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Dr. Jordan Peterson A Man of Integrity or a Canadian Hypocrite?

Dr. Jordan Peterson

A Man of Integrity or a Canadian Hypocrite?

Dr. Jordan Peterson riding a horse down a country trail. Walking obediently behind him is a female. A little way down the trail a police officer moves into the path of Dr Peterson's horse, raising a Stop Hand Signal.

"Sir, why is a female walking behind you while you are riding a horse?"

"Oh that's easy to answer officer. That's because she doesn't have a horse", Peterson replied emphatically.

Next day Dr. Jordan Peterson riding his horse down the same country trail. Walking obediently behind him is a teenage boy. A little way down the path a nurse moves in the way of Dr Peterson, raising a Stop Hand Signal.

"Dr Peterson. Why is a teenage boy walking behind you while you are riding a horse?"

"Oh that's easy to answer Miss. That's because he doesn't have a horse", Peterson answered emphatically.

Following day, Dr. Jordan Peterson riding down the same country trail. Beside him is his colleague, Dr Norman Doidge, similarly, riding a horse. Norman fluttering his eyes, congratulates Peterson on his perceived Hero status as he so confidently predicted in the Forward to his hero's book. Walking obediently behind the two "mischievous intellects" are Elizabeth May and Jagmeet Singh.

A little ways on, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Conservative Party leader Andrew Scheer move onto the path both raising Stop Hand Signals.

"Gentleman. Why are those two walking, while the both of you are riding horses?"

"Oh that's easy to answer Prime Minister, Mr Scheer. That's because they don't have horses" Peterson answered.

"That makes sense. Good work Peterson. I see a future honour coming your way. Scheer nodding with much approval to the Prime Ministers exclamation.


September 6, 2019

Dear Dr. Jordan Peterson,

Congratulations on your global success with the selling of your book - 12 Rules of Life.

I am so sorry for the personal family hardship you have encountered recently. I sincerely wish that my timing was more palatable and for your convenience.

Dr Peterson, over the past 18 months a Paul J James supporter - Kevin Tierney - contacted you requesting your assistance in the human rights discrimination matter of national and global importance which I have been confronting for so long.

The Paul J James issue is not complicated on a macro societal level:

Do Canadian citizens diagnosed with substance disabilities have the human right to live freely with actual Rights and Freedoms?

And not just the right to - LIVE - as the Supreme Court of Canada painfully ruled in 2012.

The human right to access, for example, Equality of Opportunity where substance use/issues past or present will not be impediments used against them, hung over their head at every turn.

To not be ignored, punished, scapegoated, excommunicated, isolated, ostracised, patronised, defamed, slandered like a third class citizen. Like a criminal. A child.

To not be asked in perpetuity, how long have you be clean? When was the last time you used? Not to be told to stay well, to stay healthy on every communication et al, etc, etc.

Although committed to very public, painful hunger strike protests you ignored Kevin Tierney's communication. No reply was forthcoming. Where is the humility in that from you Dr Jordan Peterson? Something you espouse publicly. Hardly a David Beckham, Mo Salah, Gianluigi Buffon, or Paul Peschisoido approach?

What is the difference between you and former Canadian International soccer player Frank Woods from Victoria, British Columbia who three times a week goes out and serves homeless persons with as much as he can. Making lives of the most oppressed better, as best he can? A front line worker along with thousands of other Canadians across the country doing the same thing? And Frank has taken the time out to assist in the Paul J James human rights matter like other soccer alumni and other down to earth Canadian citizens.

What is the difference between them and you and Bob Rae and all Canadian Politicians in regards to this matter?

We were hoping the nature of the issue and available information - would be reason enough for you to have at least investigated the sincere desperate inquiry. After all, you yourself - subsequent to the Paul J James hunger strikes - threatened a similar trajectory for yourself.

A week ago the same Kevin Tierney wrote the following:

"Spot on Les & Peyvand! The bar has been set so low by our so called political leaders that any response, even the City of Ottawa's pathetically weak response, is seen as progress. Oppression is never progress. Where are all the Social Justice Warriors now? Where are all the Mental Health Advocates now? MIA. Why? Stigma!!! The truth is our leaders pay lip service to fighting stigma but not a single one has the courage to CONFRONT Stigma. Paul James stands alone because stigma tells you that Paul and millions of other people with substance disabilities are criminals and undeserving of justice. Notable political persons on this email know the truth, know that York University discriminated against Paul James, know that the courts colluded to protect power and wealth and yet do NOTHING to correct it. Not a single person of influence at York University has an ounce of integrity. Not a single politician has an ounce of courage. Our Prime Minister isn't fit to carry his father's paddle never mind his canoe. I am not a former teammate of Paul James. I reached out to Paul during his 2nd hunger strike because I was curious how a person with Paul's background could end up on a hunger strike. As I learned the truth about Paul's circumstance and the framework of Confronting the Stigma of Drug Addiction the more apparent it became that Paul was 100% right on the matter, but like Dr. Bruce Alexander before him, Paul James is ignored and forced on the scrap heap of society to rot. Paul James has the antidote to Substance Disability, but it does not serve Power & Wealth. Paul James, and thousands of Canadians like him, are prisoners in their own Nations. Canada is not a democracy. The real criminals are the Politicians who kiss our arses for votes while stabbing us in the back.

I, for one, encourage Paul to take this fight to Parliament Hill, a final public protest for the entire world to see. I have no faith or hope that any of Canada's leaders will take action unless forced to. The 'Public good' is only good when its public and can be manipulated for votes".

The injustice in the Paul J James matter is overwhelming and incontrovertible. The colluded treatment unlawfully delivered at a level which now can only be considered diabolical, psychopathic, criminal. Standing Up, Straightening my Shoulders (Rule One) and formally confronting the "bullying of stigma" has ruined my life from what it should have been. Yet, I am still breathing and fighting albeit by a thread. A good argument could be made against your Rule One but I won't be making it aside from a suggestion of a slight amendment or disclaimer. Irrespective of my failure thus far and the suffering it has delivered, it is still, to me, brilliantly correct.

Reference the feelings you personally get from the work you are currently embarked on Dr Peterson - speaking engagements and lectures. I use to get the same feelings from coaching soccer. It was my passion, my forte, my life. It catered perfectly to my innate nature. The level of positive aggression had an outlet. Success was hard earned and credible because it was my nature and beingness also, to not cut corners - to not be like too many other Canadians!

After a lifetime of sacrifice within the football world, then a consequence of an exposed substance disability and my responsible action to stabilise my health, my professional life has been obliterated and with it, my life as a whole. Equality of Opportunity does not exist in the Canadian world I have lived. And that is the same for millions of others, so highly stigmatised. How would you feel if your livelihood was taken away? And with it, opportunities forthwith being limited to menial poorly paid jobs. No more a career. For me it has been like a razor blade cutting my insides. In the words of Amy Winehouse, "like a penny rolling up inside".

Everyone within power and influence knows that there is something terribly, terribly wrong, with the Paul J James case but rather than have the guts to confront the "evilness" in order to correct the injustice, disseminating the truth of such importance - the elites have scapegoated instead that there is something wrong with Paul J James. How do you think I feel?

It verifies why no one should come forward and open up on any mental health issue. To do so you play "suicide roulette" with your life, much more than the issue itself. We are a million miles away from realistic progress. And that is the Truth! Until the courts sternly rule against discrimination when it happens it will continue to get worse. Which itself is catastrophic. Bob Rae a colleague of yours has been disturbingly unrelenting in his oppressed treatment of the Paul J James matter when it was my belief he was remitted to resolve the matter two years ago, in a pragmatic, honest and swift way knowing all that had preceded in my life. It seemed impossible at the time of meeting Bob for my life to get any worse. Bob's actions made sure it did. Yet it is my nature to grasp the good in people including Bob Rae and so I feel at times he is sacrificing himself for the greater good of humanity as tenuous as that appears the longer I travel this path.

As an illustration of the guttural impact of stigma. Imagine Dr Peterson if it was Paul J James "getting tearfully upset" on television which you displayed during your Dr Oz interview. I'd be labelled - including by you - as unstable, neurotic, mentally ill, a crackhead, a junkie. In need of help. You were emotional because you were "internally touched/flattered" by someone who was influenced by your book. It impacted me as I am sure you impacted millions of others by the genuineness of your emotional display that particular day.

Of course Canadian Conservatives the architects and advocates of the War on Drugs ideology, the purveyors of extraordinary damage and carnage for over a century have stood by and watched crimes all around them in the Paul J James matter and yet they do absolutely nothing about it. Their actions are just as bad if not worse than committing the crime of discrimination itself.


Dr Jordan Peterson. The purpose of my contact now, on this day, September 8, 2019 is a request for you to disseminate information among your peers and supporters that, Paul J James, a Welsh Canadian citizen, is starving himself to death in the City of Ottawa, as a final action and attempt to access social justice on a human rights discrimination claim concerning substance dependence and the stigmatisation which engulfs every aspect of the debilitating social phenomenon.

I am not sure how I am ultimately going to bring this matter to an end as starvation of a Canadian citizens body seems to have very little impact on Canadian Politicians or Canadian Media. Rest assured it will be happening sooner than later on Parliament Hill in Ottawa. I am currently spending most of my time in a rooming house just sleeping watching my body emaciate. Like I suppose being on death row.

It is therefore an opportunity for you yourself to not only be a Hero through communicating on mass the social justice of Paul J James but also for you to get in line with the reality on the subject matter and not continue to be an unfashionable laggard. An ignoramus. Hypocrite. Most specifically on the key subject matter. You can instead take a positive, productive lead - a facilitator of change - in order to sever the awful deleterious consequences of Stigma. You have all the cache required to change the world. I do not.

Just so you know.

In 12 Rules of Life you stigmatised those who have exposed substance use. Application of the words and phrases "sad drunks; addicts; pathetic", as descriptions, are illustrations that no matter your intellect and philosophising you are deficient in your understanding of the substance use world. Perhaps you have encountered over a life time your own problem with a substance - alcohol in your own case - and perhaps your path out was straight forward using your own methodology. Good for you. To conclude however, through bias and prejudice, your method/attitude is/should be the same for ALL others is a catastrophic mistake, highly stigmatizing and not helpful, rather egregiously detrimental. Russel Brand suffers the same fate - an elite who cannot relate to commoners as much as he patronisingly thinks he does. His lexicon in his recent released book Mentors is appalling.

Canadian System - Totally Dishonest. Your Rule 8 is: Tell the Truth - or, at Least don't Lie

The Canadian system, along with specific individuals with power and influence - have proven through unrelenting, egregious, willful apathy on a matter of such gravity, that Canadian elites including Politicians, Lawyers, the Canadian Judiciary, Canadian media, Canadian academic institutions are not honourable, honest or comprehensively progressive which they SCAM domestically and on a global basis. They are weak, corrupt almost childlike. And in the Paul J James case, savagely dishonest.

York University - have egregiously LIED throughout the James vs York University human rights discrimination matter. The person whom I opened up to in 2008 "when you see blue skies, I see grey clouds", delivered the LIE to Paul J James in an email in 2012 and then in York University submissions. And the Canadian system has protected it ever since, up to and including the Supreme Court of Canada. How can any Canadian respect that?

National Post, CBC, The Toronto Star - all three outlets colluded with York University and the system to protect the LIE and suppress the Truth in this matter which harms ALL Canadian citizens economically, ethically, morally, through human suffering and human mortality.

Canada Soccer - Legal counsel and Executive colluded with York University and added to the LIE by gate-keeping their Board of Directors on the Paul J James matter while covertly accepting the request for annulment of my individual Canadian Soccer Hall of Fame status. No public announcement was made or delivered. They just camouflaged the request. How do you think I feel on that one? I am a three time inductee into the Canadian Soccer Hall of Fame and have represented Canada over 100 times collectively as a player and coach?

Bob Rae communicated in 2017 that he disagreed with all of York University decisions in the Paul J James matter; that he disagreed with all Canadian Judicial system decisions in the Paul J James claim before the courts; that I had been treated very very badly through the system; but then "he could not help me if I was going to be so Truthful"; he also colluded with others to hide the Hillsborough Disaster Documentary which uncannily replicated the social injustice methodologies in both cases; coordinated the Toronto Star defamation; excommunicated with me back in January 2018 because I wanted to seek social justice and not be scapegoated through "help you get back on your feet strategies". And the TSN, Mike Young, Family episodes et al etc. And then when I try to confront professionally and peacefully I get accused of "burning bridges" with him.

Canadian Politicians all political parties have egregiously ignored hundreds of emails from myself or supporters of Paul J James on a matter of such national and international importance and relevance. They have sat back, like you Dr Jordan Peterson and have done absolutely nothing irrespective of so many starvation actions, the courage of which they have abhorrently scapegoated as mental illness. Can you not see that "evilness" is at home in Canada. How do you think I feel now after a decade of such institutional behaviour - and three years of starvation? Again best summed up by Kevin Tierney's last few sentences.

"Paul James has the antidote to Substance Disability, but it does not serve Power & Wealth. Paul James, and thousands of Canadians like him, are prisoners in their own Nations. Canada is not a democracy. The real criminals are the Politicians who kiss our arses for votes while stabbing us in the back".

To my dismay - and that of millions of others over too many years - Canada has proven to be fake, unethical and considerably cruel. A passive aggressive nature that pervades our culture at every level, driven Top Down. It is not that honest down to earth Canadians are oblivious to this reality. They are just too obedient to summon the courage to do anything - just as the elitist class want it to protect the status quo irrespective of the harm it delivers in areas of such importance. Nothing more important than the mental health of a nation but apparently we are oblivious to the harm we are doing.

The ongoing consequence of such behaviour?

A perpetuation of our culture. Of sloth, pettiness, undermining, cowardice, greed, jealousy, suicides, people jumping in front of subway trains on a weekly basis, all leading to extraordinary macabre underachievement as proven in so many unenviable areas already. But we were warned. And not just from former Minister Michael Kirby back in 2004/06.

"The truth is that Canada – the ninth richest country in the world – is so wealthy that it manages to mask the reality of poverty, social exclusion, discrimination, the erosion of employment quality, its adverse mental health outcomes, and youth suicides. While one of the biggest spenders in health care, we have one of the worst records in providing an effective social safety net. What good does it do to treat people’s illnesses to then send them back to the conditions that made them sick in the first place?” Monique Begin 2010 Former Minister of Health

"We have unequivocal social science information that injustice is killing (Canadians) on a grand scale" Monique Begin 2010 Former Minister of Health

Nine years from Ms. Monique Begin's assessment and we have (among much more):

Thirty five thousand Canadian citizens homeless, while at the same time, thousands of real estate investor units remain empty across the country.

One hundred and forty five homeless Canadians died of exposure to cold last year in the City of Toronto alone.

Eleven over dose deaths a day spread out across the country.

Increased gun violence.

Canadian(s) mowing down people.

Canada ranked on the Global Index of integrity at 17 and 32 per cent for judicial integrity. Zero being complete corruption. 100 being complete integrity.

Our youth score D and D plus on global assessments on physical fitness and physical fitness participation.

In Ontario alone Canadian youth on standardised testing score below 50 percent on, of all things, Math which requires hard work to master.

Homeless persons, persons with mental disabilities et al receive anywhere from 300-1200 per month in subsidy. If they work it is taken away from the payment. How on earth do you expect to improve people's live to the point of human dignity with those calculations?

The Paul J James circumstance - 13 hunger strikes?

Dr Peterson if you do care about making the world a better place then the James vs York University human rights discrimination matter will give you a platform to be the Hero you innately, rightly, covet and deserve. Along with the hundreds of thousands of front line workers/care givers and charities across the country - giving so much to those in need - you could make a difference if you do in fact really care - which I believe deep down you seriously do.

There is no doubt millions of others effected by the social phenomena surrounding the stigma of mental health and in particular substance disabilities have much to gain from desperately needed social change and a seismic paradigm shift in political and societal attitude on how we deal with this atrociously oppressed segment of Canadian society: Those so disadvantaged, underfunded and isolated. Where so much societal adversity emanates. The epitome of inequality. The breeding ground of crime.


Rule 6 "Set Your House in Perfect Order Before You Criticise the World".

Dr Peterson. You were born in Canada. You derive most of the benefits of your position from Canada. Canada does not have its house in order - nor alone perfect order - and so how about assisting to straighten it out on the collective stigma associated with mental health including substance disabilities? Your use of the word Perfect was unfortunate and rather telling. There is no such thing. You could certainly not claim that of your own life and personality. Could you?

A lesson learned from coaching - things are always in flux. Its how you manage circumstances that counts just like it is how we manage our internal chimps (Id's) based on what we are presented.

In a recent email to others, I wrote the following - edited slightly - as highlighted.

"Dr Peterson, is clearly a brilliant Canadian mind. He is also political and on the issue of substance use, problematic issues and disability highly stigmatizing. His book 12 Rules of Life, while spell-bounding in areas, nevertheless, had a few agenda's, one of which, was to protect the establishment class. No matter how much he tried to camouflage that reality he let the upper echelons of societies off the hook at the expense of scapegoating others less advantaged. For someone with the swath of reading and experiential depth - it is indeed courageous that Dr Peterson forgoes such inevitable table turning.

"If you cannot understand why someone did something look at the consequences - and infer the motivation" Carl Jung.

As it stands at this time Dr Peterson the optics appear that you are the greatest recipient of your Book not society as a whole. Nor alone the mental health of a nation. Unfortunately, as it stands, 12 Rules of Life is not the perfect Antidote to Chaos, one presumes, its ultimate goal. At best it is, as suggested by BBC interrogator, Stephen Sackur, a self-help book. At its worse and without amendment in important areas it will prove to be a facilitator of further Chaos. Unwitting, Ignorance or Intent, only you can conclude.

In a recent interview you suggested you were in the process of writing other Rules. You gave a few illustrations. May I respectfully request you reconsider. As your unsolicited coach I urge you to review what you have already produced first. As a prominent elitist person you only illustrate - thus far - the the machinations of why and how inequality becomes so pervasive through your personal success and your chimps insatiable appetite for much more.

On Page 205 under Rule 8 Tell the Truth, or at Least, Don't Lie you state, your mindset from decades earlier as a student was as follows:

"I wanted to win arguments and gain status and impress people and get what I wanted. I was using language to bend and twist the world into delivering what I thought was necessary. But I was fake. Realizing this, I started to practice only saying things that the internal voice would not object to. I started to practice telling the truth - or, at least not lying."

Appears you haven't changed much. Because it is your nature to be that way.

That internal voice of Jordan Peterson's would be JP. Like the internal voice for Paul J James is PJ. Justin Trudeau JT. Jagmeet Singh JS. Elizabeth May EM. Andrew Scheer AS.

Reference point for context. Dr Steve Peters from the University of Sheffield in England who authored/designed the Chimp Paradox - a modernised more pragmatic approach/model to Freud's Id, Ego and Super-Ego. No generalisations open to a 1001 interpretations. Rather it caters to the unique relativity of a persons life circumstances/personality/limbic system et al. Your Chimp (JP) is your Id. And he's loving what you are doing right now to the point you may be losing a little perspective.

It appears from a lot of you have written and spoken you are having trouble managing him. Just saying.

You scapegoat personal sovereign psychology over the correct implementation and management of societal systems.

You have no answer to how inequality in any social system is bridged when corrupt leadership, greed, money, narcissism are the starting points of understanding how they do.

You ruthlessly condemn narcissists in your book but fail to see how far along the narcissism continuum you yourself are positioned.

When BBC Hard-Talk's Sackur questioned your own psychological brittleness you let him off the hook. Or should I say JP did. A better response would have been. "I am human and sometimes JP requires a little more serotonin than I can give him through good sleep and nutrition. But he means well. He was just trying to protect me. He knows I care so much about the messages I am trying to communicate".

On page 209 (of the Truth Chapter) you write,

"You can use words to manipulate the world into delivering what you want. This is what it means to "act politically". This is spin. Its the speciality of unscrupulous marketers, salesman, advertisers, pick-up artists, slogan-possessed Utopian's and psychopaths. Its the speech people engage in when they attempt to influence and manipulate in when they attempt to influence and manipulate others. Its what university students do when they want something, and decide to falsify themselves to please and flatter. Its scheming and sloganeering and propaganda".

Family Feud. Top five answers on the board. Name the top five untrustworthy careers/occupations known for deceit and manipulation.

1. Politicians

2. Lawyers

3. Media

For someone so intellectual it is patently unreasonable to conclude you innocently kept these careers/occupations away from your descriptions. While trying to kick the backsides of ALL and sundry you set the establishment free.

Just so you know if I were to write a 12 Rules for Life review its title would be: The Good, the Unfortunate and the Brilliant! A couple of positive thoughts for JP to marinate in. He rightly deserves it.

The Good

Rule 11: Do Not Bother Children When They Are Skateboarding: "And if you think tough men are dangerous, wait until you see what weak men are capable of". You bet. Close to home we have seen this in Canadian Soccer for the past two decades, most recently through the implementation of the Long Term Player Development program. A catastrophic facilitator of weakness rather than competition and human spirit to be the best one can be. Incompetence from incompetent decisions from incompetent hiring's all over the place. "Evilness" to protect those decisions including hiring more "evilness". The mythical, metaphorical serpents you reference.

The Brilliant

Irrespective of a few flaws stated earlier - at least in my own case. Rule One is still Brilliant. Stand up to bullying which can manifest itself in many forms behind many cloaks. It is what it is to be Stigmatised for example in any minority group. Of which substance dependence is the most highly stigmatised, only surpassed by the cross pollination of already oppressed peoples from other groups, the combination of which, is without doubt, the most tragic of ALL.

Chaos and Order. Your references and stitching Chaos and Order into every aspect of life, while some may claim is not original, in the way you did, it is. Absolutely brilliant. Successful soccer teams can be referenced through harmony. No matter how good the character make-up of your team, it is always in flux. One mistake and it can tilt to Chaos. Good teams avoid or mitigate the negative consequences if/when it happens through the right character persons who can over come any adversity. One or two wrong characters though sink ships or lead to colossal underachievement.

I ask you Dr Jordan Peterson to ponder. Based on your Knowledge. Observations. Research. Intellect. Is the stigma of substance use, problematic substance use, substance disability/dependence/addiction on a domestic and global level, in Order or Chaos? Your honest answer should fuel your decision in regard to the request from Paul J James.

Only through Supreme Court rulings can the world begin to change with this.

Canada, the aesthetically beautiful country it is, is still youthful, naive and underrepresented on greatness. Take away Hockey, scattered individual brilliance, natural resources including water and we are left clumsily clutching for other stuff. To be great in areas that impact the mental health of a nation and in particular the Stigma that ties it all together could be accomplished in Canada by:

​Changing Hierarchies of Incompetence in Leadership - to Hierarchies of Competence

Political Bi-Partisanship

A rigorous vow to rid Bad Politics - the nations Achilles heal - from every layer of Canadian society

Pristine Judicial Integrity most especially on discrimination of ones mental health

Mature Canadian media not sycophantic to the elite on the pivotal issues;

Collective willingness to want to be great galvanised by strong non biased Leadership - Dr Jordan Peterson; Dr Gabor Mate; Dr Heather Stuart; Dr Bruce Alexander; Dr Tracy Vaillancourt; Donald McPherson; Richard Elliot, Dr Rick Czerniak, Dr Sharon Bearpark

Food for thought perhaps Dr Jordan Peterson.

For what it is worth I have formulated my own list of foundations, principles, guidelines for a better life, they include: The Benefits from Striving to Maximise One's Potential; Team Work - Works Magic (complete deference to former national team manager and talented player Leslie J Wilson) and through unprecedented Canadian National Soccer teams success in 1984 and 1986; and Life's Relativity and Perspective.

One final thing. I wrote this note weighing in at 142 lbs. It took me all day but I am not mentally ill nor irrational in compiling it. Just like the information scattered through the Canadian Judiciary and Confronting The Stigma of Drug Addiction website has been completed in good faith to the best of ability in spite of any impediments which came my way.


Paul J James

For your review in the Paul J James matter.

Quotes on the Stigma of Drug Addiction

"Stigma is not Just a Word. It is a word with devastating consequences" To Prime Minister Justin Trudeau National Post January 2017

Most people have good, Honourable, humane intentions when interacting with their fellow citizens. If however, you want to turn admirable people into unwitting discriminatory, prejudicial, judgmental citizens then simply inform them you live with a substance disability. The metamorphosis is breathtaking and cutting, facilitated by profound ignorance and bias erroneously conditioned onto our psyches as normal behaviour when in receipt of such information. For the past three generations we have behaved towards persons in this unenviable group so poorly and inappropriately it now ranks as the most significant preventable immorality of our time. April 2018

My circumstances today are not because of my Substance Disability but the reaction to my Substance Disability April 2018

Each experience of Stigmatization as it relates to substance use is like being hit by lightening unless, that is, you conform to being oppressed. Then its like being punched in the face which is far less painful. Fall 2018

As a nation Canada has not permitted the truth about substance disability to diffuse through to the Canadian population and as a consequence the stigma of drug addiction has become a “living animated machete. April 2018

The Stigma of Drug Addiction/Dependence/Disability is absolutely disgraceful. Not severing the social phenomenon as a society is even worse. Metaphorically, a consequence of not doing so, you hand out Sheriff badges, Gestapo Jackets and Whips which those not affected are all too willing to adorn. It is disgusting. May 2019

As guardians of justice for ALL Canadian citizens my plea to you, while on an individual case basis, is for the greater good. The correct, truthful outcome will facilitate the betterment of Canada as a nation. Most specifically. For those Canadian citizens and their families who have encountered the "juggernaut of destruction" from the appalling STIGMA associated with substance use and substance disabilities. May 2019 to the Supreme Court of Canada

The past 8 years I feel as if I have been psychologically raped by York University, Canada Soccer and the Canadian establishment. January 2019

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