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A Symbolic Protest in Perpetuity

February 12, 2019

Dear Canada Soccer Board of Directors,

I request your immediate attention to this matter.

Purpose of Contact in February 2019

Annulment of Paul J James Canadian Soccer Hall of Fame status.

Courtesy of this document dated February 12, 2019, I, Paul J James now insist Canada Soccer Board of Directors, as the governing body of football in Canada, respect and grant the annulment of my individual status as a Canadian Soccer Hall of Fame inductee, effective immediately.

The remainder of this report highlights the circumstances which propagate this decision in tandem with the insistence it is a "symbolic protest in perpetuity".

Symbolic Protest in Perpetuity.

As a member of a real life disadvantaged oppressed group my path over the past decade has proven, unequivocally, persons with substance disabilities have no enforceable human rights in Canada. They are totally disregarded and disrespected.

Therefore as a citizen with reasonable status from within the industry I spent my life and career, the opportunity - in comparison to others less advantaged - to leverage the protest in perpetuity against York University and their enabling collaborators of social injustice, is a responsibility and right I insist on applying.

Statements on Canadian Soccer Background & Annulment

It was an honor to have represented Canada in the presence of many outstanding people not just players and coaches but administrators and supporters. In addition, it was a privilege to have been inducted into the Canadian Soccer Hall of Fame.

The decision therefore, with regard to the annulment of my Canadian Soccer Hall of Fame status, is not petty, ungrateful or unpatriotic. Rather, it is a painful, considered, poignant, symbolic message to the oppressors of social justice, that:

"The delivery of your ongoing oppression and injustice for over a decade, on a matter so straightforward to have resolved back in 2009 and beyond, is highly offensive, immoral, egregiously cruel and inhumane".

Paul J James' soccer career and a life free of oppression has now been harmed beyond full repair, not because of a diagnosed substance disability but the discriminatory reactions to the substance disability at York University and elsewhere and then the collusion of collaborators to protect the perpetrators from accountability, including the Liberal Government of Canada and the Canadian media.

Oppressed Canadian citizen in 2019

The Paul J James search for social justice is an understated indictment of Canada's purported integrity, virtue and progressive humanity towards substance disability, social justice, and those oppressed and disadvantaged as a consequence of the establishments hypocrisy in this regard.

From York University to the National Post. To the CBC. To the Toronto Star. To the Honourable Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. To the Liberal Government of Canada. To Human Rights activist Bob Rae. To Liberal MP Adam Vaughan. To Mary Ormsby. To Anne Marie Owens. To Stephen Meurice. To Canada Soccer. To the Canadian soccer media. To the Canadian Judicial process. To Andrew Scheer. To Jenn Myers. To Sheila Forsahw. To Jason Devos to John Molinaro. To Bree Carr-Harris to Jamie Teixeira. To Terry Dunfield. To Kristen Jack. To All Canadian Politicians.

The oppressive actions of the aforementioned persons and institutions towards the Paul J James human rights discrimination claim; to Paul J James the person and the human right of Paul J James to live as a normal citizen irrespective of a diagnosed substance disability, has been irresponsible, reckless, unlawful, disparaging and degrading to the detriment of all Canadians facing similar disability circumstances and every Canadian citizen who believes the sanctity and quality of any society should be judged on the delivery of fair access to social justice for all citizens not just those privileged.

Every esteemed institution Canadian citizens have faith in, cannot in fact be trusted when the barometer of assessment is the James vs York University human rights discrimination claim. There has been not a morsel of honour, good faith, ethical rigour, accountability or morality in seeking, writing, stating, or adjudicating the delivery of Truth in this matter.

The modus-operandi from the oppressors of justice has been a colluded, immoral unlawful cover-up of the truth, through the Canadian Judicial process, with Canada Soccer, the Canadian media and the Liberal Government of Canada as eventual, gradual participants.

Background Accomplishments of Paul John James

Soccer Career and Achievements: 47 International Caps as a player; Competed in 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games; Competed in 1986 FIFA World Cup in Mexico Professional player Toronto Blizzard, Hamilton Steelers, Doncaster Rovers, London Lasers, Ottawa Intrepid; Four Time Canadian Soccer League First Team All Star Player; Four CONCACAF Championships (2 player/2 coach); Canadian National Men's U20 Head Coach (98/01); Canadian National Men's U17 Assistant Coach (98/00); Canadian National Women's U20 Assistant Coach (2008) FIFA World Championship Argentina 2001; Professional Head Coach Ottawa (89); London (92); Collegiate Head Coach LeMoyne, Niagara, York University; 6 Coach of The Year Awards; CIS National Women's Coach of the Year 2007; BA Wilfrid Laurier (1997); MBA Football Industries (2002); Television Soccer Analyst: GOL TV, The Score, CBC, Sportsnet. Soccer Writer for the Globe and Mail.

Current Status:

Embarked on a tenth hunger strike protest eating limited calories while completing one remaining document.

The starvation protest seeks transparency of Truth, public repair of media damage to the reputation of Paul J James; access to fair social justice, restitution and compensation from the extreme injustices received and experienced for over a decade.

Have remained unemployed since 2010. Homeless since May 2018. No Assets. No Pension. No car for the past decade. No cell phone for past 3 years.

2010 and beyond worked part-time as a dog walker, dishwasher, delivery of flyers, addictions coach, automotive factory worker, coach of U8 training sessions for local soccer club. Applied for many employment positions since 2010 including soccer opportunities, with no response in return.

Injustice Permitted and Perpetuated:

"A Lie Travels Half Way Around the World While the Truth is Just Putting its Shoes On"....Mark Twain

York University Athletic Director Jenn Myers whom I told of my poor psychological health and need for time off lied in her Testimony to the Canadian Judiciary stating she thought I was just dealing with Personal Matters.

Jenn Myers and York University categorically knew I had been suffering with mental disability. The Employee Wellness Office at York University had my Doctors letter and completed PRAL Form, who themselves were informed by Ms. Myers of my leave of absence for 3 months for mental disability.

The reason York University lied on the issue was because in determining discrimination the main thread is "did you know of the disability".

York University were brazenly deceitful in their submissions through, not limited to, Jenn Myers testimony.

The LIE was hatched and the system have colluded to protect the Lie ever since, causing unforgivable irreparable harm and damage for over a decade.

June 2015 Divisional Court of Ontario Ruling and National Post Collusion & Defamation

June 23rd, 2015 received the Divisional Court of Ontario dismissal rationale on the James vs York University discrimination claim which was unlawful, made in bad faith and nonsensical of the evidence and testimony before the court.

Most egregious was the following sentence in point three of the decision rationale which unlawfully, incorrectly and deceitfully ruled on the merits of the case when the issue was not before the court; the ruling did not match the evidence and submitted testimony; nor did it take into account the plain and obvious, brazen deceit of York University in their submissions.

"Depression and other physical and medical consequences of an addiction to crack cocaine resulted in him resigning from his position at York University in December 2009".

The purpose of this sentence was a colluded attempt to prejudice the case moving forward through the Canadian judicial system; to release York University - in the public eye - of any accountability in the matter; and to add to the false narrative of the Paul J James claim and Paul J James the person before the court and in the public domain.

June 26 , 2015 the National Post facilitated this purpose through an article titled, "Former Olympian who resigned from York University over crack use fails to prove he was discriminated against", confirming the flagrant collusion with York University and the Canadian Judicial process against a highly stigmatized, oppressed and disadvantaged Canadian citizen.

The actions of the Divisional Court and National Post solidified the inequality and unfairness which can take place against already highly stigmatized, oppressed citizens.

In reality Paul J James left York University because of poor treatment; excommunication; harassment, a lack of support, discrimination and because I was requested to formalize my resignation in October of 2009.

Paul J James did not leave York University because he wanted to leave his 35 year soccer career; become unemployed; experience STIGMATIZATION and then write an e-book on his substance disability to crack cocaine.

The resignation took place in October of 2009 not December of 2009 as asserted by Justice Edwards in his tainted decision rationale. Rather the clear act of discrimination took place in December 2009 when Jenn Myers hired Carmine Isacco without any due diligence or interview process while at the very same time Paul J James was told he would have to apply for the women's head soccer coaching position and his application would only be considered with other applicants.

Paul J James was treated differently and unequally in comparison to Carmine Isacco. I had recruited and hired Carmine three years earlier.

Four weeks prior to the December 2009 meeting with Jenn Myers and Sheila Forshaw Paul J James was head coach of the YU women's soccer team who won their third OUA championship in five years. The York University women's soccer program have not won an OUA women's championship since - a period of ten years. Nor had they won an OUA Championship prior to Paul J James' arrival at York University.

Carmine Isacco has never played for the senior Canadian World Cup team; nor has he participated as a player in a FIFA World Cup or Olympic Games. Nor has he coached in a FIFA World Cup Championship. Carmine Isacco has not been inducted into the Canadian Soccer Hall of Fame. Nor has Carmine participated in four CONCACAF championship winning teams.

All the preceding accomplishments Paul J James had achieved, proving, along with the unprecedented success of the York University soccer program during his six year tenure at York University; combined with the fact in November of 2008 Paul J James responsibly opened up to York University and GOL TV requesting time off to seek assistance with mental disability. The facts equate to the incontestable reality Paul J James was unlawfully discriminated against by York University in 2009 and throughout the past decade as he has sought justice and correction of the circumstance.

A few days after reviewing the National Post article online - in early July 2015 - I contacted Canada Soccer.

Dan Pazuk whom I had not conversed with for over 15 years, answered the call. My previous impression of Dan had always been the same. Courteous, pleasant, kind and excellent at his job. Nevertheless in this conversation, Dan was blatantly curt - confirming the stigmatization of substance disability does not discriminate on who it negatively affects and prejudices'.

President of Canada Soccer at the time, Victor Montagliani, contacted me shortly after. We discussed the matter.

Paul J James approach to Canada Soccer in 2015 and beyond

Once contact was made with Canada Soccer in 2015, regarding the ongoing unlawful treatment Paul J James had been subjected to the organization had a moral obligation and responsibility which required legitimate investigation, scrutiny, truthful analysis, assistance and intervention.

Seeking immediate fair resolution of the human rights injustices PJJ had been subjected to including from within the Canadian Soccer Industry should have been the moral, ethical course of action from Canada Soccer under the extreme circumstances presented at that time which included hunger strike protests.

Thorough, honest, humanistic support should have been forthcoming on such a serious matter: Overt, egregious unrelenting human rights discrimination.

In this regard Canada Soccer not only failed. They were optically and consistently unethical, and immoral with their approach which aligned with York University.

Stealth tactics were used which supported the oppressors of justice not the health and well-being of PJJ and the overall greater good.

In July 2015 Paul J James communicated via conference call with Victor Montagliani and Pat Santini, Canada Soccer's Legal Counsel.

The telephone conversation lasted 7 minutes. Pat Santini facetiously questioned whether all I was looking for was "the CSA to cut you a cheque" - made worse by his email denial of that fact an hour later until he discovered I had a witness (Ashley Kelly).

During this same 2015 time period, I also addressed with Victor Montagliani the behaviour of some Canada Soccer employees/alumni including Andrew Oliveri, Jason Devos, Dwayne DeRosario, Terry Dunfield and Stephen Hart all of whom slandered the name of Paul J James publicly regarding Singapore and/or my substance disability, conveniently and cowardly at a time of my public health exposure - 2010 and beyond.

Unfortunately, Victor and Canada Soccer elected to do nothing.

And when you do not correct such behaviour you permit it to happen again and again. And when you are a person who is in an oppressed group already, the consequences mount up and are devastating.

Subsequent to this indifferent approach from Canada Soccer, two years on, while I was engaged on a hunger strike protest, members of Canada Soccer, including legal counsel, Pat Santini, visited PJJ on two occasions.

Initially Canada Soccer representative and Vice President Nick Bontis spoke with President of York University Mahmoud Shoukri stating he knew Paul J James and had spoken with me when in fact we have never met.

In the conversation they assessed my need for Rehab which aligned with York University and their collaborators scapegoating the protest as mental illness, against the oppression I had experienced.

The hunger strike protests were legitimate bonafide strategies and tactics for fighting back against the injustice which York University and their collaborators had delivered. They could not defeat the hunger strike protests through truthfulness and transparency of the facts of their culpability and so they scapegoated the physical and psychological pain I was prepared to endure onto mental illness and substance disability. And it has been unrelenting.

Canada Soccer aligned with this and presented they would fund rehab with York University which I assertively declined.

The second meeting on a subsequent hunger strike protest was in the presence of Peter Montopoli and Pat Santini.

Guarded from the mounting absurdities, the offer of support from Canada Soccer, once again, in the form it was presented, gave the clear optics it was not sincere but to the benefit of York University and the protection of the collaborators of injustice including the Canadian Judicial process and Canadian media.

Canada Soccer stated they would compensate $10,000 to a boutique lawyer from Ottawa of their choosing to review the James vs York University file and render a recommendation on whether the file could go back to the Supreme Court of Canada.

The proposal as presented gave the extreme appearance it was yet another Ruse.

Based on the 8 year experience of the egregious, incestuous Judicial process where Self-Represented Applicants are targeted by the legal systems fraternity as anathema to their interests, I had limited hope this would be any different from previous underhandedness.

Unfortunately Pat Santini's approach in 2015 did not cultivate trust.

Nor did Canada Soccer's dismissive attitude and non-willingness to address the clear acts of prejudice, slander, defamation I had been receiving for so long from within the Canadian soccer industry and within Canada Soccer.

In addition the methodologies of York University and their collaborators since I had embarked on hunger strike protests were one ruse after another to avoid justice being served; and to scapegoat the hunger strike protests as being mental illness.

Paul J James presented a counter proposal to Canada Soccer.

$20,000 to be a paid back loan. $10,000 Canada Soccer use as originally suggested and the other 10,000 to be used by Paul J James to gain a second opinion from a lawyer of my choosing. A commonsense approach which would have added impartiality and integrity to the review process.

Canada Soccer declined the counter proposal confirming the original instinct to their proposal as made in bad faith, was correct.

It made no sense to accept as originally presented as it would have been to the advantage of York University and the non-accountability of the Canadian judicial process.

In addition, from a previous underhanded play from Scott Weinberg, Barry Swadron and Randy Ragan (the latter two both graduates from York's Osgoode Hall) the figure of $20,000 was discussed from Victor Montagliani to Bobby Lenarduzzi to Scott Weinberg as a Canada Soccer donation to a fund raising account for Paul James seeking justice. And so the figure was apparently not the issue.

As presented by Pat Santini it would have been too accessible to let York University and the entire judicial process off the hook of accountability for the damage they have delivered by simply disseminating a message from the boutique lawyer that the file could not go back to the SCC with no checks and balances. And then being a non-lawyer my chance of gaining justice would have been zero. And all Canada Soccer would say, well we tried.

The reality is I already know the Paul J James file can go back to the Supreme Court of Canada and it would win. I did not mis-read Justice Sachs and Justice Hambly at the Divisional Court of Ontario. I can ferret out diamonds of social justice just like I can ferret out persons with The Prince etched into their mantelpieces. Justice Edwards' prejudicial statement which was the whole case was used in the Case Summary of the Supreme Court of Canada communicating to the world that the Paul J James file was going to be dismissed even before it was adjudicated.

When I confronted the error. The Honorable court took the statement down because it was wrong. It was an error. And as a consequence no Canadian citizen can be assured that Paul J James claim against York University and the HRTO was treated equally and fairly at our countries highest court. On that basis the James vs York University claim should be permitted to go back to the honorable court to be read by one Supreme Court justice. Only then would all Canadians be assured the Paul J James claim as been treated equally and fairly.

What was presented originally with denying the PJJ counter proposal - a fair, common sense approach - confirmed it was an appalling ruse from Canada Soccer against the Justice I had been fighting for, for so long. The suggestion was ONLY to the benefit of York University and the Canadian Judicial process.

In addition the lack of fair reasonable support from Canada Soccer in not addressing the serious complaints PJJ brought forth privately regarding unreasonable slander, defamation and discrimination of my name and circumstances - re Singapore and Health Disability - by employees of Canada Soccer and within the Canadian soccer industry at large was immoral and highly stigmatizing. Canada Soccer in line with other oppressors have treated Paul J James as someone who is worthless.

Failure to correct discrimination/slander permits its perpetuation. On the specific subject matter - substance disability - the consequences of not addressing the issues equally, fairly, and swiftly has led to continued, ongoing, severe oppression.


"To inappropriately, unlawfully, describe, regard, and treat someone with immense disgrace, disapproval and disrespect of their human rights"

Consequences of STIGMATIZATION:

Painful. Insecurity. Isolation. Anxiety. Fear. Uncertainty. Conformity to Self-Stigma. Feelings of Worthlessness. Anger. Humiliation. Embarrassment.

"A moment of STIGMATIZATION can be like, being hit by lightening".

Treated with such appalling disrespect, indignity, inequality and unfairness.

Treated like you are a Criminal. An invalid. A little boy. As worthless. As someone to be manipulated. Someone requiring sympathy not dignity and respect.

Unemployment. Limited opportunity.

Applied for many jobs including soccer positions with no response.

Since 2009 worked as dog walker, dishwasher, delivery of flyers, addictions coach, automotive factory worker, coaching U8 recreational training sessions for local soccer club.


Stigmatizing someone is far different and exponentially worse from criticism, slander and defamation. While criticism, slander, defamation can hurt someone and even their reputations, Stigmatizing comments do all three and eliminate opportunity and employment into the mix. Stigma destroys lives. And when a group of individuals as a cartel take advantage of someones mental health disability they can "socially assassinate" that person completely. Unfortunately, that is what has happened in Canada to Paul J James. And there is no way out for the culprits. Under polygraph testing and forensic evidence of communications they would buckle and be found guilty of appalling, unlawful behavior.

The following illustrations - including from the group - are just a few of 1001 others.

Passages taken from a Previous document - Anatomy of an Absolute Nightmare

"My Canadian soccer career aside from York University’s immorality was finally harmed beyond repair not by my mental health disability but the reaction to my mental health disability. • In particular, the evilness, unlawfulness of a group of Canadian soccer media individuals which took a psychotherapist, Linda Perlis, with no connection or idea about soccer nor alone the Canadian soccer industry, to sum it up perfectly, “Only in Canada could a group of imbeciles get away with such behavior. Pathetic and criminal”. And here is the list.

Sportsnet: John Molinaro; James Sharman; Ontario Soccer: Ben Ryecroft; The Score Media: Richard Whittall; TSN Kristen Jack; TSN David Norman; TSN Terry Dunfield; Former TSN Analyst: Jason Devos; Ontario Soccer TV: Anthony Torterra; Formerly of GOL TV: Lee Godfrey; Amateur Bloggers: Gregor Young; Benjamin Massey

An RCMP investigation into my life including my soccer career will reveal under difficult circumstances I have always performed my duties in a professional, honorable fully committed manner to anyone who has come into my life. The investigation will reveal this undermining segment of the Canadian soccer community for who they are and what they did, said and wrote • Yet when I have been harmed by an organization I have tried to resolve matters in the same dignified professional manner I conducted any soccer team I coached. Professionally and fair. With York University for example I tried to resolve their appalling treatment and discrimination privately in 2011/12/13/15/16/17. • With individuals, in spite of the damage caused to me personally I still have tried to reconcile matters when I should not have been the person to do so. Persons such as Jason Devos and Terry Dunfield, or my former assistant coaches at York University as examples, have avoided the opportunity/responsibility illustrating the consequences of the stigma of the subject matter when you are the receiver of injustice. You are not even a third class citizen, with no equality, no enforceable human rights. You are considered worthless. A doormat by the wrong people to take advantage of most especially if you do not conform to antiquated societal norms and expectations. And there were a lot of the wrong people.

David Norman "Throughout PJJ’s tenure with the Canadian Soccer Association and beyond he received what would be considered a hefty amount of maligned criticism from the Canadian Voyageurs soccer supporters group including from Gregor Young friend of David Norman and Jason Devos, …."and its still a disgrace that James was hired by the CSA” June 20, 2001. The disgrace aspect with regards to the 1986 Singapore episode was that David Norman not only profited $15,000 plus back in 1986 for deliberately playing poorly for the Canadian National mens’s soccer team. He never had to testify in a court room and then ended up playing for the Canadian national team again 13 more times. But that wasn't enough for David Norman. Trying to unlawfully channel his own immorality onto myself through the unconscionable behavior of others on his behalf and most specifically with regard to the narration of my poor health, is a reflection of the character which got David Norman into the quagmire of depravity in the first place. David needed to appreciate how fortunate he was to have been given the opportunity to have played for Canada again".

GOL TV Lee Godrey/Barry Maclean "During the same period PJJ also informed GOL TV of his need for three months leave from on camera work; he also informed “friend” of 15 years, Barry Maclean of his poor mental health condition - substance dependence. • PJJ attended first Rehab December/January 2008/09. • Barry Maclean was hired by GOL TV Executive Producer at MLSE, Chris Hebb, as consultant for the hiring/retaining of on camera soccer analysts. He was also agent of John Carver, at the time, Toronto FC’s Head Coach. Upon return from Rehab, PJJ was released from his part-time analyst work at GOL TV after a three commitment. Rumour of PJJ’s substance dependence was by now rife within the soccer community and at MLSE where Bree Carr-Harris was employed in part on a recommendation by PJJ. • The Toronto Star’s Chris Zelkovich publicly reported/suggested PJJ’s disappearance/firing from GOL TV as being the consequence of his critique of John Carver from the previous summer. It was wrong the assessment. I was undermined by Lee Godrey who told me if I didn't apologize to John Carver I'd never work in the soccer media again. He was right.

Stigmatizing Weapon: Scapegoating The mysterious disappearance of Paul James (Chris Zelkovich Toronto Star) April 2009 Paul James is arguably one of the best TV soccer commentators in this country. He worked for The Score and most recently for GolTV and established himself as a guy with well-formed opinions and intelligent insights. But James is out of the TV business for now, spending most of his time trying to relaunch his media career while wondering how he ended up on the outside. Most likely,we'll never know why his television career was interrupted.James, coach of the York University women's soccer team, says he'd rather not talk about what happened other than to say he wasn't happy with the way he was treated by the digital channel when it let him go before the 2009 Major League Soccer season. Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment, which has purchased GolTV outright, will say only that it informed the highly respected broadcaster that he wasn't part of its plans once it gained control of the channel from Insight Sports. According to MLSE broadcast director Chris Hebb, he had enough staff announcers when GolTV was acquired and James wasn't needed. Other GolTV staffers were retained, however. But there were troubles involving James and former Toronto FC coach John Carver that may have been part of the story. The troubles go back to last season when Carver lit into a reporter for asking what he thought was a silly question at a press conference. In his regular GolTV spot, James said that Carver was out of line and that the reporter didn't deserve that kind of treatment. End of story, at least until James was told that Carver wanted an apology. James decided against it and left a message for Carver explaining the reasons for his decision. ``I wasn't prepared to apologize," James says. ``I hadn't said anything that I need to apologize for." James heard nothing more until he was told his contract was not being renewed. It's possible this was all a misunderstanding and Carver's dispute with James may not have been an issue.But, sadly, it's also possible that a coach had a hand in a media outlet's decision-making. It certainly wouldn't be the first time. TSN announcer Dave Hodge was sacked from Toronto Argonauts broadcasts two decades ago for saying uncomplimentary things about the team's play. A Blue Jays general manager once upbraided an announcer on a team flight for on-air comments perceived to be negative.

John Pugh in 2014. One of Canada Soccer Directors an honorable good man and a significant contributor to the development of Canadian soccer implemented STIGMATIZATION when dealing with Paul J James. I spoke to John Pugh prior to applying for a position within the organization Mr Pugh headed. He assured PJJ the application would be treated equally and fairly and that the organization would at the very least, communicate with me in that regard. Paul J Janes called Mr Pugh specifically for that reason knowing I had been denied access to equal, fair treatment during the previous 5 years. Once application was submitted however, I never heard back nor alone get an interview. Only since publicly protesting through hunger strike protests have I received part time coaching assignments/work and a semblance of some dignity and respect.

Andrew Oliveri was outrageous and repugnant with his acute behaviour knowing the location, the amount of people present, the content and the motivation to behave in such a way apparently because I had released him from the men's national U20 team in 2000 because he was not at the level of the two incumbent GK's who were ahead of him in terms of ability. Hammering his chest like Tarzen. Andrew, who was head coach of the Canadian Women's U20 team at the time, stated, to paraphrase "how can PJJ demand players show character when he took a bribe and threw a game for Canada and now he's a drug addict".

Dwayne DeRosario: In November of 2010 received email informing me Dwayne DeRosario had been on Sun TV stating, "Paul J James has done nothing for the development of soccer in Canada he just been involved in scandals". Dwayne was aggrieved at a Globe and Mail article I had written which was balanced measured but critical of Dwayne for selfishly imitating the signing of a check to the crowd - indicating he wanted more money.

Stephen Hart: Stated in public no one can take Paul J James seriously. He took money to throw a game for Canada. Stephen made the remark after I had written a Globe Mail piece which questioned his hiring by Canada Soccer. The article finished with the following paragraph. "The gulf between Gold Cup games and World Cup qualifiers in terms of pressure, intensity and maturity is a big one. A nice-guy approach with tactical smarts will serve him well until the point when the money is on the line. Without an edgy approach that comes from an edgy personality it is difficult to fathom how a well-liked nice guy like Stephen Hart will get blood out of a stone from the group of players he selects to get the job done". Three years later when Canada played in Honduras and only needed a draw or possibly a one nil loss to get into the next round of qualifying they lost 8-1. The important point as it relates to Stigmatization is that because Stephen Hart knew of my substance disability at the time and so he like unscrupulous others think they have the right to then slander, defame, criticize with complete impunity. And the reason they think they can? Is because they can do so. That is what it is to be Stigmatized.

Jason Devos: I coached Jason in 1992 when he was 19 in the old Canadian Soccer League. The following excerpt from Anatomy of Nightmare describes just a portion of Jason Devos. The disparity of power and status with Jason Devos writing what he wrote and his alignment with David Norman, Gregor Young and John Molinaro and Paul J James knowing I had already lost both jobs was polarized. . I was calling in to an amateur podcast from a payphone on Queen Street in Toronto while Jason was at the other of the spectrum. I refused to be a doormat.

"In an email exchange between Jason Devos and PJJ in 2011 I respond in part,

In regards to the following statement you made in your email correspondence, "I find it ironic that someone who accepted money to lose a game for Canada feels that he can pass judgement on the character and integrity of others" so now you like others in the Canadian soccer community over the years have used the dilemma I was presented with in Singapore as a means to defame, undermine, or discredit me as a person when they do not know the facts…it really does say a lot more about your own character Jason than it does mine. Have you ever considered that the whole Singapore affair highlights much more my strength of character and integrity as opposed to the other way round? I think over time you will begin to see that the majority of people do not share your point of view and the ones that do have agendas which are not honourable. Which brings me to the real issue. For the record this is about Canadian soccer in general and particularly politics which is the number one problem we face in this country which you are a part of”.

Again it was the self-absorbed insecure extraordinarily selfish nature of Jason Devos which developed the unenviable characteristics that would lead him to consider making such bold maligned statements which with a twist of wicked premeditated irony he doesn't make to his TSN cohort David Norman. The more important point being, he would never have made the comments had it been at any other time because politically it would not have been advantageous for him to do so. It would have been problematic because I still had my social and professional status as my poor mental health was not exposed. But then in 2011 the word was out about my health and Jason knew I had lost both jobs. PJJ is in a position of worthlessness Jason takes advantage in an obscene way - a bullied approach because I had nothing. I was doing free podcasts which nobody listened to and addressed his political behavior particularly in regards to his undermining decisions regarding Holger Osieck, a talented individual we have yet to replace. Jason just needed to address the issue or absorb it and perhaps think of a different manner to lead. Either way he wasn't going to lose his position or job because of negative critique.

Mooredale Soccer Club: Taken from my sworn Affidavit to the Supreme Court of Canada in 2016: Coached an 12 boys team Mooredale Soccer Club. The only coaching assignment I have been able to receive in the past 6 years was to coach the Mooredale Boys U12 team beginning in the fall of 2012. I was in the position for 7 weeks. Before I was confirmed as coach I had to conduct trial training sessions for parents and players and I had to answer questions about my mental ability to coach 12 year olds from some parents. This was not outlined to me when I was “recruited” and was offensive, discriminatory and humiliating considering my background. It was the first time in my soccer career that I had to perform a trial coaching session. The following seven weeks I was treated poorly and inappropriately because the team manager’s son was not played often enough as a consequence of his ability not being at the elite level of the other players. When I left the team I received a text from the manager stating, note to self: never hire a crack head. In October 2014 the same manager contacted me and apologized for his remark and handling of my circumstances informing me his son had been bullied on the team and had decided to leave to play at a lower level. He asked if I would be interested in going back to Mooredale as a number of the parents wanted me to coach the team. In spite of acknowledging I would be happy to do so and that I was appreciative of the apology the Mooredale Soccer Club through their Technical Director whom I had never met used my health background as a means to thwart my hiring as the team’s soccer coach. "He wouldn't even pass a Police check". In February 2015 I received an email from the original manager apologizing for his Crackhead comment. I approached the Mooredale club on numerous occasions in 2015 to meet to discuss the discriminatory inappropriate treatment I had received. The club avoided a meeting. In July of 2015 I reluctantly filed a human rights discrimination claim against the Mooredale Soccer club. I cannot get hired as a soccer coach anywhere. A hearing is scheduled for late November 2016 more than two years after the event and four years after my initial training with the U12 team.

CBC referred to Paul J James in January 2017 once I had embarked on a second hunger strike protest as a 20 year Crack Cocaine Addict. The brutality of the statement and the malice behind it and the whole article which was not representative of the matter and fight for justice. I smashed my cell phone at the nearest wall in front of me and have not owned one since. I requested it was taken down but it still remains on line. You do not automatically become a substance dependent person based on once use of any substance when you are a highly successful functional person. It takes years of "hard work" to develop a substance disability. This piece was not based on ignorance it was ruthlessly targeted. I cannot even look at Tom Harrington in same way anymore.

Oakville Soccer Club Oakville: Turned down my request to conduct training sessions in 2012 in spite of the fact it was my alumnus club from when I first came to Canada. In 2008 when I was on my hands and knees health wise I conducted a 75 minute seminar for over 120 parents, players and coaches on university soccer in both the US and Canada. And I did so pro-bono.

Excommunication from York University assistant coaches for immature selfish reasons when they knew were doing would not just hurt but harm me irreparably (November 2008).

Entered REHAB (December 18, 2008). You feel like a criminal.

Fired from GOL TV/MLSE for no reason (April 2009) Hit by Lightening

Requested from supervisor to formalize resignation at York University October 2009 Hit by Lightening

Upon return from second REHAB, early in order to meet a speaking commitment for the history department at York University I received two days later, "Jenn hopes you have your head screwed on straight this time". December 2009 Hit by Lightening

Tom Sohen head soccer coach of Vancouver Whitecaps in 2010 and who I had confided in, informs Bob Lenarduzzi of my substance dependence of in January 2010. Bob disseminates information. Hit by Lightening

Summer 2011 met past President of York University; she informed me to speak with Rob Tiffin - York University Vice President. No returned calls or emails. Lorna then informed me to meet with Harriet Lewis YU General Counsel.

Fall of 2011 met with Harriet Lewis she suggested me to contact Jenn Myers and Sheila Forshaw to meet to discuss the poor treatment. A meeting was avoided by both.

Late January 2012 received call from Terry Dunfield warning if I wrote about experience in Argentina a decade earlier in 2001 he would do something about it. Which he did through henchmen bloggers Young and Massey ditto Devos.

In 2016 turned down for a dish-washing job at Johnson and Sons Oyster House in Toronto.

York University ignored repeated communications including this one as I was embarked on my fifth hunger strike, “On that note and pointed directly to you as the York University Board of Governors, if you do in fact govern with integrity, fairness, equality, dignity, and respect, then you will discover the Paul James file should be a time for deep, wholehearted regret, humility and immediate correction beginning with providing me the opportunity to present to you the nature and impact of the injustice which has been delivered and the reason(s) why you should correct it, which will prevent further harm to myself”. Paul James Summer of 2017.

Bob Rae I was awestruck when I first met Bob Rae - knowing his background and profound intellect. Now I would categorize him as possibly the worse person I have encountered over a life time. There are too many incidences of being let down and stigmatized by Bob. So will leave it with a contradiction of thoughts and actions. Bob on the second meeting trying to get me off a 32 day hunger strike commented that he disagreed with all of York University's decisions and the Canadian Judicial System has treated you very very badly. Yet when it was time for doing something about it Bob did nothing but harm my circumstances. From family, to the Toronto Star, to Colin Perkel, to first and foremost protecting his hide. When he found out I was so raged at the Toronto Star article he sent Kevin Tierney a text stating I would not have recommended Paul agree to the Toronto Star article. Well why would he not tell me that, knowing I was homeless and all. Knowing you were writing for the Toronto Star. Evilness is personified in how Bob Rae has dealt with the Paul J James matter and Paul J James the person.

Toronto Star: Friday September 7, 2018 release of the defamatory, malice riddled Toronto Star article on the Paul J James story. Hit by Lightening, Thunder Bolt, Tsunami, Earthquake. Kevin Tierney and Peyvand Mossavat put me on the first bus out of town. A four hour ride.

Mary Ormsby: After four weeks of communicating and being very pleasant and with the promise I would be informed of the quotes she would use; and a copy of the taped recordings of the interview would be provided. None were. The purpose of the article was to expose the Truth and the horror of Stigma which seeps into every aspect the Paul J James story. She did the opposite. When I immediately requested Mary take down the article from the Toronto Star, she hung-up right away and stated, "don't go there". Her references and insinuations about Ashley Kelly and Singapore will never ever be forgiven.

While Canada Soccer does not have obligations to Canadian national soccer team alumni for life's tribulations....

Unique circumstances do arise in society which warrant legitimate investigation and support as a consequence of extreme wrongs, social injustices and abuse. The Paul J James matter bulldozes into that territory.

Aside from being an alumnus of Canada Soccer both as a coach and player and a three time inductee into the Canadian Soccer Hall of Fame, there were three unique circumstances which warranted the serious attention of the national governing body of football in Canada.

(A). The genesis of Paul J James' substance use was during the four year period of employment at the Canadian Soccer Association from 1998/2001.

The greatest opportunity to have avoided what ultimately unfolded in my life, was for the issue to have been thoroughly addressed and conquered during this period. Such is the paralysis of Societal and Self-Stigma however no strategy or assistance was forthcoming.

Persons at Canada Soccer were handcuffed by the "We do not Know What to Do" criminalized conditioning of the Stigma of Substance Dependence.

Nevertheless, in reality, the association should have known what to do. Would the Paul J James circumstance have happened at the English/Spanish/Italian FA's?

The deleterious effects from not receiving treatment support during this period, as with millions of others around the world, were ultimately devastating.

Yet I have never blamed or questioned Canada Soccer for this lack of realistic support. Nor did I feel discriminated against.

Only since 2015 have I been profoundly alarmed, disappointed and disturbed by the reaction and decisions of the governing body with respect to the Paul J James matter and Paul J James the person.

(B). 1986 Singapore Bribery Scandal Paul J James Needed protection from Canada Soccer.

In 1986 I was approached by four Canadian national team players to play poorly for money in our semi-final game versus North Korea. The four national team players had already been receiving gifts and monies throughout the tournament from the fixers.

Intimidated and insecure. Did not know what to do. I should have told the team management. Unfortunately I didn't have the courage to expose my "teammates" . "Agreed to be involved. Played as well as I could in the game versus North Korea. Then the night before leaving Singapore for Toronto the $10,000 I had in my possession was given back to the four conspirators.

Three years later testified for the crown and CSA in the matter. Naively used as a pawn as there was no legal jurisdiction for the case to be tried in Canada.

No win situation.

Psychologically Traumatic circumstance for me personally followed throughout my soccer career through ongoing slander, defamation, and underhandedness of those unscrupulous persons seeking maligned advantage - which in Canada have proven to be many.

Not confronting defamation and slander on this matter, over many years, has permitted its re-occurrence particularly in moments of adversity or through wicked competitive adversaries.

Once mental health disability was exposed and/or rumor spread then unrelenting defamatory comments with regards to my involvement in Singapore escalated Even people working for Canada Soccer. If anyone was aggrieved with direct PJJ soccer analysis, out came the Singapore, health disability slander and defamation.

Among the constellation of factors leading to substance use and eventual substance disability the Singapore affair was a factor.

When I approached Canada Soccer in 2015 for assistance just on this issue alone it was laughed off as being insignificant.

Comment from 2015 National Post article re James vs York University matter: "James might have had an addiction problem but he still took a $10,000 bribe and helped throw a game. Then claimed he returned the 10Gs. He's a disgrace. He let his adopted country down". Lee Godfrey and Ben Ryecroft disseminated the National Post article throughout the soccer community.

In 2004 when I entered the office at, ironically, The Score to speak with Executive Producer at the time Anthony Cicione about the following email I had received, he stated, that a person came into his office a week earlier saying he was from the Canadian supporters group and they wanted me off the air because I took a bribe in Singapore. A sign of Anthony's good character was that he refused. "Fuck you asshole, you are a morbid cocksucker. Im going to slice your nose up and shove it in your penis, you son of a fuck. I hate your hair and fuck you. You are a master coach of master queers, and you like men, you want to touch men such as your father in his grave. Get off Sportsworld, no one wants to look at your face you ugly shit, you ruined the sport of soccer, you welsh piece of shit. Go accept a bribe from Singapore. ill let you give me ten dollars if i fuck your whole family. Die. and by the way you're ugly. you look like shit in a bagel.

From:......obviously were not telling you you stupid fuck......go fuck your couch, or your mother, your choice. BYE"

(C). The subject matter itself Mental-Substance Disability and the plain and obvious social injustice which had taken place .

Definition of Substance Disability (SD): SD is not a crime, criminal behaviour or the result of a bad character. SD is not an illness or disease. SD is an acquired learned behaviour satisfying a psychological gap in a person’s life/psychological makeup. SD's can lead to periods of ill health and/disease but in and of itself it is a psychological disorder as determined and defined by the Diagnostic Statistical Manual (DSM) produced by the psychiatry fraternity.

Definition of Substance Disability (SD) applied to PJJ: social isolation through unrealistic life planning and personal insecurity, for too many years, led to anxiety, depression and an eventual encounter with harmful substance which "filled the psychological gap".

"Legalizing Marijuana will be like legalizing Murder" an unfortunate, illiterate, criminalized quote from Julian Fantino who now has changed his mind. The statement illustrates willful ignorance and bad politics rolled into one on the subject matter of substance use disorders/substance disabilities which have and continue to ruin millions of people's lives through the devastating effects of criminalizing substances and the consequential stigmatized manipulative conditioning of society.

As a consequence and illustration, Paul J James has not experienced support over the past decade but rather unrelenting Stigmatization facilitating continued harm to his well-being. The resulting social isolation and humiliation which has descended onto my life has been as devastating as the longevity of the circumstances have been unnecessary and preventable.

Section 15 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms reads as follows:

"Every individual is equal before and under the law and has the right to the equal protection and equal benefit of the law without discrimination and, in particular, without discrimination based on race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, sex, age or mental or physical disability".

Diagnosed Substance Use Disorders are mental disabilities protected under the Canadian Charter.

The knowledge of this human right however, with particular reference to the Paul J James case, has not filtered down to mainstream Canadian society which facilitates appalling infringements of a person’s human rights.

With this in mind it equates to the treatment of Paul John James since 2008 as unlawful.

Pages 65 to 89 of a document produced in 2018 titled Anatomy of an Absolute Nightmare which will be sent separately outlines forensically the soccer portion of the PJJ story with specific concentration on the period 2008 to present.

Supreme Court of Canada The 78 page Request for Reconsideration Affidavit submitted to the SCC in the summer of 2016 will also be sent. It outlines the unrelenting infringement of PJJ's human rights throughout the Canadian Judicial process.

Both documents in conjunction with this correspondence highlight the appalling oppression of Paul J James for the past decade; culminating in his decision to insist on annulment of his Canadian Soccer Hall of Fame status and his willingness to starve himself in protest. Not once but now ten times over a two year period the consequence of which was even more escalated injustice, humiliation and continued abuse of his human rights from the oppressors.

Confronting the Stigma of Drug Addiction

"Most people have good, honorable, humane intentions when interacting with their fellow citizens. If however, you want to turn admirable people into unwitting discriminatory, prejudicial, judgmental citizens then simply inform them you live with a substance disability. The metamorphosis is breathtaking and cutting, facilitated by profound ignorance and bias erroneously conditioned onto our psyches as normal behaviour when in receipt of such information. Confronting and Reconciling the Stigma of Substance Disability is therefore the pivotal challenge which must be undertaken in order to guarantee sustained positive change for future generations of our fellow citizens who through no fault of their own will be most susceptible to one day being assigned as a member of this highly oppressed segment of society. For the past three generations we have behaved towards persons in this unenviable group so poorly and inappropriately it now ranks, unequivocally, as the most significant preventable immorality of our time”. Paul John James 2018.

The quote above was made as a consequence of exposure and experience for over a decade to the ruthless Stigma/Stigmatization associated with persons who have a known disability to an erroneously criminalized substance.

The decision to confront the Stigma of Drug Addiction was a consequence of the social injustices I have experienced and the exhaustion of all institutional options to resolve the matter fairly and equally. The course of action was not a consequence of mental illness.

It has made many on the receiving end of direct truthfulness of their own contributions to oppression, uncomfortable, including persons at Canada Soccer.

It should be noted therefore that Canada Soccer are not alone. The majority of people I have encountered including family are stigmatized by the issue to some degree.

Without an open mind and commitment to learn and understand the subject matter ALL are susceptible to treating persons with substance disabilities inappropriately, poorly and unlawfully.

It was never my intent to criticize in a tit for tat manner. Confronting Stigma is much deeper than negatively critiquing the behaviour, statements, opinions or ideologies of someone you disagree with on everyday matters including soccer itself.

Confronting Discrimination and Poor Treatment

Since 2012 after consultation on the STIGMATIZATION delivered it was recommended I confront oppressors of such behaviour, honourably and respectfully.

Since that time Paul J James has exhausted every available option to resolve matters of poor treatment/discrimination professionally, fairly and in a dignified manner. Wanted to move on with life. But a life as a free citizen worthy of respect, dignity, equal treatment and fairness. Human Rights afforded to Paul J James prior to seeking treatment support for substance disability and to every citizen who is not afflicted with the "label" of a person with a diagnosed substance disability.

Attempts at Reconciling Discrimination

Contacted persons/organizations privately with the offer to meet and resolve their own contributions including but not limited to: JD, TD, BCH, JM, JT, SF, RT, JM, HL, LM, the Mooredale Soccer Club, Oakville Soccer Club, THE SCORE, CBC, National Post: all ignored communications with the eventual exception of Terry Dunfield who was so patronising and insulting the meeting lasted 5 minutes.

Communications with York University spanning 7 years attempting fair honorable resolution each year: they ignored or declined all opportunities.

Applications to the Canadian Judiciary over a 6 year period - discriminated, prejudiced against, in the words of Bob Rae "treated you very very badly at every level"

Contacting other stakeholders - Canada Soccer - seeking legitimate support - received dishonorable "rolling eyes", insulting, scapegoating approach.

Nine very public painful hunger strikes (now ten) - oppressors immorally ridiculed and scapegoated the protests and displayed they didn't care about the pain and humiliation I was enduring or the fact I could die at any moment. These decisions of the Oppressors including most specifically York University, Canada Soccer and the Canadian media will stand the test of time for total immorality. Since when has courage fighting for the Truth been classified as mental illness! Only in Canada.

Transparency of the facts of the matter through writing and uploads onto the website confronting the stigma of drug addiction revealing the truth of the matter.

Contact with Liberal government of Canada who offered social housing and disability payments rather than confront/correct injustices. I declined both.

While diagnosed with a disability I can and have always been able to work. I should not have to accept governmental charity which among other issues stigmatizes and

Documents Produced: Authored Cracked Open; Application and ALL Submissions to the HRTO on Mooredale Soccer Club matter; York University 60 page Request for Reconsideration to the HRTO with accompanying 38 appendices of evidence; Factum and ALL written materials for Ontario Court of Appeal; All written materials for Leave To Appeal application to the Supreme Court of Canada including 78 page Affidavit with the Request for Reconsideration.

Consequences of Confronting STIGMATIZATION of Substance Disability

The overall consequence of confronting has been further injustice, extreme media defamation and exposure to significant immorality of oppressors, further infringing on the human rights of PJJ, harming the health and well-being of his life even further.

Loss of ALL assets. Liquidated Homes; Pension. Homelessness.

Unequivocal Proof that if you have a diagnosed substance disability, you have no human rights - they are totally disregarded.

Specifically to Paul J James: forfeiture of Canadian a Soccer Hall of Fame status, health and well-being and ultimately life itself.

Finals Words

Canada Soccer should have been morally and ethically offended by the Paul J James matter and what had taken place and then acted swiftly and honorably in his defense.

Rather, Canada Soccer were indifferent, dismissive of the matter and stealth oriented in their avoidance of the truth adding further humiliation and oppression to an already horrific set of circumstances.

It is why, as I bring this matter to an end through the ultimate of sacrifices and in spite of my pride for representing the Canadian national soccer team, on more than 100 occasions, I now state with no remorse or second guessing I am ashamed to be living as a Canadian citizen.

The following passage from a recent blog I wrote: Social Change Engineered Through Social Suffering Confronting the Stigma of Drug Addiction sums up the Canadian soccer media when I came open.

"Psychologically more so because "confronting" is the antithesis by which Canadians like to live and operate. We are not comfortable with being told when we are deficient or wrong. Especially, if receiving egos are particularly out of control or you have discriminated or treated someone very badly. No one wants to admit it or accept responsibility. It's let's say - a Canadian weakness. We are so nice we're actually not".

And the Two Final Paragraphs from Paul J James Affidavit to the Supreme Court of Canada in 2016 - I am now 55 and TEN hunger strike protests later.

At this time I am ashamed to be living as a Canadian citizen in a country with so much comparative wealth and advantage on a global basis, yet fails so miserably when taking care of the health of their citizens and especially disadvantaged citizens suffering substance use disorders who, to add to their indignity have no realistic legal recourse for protection under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. I also feel ashamed to have ever represented Canada as a nation both as a soccer player and as a soccer coach, arenas where in the battle of competitive international sport you feel you are representing every Canadian citizen as if your life depended on it. I was always proud to wear and represent the Canadian shirt because I believed that we were, along with our wealth and abundance of natural resources, also a fair, just, non-corrupt nation. It has proven to be a disturbing illusion.

At 52 years of age, a period when I should be contemplating retirement, I start my life again from nothing with an array of debilitating impediments. There are no words which can adequately express the rage I feel inside, perhaps best summed up by Dr Rogan Taylor from the University of Liverpool who being privy to my full life circumstances questions, “what kind of society do you live in over there that permits this to happen” as outlined in my November 2013 Report to President Shoukri.

I respectfully insist to the Canada Board of Directors for the first time during this fiasco to respect and dignify my wishes by annulling my Canadian Soccer Hall of Fame inductee status, with immediate effect.

Yours respectfully,

Paul J James

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