have succeeded at the level of Bruce or higher. Only in Canada do we consistently get it so wrong.

16. On a human rights level what has happened in the Paul J James matter from the lack of support of Canada Soccer - to use the phrase almost as a cliche - is a disgrace to humanity. Just because Canada Soccer did not discriminate against me in 2000/01 does not relieve them from the negligence of "not knowing what to do". They should have known what to do to have assisted me professionally and competently even if it meant contacting other more advanced national governing soccer bodies through HQ/HR in Ottawa. The significance? The earlier you confront the disability the better for long term health and longevity. I never confronted Canada Soccer for 15 years and even when I did it was just for assistance with addressing the York University matter for which they have deliberately not only failed me but assisted York University. They undermined an alumnus instead of leveraging and demanding the correct action was taken. It will be an issue they will have to rue the day they made it.

Next Up:

a. Ethnomethodology of the Paul J James "Suicide RUSE" December 9/10 2018

"Mud Wrestling with Elephants"

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