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Preparing to Die, Cracked Tooth - Street Urchin from Dickens

Preparing to Die

As I hack my way through the thought process of the final Supreme Court of Canada letter - a painful process - preparing for the worse but hoping for the best is the Tony Waiters mantra to adhere to. Hitting the return key on the letter to the Supreme Court justices triggers the starvation sands in the hour glass to drop on bringing the Paul J James matter to an end once and for all, one way or another.

The James vs York University human rights discrimination matter is a profound illustration of how the Canadian justice system rather than provide access to justice for average disadvantaged Canadian citizens, instead deliberately and ruthlessly exacerbates the real world injustices that people face, killing most, at a bare minimum maiming others to a ruined life. It has proven not just in the York University and Mooredale Soccer club cases but also with my interactions with all those involved in the supposed process of serving justice, to be a disgusting, corrupt, futile system.

And the consequence if you are an exposed citizen with a mental disability in the form of a substance disability - unless tiered in the upper echelons of society - you are exposed to a life of extreme limitation, stigmatization and appalling abuse of ones human right to live equally and fairly at every layer of Canadian society.

In turn, inequality in wealth means you have no bargaining power no matter how overt and depraved the treatment you receive is. The Toronto Star epitomizes the abuse in the Paul J James matter. My request for over a year to remove the article has been ignored just like the National Post and CBC refused to remove their similar acts of twisted information, defamation and overt immorality of deceiving the public. The Canadian media in general are a disgrace in their collusion with York University and the Canadian judicial system. And we wonder why we are living in a sick world or why I feel such internal intense Rage. I see why wars start, gangs form, why 9/11 happened why in less than two centuries civilization will not exist as we know it.

In Canada you are either Good, Honest and Care or Cowardly, a Deceiver and a Cheat. And there is a growing imbalance on the latter side a consequence of a "justice system" which has made such a mockery of the word justice it should no more be applied in Canada. We have no justice system. It has nothing to do with serving justice so why call it a justice system?

We have a system whereby corporations resolve their disputes; lawyers work and develop their careers; a political system who kowtow to "its all about the money and not what is right" and who play childish "bad trick" games as if it is television show with no one of the other end who suffers; and of course a tribal law society which encourages its troupes to gate keep justice from self-represented applicants at all costs including the complete eradication of truth and the death of their fellow citizens all with, not just complete impunity but encouragement to do so.

Its where the former Health and Welfare Minister Monique Begin's statements "that we have unequivocal social science evidence that social injustices are killing (Canadian) citizens on a grand scale" resonates so eloquently. When I asked Bob Rae over email/text if he knew Monique Begin, he replied within a minute saying he knew her very well. Thirty seconds later when I outline the statement and applied it to the Paul J James matter looking for feedback he never replied then and has not since. Similar when providing him the Hillsborough disaster video which so poignantly illustrated the uncanny parallels of injustice in the matter, once Bob received it, it disappeared within less than 24 hours from all web sources after being online for over two years with no interference. We have no justice system. It has nothing to do with serving justice so why call it a justice system? In Canada you are either Good, Honest and Care or Cowardly, a Deceiver and a Cheat!

The purpose of this and the next "blog" is to further reveal Truth in the event I do not exist.

Cracked Tooth - Urchin from Dickens

Wednesday June 12, 2019 3.15am Lakeshore Pavilion

Laying semi-conscious in a reeking sleeping bag my tongue incessantly running over my cracked back molar I see the black silhouette of a man wearing a baseball cap. PJ somersaults into vigilante mode. Guy walks passed baseball diamond, around corner and out of sight. I dose and close eyes.


Eyes open again. Presence of someone is inches away. As I gasp for air while PJ assembles my fuck you face a Latino man appears from my left side with an extended hand holding what turned out to be 5 dollars - one loonie and two toonies. Out of my sleeping bag faster than when the hanging raccoon appeared at Bathurst Park twelve months earlier, dressed in hand me downs I snatch the money as if a street urchin from Dickens' Oliver Twist. Suspiciously surveying the man I ask,

"Whats this for?"

"To buy yourself a coffee"

"Hmm....But this is too much".

"No. Keep it"...he says.

"K. I will"

As I brush passed by on my way to the water fountain with snake eyes turned in his direction I continue.....

"Whats your name"


Two minutes on and back to my smelly accommodations I thank him for his kindness

"So what you doing here at this time of night", I continue

"Oh just cant sleep" was his response.

Now nestled back into my nook, eyes closing just happy to listen to the sound of a equilibrium was immediately jolted again.....

"Plus a blow job for money".

PJ responds in my head, "whose giving the blow job and how much money".

"Listen Mate, sorry. Its not my thing".

Looking up at him I add, "you know I was and still am a big George Michael fan. Cruising was a part of his thing". And so I get where you're at. Its just not for me".

I provide a smile as best I can - still grateful for his benevolence no matter an ulterior motive.

As I lay on my back left knee once again feeling the consequence of the event PJ reminds me he was only kidding with his "whose giving the blow job and how much money", thought. Adding "It was likely a trick from the other side"

I remind him it was unlikely. Not much benefit to them. As I gradually fade into the oblivion of nothingness that is sleep I consider as if slipping on a greasy rope "had I have accepted Teto's proposition, in theory that would have made me a Hooker. "Fuck perhaps it was the other side".

To follow tomorrow before Release of Part Two to Supreme Court of Canada....

TSN, Falsifying "Hookers", Coaching "Will Ferrell", Turning down propositions from Kelly Saxby, Kaylyn Kyle and Ashley Anne Kelly

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