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Paul J James A Prisoner in Canada. Out of Respite - Toronto Streets - Black-Bin Bag.

Dear ALL,

Statement for the Record,

I regard myself as an outraged prisoner in Canada.

Canada. An immature, politically corrupt, spoiled cowardly nation who on a self-protectionist whim will publicly hang, kill, butcher, shame, humiliate their own citizens rather than act nobly and responsibly when in error.

A country that houses York University, Canada Soccer, the Toronto Star, the National Post, the CBC. The Canadian Press. Bob Rae. Mary Ormsby. Colin Perkel. Adam Vaughan. Jenn Myers. Shelia Forshaw. Jason Devos. Andrew Oliveri. John Molinaro. And of course a crooked dysfunctional Canadian Judicial system who in tandem with Canadian Politicians - are the real route to Canada's Machiavellian evil and dysfunction.

In the age of globalized information the unlawful false Paul J James narrative follows him. And so I cannot leave without resolution or social justice. And the oppressors know this, making my condition as a prisoner/slave - no different than a repeat of historic abuse and slavery.

And so again. I now Hate Canada. We are a diabolical, underachieving politically corrupt nation.

For the past 7 of 10 days I have been living in a Toronto Respite facility. Firstly in a room of 20 cot-beds - lower brand of garden sun bed - and then in a shared room with a roommate and his Huskie dog.

Last night I finally left the facility which serves three quality meals a day facilitated through, generally, a magnificent staff. Kind positive people who are the real troopers in a world so cutting for its hope and expectation so spurious in its ultimate reality.

In part, my departure is a consequence of the Broken Glass Window affect. A broken window, littered streets, profane graffiti leading to scruff, sloth and influence. Living on the street as an independent - gives you just that. Independence from state scapegoating handouts. Not around food and the current hunger strike protest also becomes more realistic.

Black Bin Bag in hand no money in pocket. I truly would rather die of starvation than let Canadian Oppressors get away which such disgusting abuse spanning now a decade.

Paul J James

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