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"Dislocation: The Pivotal Part of the Puzzle"


A situation in which something such as a system, process, or way of life is greatly disturbed or prevented from continuing as normal.

Future recipient of Canada's highest honor Dr Bruce Alexander can be quoted/paraphrased:

"Dislocation is unbearable. This is why solitary confinement or ostracism or excommunication are horrible punishments which are delivered to people. They are punishments which inflict dislocation. They are dreadful punishments because we are not built to bear the impact. We are social animals. We are built that way. To be dislocated is to suffer unbearably".

To bond with something which mitigates psychological suffering counter to conventional/corrupt/colluded analysis is a rational proposition not irrational.

It is over a decade since Paul J James opened up to persons seeking assistance.

Excommunication was the first consequence out of the gate. Dislocation from TV soccer analyst work was next up to the plate; soon to be followed by constructive dismissal from York University. Retreating from such stigmatized painful treatment was a rational choice not irrational.

York University, the Canadian Judicial process, the Canadian media, Canada Soccer including specific individuals, rather than providing relief from such distressful suffering, hideously, deliberately and cruelly made things far worse as unlikely as that was with consideration of all that had proceeded.

In the words of Felipe Bento from the Unionville Soccer Club in 2017, "Paul. Your your destiny now, is different".

He was right.

The destiny has always been to walk to Parliament Hill emaciated to the point of death to prove the point on behalf of millions others, most specially indigenous peoples, that social change on the social issue now, in 2019, has to take place as atrociously late as it is. And social change on the social phenomena of all social phenomenon's can only happen through illumination and acceptance of the Truth in regards to what substance dependence is all about and entails.

The Supreme Court of Canada has an unavoidable responsibility to ALL Canadian citizens and figuratively, the global community as a whole, to review and rule on the James vs York University matter.

And when the honorable do so it will forever establish the meaning of my life which was to utilize the "always be truthful ethos" instilled into me by my beautiful parents - as naive and humiliating as it has so often been - as a small contribution to making the world a better place in which to live.


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