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Part Two of Four: Dear the Right Honourable Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Dear the Right Honorable Prime Minister Justin Trudeau,

"Truthfulness is so precious in today's World it should be Treasured and Celebrated". Barbara Streisand, Oscar Ceremonies 2019

This is part two of my correspondence series to you. Part Three will Address Transparency. Part Four will be My Life in Four Pages along with a gift to you, your lovely wife Sophie Gregoire and your Liberal MP's: a copy of the stigmatized narrative on my life up to 2011 titled, Cracked Open.

Both segments Part Three and Four will be released March 10th, 2019. ​

As a reminder:

"If I am to survive this current starvation protest I can no longer live in Canada. Nor am I at all desirous of living here. It is how I feel and I cannot help how I feel. And there is nothing you or anyone can do about that. That decision has been made, if I am indeed lucky enough to get to that point".

Of course I am saddened about the decision but resolute. I could never be happy here. The scares now are too deep. The only way to get rid of abuse is to break away. I can see Bob Rae gently moving the tissue box my way which perhaps sums up best the depravity we have come to in Canada. With that said, there are some truly extraordinary Canadian and International citizens who have channeled such kindness my way during this difficult period. For that reality I will always be so grateful and appreciative.

To end this hunger strike protest, I am requesting of you Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, one final time, your intervention into the Paul J James matter to bring long over due resolution and restitution to the outstanding circumstance in a manner which benefits ALL Canadians; to please respectfully renounce my Canadian citizenship and then through your Minister of Sport to facilitate the annulment of the Canadian Soccer Hall of Fame status of Paul J James. All now, as powerful, meaningful symbolic actions in perpetuity. A reminder to ALL Canadians, on how not to treat persons with exposed substance disabilities.

Again. I am not your enemy. Nor am I an enemy of those challenged through Confronting the Stigma of Drug Addiction over the past twenty eight months. I have read recently your contrition with your two departing Ministers and the willingness to consider improvements in the operations of your government. Good for you Prime Minister. Don't let the Conservatives get under your skin and know they can never, ever win the Substance Disability debate.

Towards the end of the writings in Part One of this final correspondence series, the following comment regarding Substance Disability and the Stigma which accompanies the social phenomena was made,

"As a nation Canada has not permitted the truth about substance disability to diffuse through to the Canadian population and as a consequence the stigma of drug addiction has become a “living animated machete”.

It is an absolute Truth.

It has been my experience. It has been truly awful. By far the worse part of the trajectory of substance use, developed substance issue and eventual substance disability. Those that Stigmatize based on mental/substance disability have an array of weapons in their locker to accomplish the task: antiquated offensive language/statements/inquiries, deceit, ignoring, patronizing, scapegoating, punishing, manipulating, treatment of those oppressed as third class citizens, stereotyping, isolating, excommunicating, facilitating unemployment, loss of employment, media al. The stigmatizers are the worst of ALL citizens. And unfortunately you have plenty in your very own party. And dare I say it Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. You yourself have stigmatized Paul J James. You were prepared to let me die for fighting a cause of such importance.nation and international importance.

As Stephen Fry once stated. The pain of being in a car accident - a severed hip, smashed legs - cannot compare to the pain of mental disability. Tweaking the thought a little. I would add. Dealing with the constant barrage of stigmatization of exposed mental disability in the form of substance disability is far, far worse.

In January of 2017 I made a video recorded message to you regarding substance disability; my personal fight for social justice and the fact I was hunger striking in protest of extreme injustice and poor treatment, as all alternative options were exhausted. You ignored the communication.

I had been fighting for 6 years through the Canadian judicial process, honorably, fairly, and ethically against a process which proved to be totally unequal, unfair, colluded and disgracefully corrupt. In layman's terms wholly rigged without intervention. The recognition that persons facing similar circumstances to myself have human rights that are not protected or respected and that without correction persons and organizations can LIE in testimony with impunity as illustrated by York University's submissions, were matters which needed your immediate attention. Instead there was incestuous, blanketed institutional collusion which protected York University and the Canadian Judicial process. And it continues even today. As day after day the Paul J James matter is ignored.

How do you expect a citizen to respect the nation under such conditions? Your leadership?

As a country, Canada, cannot ever achieve sustained improvement on improving the lives of those who are most susceptible to substance disabilities/disorders without addressing the social phenomenon of Stigmatization Truthfully of which you, your colleagues and the Liberal Government have unfortunately been culprits of ruthlessly stigmatizing Paul J James, his circumstances and his fight for social justice and by association the fight of millions of others. Rather than care about the well being of a Canadian citizen through rigorous pursuit of Truth in this matter then swift correction/resolution your government have buckled to complete depravity. It is the absolute Truth.

Yet, your two departing Ministers Jody Wilson-Raybould and Jane Philpotts visited countries who have decriminalized all substances - Portugal for example - with the mandate to survey decriminalization of all illicit drugs, which, while encouraging and necessary it is also so absurdly over due. Of course all substances are defacto-decriminalized now, brought about only because of the humanitarian crisis of losing 11 Canadian citizens a day from over dose of a substance and not rational, commonsense, composed rationale on the subject matter which should have taken place in 2004 and beyond after the Michael Kirby report was produced and stern warnings given.

Simply put now, you cannot Decriminalize a nation with an ounce of credibility or justification on the heels of the treatment of a Canadian citizen who gave so much to the nation. Even now through the Confronting the Stigma of Drug Addiction there is gold dust for you and your colleagues which will prove in the long run to be insightful, correct and brave. It is the Truth.

Your Public Statements Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to ALL Canadians in 2015 and beyond were, to paraphrase:

  • All Canadians should have Trust and Faith in the Canadian Judicial system along with the assertion that the Canadian Charter of a Rights and Freedoms can not pick and choose when it is applied.

  • Transparency of Information from Leaders is important to the well being of all Canadian Citizens. Canadian society must be rid of Bad Politics.

  • You are an advocate on improving and assisting the lives of those citizens with mental disabilities. It is long overdue that Canada begins to de-stigmatize substance dependence addiction/disability.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau you suggested, "All Canadians should have Trust and Faith in the Canadian Judicial system"

Then logically the Canadian Judicial system should not be "rigged" to deliberately prevent social justice being served.

All claims before the courts should be treated equally and fairly and not discriminated against.

Canadians must be assured that ALL files before the Supreme Court of Canada are seen to be administered and adjudicated equally and fairly.

Those providing Deceitful Testimony used to obstruct Justice, to develop a false narrative, to harm the greater good of Canadian citizens and Canada as a nation should be held accountable and the resulting injustice corrected expeditiously.

The Paul J James human rights discrimination claim and Paul J James the person have been treated in the words of Bob Rae, very badly throughout the Canadian judicial process and throughout the past two years of hunger strike protests.

At the Supreme Court of Canada no Canadian citizen privy to the procedure, administration, and adjudication of the file in question can be assured that Paul J James human rights discrimination claim vs York University was treated equally or fairly.

On that basis and in the words of former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada Ms Beverly McLachlin to paraphrase, "We do make mistakes. We are not perfect. And when we do and we are confronted we look to expeditiously correct the circumstance".

On that basis the James vs York University human rights discrimination claim should be permitted to return to the honourable court to be read and adjudicated by one Supreme Court Justice. Yet not one lawyer or person with political cache has been forthright and honest enough to admit or facilitate this reality.

Only if the James vs York University claim is re-submitted and adjudicated by one Supreme Court of Canada justice can Canadian citizens be assured the human rights discrimination claim before the court was treated equally and fairly.

Only then would this confirm the Right Honorable Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's assertion in 2015 that all Canadian citizens should have faith and trust in the Canadian Judicial system to be a good faith statement.

It would cement to Canadians once and for ALL that even though the Supreme Court of Canada Justices are afforded unfettered licence in their adjudications they balance this honoured, privileged right by assurances to the Canadian public that all files before the honoured court are administered in a pristine manner. As it stands this was not the case while the Paul J James claim was at the honourable court.

The Canadian Judicial system could then be proven that it is not rigged in so far as all files are treated the same, equally and fairly. The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms would also solidify it does not pick and choose when it applies the rule of law.

Substance disabilities are mental disabilities which are protected under Section 15 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Whether explicitly written into the Charter or not mental disability covers substance use disorders/addiction/dependence/disability just as it does eating disorders, bi-polar conditions etc. Once common sense and impartiality are applied to the query, logic is the result. Yet it has been hidden from mainstream Canadian society at significant suffering.

The rule of law under Section 15 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms has not been applied to citizens who are discriminated against because of mental disability in the form of substance disability. And it is costing Canadians billions of dollars annually in economic burden; hindering social progress; facilitating ongoing abuse which enables ongoing suffering.

In addition, only 10 percent of those in need of assistance ever seek or receive it. 90 percent remain behind closed doors in fear and terror that by opening up they will be treated poorly. The invisible, incremental physical health costs - aside from the issue costs itself - from untreated substance disabilities is enormous. But without Truthfulness at all levels of Canadian society and a change of attitude where Bad Politics are removed from the dialogue of mental disabilities there can be no progress just further carnage.

After all, what person facing a similar set of circumstances Paul J James experienced in 2008 would open up to seek help and support based on the treatment he has received for a decade. No one should. And that is devastating. And that is the absolute Truth.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau you said, "Canadian society must be rid of Bad Politics and instead be Transparent of the Truth

For that to take place, Canadian politicians, Canadian Government, the Canadian Parliament, the Canadian media and the Canadian judicial process must - excuse the puns - rehab itself and remain clean of deceit, collusion, partiality, and incestuous relationships used against Canadian citizens who live, occupy and function outside of the establishment and power based occupations.

  • In the Paul J James matter the process has been riddled top to bottom with Bad Politics - deceitful, corrupt, undignified, disrespectful unrelenting brutal tactics - and this in spite of the meticulous efforts I have put forth for Transparency of the Truth, the ultimate benefit of which would have been those suffering and Canada as a nation.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau you said, "It is long overdue that Canada begin to De-stigmatize substance dependence addiction/disability.

No kidding.

Yet since you made that statement in 2017 Prime Minister, taking the Paul J James circumstance into account, I have not read, heard or experienced de-stigmatizing strategies or programs from the Liberal government.

On the contrary with reference to the Paul J James matter, ignoring the hunger strike protests was highly stigmatizing not de-stigmatizing. The fact I have had to embark on 26 months of such protests is an appalling incitement of your Liberal Government, Canadian Parliament and most significantly York University.

Deborah Schlute Liberal MP to a PJJ supporter stated "what did he expect" concerning my circumstances and being open about substance disability; James Maloney Liberal MP asked a Paul J James supporter whether I was clean or still using, adding Justice Edwards at the Divisional Court of Ontario is a friend of his; Adam Vaughan Liberal MP delivered same questions although Adam was dignified once he heard the response; Jane Phillpots as the Minister of Health offered disability payments and social housing which I ask you Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is that de-stigmatizing or stigmatizing in place of warranted social justice. You bet - it is Stigmatizing!

Not one Liberal MP has been concerned with the human rights abuse, plain and obvious discrimination and the deceit in testimony from York University and collusion with the Canadian Judicial system and Canadian media. They have instead focused on holding the mental disability over my head in a torturous manner to bully and intimidate the process away from seeking justice.

All circumstances you have presented from the Liberal government have been stigmatizing not de-stigmatizing.

I didn't need help getting back on feet thank you very much. I need Truthfulness and Social Justice. A decade now I have been exposed to such ruthless discriminatory behavior.

Stating I need to go to Rehab or receive counselling is highly stigmatizing, insulting, undignified, disrespectful, oppressive and totally ignorant of the subject matter.

I have been treated by you Prime Minister Trudeau, your colleagues and throughout Canadian society as a criminal, invalid or social leper. Not as a normal civilized person with a substance disability fighting for social justice. Most definitely not as a talented courageous individual. You should be so lucky to have Paul J James as a citizen to fight for you. Not now. That that ship has sailed.

The psychological scares left from the fight are immense.


"To inappropriately, unlawfully, describe, regard, and treat someone with immense disgrace, disapproval and disrespect of their human rights".

STIGMATIZED Moments Delivered to Paul J James among a Thousand and One Others

York University The inexplicable decisions of York University in the Paul J James knowing what was achieved through the tenure of my employment will stand the test of time for immorality, unethical behavior and total disregard for the health and well being of a human being. The LIE was Hatched to protect the reality that Paul J James was discriminated against because of his known mental disability in the form of a substance disability. "I thought you were dealing with personal issues". "Thought he was dealing with Personal Matters" See Attached Documents for full outline which has been repeatedly disseminated for the past 3 years and throughout the 6 year Canadian Judicial process.

Justice Edwards at the Divisional Court of Ontario continued and facilitated the LIE through point three of his full to the brim bad faith, corrupted decision rationale, "Depression and other physical and medical consequences as a result of an addiction to crack cocaine resulted in him resigning his position at York University in 2009" proving Canada are deserving of their status of 17 % and 32% ranking of corruption (zero being completely corrupt and 100 being complete integrity), by the Global Index of Integrity on Canadian Judicial accountability. The statement was made to prejudice the claim moving forward through the Canadian Judicial process.

National Post disseminated and colluded the LIE a few days later, to get York University off the hook in the public eye: "Former Olympian who resigned over crack cocaine use fails in bid to prove he was discriminated against due Addiction". In spite of many correspondence notes to Chief Editor of the National Post, Anne Marie Owens - the corrupt article remains online confirming persons facing similar circumstances to Paul J James are worthless not worthy of human rights or human rights protection. It is also proves Anne Marie Owens has crossed the line from Truthfulness to Corruptness.

Supreme Court of Canada - similarly took advantage of the LIE by communicating the deceit to the global public via their Case Summary "Depression and other physical and medical consequences as a result of an addiction to crack cocaine resulted in him resigning his position at York University in 2009" providing the public with a reason why the file would be dismissed before it was even adjudicated. Unfettered licence afforded Supreme Court of Canada justices equates to no rationale being given as to why a claim is granted or dismissed. In the Paul J James matter however the honourable court provided the reason why the claim would be dismissed through use of the sentence. The Canadian public cannot be assured the sentence was then not forwarded by the Law Branch of the court onto the Supreme Court justice adjudicating the file who would have been prejudiced if it was. Outrageously corrupt from what should be Canada's most treasured of ALL institutions. See attached 78 page Affidavit.

Mooredale Soccer Club - Borden Ladner Gervais facilitator of first hunger strike: 2012 coached U12 boys team - first job in 3 years....won four games and tied one... lasted 6 weeks before I received a text message, note to self: never hire a crack head because I didn't play the managers son enough...two years later the parent contacts me says I was right his son was not at that level and he had to leave the team because he was being bullied and could I go back to coach them....still unemployed I said yes and thanked him for the apology....parents went to the clubs Technical Director whom I had never met ...he stated "no chance...hes a drug addict, he wouldn't pass police al....I contact the club to resolve the response...eventually file an HRTO application....for two years try to resolve the matter....with law firm Borden Lander Gervais...May 2016 gave them a settlement offer $125,000 which was consistent with HRTO legal support recommendation. The lawyer Ms Naomi Calla stated she would be in contact within a week.....three months later she still had not replied and then when she did she offered less than $5,000.....I declined...which meant it had to go to a hearing 6 weeks later.....then the HRTO quickly changed the adjudicator......Borden Ladner Gervais submitted the corrupted National Post article along with corrupted HRTO, Divisional and Court of Appeal dismissals from the York University case and the Supreme Court of Canada docket information...along with two hired henchman blogs on the writing of Cracked Open.....nothing to do with the case just character assassination proving the defamation damage of each online piece from the corrupted Canadian Judicial process .... then the newly placed HRTO adjudicator whittled down my submitted evidence to 10 per cent of what I had submitted and witness list from 40 witnesses down to three while leaving all the Respondents evidence and witnesses in place of which all were totally irrelevant.....but then they had nothing they could defend with because they were like York University 100 per cent guilty.....recognizing the pure unadulterated corruption of it all I called Ms Naomi Calla to settle the case..I could see the unbelievable brutality....Naomi Calla stated , "I've given you my offer it does not change" response was..."then I am on hunger strike" was an automatic as a representative member of an oppressed group and having been unemployed for 7 years trusting in the Canadian Judicial process and Canadian media to be honourable and Trustworthy which proved diabolically wrong......what other options did I have to receive human rights protection..a life beyond pitiful after the obliteration of living in Canada for the past gain an element of dignity and respect.....How does someone then leverage for that and Justice? Answer. Negotiate my health and well hall of fame is all I had....its all I have....don't want to work in a factory....don't want to work as an addictions counselor.....nor should I have to....I'm 55 years of age with nothing and all Bob Rae can do is pass the tissue box.....

CBC Article - Author egregiously wrote I was a 20 year crack cocaine addict. A display of Willful ignorance, defamation and appalling collusion of the Paul J James narrative. Article had nothing to do with the interview or purpose of why I was hunger striking. I requested it was taken down but it remains online two and a half years later. Another supposed treasured Canadian institution displaying their willingness to collude and corrupt themselves against one Canadian citizen. Will never forgive CBC for such disgusting behavior.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau your non-reply to June 26, 2017 letter I sent you while I sat naked, emaciated on a couch in a YouTube video. Instead of intervening to resolve the matter Prime Minister YOU sought disgraceful advantage through public statements on de-stigmatization of substance addiction of which you have done nothing since. You were preparing and presenting spin in the event I did not exist. reference one minute 30 seconds.

Canada Soccer - see following Link A disgraceful organization who should not be in a position to be hosting the World Cup in 2026. They gate-keeped the Truth of the Paul J James matter from some of their Directors colluding with York University and the legal fraternity.

Criminalized, Stigmatized Statements, Questions from collaborators of social injustice; Scapegoating Hunger Strikes onto Mental Illness - Substance Disability excusing oppressors, manipulations, defamation, slander all with impunity. Most egregious using substance disability against Paul J James as a scapegoating tool using tracking methods as if I was a criminal. Like hounds chasing a hare.

The Canadian Press Reporter Colin Perkel. Chief Editor Stephen Meurice. Bob Rae. Adam Vaughan. The following email from Colin Perkel was sent via his Canadian Press email address to over two hundred people as a brutal scapegoating of the consequences of my efforts to receive social justice by the only methodology I had left. In a forensic RCMP investigation of the timing of Colin Perkel's communication they will find a big nail that fits into the coffin of institutional collusion which is rife withing Canadian society. An RCMP investigation will also reveal that Bob Rae prodded and influenced Colin Perkel and Stephen Meurice after Bob panicked thinking I was dying - which while I came close. I didn't. It was this episode that I began to realize how truly corrupt Canada as nation is. How sly. Undermining. And classless. Epitomized by Colin Perkel's and Bob Rae's decisions in my regard. Colin displaying clear elements of psychopathy wouldn't know courage if it head butted him. A byproduct of hunger striking I did not anticipate has being the severing of a societal abscess the released puss of which is illustrated through the brutality of Colin Perkel. "Thx for the update. And for ensuring Paul gets medical attention. I’ve been biting my tongue for a long while, but it’s bleeding now. So, from a purely *personal* perspective: Regardless of the alleged merits of his fight with York U. and the world, Paul needs serious and urgent mental-health intervention (and has for some considerable time). And, if I may be so bold, I have real difficulty with those who would profess to be his friends and supporters yet appear to do little more than enable futile, self-destructive and manipulative behavior that is highly unlikely to end well. Me done, now. Cheers. Col.

My response....Colin, I will be replying to your email shortly. For transparency I met with Steve Meurice the Chief Editor of the Canadian Press today and informed him of my circumstances and complete repulsion at the repugnant email you disseminated to a mass list of persons as I lay in hospital in considerable distress from kidney failure. I have informed Steve Meurice that I will not be ending the hunger strike. Rather I have added an additional condition for me to end the protest which is that you are removed (fired) from your position with immediate effect. The Paul James matter is going to be a harsh lesson for Canadian society one way or another the most important point being the days of treating persons with exposed mental health disabilities with such deceit, disrespect and indignity are gone and those that do are to be held accountable with the harshness of repercussions. In your instance Colin it boils down to this. You get fired for your appalling behavior and I live or you stay in your position and I Die. I am not sure what kind of mistakes you have made in the past. In this instance - it was a big one. How dare you be so corrupt and disrespectful. I say again I am one hundred per cent right on this matter: legally, ethically and morally. York University, the Canadian Judiciary and their collaborators are 100 per cent wrong: legally, ethically and morally. Your alignment with them and carelessly using my "current health circumstances" as negative leverage is culpable. You have also destroyed any future relationship I would had with Neil Davidson that could be based on trust. Like Maureen Armstrong, Jenn Myers, Sheila Forshaw, JP Savage, Graham Brown, Pat Santini, Peter Montopoli, Canada Soccer, Bobby Lenarduzzi, Carmine Isacco, Bree Carr-Harris, Jamie Teixeira, Gillian McCullough, Lorna Marsden, Mahmoud Shoukri, Barry Maclean, et al I caution you Colin Perkel, to govern yourself appropriately moving forward.

The reality, Right Honorable Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is that Stephen Meurice, Colin Perkel and Bob Rae as an insult to the Canadian public remain in their positions after such collusion and impropriety hanging mental disability over someones head so ruthlessly, unlawfully, and selfishly. Yet we do nothing. And by doing nothing we permit it to happen again. Can you not see the abuse. Its the reason why I can no longer live in Canada when the nation is polluted with such cowardice. And we wonder why Canada is at the bottom of the charts of G8 countries with dealing with the mental health of our citizens, why our youth are graded on a global level at D minus for physical health, why we haven't qualified for a soccer world cup in what will amount to 40 years and even then by default, why we have 8700 homeless in the city of Toronto, a corrupted judicial process, politicians and Canadian media. And all that epitomized by the Canadian media Bob Rae, Colin Perkel, CBC, National Post et al.

To be clear I have not received "serious and urgent mental-health intervention" as subscribed by a non-doctor/physician psychologist Colin Perkel through his Canadian press email address disseminated to so many including my father who responded to Colin Perkel thanking him stating that I was sick. The same father whom I have spoken to only three times in five years who as a 76 year old man is so bitter that I lost my soccer career as it affected his own purpose in life. The same father who kicked me out his car in 2015 calling me sick because I contested my sister throwing out all my soccer memorabilia and memento's into the bin The same family Bob Rae conveniently refers to as amazing as he communicated with them behind my back.

Toronto Star Article - along with the Singapore debacle worse moment in my life. I was physically sick when I heard what was written. Nothing to do with the Truth. Annihilated any morsel of dignity I had left. An elevated schadenfreude approach from the Canadian Press, National Post, CBC. Yet it still remains on line and from what I gather Adam Vaughan, Bob Rae, and Mary Ormsby the architects of the appalling brutality are still remorseless and still in jobs. A few weeks later while residing deep into southern Ontario the following video was made - view from 8 minutes to see the consequences of starvation. But even then the views were corrupted by McCarthy Tretault's infiltration of YouTube to reset the view clock each time it reached 10, 000 views...the clock counter shows approximately 1500 views when it was closer to 30,000. We know because of the nous and cache of Mike Young in California whose team of technical battled with YouTube against those from Canada corrupting the process. Can you not see the corruption, collusion Prime Minister Justin Trudeau? Of your government? Of the Canadian Judicial system? Of the Canadian media.? The system cannot compete with the courage and resistance.

Michael Wernick's recent testimony was profound and he was insightful stating he was worried about Canada as a nation. He definitely should be. And so should you Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. We are an absolute disaster. We live in a very sick world. And Canada is well and truly a part of that sickness. To paraphrase Vancouverite, Eckard Tolle, "If aliens were surveying our earth from above they would conclude we are a pathologically sick species at the point of imminent demise". The Paul J James matter not only highlights substance disability but every aspect of how Canada operates as a nation. We are a disgusting nation. For all we have to say about our natural resources, our beautiful landscape, our hockey culture and some of of our greatest citizens - Mark Tewksbury, Gabor Mate, Bruce Alexander, Nick Bose, Tracy David, Laura Arduini, Ashley Kelly, Sharon Bearpark, Heather Stuart, Richard Elliot, Donald McPherson, Bruce Wilson, Paul Peschisolido, Les Wilson, Kevin Tierney, Peyvand Mossavat, Tom Panhuyzen, Phil Wilson..... and of course many is all trumped by our pristine cowardice, greed, corrupt evil attitude, pettiness, and aversion to Truthfulness. We need our our backsides kicking from coast to coast before someone decides to annihilate us.

Indigenous Peoples Reference

With reference, Prime Minister, to your honourable commitment and that of the Canadian government and Parliament in reconciling the historic abuse of Indigenous peoples it is worth reminding ALL Canadian citizens of the incidence of substance disability in this long oppressed segment of Canadian society, which hovers at 30 percent above the general population.

In 2013 I enrolled in a few addiction courses at McMaster University, itself a stigmatized moment, knowing I was so unhappy doing so. But it is what we expect of outed substance disability citizens. Nevertheless, in the Assessment of Addictive Behaviours course the final section addressed the Indigenous story. It was impossible for me to not be emotional - a blend of sadness, frustration and anger. In the end I acquired an A plus in the course in large part because of my passion in writing driven by what I learned on substance disabilities in the Indigenous communities.

On that note and with consideration of the high level of substance dependence within the historically oppressed communities reparation and restitution channeled to Indigenous Canadians can only be fully maximized when substance disabilities are seen to be protected as Human Rights through application of the rule of law under Section 15 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms; and then through the de-stigmatization of a nation on the subject matter itself which requires truthfulness not deceit or collusion of deceit; or avoidance of the truth on the subject matter - included as a priority - the stigmatization of persons diagnosed.

As as recap. We all know substance dependence/addiction/disability is a mental disability "protected" under the Canadian Charter but we do not acknowledge, or adjudicate as if it is. And it is to our unwholesome detriment.

It is why the Paul J James matter is so important. Imagine if a Caucasian soccer hall of fame person can be so oppressed and stigmatized from the exposure of his disability - then what realistic chance do "hybrid oppressed groups" have of living/developing a normal existence outside the normalized (criminalized) expectations of Canadian society?

Only when the Supreme Court of Canada rules and cements the protection of persons diagnosed with substance disabilities, can our stigmatizing approach, expectations and language begin to change.

Severing the offensive, oppressive, perpetuating and stigmatizing words: alcoholic, drug addict, junkie, enabling, sobriety, illness, disease, substance abuse et al are essential in de-stigmatizing the mental health condition which should simply be referenced in a more civilized progressive society as substance use, substance issue and substance disability.

Along with accepting and teaching/mentoring/coaching persons with substance issues/disabilities to live responsibly with their conditions rather than always demanding expecting abstinence - as if we had a cure and/or through the misguided criminal model - will indigenous citizens and all categorized citizens make sustained improved progress on the mental health condition.

The Canadian system including York University, the Canadian judicial process, the Canadian media, the Liberal Party of Canada and others have manipulated Paul J James the person, the Paul J James vs York University human rights discrimination claim, and the mental health disability he has been diagnosed, with appalling indignity, disrespect, stigmatization, deceit, oppression and criminal unlawful behavior to the detriment of Canadian society as a whole.

And that is the truth.


Poverty, Distress, Isolation, Altered States, Stigma, Abuse.

In a BBC documentary series on the global drug war Ross Kemp as host and narrator finds himself in the Philippines at the edge of a river bank. In the background frog like creatures moved about squalid filth and sludge. Not amphibians, the creatures were human beings.

The environment meshed with Kemp's shattered look, were enough to diffuse the stench of poverty, dysentery and complete hopelessness as if you, the TV viewer, were there. And it bore credence to Kemp's opening comment, "If I lived in these conditions I'd be using "Kat" (crystal meth) as well".

A genuine, emphatic, yet disturbingly refreshing remark on the simple reality of altering reality.

It's the WHY question answered as to why someone would use and continue to use.

In the bio-psychosocial model of understanding substance disability it is the social aspect which has to be solved, yet we are as societies conditioned to be "EVIL" in that regard.

WHY. WHY do so many Indigenous persons become dependent? Why did they/do they seek out altered reality? Could it be the exposure to Physical, Physiological, Abuse.

If PJJ still needs to use today WHY would that be?

Because he is sick? A criminal? Bad character? Or social isolation? Psychological Abuse? Lost career/passion because of Discrimination? Coping mechanism for the Appalling Ridicule, Humiliation, Defamation, Slander, Scapegoating, Deceit, the Unrelenting Scapegoating and manipulation of Bob Rae? Or perhaps in part it is to suppress appetite to assist hunger striking.

There is always the WHY question.

And if Paul J James still needs to use today - where is the source? The cause and effect? York University? GOL TV? The Canadian Judicial system. The appalling corrupt Canadian media including what should be a treasured Canadian institution the CBC

Most substance dependence in third world countries derives from the stress of poverty, the limitations it bears and the consequential isolation. Not accepting the truthfulness perpetuates ongoing dredge of inhumanity as no humanistic solutions are sought or delivered.

Rather in the Philippines quelling distress in ones life through substance induced altered states is most often met with acute punishable death.

The horrific pictorial from the New York Times is why Andrew Scheer and the Conservatives in any country cannot ever win the debate on substance dependency. In the Philippines Scapegoating societal wealth disparities onto the poor through crimes against humanity.

In western societies substance disabilities develop in those most susceptible to acute stress syndrome in all social strata. Stress in lower socioeconomic status, like in the Philippines, is driven predominantly but not exclusively by poverty. Higher classes a constellation of stressful reasons can be precursors to dependence including overwork, personality type, trauma, isolation/loneliness et al.

Whatever the source emitters of stress on vulnerable brain types, they cannot compare to the anxiety Societal, Institutional, Organizational, Family and Self Stigma transmit to the well being of those afflicted. Not even close.

The Stigma associated with substance disability is paralyzing, destructive, abusive, ignored and misunderstood. It is as if as a society we shoot ourselves in the foot a thousand times. The social phenomena prevents, as aforementioned (90%), of those needing assistance from seeking it. And those that do, only do so when at crisis point. The statistics are driven by totally by stigma. By the anxiety. Not because ninety percent enjoy being there and want to be there. It is a deep lying untruth to think so.

Stigma is costly on every level and channels extraordinary pain, suffering and abuse onto those at the receiving end.

It is the simplistic, truthful reality.

Yet In the west we still treat those who encounter substance disability as criminal, sick invalids or lepers. Through branding and shaming those whom it most affects we add enormous stress to those exposed while perpetuating the irrationality with how Canadian society deals with the substance dependence and those afflicted with the disability.

And the annual economic burden is, as already outlined, into the billions of dollars.

Only when Canada get it right in their own lands can the nation influence else where in impoverished lands.

De-stigmatizing substance addiction requires decriminalization; Bi-partisan politics, Judicial rulings when discrimination takes place, education including consensus on what substance dependence really is and then pop culture realities not the stereotyped success stories which are not reflective of the true reality of most persons further shaming those that have to live actively with their disability as if they are broken clocks, worthless and hopeless.

And that is the Truth Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

DOCUMENTS As Attachments

78 Page Supreme Court of Canada

10 Page Memorandum of Argument

20 Page Leave To Appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada


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