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Downside Up in an Upside Down World - Canadians Should Refuse to Vote for Any Canadian Political Par

April 4, 2019

Dear Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Andrew Scheer; Jagmeet Sing; Elizabeth May,

Sam Harris, other academic intellectuals including the late Christopher Hitchens have predicted for some time that civilization itself will likely not survive another century. Two centuries tops.

The handling of the Jody Wilson-Raybould circumstance sums up the depravity of Canada in a world gone completely mad. The dishonesty and disingenuous manner in which you have ALL chosen to handle the circumstance has eviscerated any morsel of remaining faith I had left in Canada as a nation. As a sporting coach you do not punish and vilify those that are ethical, moral and truthful. You support them and hold everyone else including yourself to a higher standard. You cannot cater to an inappropriate internal, misplaced ethos just to keep the troops happy. You straighten them out.

Respect for Truthfulness is clearly the rarest of all commodities in Canadian society. Is it little wonder indigenous peoples suffered such appalling oppression for so long. And it is little wonder Canada is becoming the laughing stock of the world.

The Paul J James Matter

Still yet to hear from any Canadian political party leader regarding the Paul J James matter. No Andrew Sheer. No Jagmeet Sing. No Elizabeth May. Criticize all you want the Liberals and their leader. How do you justify not "lifting a finger" in assisting resolution in the Paul J James matter? Where is your very own integrity Andrew Sheer - it conveniently disappears I suppose on ideological grounds?

Recently. Bob Rae's "Mini-Me" stated that when I am about to fall off the starvation cliff to oblivion, there will finally be someone there to "catch you". Sounds good. With that in mind then. Could you now as leaders of Canada inform the Canadian citizens you preside over just how much weight Paul J James has to lose before it satiates your insidious desire in order that you will finally correct the injustices and repair the enormous damage which has been inflicted onto one Canadian citizen throughout the past decade on a discrimination matter of such magnitude. Mental Disability.

Will 130 lbs be enough? Or perhaps the perverted level of 120 lbs?

As a reminder Prime Minster Justin Trudeau. I abhor what you and the Liberal Party have participated in with regard to the Paul J James matter. The constant immorality. Condoning the unrelenting Deceit, Collusion and Corruption of York University and Canada Soccer and then at every level of the Canadian system.

Here is the link to the Paul J James Twitter account.

If you look to the left you will see the emaciated body of Paul J James along-side healthy photos all taken from a year ago. And if you scroll down you will see a photo of myself emaciated sitting on a couch. This was the same moment when you received the June 26, 2017 letter I sent to you appealing for your humanity and immediate intervention to facilitate investigation, resolution and resolution of the plain and obvious extreme social injustice. Instead however, in your wisdom, you decided to do nothing but prepare for my departure from this world.

How do you justify that moment of unbelievable immorality Prime Minister Justin Trudeau?

Canadian Politicians. York University. Canada Soccer. The Canadian Media.

All have deliberately contributed to the ruination of a Canadian citizens life. A passionate soccer career has been destroyed. A life time passion ruined because of discrimination, a colluded cover-up of the reality and the complete "turning of blind eyes" by cowards. And there have been plenty of them.

And if this is not bad enough the immorality has been elevated by the expectation that the same mercilessly abused Canadian citizen must now create a social movement to pursue social justice even further down into the sewer of depravity. And this a decade after non-stop deceit, scapegoating, undermining and abuse. It is not only the sickness of York University and the Canadian establishment to expect such recourse but the blind ignorance of the inner traits of Paul J James in not being able to do so. Just like I cannot be an addictions counselor. I can teach and coach.

With consideration of this fact; the aforementioned photos; my current status of hovering at 139 lbs (as I complete, yet again, one more writing in order to avoid the scapegoating of the oppressors); and the ongoing, unrelenting ignoring of the communications of Paul J James; all confirm what the nation of Canada has become. An immoral blend of self-entitlement, selfishness, self absorbed nature, petty, corrupt, deceitful, weak and complacent.

As I began writing this communication to you the afternoon of April 1, 2019 - I was at a computer terminal in the Toronto Bloor Street Library five feet from Toronto Police Service yellow ticker tape which cordoned off an area where a citizen pulled out a not insignificant size knife onto another "citizen" asking "what are you going to do shoot me?".

This is where I can say to the Toronto Police Services - your organization is doing a very good job in diffusing potentially tragic public circumstances.

Most recently however, the unlawful agenda based communication of the TPS detective who contacted Kevin Tierney about the circumstances of Paul J James - deceitfully stating that I was "criminally harassing" the Toronto Star (Mary Ormsby is the only person copied on the mass emails) and then asking what can they do to get Paul J James Clean, was highly inappropriate, immoral and an overt infringement of my human right to be protected under Section 15 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Scapegoating, abusive, offensive, deliberate stigmatizing statements, illustrating the willingness of the TPS organization to collude with other power institutions in obstructing justice while scapegoating mental disability on a whim to do so.

Then there is.....

The Montreal based film production company who contacted Mike Young Productions at the same time about the recent email I sent, exposing once again, the Canadian Government's ability to abuse its power. The Canadian government fund this Canadian film production company and in doing so they wanted/expected to manipulate/control the Paul J James narrative. The production company had engaged with Mike Young to partner on the project some time ago. Both the Canadian government and Canadian film company tripped on the snare set to ferret out even more collusion.

The lengths York University, the Liberal Government and their collaborators have gone to oppress the Truth and to control the narrative in this matter is hideously abusive at the expense of one Canadian, homeless citizen.

In addition. I now have incontestable confirmation that the letter sent to Prime Minster Justin Trudeau from Bobby Lenarduzzi supposedly in support of Paul J James - was in fact contrived by others to protect York University.

In addition. I now have incontestable confirmation Canada Soccer did not inform the Canada Soccer Board of Directors of the Paul J James circumstance. Rather the whole matter and decisions of just a few persons in cahoots with York University have been completely gate-keeped from the associations Board of Directors.

Substance Disability

As political leaders of Canada I can write with complete assurance that you are "a million literate miles" away from the TRUTH on the social phenomena which encompasses the Paul J James matter.

Yet some Canadian stakeholders who purported they cared were given plenty of hints and clues on what this matter was all about including to Bob Rae a copy of Cracked Open and Chasing the Scream and to Mary Ormsby the recommendation to read Simon Gossup's Living with Drugs. And then for both to watch the Hillsborough Disaster - which both deliberately and purposely avoided and instead suppressed, as it would have exposed the magnitude of the collusion and corruption of the Canadian system in dealing with the Paul J James matter.

Through this journey I, Paul J James, deliberately set out to prove Dr Bruce Alexander's conclusions on social isolation from his Rat Park Experiments - that substance disability is a sociological cultural phenomena and not a crime, illness and disease.

Social isolation for some citizens is a consequence of an inability - through no fault of their own - to bond with their fellow citizens quite so easily as others. The resulting pain of isolation sometimes leads these citizens to substance use which fills a psychological gap in that persons life. And if the psychological gap is never filled or resolved on a social level then substance use is most likely to continue.

The Paul J James substance disability/matter was straight forward.

Everything in his life was eventually good, except he did not have a partner to share his life with. The inability to socially bond quite so easily after many years of ridicule which resulted in social anxiety, awkwardness and eventually isolation were the reasons. Substance use found Paul J James and filled the psychological gap of motivation as outlined in Maslows Hierarchy of Needs.

Whether I use or not it causes no harm to me or others aside from an initial 20 second zap of unimaginable anxiety. I can function at an extremely high level in either scenario. Use or no use.

The time when a person will eventually archive complete abstinence is when their social cage within which they live satisfies Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs as it relates to that specific person. Social isolation is then lifted. When abstinence is not achieved it is not because the condition is an illness or disease but because the social cage is not aligned with their needs.

It is why the Stigma on the issue of substance addiction is absolutely devastating. It cultivates social isolation at both extreme levels of conditioned understanding by society. At one end it was for many decades considered erroneously as a crime and such persons were/are shunned. An then at the polar opposite level it is an illness and disease. And people are then labelled as such leading to unrelenting suspicion that the person is diseased and something is always not right with them - a broken clock. Both understandings ostracize those person's exposed with substance disabilities: from employment, status, respect, dignity. Most importantly most persons are oblivious to the fact the answer for them to achieve abstinence or a better life will be unearthed as a sociological reality. Through the social part of their lives.

Institutions at all levels of society currently discriminate, prejudice, scapegoat, punish, ignore, ridicule, stigmatize, ostracize, blame, treat as third class citizens persons with substances disabilities and with complete impunity and to the detriment of ALL members of society. We isolate when it was isolation which got these persons there in the first place. A perpetual cycle of madness.

Employment is the number one social determinant of health - the most socially critical of all determinants. Yet it is an afterthought when dealing with persons with substance disabilities under the current models of understanding.

As leaders of the four Canadian Political Parties can you see the devastation discrimination causes on those who seek assistance and who then lose their jobs/careers? The Paul J James matter is a pristine illustration of the devastating effects and if he can treated so ruthlessly what chance do indigenous and less advantaged citizens to begin with, have?

Without a social paradigm shift for penetrating the stigma of drug addiction little improvement can be made on improving the lives of those most affected by substance disabilities. Such a shift can only be achieved once decriminalization of all substances materializes; the Judicial process rules in favor of victims of discrimination; mass education is "placed/enforced" onto an illiterate society and a pop culture EMMY/Oscar winning story is told to the masses exposing the real untold truths of what the whole process is all about in a manner which is spellbound.

You see Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Andrew Scheer; Jagmeet Sing; Elizabeth May the colossal damage York University and their collaborators including you yourself Prime Minster have delivered. You have completely and so unnecessarily devastated a life and ruined a career and a life time passion in this instance times millions of others over many decades.

And you still wont communicate even now as I once again live on the streets of Toronto.

As a reminder I have no interest in living in Canada even if I get through this hunger strike protest which I will assume I need to achieve 120 lbs of emaciation without having a heart attack. One more writing piece on Dr Bruce Alexander then I can finally retreat to complete sleep.

Yours respectfully,

Paul J James

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