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Justin Trudeau ....Did You Masturbate Last Night?

Justin Trudeau. Bob Rae. A few questions for you.

Did you masturbate last night? If not. When was the last time, you did masturbate? Or do, in fact, you still masturbate? And if you do not masturbate any more. Then. How long have you been free (clean) from masturbating?

Of course you do not need to answer the questions. They are improper. They are highly inappropriate. They are questions referring to very private, personal matters.

Similarly, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. It would be highly inappropriate for me to ask your lovely wife Sophie when was the last time she ingested food. Is she still eating. Or to ask a gay woman when was the last time you had sex with another female.

Yet, it is, apparently, okay for Liberal Party MP's, for Bob Rae and others to ask the question to Paul J James and/or PJJ supporters or even my family who have no idea. Does he still use? How long has he been clean? He still uses right? For Maureen Armstrong General Counsel from York University (Liberal Supporters) to make diagnoses' and to recommend I go to rehab. I've never met Maureen Armstrong. For Bob Rae to speak to my family about similar recommendations and for Colin Perkel from the Canadian Press to write an absurd medical diagnosis and recommendation to over 300 persons using his Canadian Press email address at the urging of Bob Rae/Adam Vaughan. Yet Colin Perkel is neither a medical doctor, a psychologist or psychiatrist. Nor have I ever met him.

And the reason they all partake in such behavior? Is to scapegoat and prevent Paul J James from accessing fair social justice. The depravity.

The prejudicial abuse has been unrelenting and ongoing in the Paul J James matter. I have proven over a 6 period through the Canadian judicial process and then two years of very public hunger striking that the prejudice, discrimination, harassment and stigmatization of persons with substance disabilities/substance use disorders is at a level of extraordinary breathtaking abuse.

To be clear I do not need to go to rehab. And I would be willing to get an assessment from world renown experts in Canada and from around the world as to my mental health and well being. I would knock it out of the park.

In June 2017 in response to the Paul J James hunger strike protest, rather than intervene to provide resolution you instead took to Twitter and stated among other things that to paraphrase, "it is long long over due that we must begin the process of de-stigmatizing drug addiction".

Prime Minister I have not heard from you on the subject matter since. Why?

As you and your Liberal Party colleagues are aware has for the past two years been doing just what you have preached. De-Stigmatizing drug addiction through advocating for social justice for Paul J James based on the Paul James vs York University matter which has drained a large portion of "malignant stigma puss" out of Canadian society on the subject matter.

Canadian society needs Paul J James for, at the very least, the profound information he has discovered for the betterment of Canada and the world on the subject of the stigma of substance disability and mental disability in general. But I am under no obligation to provide anymore than I already have. You have at a treasure chest of golden information on the subject matter. It is my contribution to making Canada and the world a better place. To get more from me aside from the concluding statement below justice/resolution has to be forthcoming from the perpetrators of such appalling behavior including through the Canadian Judicial process.

The Paul James vs York University matter should be returned to the Supreme Court of Canada for a ruling from one Supreme Court Justice. It is my right to have this opportunity, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, based on my file not being adjudicated equally and fairly throughout the Canadian Judicial process but most pertinently, at the Supreme Court of Canada level. As an alternative I offer to you and the perpetrators of injustice, including within the Canadian media, fair expeditious resolution which must include a national public statement which benefits all Canada citizens with Canada's approach to the matters of mental and substance disability.

As aforementioned, and highlighted below is an excerpt from the 115 page document I produced in March/April of this year which provides you, your government, the Canadian Parliament and ALL Canadians profound information which will save over time, much suffering and billions of dollars in economic burden. Encapsulated, we have acted with substance disability as if we have a cure. It is a catastrophic mistake impacting stigma negatively to the tune of billions of dollars: "Throw dirty drug addict into a washing machine called a Rehab and then they will come out clean". Nice thought. But unfortunately it is nonsense.

Two months on from writing this document and enduring yet another painful hunger strike protest your colleagues Bob Rae, Adam Vaughan, along with Colin Perkel from the Canadian Press, made their own diagnoses in dialoging with my family - who I have seen only a few times in 3 years - that I needed to enter rehab and that I was mentally ill and in need of mental health intervention.

Can you appreciate Prime Minister why persons such as myself get so angry at the treatment they/we receive? Again, please reference your wife Sophie in this regard. You and your colleagues are not de-stigmatizing drug addiction as you promoted via your Twitter account in June 2017. A period when I was in agony. Your colleagues are stigmatizing and abusing a former Canadian international soccer player and coach, a three time soccer hall of fame inductee at a depraved level. My human right to be treated equally and fairly and with dignity and respect has been obliterated by the Liberal Party of Canada . Thought you should know. Just saying.

Substance disability is a human mental health condition requiring a humanistic dignified response. Unfortunately, you nor Bob Rae, Adam Vaughan the Liberal Party of Canada, nor the Canadian Media have in any way adhered to this undeniable Truth. As a consequence my humiliation continues into yet another Xmas period. 2018. This time living outside in the elements and back onto hunger striking. Realistically Prime Minister you should be ashamed of your leadership in dealing with the Paul J James matter. I cannot vote for you. I am sure you understand.

I do however, wish you and your family a Merry Xmas and a Happy productive New Year.

Paul James

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