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The Long Walk to Social Justice  Ending the War on People

The Long Walk to Social Justice

Ending the War on People

Richard Bachman, Bruce Alexander, BATMAN

March 31st - April 8, 2019

Moved out of temporary accommodations kindly afforded by a former Canadian national soccer player for the previous twelve weeks. The subsequent seven days up to this moment have been the most difficult in terms of adjustment and adaptation to the reality of again being homeless. Back on starvation protest became futile and seemingly two notches more painful as the weight dropped to a new level of 134 lbs without anyone seeing. Nor alone caring. Sleeping became near impossible. A lack of muscle, protruding bones and the unforgiving surfaces of bare concrete and tiles made sitting or lying down excruciating. Not prepared to go back to the softness of the City Parks in Toronto. Never go back. Just move forward.

The past week then?

Most severe test of sleep deprivation experienced over a lifetime. Uncertainty. Anxiety of the Circumstances. Breathtakingly horrific to feel such hopelessness. Suspending the hunger strike process was another battle lost against those that will simply not deliver social justice. And this in spite of the War having been Won. The oppressors, York University, Canada Soccer, the Liberal Government, the Toronto Star, National Post, CBC know they have lost the war on every level, aside, that is, from being held accountable because they have and continue to control its transparency and accountability.

Had Paul J James have been a prisoner of war in Auschwitz he would have been funneled to the furnace. An unforgivable nonredeemable weakness to show a slither of pain.

This past week, as I wandered the streets of Toronto aimlessly, interspersed with TTC rides to no where and visits to the community center respite there were repetitive moments of complete clarity. There is no other credible way out. In a thousand miles deep. Cannot quit the path. Just apply Adjustment. Walking away now and the dignified life free from human rights oppression for millions of others will be lost. Trusting in others or in another way of gaining justice is a simply a RUSE of the oppressors. The starvation methodology of the protest and willingness to give up ones life if necessary is the only way forward. It was the only way at the outset with consideration of the rigged Canadian Judicial process and Canadian establishment. And it is the only way now.

With, however, as alluded, adjustment.

Back in the early 80's I read the Bachman Books, written by Stephen King in his early days of writing under the pseudonym Richard Bachman. The Long Walk was a fascinating read as it touched on the psychology of the competitive mind in a gruesome, thrilling, imaginative yet very much disturbed fictional way. Having been a competitive runner most of my life I could always relate to the exhilaration yet terror of the dilemma to enter The Long Walk.

Forty years later it is surreal yet reflective of our very own disturbed society and culture knowing that Paul J James is about to embark on an adjusted version of The Long Walk which will once and for all bring an end to the Paul J James story the ultimate consequence being social change devoid of any scapegoating in the event I do not make it myself.

The Long Walk caters to the needs of PJ, my Chimp, Freud's Id....and he will never give in using this format. He'll just collapse.

Whatever the outcome the Paul J James matter is finally coming to an end.

Paul J James: The Long Walk to Social Justice: Ending the War on People

  • 265 mile walk in 10 days

  • A marathon a day - walking

  • No eating. Only ingesting water and sodium

  • Start in Toronto Finish in Toronto

  • Start Date Wednesday April 10, 2019 12.01 am

  • Finish Date Saturday April 20, 2019....

  • Blog and video each day including "weigh-in"

  • No Social Justice from Oppressors then cycle will be repeated until as in Bachman's The Long Walk you drop and cease to exist

John Bachman (pseudonym for Stephen King): The Long Walk

The Long Walk is a novel by American writer Stephen King, published in 1979, under the pseudonym Richard Bachman.It was collected in 1985 in the hardcover omnibus The Bachman Books, and has seen several reprints since, as both paperback and hardback.. Set in a future dystopian America, ruled by a militaristic dictator, the plot revolves around the contestants of a grueling walking contest ...

Substance Disability, Social Oppression In Unique Perspective

Dr. Bruce Alexander: Batman and Rat Park (as paraphrased from Johann Hari's Chasing the Scream)

"Dad", Bruce asked,

"Why would Batman just stand there while they're beating this junkie to a pulp? Isn't it Batman's job to stop criminals?"

"Well, really, no one cares if they beat a junkie to a pulp, his dad replied because they're worthless human beings".

Taken from In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts authored by Dr. Gabor Mate:

Local Newspaper reports, paraphrased,

"Hero Fireman Save Fluffy the Cat from Fierce Apartment Fire"

The local Fire Chief pointed out how appalling it was that we would condemn a cat to have to live in such atrocious conditions. No comments were made available on whether the two "Drug Addicts" who occupied the apartment and who called for help, survived.

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