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The Ultimate Scene: USUAL SUSPECTS

Hello Mike Young,

1. Nice try. It is to my advantage to reply. It was/is to your advantage to not write and/or say anything. As a lawyer Bob Rae at least understands that concept.

2. I have nothing. I live on the street with a back pack. No money in my pockets. The level of humiliation is as unbelievable as it is totally unacceptable as it is totally unbearable. I lived Xmas Eve and Xmas day on concrete Mike Young. The idea to walk the 400 kms in ten days was to get away from the brutality of it all. It is disgusting what I am living. And it is disgusting the abuse I continually receive. You, Bob Rae, Mary Ormsby, Kelly Kidwell would not survive a day.

3. The only tangible consequence of the Walk to Ottawa was your stigmatizing brutal comment "I am out of the Paul James business. Goodbye". Can you not see the power disparity with your delivery of that statement. How did you expect me to feel.

4. Unearthing that comment alone was worth having the TSN piece taken down as it revealed your true character in my regard. No different from the Jenn Myers lie and then the cover-up. All you have done since the comment is scapegoat my circumstances and mental health with excuse after excuse rather than just a quick swift apology.

5. The handling of the Paul J James matter since 2008 the time I opened up to seek support until today as I address your approach and comments is as absurd, as it is outrageous, as it is an indictment on Canadian society.

5. Phew. Based on what you say regarding the potential of 100,000 views had the TSN piece been left up online then I am delighted I reacted when I did and had it removed. I didn't have to dig deep down to make the decision. Again you disrespectfully scapegoat my mentality as if you are a qualified psychologist. The decision was straight forward and therefore immediate.

6. Was the piece stigmatizing or destigmatizing? Answer Stigmatizing. Did it stereotype. Answer YES. That's all I needed to know for the greater good. 65,000 views saved from being further conditioned on what it is to be exposed with a substance disability in a stigmatized society.

7. In addition there were the two printed sentences which were defamatory. Leaving them in with a pending lawsuit against the Toronto Star would have been harmful, continuing the false Paul J James narrative. A false narrative which began in 2009 with GOL TV and York University, 2013 and 2014 at HRTO x two; 2015 Divisional Court of Ontario; the National Post; 2016 the Mooredale Soccer Club file at the HRTO; 2017 the CBC; 2018 the Toronto Star; All false narratives which assassinate my character and harm millions of other Canadians. TSN had to get it right. They didn't. It was a simple decision.

8. Irrespective to what you thought about the decision. To cut me off so ruthlessly under the circumstances of my life was undignified and totally disrespectful.

9. With respect to your recent comment, "In my mind it was going to lead you to a path of a series of well organized “pressure on the establishment” well planned events and build ups leading eventually to both a settlement, a lecturing career or a new life elsewhere". Can you not see the problem with that comment Mike? Why should I have to go through a series of pressure on the establishment tactics with no guarantee of anything. And what were the timelines for all of this to take place as I live in such degradation and humiliation. In either event it is irrelevant you don't keep up a defamatory piece. You take it down. And has it not occurred to you that should I not be a part of the decision making process on what I would like to do with my future?

10. Mike there is a book by the late Mark McCormack the Chairman and founder of IMG titled "Never Wrestle With a Pig" It is a metaphor. The "PIG" being someone who does not know the subject matter and yet they talk about it as if they do and with such voracity they are to be avoided hence "Never Wrestle With a...."

11. Mike you have little idea what you are talking about when it comes to the Paul J James story - the subject matter and most specifically the impact of Stigma.

12. A few weeks back I even had to correct and explain to you for example your faux pas when you stated to the investor from Wales that Paul J James lost at the Supreme Court of Canada. Which is not true. It is the same comment Bob Rae and Stephen Meurice from the Canadian Press made. Imagine I apparently know more on the matter than Bob Rae. There is no such thing as winning or losing at the honorable court. Files are dismissed or granted for a hearing.

13. And when the Paul J James file goes back to the Supreme Court of Canada to be reviewed by one justice it would be granted a hearing and at the hearing a ruling will be delivered in favor of social justice to Paul J James because it will be discovered that for over a decade the three time inductee into the Canadian Soccer Hall of Fame has been brutally abused of his human right to be treated equally and fairly. To the extent there will be a national apology from the Prime Minister. The court will deliver the sternest of rebukes to the HRTO, lower courts, York University, the Toronto Star, National Post and CBC and persons such as Bob Rae for the appalling treatment and abuse of a Canadian citizen deliberately denying access to social justice for so long and exposing that citizen to such dreadful psychological abuse ruining a life in the process. It has been the epitome of psychological cruelty. Its incredible you cannot see how bad it is. An Bob Rae an advocate and humanitarian for protecting the human rights of indigenous peoples.

14. I will upload on the CTSODA website all our email correspondences - so that there is transparency and no misunderstandings in the event I do not make it this time around. You will notice a significant disparity between my consistency and your inconsistency and lack of knowledge on the subject matter and the true facts.

15. So lets get to some Truthful realities regarding hunger strike protests seeing as you have been intense about it.

16. Think about it Mike. Imagine if I now die from this current hunger strike protest. Will be ironic won't it? I will get down to 130 lbs. And yes that will look dreadful and it is a risk and dangerous. As much as you sound brave now Mike. The reality of the game of chicken will be breathtaking if/when it comes to an end. How will you, Bob Rae, Mary Ormsby, Kelly Kidwell feel then?

17. But this is not about my decision to Hunger Strike protest. This is about the decision of the oppressors to let it happen. To let it continue for 2 and half years rather than resolve the matter. But then it is all about the money for them. And the power and prestige. This is not about the hunger strikes as you say being useless. I have gained 2 million hits on the website since it began. Conducted more coaching et al; Met Kevin Tierney and many others; have developed expertise in a field so valuable to the well being of all societies. Have exposed how Canadian society really operates; our judicial system; our media. Could never have accomplished the exposure without hunger striking nor alone seeking or gaining justice. The hunger strike actions have unearthed much that is bad within Canadian society which is a good thing. Without hunger striking no views on anything.

18. Regardless not all people share your point of view Mike Young. Ryerson University students encourage me to see it through; Ray Hudson from US GOL TV sent a tweet regarding the heroic nature of the actions; Chris Williams and other national team players state if they were me they'd do the same thing. Even yourself in previous emails have acknowledged the bravery. Alas though you do not confront as rigorously the corruption and cowardice which permits it to continue through non-resolution of the extreme injustices.

19. I will leave it to you Kelly, Bob Rae and Mary Ormsby, the Prime Minister to announce to Ashley Anne Kelly and Tristan Paul James my demise. I included these last remaining persons who, I can say are the last persons I love on this earth because the six years prior to the first hunger strike they lived what I and they had to live. Full declaration be told now. I have done all this first and foremost for Ashley Anne Kelly. Not for my soccer career or the greater good - both important significant reasons but first and foremost it was and is because of Ashley lived through six years of hell on earth with the abuse we received. I told her I would get justice because the system at some point will be honest even if I have to give up my life. I see through my promises. On that note look how the Toronto Star wrote up the Ashley Kelly piece. Disgusting and as evil as it could have been. If Kevin and Peyvand hadn't got me on a bus I would likely be in jail now such is the damage done when societies act so corruptly and abuse their citizens by denying the Truth through such media brutality.

20. Realistically so much collusion and corruption has taken place in obstructing justice being served the Paul J James case in Canada is a criminal matter. People should be fired. Removed from their positions. Have status items annulled. An extraordinary abuse of one person's human right to live free and to make free decisions. To the point this person has had to put his life on the line for 2 and a half years. Twelve hunger strikes.

21. You have over stepped the threshold of decency Mike Young. Not as bad as Bob Rae of course who has been the brutality of evil. You have talked behind my back with Kevin Tierney based on what you want first and foremost not what Paul J James or the greater good of ALL peoples required.

22. Again Mike your comments "I am out of the Paul James business . Goodbye" we're irrational, unfair and abusive of the power you exert. I contacted you and Kelly and stated I wanted to speak with you about it but you ignored the offer. But why should I have to explain a personal decision to anyone anyway. You treated me like a little boy Mike just like Bob Rae. You guys have been unbelievably, ruthlessly stigmatizing not destigmatizing.

23. You perhaps unwittingly with your approach have proven my point of how worthless persons like Paul J James are. You are in territory where you are out of your depth on the issues or just biased and prejudiced of the reality.

24. Like Bob Rae you have been disingenuous and dishonest on the Paul J James matter. And dishonest in other areas also. You are both millionaires, high status individuals at the twilight stages of your careers but I can say the tragedy is that you have nothing if your core beingness is to treat a person in such a way. You should surely be be self-actualizing, level five leaders (Jim Collins Good to Great) with your lives at this stage - not fighting for ego's sake causing egomaniac mayhem still at your age. Not still dominating through abusing your positions of power because you cannot always get your own way. This was a very personal matter which should have been an honor and privilege for you to have both been involved in. You have both abused that right

25. You have both failed me and I am now willing to go to jail in order to suppress the anger I feel. A YouTube video will be released expressing that reality in about 30 minutes from now.

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