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Formal Request for Permission to Social Protest Through Starvation at the Gates of Parliament Hill

Dear Pertrina Bonia,

I am formally requesting official permission that I, Paul J James, may conduct a Social Protest through physical starvation at the gates of Parliament Hill on Wellington Street, Ottawa, beginning August 31, 2019 indefinitely, until the matter is fully resolved, as outlined below.

Please note, the hunger strike protest itself will begin August 28, 2019 at a location away from Parliament Hill.

The three fundamental macro-societal reasons for the social protest are to confirm:

Canada as a distinguished democratic society who proudly promotes itself around the world as a nation that "respects the human rights of all its citizens" must now "walk the talk". Justice served in the James vs York University discrimination claim will impact ALL Canadian citizens profoundly and positively. Failure to do so will merely establish Canada as a gutless, hypocritical nation, so insecure we cannot see what our real strengths can be and where the real opportunities lie to be respected internationally at an unprecedented level.

The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms cannot pick and choose when the Charter is applied. To date section 15 with regard to: "Every individual is equal before and under the law and has the right to the equal protection and equal benefit of the law without discrimination and, in particular, without discrimination based on race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, sex, age or mental or physical disability" has not been applied even though substance use disorders are categorized unequivocally as mental disabilities. This imprudence by the political and judicial systems to not enforce the rule of law through the good faith application of the Canadian charter with regard to mental disability in the form of substance disabilities has cost millions of Canadians their lives and unimaginable human suffering for far, far too long.

To establish and give reason why ALL Canadian citizens can and should have faith in the Canadian judicial system and process.

For transparency, the following honourable persons have been cc'd to this email.

The Right Honourable Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada Andrew Scheer

Leader of Canada's New Democratic Party (NDP) Jagmeet Singh

Leader of the Green Party of Canada Elizabeth May

Supreme Court of Canada Honourable Chief Justice: Robert Wagner

Supreme Court of Canada Honourable Justices and Registrar

For transparency, the following esteemed persons have also, been cc'd to this email

University of Toronto Dr Jordan Peterson

University of Ottawa Dr Tracy Vaillancourt

Queens University Dr Heather Stuart

Humanitarian, Rhodes Scholar Order of Canada recipient Bob Rae

Preeminent Voice on Addiction Order of Canada recipient Dr Gabor Mate

For protection, transparency and safety of my human right to protest in Canada, others also, have been blind copied to this correspondence.

Future Resolution

1. Supreme Court of Canada permit fair review and correction expeditiously for the delivered social injustice in the James vs York University Human Rights discrimination matter Docket Number (#36795)

2. Full repair to the reputation of Paul J James through the Canadian media including immediate resolution of the defamation and malice of the Toronto Star article dated September 8, 2019; the National Post piece dated June 26, 2015; the CBC article formulated in bad faith dated January 2017.

3. Canadian Parliament agree to discuss Mental Health in the form of substance dependence/addiction as a Bipartisan issue beginning with discussion on "ratifying decriminalization" of all substances - defacto already in place - along with the priority of protecting the human rights of all its citizens including those whom have been diagnosed with substance use disorders.

4. Official confirmation of debate to take place at the University of Toronto between Dr Jordan Peterson and Paul J James. Applying some or ALL of Dr Jordan Peterson's 12 Rules of Life under the following tile:

Living with Drugs in a Better Way

"Reconciling the stigma associated with substance use,

substance issues, and substance disabilities"

All proceeds of event to be donated to those less advantaged.

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