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Whats the Saying? Bastards. You F****** Bastards!

Dear Canada Soccer Board of Directors,

The title of this correspondence is not targeted at you. It was used as a metaphor at the conclusion of an email yesterday to a small group of persons - a hook to see if there was a reaction. There was.

Sometimes as a coach you have to get the attention of your players. Get blood from stone. Tony Robbins gets it!

Here is a small extract I sent to the person who reacted:

"I have wanted out of this nightmare for over 18 months. I now want absolutely nothing to do with Canada. With the subject matter. I do not want to advocate. My life has been ruined beyond repair. But if I say that around anyone of the oppressors I will get slaughtered. Bob Rae will use sarcasm. What do I have to lose now ******? I am not mentally ill. Never have been. Angry, emotional at times absolutely - what do people expect? But even then I have it under control. If I didn't I would have committed suicide or mowed down people - those seem to be the more reflective responses of persons who are mentally ill facing such extreme oppression. Paul J James is what Canada needed on this issue. But there was a threshold of dignity, respect and human decency which has long passed. You have watched me live on the street for 10 months.....two years of painful hunger striking......the pure brutality and humiliation of it all....the Toronto Star article was the end of the line for me so was sleeping on concrete on Xmas Eve and Xmas Day......

At this time I am not sure whether to be angry or grateful to Canada Soccer for providing Global society with another powerful illustration of a Stigmatizing moment.

Ignoring communications and specifically such an important one is a ruthless stigmatizing weapon used against oppressed individuals by guilty parties.

Canada Soccer's approach is unconscionable of course, yet it defines perfectly, Stigma.

So, there is punishment, scapegoating, ignoring, patronizing, third class citizen etc.

To Recap for you, here again, is the definition of Stigmatization:

"To inappropriately, unlawfully, describe, regard, and treat someone with immense disgrace, disapproval and disrespect of their human rights".

Canada Soccer only had to reply to the communication dated February 14, 2019 stating you have delivered the communications on to the board of directors of your organization. Nothing more at that preliminary stage. How other stakeholders proceeded should have had no bearing on your own decision, if, of course, you are A-political and/or there has been no gate keeping of the matter.

You have proven my decision to annul my soccer hall of fame status is correct. Unfortunately, through the process, you have also made a complete mockery of the Paul J James circumstance and Paul J James the person. I will never forgive that.

Consequently, I have not ingested any calories since 12.01 this day February 18, 2019. Moving forward I will be ingesting water and sodium - no calories.

Curious what your thoughts and that of others will be in the event I now die from the complications of starvation when you have had 3 plus years to have assisted. This is a significant global human rights issue. There is not another footballing federation on the planet, privy to ALL the truthful facts, who would have made the decisions Canada Soccer has made, in regard to an alumnus who represented Canada as coach and player over 100 times, facing such brutal circumstances. You should have assisted resolution of this egregious matter back in 2015. It's now 2019. You have outrageously aligned with York University's interests instead. Truth does not hide. It sometimes takes a while to surface as it screeches through the quagmire of deceit, manipulation and power which cultivates the oppression in the first place.

So. Now. I have moved the Goal Posts.

Things have changed. And here it is:

If Canada Soccer agree to annul my Canadian Soccer Hall of Fame status I will agree to end the hunger strike protest. Only when you annul my Canadian Soccer Hall of Fame status will I agree to end the hunger strike protest. In addition and to represent my honor, reasonableness and good faith, the recent communications regarding individuals within the Canadian soccer industry will not be disseminated or uploaded onto the CTSODA website. Nor will pages 65 to 89 from Anatomy of an Absolute Nightmare, once that is, you annul my Canadian Soccer Hall of Fame status. I cannot be more reasonable than that. Of course the telling of the Paul J James story through Mike Young and associates will be delivered with complete candor and so the documents then become relevant and/or if there is need of an outside independent investigation into the Paul J Jamesmatter.

To be clear, Confronting the Stigma of Drug Addiction has been the most difficult assignment I have ever taken on over a lifetime. Not even Tony Waiters' 1986 World Cup training camps and preparations at altitude can match the difficulty. With regard to the soccer industries reaction to my health disability I have now made my point. In the email I sent I could have been far more cutting with revealing some of the other audacious stigmatizing moments or elaborating more on those I did.

Bob Lenarduzzi's email to the Prime Minister in 2018 for instance, served York University not PJJ gaining justice. A painful cut to absorb under the circumstances.

Irrespective, I have now taken to task those who needed to be held accountable. No one else was prepared to do it; the judicial process has proven to be completely futile, out of reach and out of touch with reality; and when I contacted each culprit on an individual basis for a reconciliation meeting - all ignored with rolling eyes. No problem. But no one can have complaints now.

I'll be damned after sacrificing so much of my life to Canadian football; to then lose my career because of such overt, callous, unlawful human rights discrimination; only to be left with a slaughtered reputation from others and a system who have taken repugnant advantage of the PJJ mental health circumstances: corrupt abuse of a person's human rights facilitated by exposed mental health disability and unscrupulous individuals.

I have stated my position over and over for which there is absolutely, no rebuttal.

So, Canada Soccer, again, I insist vehemently you now reply. You have a slightly different decision to make.

Here is my reconciliation extension to at least a few persons outlined previously. It shouldn't be Paul JJames doing this but then we are living in Canada. It's the best I can do knowing the horror, brutality and damage caused over the past decade of which Canadian soccer imbeciles played their part.


Stephen Hart - the Globe and Mail article I wrote, was an educated opinion which proved over time to be correct and insightful. I always liked and respected Stephen Hart. Nice person when I knew him at the CSA 1998/2001.

When he coached T&T he did a great job and was unlucky not to win the Gold Cup.

Ole Gunnar Solksjar - at Cardiff City was them relegated. Wrong personality for the job at hand. At Manchester United right personality for the job at hand. Neil Warnock now at Cardiff right personality for the job at hand.

Stephen not doing cartwheels about what I wrote I could understand but to take advantage leveraging what he did to others is unacceptable and unlawful. Critique my own coaching record at the world championships if you have to; be critical with it; or I am too demanding, tough with training or a miserable so and so...fine...but don't leverage the health or defame me on something you know not to be true. Ditto everyone else.

My circumstances today are not because of my substance disability but the reaction to my substance disability.

Terry Dunfield - my critique of TD was very meek under the circumstances. Most egregious were the comments and rumors he spread within the community re my substance disability. Prepared to leave under the blanket (for now) and focus on the two word reply he used on an email I sent him back in 2014.

When word had leaked back to me that Terry had spread absurd rumors I confronted him.

Terry responded in an email. CALM DOWN.

He hit a land mine of rebuke from me. Nevertheless once out of the way and I had in fact calmed down, I discovered I liked the use of the words CALM DOWN. I have not used two words more often on others than CALM DOWN. Watching peoples reactions is quite the joyful experience. It is not to be flippant with the serious nature of Terry's behavior which was appalling, uneducated and disrespectful from a person I did much for. Expected nothing in return from Terry but human decency and respect of my human right to live as a normal citizen. He failed.

My circumstances today are not because of my substance disability but the reaction to my substance disability.

James Sharman/Kristen Jack

Watching these two play football was like watching Laurel and Hardy push a piano up three flights of stairs. Best show host and soccer analyst in the country respectively.

Kristen could use some toning down on smugness by watching Craig Forrest but overall brilliant at his job. He had me the other day with his comments on Cardiff City. He knew which buttons to push if you are a Cardiff fan. I was undermined by Kristen at theScore. No problem with him wanting to be on camera and my time was therefore up. Just don't leverage falsehoods to accomplish it.

If I were at Sportsnet I would pay Craig, Danny andJames more money but for a month I'd have Jamescleaning the camera wires before he gets on set for his political contributions to my demise.

My circumstances today are not because of my substance disability but the reaction to my substance disability.

Dwayne DeRosario

Great player, great athlete, great trainer, a game breaker, fast and more. His comment in my regard encapsulates his flaw. And it was a flaw which prevented him being a megastar in the Premier League. Outrageously defamatory. Kept the ball rolling late in 2010 on Paul J James' soccer career demise.

Irrespective I would have him on my ALL Time Canadian team and I would get blood out of him in part because those surrounding him would not let him off the hook from being a team player first and foremost.

My circumstances today are not because of my substance disability but the reaction to my substance disability.

Jason Devos

If you go to a dog park you will see all different kinds of "chimps". Essentially the emotional representation of our innate selves. Watching the variety of dogs running around the other day I saw one of those Toy Poodles with Pom Poms strutting about like they are better than everyone when they are clearly not - they just cannot see it. Satirically that's how I see Jason. When you don't pay your dues and undermine your way into positions you will at some point get caught. Jason has been caught. Who Jason aligned himself with are a reflection of his own character. Will never forgive Jason's role in so ruthlessly undermining my soccer career. Will just move on.

My circumstances today are not because of my substance disability but the reaction to my substance disability.

Andrew Oliveri, David Norman, Gregor Young, Ben Massey, John Molinaro I have no comment.

My circumstances today are not because of my substance disability but the reaction to my substance disability.

Pat Santini.

Awkward for me personally because I like Pat who has served Canada Soccer well in the past and for many years. As I have said in the past. Slick, smart and a very good lawyer. At a different time would want Pat representing me. But in this matter Pat is a part of the legal fraternity. He is a "white walker". Nothing I can or could have done but confront what happened. Nothing personal with Pat Santini. He knows. I am practically dead. Had no choice.

My circumstances today are not because of my substance disability but the reaction to my substance disability.

Canada Soccer I insist on the annulment of my Canadian Soccer Hall of Fame status, to be effective immediately.

I will not end the Hunger Strike until you do!

Therefore, please do not sit on your hands hoping I die before facilitating what I am respectfully, with good reason and intentions, requesting. Imagine the consequences if you now let me DIE. Canada will jeopardize their right to co-host the FIFA World Cup in 2026 if/when an investigation is conducted into the human rights abuses which have taken place as it relates to the Paul J James Story. Don’t take my word for it though. I strongly recommend you do your due diligence!!


Paul James

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