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The Long Walk: Ending the War on People Campaign

Dear Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Andrew Scheer, Jagmeet Sing, Elizabeth May,

This Friday April 12, 2019 at 6:30am Paul J James will begin The Long Walk from Toronto to Ottawa in part as promotion to ignite Ending The War on People Campaign aimed at making Canada and the World a better more humane place in which to live. Specifically in this instance, we are seeking human rights protection for those persons severely oppressed because of exposed substance addictions/disabilities.

The start date of the walk has been delayed to this upcoming Friday for organizational purposes.

Walking a marathon a day over a ten day period will end with my arrival at Parliament Hill on Easter Sunday April 21, 2019.

It is our hope you will make yourself available to meet briefly to discuss and/or acknowledge the imperative of ridding the stigma which engulfs Drug Addiction/Substance Disabilities. The negative consequences associated with the stigma of drug addiction are so astronomical they are realistically incalculable. Yet they remain concealed because we have never addressed the issue head on. Insidiously because of Stigma itself. Too many truths are therefore hidden which facilitates a vicious never ending cycle of oppression, abuse and economic inefficiency.

Hunger Strike Protest

You should know that on the 250 mile walk I will only be ingesting water and broth soup. No food. It is a continuation of the tenth hunger strike protest I, Paul J James, have embarked on seeking social justice/resolution in the James vs York University human rights discrimination matter. Success now through resolution will be success for all Canadian citizens.

Without resolution however, everyone losses and I will continue the starvation process while walking back to Toronto. I am definitely not Superman and so at some point I will collapse.

Of course I am nervous of what lay ahead but also very enthusiastic. I believe in my ability to endure significant physical and psychological pain not least because I have had a life time of training. Whether crawling on hands and knees or still walking upright I will make it to Parliament Hill for Easter Sunday.

Finally, I acknowledge again the support of Paul J James supporters not just within Canada but from different parts of the world and from all political stripes. They have been amazing and inspiring. Outstanding representatives of what it is to destigmatize.

Yours sincerely,

Paul J James

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