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Part One of Four: Dear the Right Honourable Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Part One: Overview

Dear the Right Honourable Prime Minister Justin Trudeau,

I know it is a difficult time for you at the moment. As a former soccer coach I learned much about building teams, problem solving, harmony among the troops, loyalty to the cause, internal controversies, and the imperative importance of having an impenetrable ethical moral compass to guide the team.

Even though you have lost two fine ministers it was clearly necessary through courage of the honorable citizens themselves for the Liberal Party to take stock of your misguided compass and approach as a team. You clearly need to reconfigure the Liberal Party's internal ethos. Like Canada the nation - you and your Liberal colleagues have lost your way. Currently you do not have a moral compass. You only have an immoral one.

​The public, myself included, are crying out for politicians to display integrity, ethical rigour and humanity. I believe Jody Wilson-Raybould and Jane Philpott displayed a refreshing realistic attitude desperately needed in today's false, fake, selfish, deceitful and unbelievably evil, sick world.

Never lose talent without a fight. You and your fellow MP's are wrong and your message that it is about protecting jobs is a shocking scapegoating message, perpetuated by an equally immoral Canadian media. It can never be about jobs through justifying "criminality". Reconcile with the two talented principled ladies and find a solution to reintegrate them. Then, Pow Wow your team to abide by the same ethical and moral standards they displayed. Just saying.

Part One of Four Correspondences to you the Right Honourable Prime Minster Justin Trudeau

I appreciate now your attention to the Paul J James human rights discrimination matter.

I write this final correspondence (in four parts) to you weighing 137 lbs. It is the tenth hunger strike protest I have endured in a little over two years. My normal weight should be 174 lbs

Paul J James is not your enemy, nor is he an enemy of those whom have been challenged throughout the past 28 months through Confronting the Stigma of Drug Addiction the secondary intention of which, was to provoke serious thought and accountability on how Canada ruthlessly stigmatizes those persons at the diagnostic level of substance disability.

With that said, I cannot at this time, respect the Liberal Party's handling of the Paul J James matter and Paul J James the person. Nor can I respect you, Prime Minster, as the Leader of Canada. Not intervening and resolving the appalling, plain and obvious injustice and abuse I have been subjected to for so long, when I first communicated with you in January 2017 has been irresponsible, reckless, unethical and totally immoral.

The human rights injustices based on discrimination of substance disability which has so negatively affected not just myself but over many decades millions of other Canadians, should have been resolved back in 2010 and beyond. You did nothing.

Aside from a courteous polite correspondence received from then Attorney General of Canada Jody Wilson-Raybould on September 5, 2017 and a phone conversation with Jane Philpott's assistants, in March of 2017 both piecemeal efforts to appease me, nothing was resolved on why I have had to take to such extreme measures in seeking human rights social justice in the first place. On the contrary further elevated appalling injustices and abuse have been delivered.

ALL issues including the September 2018 Toronto Star malice filled defamation of my circumstances and fight for social justice remain unresolved to the detriment of ALL Canadians and my over health and well being. .

Instead, the process, legal fraternity, Canadian politicians and you as leader of Canada have rigidly succumbed to the interests, power and wealth of one Canadian academic institution, York University. It has been your only priority and you were/are willing to let me die or at bare minimum let me suffer such dreadful physical pain in fighting for the Truth

Protecting a systemic unlawful judicial barrier - one year delay - to accessing social justice from discrimination based on mental disability by insulating willful mistakes and bad faith adjudication of the Canadian Judicial process throughout the Paul J James claim before the courts, has permitted such shocking social injustice and unrelenting immorality to be delivered.

The Liberal government, opposition political parties and all Canadian political leaders have taken extreme advantage of the Stigmatized subject matter Paul J James presents in order to avoid the Truth seemingly because accepting the Truth requires correction of the injustice delivered and changes to a system which has prevented human rights protection of those persons living with exposed substance disabilities for far too long.


January of 2017 I sent you as the Right Honourable Prime Minister of Canada a video outlining my personal fight for social justice concerning, broadly, the human rights protection of persons with exposed substance disabilities who have been discriminated against, harassed and abused of their human rights.

In doing so I requested your answer to a specific very important question, "Are substance use disorders/disabilities protected under Section 15 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms?" You did not reply.

So then, on June 26, 2017 I sent you a letter outlining more specifically, the Paul J James circumstance, which clearly identified the injustices, poor treatment, and oppression delivered by York University, the corrupted Canadian judicial process in this matter, and a willful collaborating Canadian media.

At the time of this June 26 letter, rather than make contact an effort to resolve the matter you unfortunately instead, took to Twitter and stated among other public comments related to mental disability that, to paraphrase, "It is long overdue, Canada must begin to de-stigmatize substance addiction".

In light of your public comments and knowing the strategy I had been utilizing - hunger strike protests - it was devastating to experience such highly stigmatized non-communication while I was suffering distress at such personal risk. Your actions cemented you were abhorrently preparing for my non-existence seeking a head start and advantage on scapegoating my circumstances while illuminating also your indifference to the physical pain and sacrifice I was experiencing.

Ignoring both the January and June 2017 communications and then subsequent correspondences on an issue so important to the health and well being of Canadian society, also substantiated that you and the Liberal Party of Canada cared more about York University rather than doing what was morally and ethically right in this circumstance through recognition and protection of the human rights of one Canadian citizen and by association millions of others. And you proved throughout you were/are prepared to let me die if necessary.

The Intent of this Letter moving forward: Four Objectives:

a. To illuminate, one more time, the Truth in this matter and the Truths and Untruths of Substance Disabilities.

b. Personal Reconciliation from Confronting the Stigma of Drug Addiction.

c. To outline why De-Stigmatizing the social phenomena of Drug Addiction/Dependence/Disability is so important to Canadian society, it is actually essential.

d. To request one final time your intervention into the Paul J James matter to bring resolution and restitution to the outstanding circumstance in a manner which benefits ALL Canadians; then to renounce my Canadian citizenship and then through your Minister of Sport to facilitate the annulment of the Canadian Soccer Hall of Fame status of Paul J James all now, as symbolic actions in perpetuity.

If I am to survive this current starvation protest I can no longer live in Canada. Nor am I desirous of living here. It is how I feel and I cannot help how I feel. And there is nothing you, Bob Rae, or anyone can do about that.

As a reminder here is brief synopsis of the background of Paul John James

Soccer Career and Achievements: 47 International Caps as a player; Competed in 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games; Competed in 1986 FIFA World Cup in Mexico Professional player Toronto Blizzard, Hamilton Steelers, Doncaster Rovers, London Lasers, Ottawa Intrepid; Four Time Canadian Soccer League First Team All Star Player; Four CONCACAF Championships (2 player/2 coach); Canadian National Men's U20 Head Coach (98/01); Canadian National Men's U17 Assistant Coach (98/00); Canadian National Women's U20 Assistant Coach (2008) FIFA World Championship Argentina 2001; Professional Head Coach Ottawa (89); London (92); Collegiate Head Coach LeMoyne, Niagara, York University; 6 Coach of The Year Awards; CIS National Women's Coach of the Year 2007; BA Wilfrid Laurier (1997); MBA Football Industries (2002); Television Soccer Analyst: GOL TV, The Score, CBC, Sportsnet. Soccer Writer for the Globe and Mail.

Finally to end part one of my communication with you, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, here is a short segment taken from the 2018 document produced titled Anatomy of An Absolute Nightmare - to be continued each day for the next three days. There is no better illustration of how lost and depraved Canada is as a nation when you consider in spite of this there was still no effort for resolution. Rather, I became homeless, embarked on hunger strike number nine, and endured the unparalleled malice of the Toronto Star who obliterated any morsel of dignity and hope I had of humanity and morality.


“The truth is that Canada – the ninth richest country in the world – is so wealthy that it manages to mask the reality of poverty, social exclusion, discrimination, the erosion of employment quality, its adverse mental health outcomes, and youth suicides. While one of the biggest spenders in health care, we have one of the worst records in providing an effective social safety net. What good does it do to treat people’s illnesses to then send them

back to the conditions that made them sick in the first place?” Monique Begin 2010 Former Minister of Health and Welfare.

My Canadian soccer career aside from York University’s immorality has been ruined beyond repair not because of my mental health disability but the reaction to my mental health disability.

Opening up to persons at York University seeking help and support for poor health in 2008 was a mistake when it should not have been a mistake. It has been catastrophic for my health and well-being. It has taken nine years of my life away, every asset I had and every morsel of dignity.

Discrimination was incontrovertible and so was the callous premeditated failure by York University and the Canadian Judicial system not to resolve egregious errors and mistakes which permits further discrimination and abuse.

At the judicial outset in 2012 I was looking for fair access to social justice in order to save any semblance of a soccer career. After six years caught up in the Canadian Judicial system and ten years on since 2008 now in 2018 that career is irretrievable.

And so where does the responsibility truly lie?

For the Paul John James matter? For the 11 overdose deaths a day in Canada? For the deliverance of such extreme injustice when clear discrimination has taken place?

For the outrageous behaviour of the Canadian soccer media, the Canadian soccer industry and Canada Soccer?

As a nation Canada has not permitted the truth about substance disability to diffuse through to the Canadian population and as a consequence the stigma of drug addiction has become a “living animated machete”.

The warning signs have been there for all to see and observe since the Michael Kirby report back in 2004. The law and jurisprudence was put in place which were reasonable under the circumstances. It is the irresponsible application, non-accurate education and non-enforcement of the law which have been cultivated and permitted by organizations and individuals who act with outrageous impunity when they are so brutally wrong.

Therefore, there is only one place to look to for responsibility. And that is with the Canadian Government, the Canadian Parliament and the Canadian Judiciary. You have failed ALL Canadians. You have failed my former partner Ashley Kelly. And you have failed Paul James. You have not done your job on combating what was warned to you a decade and a half ago. You have failed. Paul James embarking on a ninth hunger strike in 16 months is all the verification one need to know that something is terribly wrong with Canada as a nation.

It is very much the butterfly effect. A butterfly landing on wildebeest in Africa leading to a stampede and then a tsunami in Asia. A lie travels half way around the world while the truth is just putting its shoes on. The Mark Twain borrowed quote is appropriate as the truth has

now caught up with the lie.

Canadian society can and needs to catch up on the reality of substance abuse/dependence/addiction for what the social health phenomenon really is. A mental health disability at varying levels on a continuum. They are not criminal behaviors or debilitating illnesses per se as we've been told for far too many years. They are disabilities which can be managed and lived with and recovered from during periods of ill health. And the academic society knew about it, at a bare minimum, two decades ago.

Canadian society also needs to catch up on the reality of who we are as a nation of people. It appears we have cultivated a nation of too many liars, undermining wannabes facilitated through the edict of Machiavelli. It is about time politicians discarded from their mantlepieces ‘The Prince’ and replaced it with something more relevant and useful. ‘New Earth’ by Eckard Tolle a Norwegian living in Vancouver for example. That is, of course, if you want civilization to exist beyond this current century.

So, if I may be permitted, Ill use a crude footballing (soccer) anecdote from a bygone era but most appropriate at this time. As Dario Gradi from Crewe Alexandra in England once said to his players at halftime. Its not the fact we are 3-0 down. Or the fact we have played so badly. Its the fact that all of you are pointing fingers, arguing and blaming the person next to you. Well, now you have the facts. There are no changes coming from me. You work together as a team and not individually or this will get a whole lot worse. Now, I’ve said my piece.…but remember..… you’ve got us into this f****** mess…..and so now you f******* get us out of it.

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