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Canadian Judicial White Walkers

Dear Kellie Mildren,

It would be an understatement to say I was disappointed with your email dated December 9, 2018 four hours before I was supposed not to exist. Even more so I was disappointed with our telephone conversation on Sunday December 16, 2018 where, knowing I was in fact healthy and well, you tried to weakly justify your previous position.

Apparently now, there is nothing you will not steep down to based on our telephone conversation. I have always intended on pursing the Toronto Star newspaper. For you to suggest you thought I was not going to and as a consequence, perhaps not of sound mind and therefore you filed the Toronto Star legal papers on my behalf, is something from a Dickens novel. That said. Thank you for doing so. Unwittingly, but which I appreciate, you exposed legal counsel Jason Bogle in the process.

In short Kellie Mildren. While I am not a lawyer by trade I am still 25 years your senior, which, through experience of life and successfully coaching in varied environments it gives me an edge on some important intangibles which you are either naive on; have not assimilated to; or have yet to develop.

Fundamentally, Ethnomethodology is the social science theory of observation. Sporting coaches such as Lou Holtz, Mike Babcock, Pep Guardiola, Jurgen Klopp, Tony Waiters and Even Pellerud have honed observational skills at a level way beyond an average citizen. Similar to outstanding Police detectives. After thirty years of coaching myself I too have honed this particular skill. In large part it permitted confronting the legal system on the Paul J James claim against York University to the level which has taken place.

Kellie, I know when someone is lying/manipulating and/or covering their backsides. You are guilty of all three and at a level I didn't think you could ever reach. However you are in very, very good company. Bob Rae - a Rhodes Scholar; our Prime Minister the Right Honorable Prime Minister Justin Trudeau; Maureen Armstrong and all those at York University.

You have lost your innocence from three years ago when, on a little scooter, you pedaled down Augusta Avenue to meet Ashley Kelly and I. It took just three years.

When we met at Bathurst and Dundas three months ago you could not even look at me. You have conformed to working in extreme "bad faith" when required, to protect the Canadian legal system - and in this particular instance York University.

You are now officially a part of an immoral, unethical, corrupt wild wild west Canadian legal/judicial process.

To add a tinge of pop culture parody in what remains a remarkably difficult circumstance for me personally, you are now a White Walker. You crossed the line. Re-read your email and the time you sent it on December 9, 2018. Four hours before I was apparently about to take my life. And that's the best you can come up with. Hardly compassionate or persuasive for someone about to take their life - someone you care about? That it is not the Kellie Mildren I first met. Had I in fact taken my life, your letter would have assisted York University and their collaborators in manipulating the Truth of the Paul J James matter and Paul James the person.

Specifically, you conveniently have a short memory regarding your past comments and position. If you mine your emails you will find the following comments which, on legal parameters, match Bob Rae's observations and analysis. To paraphrase:

a. "Paul, you got screwed".

b. "Paul, your performance in the Divisional Court of Ontario was brilliant. Not even a world class lawyer from around the world could have done what you did"

c. "Paul, the Charter proves your human rights have been infringed upon and ignored throughout the process - you have been treated very poorly. They are so wrong".

d. "Paul you should be LIVID. They have discriminated against your Charter rights at every level. So, while you still have the strength I wouldn't go down without a fight".

And when on hunger strike and we talked on the phone you made the correct observation that:

e. "What do people expect you to be like. You have the right to be angry. Your emotion and passion to get justice fits your life circumstances and what has happened to you"

Based on statements d and e. I ask you now Kellie Mildren. How am I doing?

Also, keep in mind that in 2017 I and a few PJJ supporters including the magnificent Tom Panhuyzen and Kevin Tierney organized a meeting with York University General Counsel Maureen Armstrong for potential resolution. At the last minute I inform Maureen Armstrong you would be attending as a legal representative on my behalf. 12 hours before the meeting you were very excited. Remember that moment Kellie? Then a few hours before the meeting you pull out for no reason. And you never gave an explanation. But I knew why. Maureen Armstrong didn't mention or ask for you. Nor why you didn't attend. Your partner Reagan who is an employment lawyer involved in the system, was also aggrieved at you being involved in this matter. They got to you Kellie.

Specifically to address your email:

Here is the second half of the email message you sent to me

"To you and me the answer to the question “how much should the state be required to do to protect people’s rights” is patently obvious - there should be absolute protection, period. However, we are not there yet. In fact, while we now have the human rights code which covers some interactions between institutions and people, it remains very limited and is entirely silent on whether individual people have any rights/obligations vis a vie one another. Some day, they will. You think the system should work but for some reason failed you. You are afraid to entertain the idea that the system itself just does not work (yet) and call it indoctrination when I say that. You have spent a lot of time looking backward and being angry with all the people and institutions that failed you. That can either end in your death, or we can start looking forward and create a plan for being a part of the much needed progress.

I promise you that someone in your shoes 10 years from now will not go through what you went through, that things will change. Oh that is so great to hear Kellie. How does that help the circumstance now? How does that hold persons and organizations accountable for obstructing justice, lying in testimony, media defamation etc. which has destroyed a career? Where is the human right protection purported by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms Section 15 for all citizens to be treated equally and fairly? Before we start worrying about Laws and changing them there needs to be first and foremost ethical parameters on applying the Law which are adhered to. All that you write has nothing to do with the Paul James matter and is constructed on behalf of others as a smokescreen to the reality. The Paul James matter has nothing to do with changing the Law(s) which is what the Toronto Star tried to manipulate as the quest I was on. The very same thread of manipulation weaved by Bob Rae. It is an illustration of a pattern of things which people say or do - which are similarly wrong - which is all a part of observational Ethnomethodology. This matter was strictly about applying, equally and fairly, the Law which has been in place since before 2009 through 2018. There was nothing wrong with the Law. You know it. Bob Rae knows. York University know it. You are all trying to circumvent it. And while I am stopping you - you have all proven you are prepared to let a Canadian citizen die rather than accept, correct and resolve the reality. You have no "leg to stand on" in defense.

"You have spent a lot of time looking backward and being angry with all the people and institutions that failed you. That can either end in your death, or we can start looking forward and create a plan for being a part of the much needed progress". You need to figure out if you want to be a part of that progress. I obviously think you must be". It is indeed unfortunate that you are now doing the "bidding of others" which is inconsistent with your previous comments soaked with integrity. People and institutions have deliberately served injustice because they have deliberately erred legally, morally and ethically. The system has not failed me. It has deliberately, purposely failed me. And being angry? What is your proposal? To be Mary Poppins? All oppressed groups are propelled by anger and rage otherwise nothing changes. My passion and conviction for truth to be transparent has kept me going. Has given me purpose in my life once my true passion was completely expunged. Would you say the same to black civil rights protesters who had to look back to gain the anger and strength to fight. I have never pretended this is anything but a war. An unnecessary one. But a war nevertheless. Mary Poppins cannot win a battle nor alone a war. Your whole message is political which supports the other side and does not care about what has happened to Paul J James.

Kellie Mildren. I cannot plan anything without Justice/Resolution. Otherwise its all been for nothing and I merely conform to what we have ALL so wrong. And the stigma and discrimination of my life past and present will continue. You must surely appreciate that. To not correct is to permit it to happen again. Over and over again. Also, I cannot be a part of an immoral, unethical, depraved system. I am not political person. And I cannot help that. To advocate in Canada you have participate in bad politics (evilness) and I cannot. I cannot help being me. To borrow a phrase from John Candy. I like who I am. I like being me.

Also, I refuse to spend the rest of life justifying my case. Because justifying when you have not achieved resolution/justice is to make excuses. It is why I am still living outside.

"Defending why you lost will ALWAYS appear like you are making excuses" Pep Guardiola Manchester City Manager 2018

The system has cheated at an unbelievable level Kellie. You and they know it. In footballing terms countries and soccer clubs would be BANNED, relegated, fined, held accountable for such appalling behavior.

You cannot ignore the selfishness, arrogance, and corruption of the system. Nor the ethical, moral ineptitude. Nor the GREED. The Selfishness. Nor the Ego and prestige which is threatened by a self-represented applicant being correct on such an important mental health issue.

Lets euphemistically substitute angry with passion and lets say I am looking back to make sure it never happens again to another Canadian. I do not want to change the Law. I want the Law that was in place in from 2009-2018 to be applied correctly, equally and fairly and with dignity and respect of the Paul James matter.

You cannot Hatch a LIE which York University did at the outset and then the system including the Canadian Media support and corruptly embellish it at each turn. It is called collusion and an obstruction of justice which has delivered even more injustice my way. I cannot get employment Kellie. I live in poverty. I have lost my soccer career. I am living outside in freezing elements. Can you not see the depravity of our systems attitude? Unfortunately you have given, not an iota of thought to my passion in life. Football. Nor the Stigma of the issue - which is the main culprit. Or, what in the disability cycle, is the most important determinant of happiness and good health? Answer: A person's passion/employment. Not Rehab or counselling.

I promise you that someone in your shoes 10 years from now will not go through what you went through, that things will change. You need to figure out if you want to be a part of that progress. To quote Basil Fawlty: Oh Joy! What makes you think I would want to be a part of the process at this stage as a pauper. The only way for the system to improve is for Truth and Reconciliation of the Paul James matter to take place. Anything else would be unjust, deceitful, immoral, unethical and piecemeal.

The people responsible for the Paul James matter are making a mockery of Canada as a nation when they should be leading the charge. York University and the system have lost on the issue itself. They just cannot accept it. Its not for me. Its for them to do the right things and to be skillful.

York should have resolved this matter privately many years ago. Had they have done so. They would have found I would have been their friend in spite of the ruin they delivered to my soccer career. And why? Because I am a professional and I care for the betterment of others. It is what it is to be a fundamentally good sporting coach. It is what I delivered to Canada Soccer and York University while employed there.

In spite of all that has been previously stated.

You are still a very talented and extremely nice person Kellie Mildren. While I was saddened by your indoctrination as a "White Walker" of the Canadian Judicial process your apology yesterday gives me hope that everything is possible. Switching back into who you really are. That would be of such value to the Canadian legal system. You will notice I have cc'd Bob Rae and the Prime Ministers Office so that they know your name. So that they can see while you have been a solider on their side you are also an honest person by heart and conviction. Top in your classes at Queens and University of Toronto and a selflessness to behold. It has been an honor to have interacted with you. And thank you for the positive contributions you made to Ashley Kelly and my life along the way.

I recommend sincerely, to Bob Rae and to the Prime Minister of Canada the Right Honorable Justin Trudeau, that they take good care of you.

Yours sincerely,

Paul James

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