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"Well then, let him suffer more!!" York University Board of Governor

A. Iran's 'blue girl' dies after setting herself on fire

With extraordinary poignant coincidence of an earlier reference to "lighting myself on fire" as a philosophical yet serious metaphor and potential reality, the unfolding of the young Iranian lady's profoundly, gut wrenching, sad sacrifice took place recently. A global display of dreadful injustice on an outrageous appalling circumstance.

Only if you had lived in her shoes of passionate plight could you begin to fathom the decision to sacrifice ones life in such a way. The ultimate of ALL protests. With extraordinary horrific "irony" her courage will be the game changer on the system within "Persia" where female Iranian supporters will soon be permitted to enter football stadiums to watch the sport they love.

It is how Paul J James feels. After three years of much thought I could envisage myself taking the same action at this stage as horrific and as difficult as it would be. Apparently, no one in the modern world of complete and utter selfishness, greed and madness takes hunger striking seriously beyond of course, the rolling of eyes. Yet in contradiction we remain obese as a nation.

After a decade of complete, utter disgraceful humiliation. Such unnecessary and irretrievable loss. Such corruption and collusion of a Canadian system gone completely mad. An academic institution, York University deprived of even a morsel of human decency. Not a figment of ethical rigour or human fair play - pride or adherence to purported values. And all before consideration of their blatant deceit and collusion of the system they controlled from start to finish. A Canadian establishment class and media with not a care in the world of whether a Canadian citizen died fighting for the Truth to make the nation and world a better place in which to live. Their only concern just to protect and cow-tow to a Canadian spoiled system. 13 hunger strikes - most of three years not eating properly and that after 7 years fighting to correct the atrocious injustice; hundreds of emails ignored by the power and wealth. Backed into a corner.

Ignored; scapegoated; punished; defamed; slandered; ridiculed; patronised; humiliated at such a level of depravity and then the inevitable indignity of homelessness; accepting donations; unemployment; excommunicated, blamed, labelled crackhead; dickhead; cunt; mentally ill; loser; lazy; junkie. Applied for over 100 jobs without an email in response. Turned down for dish-washing job. Followed, tracked, filmed, photographed. Falsely arrested and abused by Toronto Police. Told time and time again to move on. To accept disability payments et al etc. Losing absolutely everything. Two homes; My partner; My dog; All status; All told. Living at this time is just not as important. Gaining justice and winning the fight is ALL that matters using what ever remaining methodology I have at my disposal which would NOT include harming another human being even though I have seen and met others who would not be able to hold such restraint.

When the Prime Minster and opposition party leader of the country you have sacrificed so much for send implicit messages that they are prepared to let you die/ suffer such pain and for so long rather than even respond to your fight for social justice even after seeing the hideous pain you would have suffered on hunger strike protests. Well. In the world I was raised. It is time to say goodbye to Canada.

If Hunger Strikes do not work then setting ones self a light becomes a legitimate option. No greater shock than that in order to not be scapegoated when deceased. Very difficult to scapegoat the action of setting oneself on fire as suicide when the pain would be unimaginable. It could only be accomplished through such outrage which I have experienced now for far too long with the arrogance of the purveyors to still stand back and take such repugnant extraordinary advantage - "well then, let him suffer more"

My mind at this stage is not dissimilar to Dr Jordan Peterson's self-proclaimed "quirky" need to psychologically put himself in the minds of Stalin and Hitler - purveyors of such evil - to begin to fathom how they could get there. For what benefit to Dr Peterson this provides I am unsure of.

The mind of Paul J James focuses on the victims experiencing such existential hopelessness you feel no option but to take such drastic measures, when patently reasonable rights are being abused so egregiously and with no feasible way through the injustice. A circumstance of such apparent complete hopelessness against such outrageous wrong.

It is how Paul J James feels about his own circumstances now in 2019.

Not just the human rights discrimination but the determination of the Canadian system from the Right Honourable Prime Minister, to Andrew Scheer, to Jagmeet Singh, to Elizabeth May, to all at Canada Soccer, to the Canadian media, the Supreme Court of Canada, Bob Rae, the Toronto Star, the National Post, the CBC and most depraved and disturbingly York University and McCarthy Tretault, to ignore and suppress ALL their wrongs.

The following abbreviated statement from two days ago, sums up my thoughts to two supporters who delivered much kindness and support over the passed 6 months.

​"Like Hank from Breaking Bad in the last season I've known and accepted my fate for quite some time now. I wish in some ways my nature was different but I understand and like what he (PJ) is and what he stands for. I cannot help that. Nor will I, at 56 years of age (in November), endeavor to change him. I like the way he is. I cannot accept as you outline and I do not want to advocate on the issue nor live in Canada under such brutal conditions - football was my life. It has been ruined and now after ten years fighting I am expected to advocate on the issue or start again as a poor old man in the lower levels of the soccer industry as punishment and without justice, only to remain brutalized. I really would prefer to set myself a light. My options are simple. Leaving Canada is the only viable one, if I live. And living only becomes viable, with justice. From York University, Canada Soccer, HRTO, Toronto Star, National Post, CBC, Supreme Court of Canada and AS a consequence Canadian society, you just do not behave and treat someone in the way the institutions have in the Paul J James case. So overt in their criminality, stigmatization, collusion, defamation et al. It is why the story of the Iranian girl is so relevant. The fight of Iranian women to be permitted into soccer games is preposterous and outrageous. I totally understood her outrage and plight like I do that of homeless persons. The system is set up to be a No Way Out scenario. They decide whether they want to give justice or not. Nothing to do with right or wrong; truth or lie. Persons one day will look back at the substance culture and how so called free democracies have dealt with the issue illustrated through the uniqueness of the Paul J James matter. Could not have done anymore to illuminate the Truth for the betterment of a better world. And a part of the lesson is that no one should have to spend the rest of their life advocating for justice. It lets the establishment off the hook only to deliver injustice again because all others would have bailed out long before now. We should be free to choose. And I have. I chose to fight the injustice up to this point and the system chose to corrupt, collude, maim, defame, slander the response and as a consequence they have like so many others before them ruined a life from what it should and could have been. I do not accept this and I never will. Jordan Peterson can learn himself to Grow Up and start holding those institutions accountable who deliver such evil".


On Wednesday September 18, 2019, at 9 am, I, Paul J James will descend onto Parliament Hill in Ottawa Canada. It will be another day of a Thirteenth Hunger Strike Protest seeking social justice from York University, the Canadian Judicial system, the Canadian media and Canada Soccer.

It will be a peaceful protest 24/7 from that moment forward, ultimately looking to make the world a better place in which to live.

Paul J James will respectfully remove himself each day if requested by Canadian authorities but will then return the next day until the matter is acknowledged and addressed by each Canadian Political Party Leader along with a corrective ruling from the Supreme Court of Canada in the James vs York University.

C. Hunger Strike Protesting

Hunger Strike Protesting is not mental illness. The audacious, horrendous scapegoating theme of the oppressors for the past 3 years is an indictment of Canada as a nation indicative of the extraordinary lengths institutions/persons will go to, to avoid taking responsibility in regards to discrimination of a persons mental health.

Unfortunately even some non-oppressors have lamented at times that I was not thin enough. Non-experienced cruel commentators on the subject matter oblivious to the awful physical pain which accompanies starvation as displayed for much of the past three years.

Hunger Strike Protesting is a rational choice for those committed to using the methodology as a political tool to enact social change.

Any intake of less than 800 calories per day is considered Starvation. Paul J James has spent most of the past three years below 1000 calories many days below 500/300.

There are benefits to eating far less calories than the recommended intake guides which science now and in the future are/will discover can assist in the recovery of many serious illnesses and disease.

Starvation at levels below level 800 calories however, is dangerous and painful.

Once on Parliament Hill, no calories will be consumed just water until the matter is resolved or hospitalisation or worse takes place.

Paul J James never wanted to harm his body and certainly does not now - any more than it has already been.

Nor do I want to DIE. Nor have I ever wanted to DIE through the process.

That said, Paul J James and millions of other citizens facing similar circumstances, do not want to live a life of such pitiful indignity, stigmatisation and abuse which has been afforded to those who face simple exposure of their substance use past/present through unlawful laws and a conditioned criminalised societal psyche so abhorrently abusive of a citizens right to live freely even at a basic level of human dignity.

It is incomprehensible that Paul J James was permitted to go beyond January 2017 without correction of the plain and obvious injustice. An appalling reflection of the Canadian establishment system, York University and Canada Soccer.

The Paul J James claim is unique on many levels not least that his specific experiences seemingly go against the cultural and knowledge tides of what one believes it is to live with a substance disability.

It is additionally unique from the confronting of discrimination of the subject matter for so long, only to then be "assassinated" at every level of Canadian society.

D. GoFundMe

Just Cannot Do It

24 hours ago - September 11, 2019 - I wrote out the following in what was to be a last attempt to raise monies for the final furlong.

"Please assist on either or both of the following levels: A small donation - $10 will help - to assist with promotional clothing shirt: End War on People); potential accommodation/communication needs and/or please disseminate through any social media platform the following website:

*Any surplus funds once campaign is complete will be distributed evenly to three locations: The Ottawa Mission - Accommodation for Homeless Men; Asquith Respite in Toronto - Respite for Homeless; St Joe's Church In Ottawa - Provider of Food for Homeless in Ottawa".

Nevertheless, aside from the very limited time frame I just cannot canvass for any more "charity donations" on my behalf. Therefore, I retract the Asks and will see through the physical path in a manner that reflects the current circumstances of my life.

I would like to acknowledge those few persons who I reached out to recently, in regard to donations. Thank you for understanding and for your previous support.

E. The Canadian Parliament and Supreme Court of Canada

To date, both institutions have completely IGNORED publicly the social injustice delivered to Paul J James in spite of their knowledge of the unlawful discrimination he has faced in 2009 and beyond which has deliberately ruined a career and life from what it could and should have been.

Both institutions are aware that substance disabilities are not crimes; permanent illnesses or diseases but psychological conditions which can be lived with, requiring societal composure, care, education, commonsense and employment; not greed, willful ignorance, partisanship, criminalisation; discrimination, prejudice, harassment and a pitifully inadequate social safety net - a global embarrassment for a Canadian nation so comparatively wealthy and advantaged when compared to the rest of the world. Status Quo guarantees the Canadian homelessness levels will remain and/or increase as the overwhelming majority facing such indignity will remain cemented in permanent hopelessness with the deck completely stacked against them for the remainder of their lives.

The Canadian Parliament and Supreme Court of Canada, at a bare minimum, for the past three years, have been aware of the Paul J James human rights discrimination claim before the courts and the extreme injustice the system has deliberately delivered, quarter-backed by an academic institution York University. Yet they have done absolutely nothing to correct the circumstance.

Rather the Canadian system has unlawfully and deliberately facilitated the deceit of York University; the Canadian Judicial process; Canadian media; Canada Soccer in colluding to cover up the Truth.

Both the Canadian Parliament and Supreme Court of Canada are fully cognisant on the full scope of social injustice delivered for over a decade onto a Canadian citizen - a 3 time Canadian Soccer Hall of Fame inductee; 100 appearances for Canadian national soccer team - from what it could and should have been.

Both institutions are aware of the following quotes from Monique Begin in 2010: "The truth is that Canada – the ninth richest country in the world – is so wealthy that it manages to mask the reality of poverty, social exclusion, discrimination, the erosion of employment quality, its adverse mental health outcomes, and youth suicides. While one of the biggest spenders in health care, we have one of the worst records in providing an effective social safety net. What good does it do to treat people’s illnesses to then send them back to the conditions that made them sick in the first place?” Monique Begin 2010 Former Minister of Health "We have incontrovertible social science evidence that social injustices are killing (Canadians) on a grand scale" Monique Begin 2010 Former Minister of Health.

Nine years on, both the Canadian Parliament and Supreme Court of Canada are fully aware that the nation endures 11 overdose deaths a day.

Each institution know that Inequality is so commonplace in Canada that thirty-five thousand Canadian citizens remain homeless, while at the same time, thousands of real estate investor units remain empty across the country; while at the same time one hundred and forty five homeless Canadians died of exposure to cold last year in the City of Toronto alone.

Increased gun violence including Canadian mass shootings.

Canada ranked on the Global Index of integrity at 17 and 32 per cent for judicial integrity. Zero being complete corruption. 100 being complete integrity.

Our youth score D and D plus on global assessments on physical fitness and physical fitness participation.

In Ontario alone Canadian youth on standardised testing score below 50 percent on, of all things, Math which requires hard work to master.

Homeless persons, persons with mental disabilities receive anywhere from 300-1200 per month in subsidy. If they work it is taken away from the payment. How on earth do you expect to improve people's lives to the point of human dignity with those calculations - the epitome of Greed, Gluttony, Hubris, and unquenchable Lust of the power/elite to control.

The Paul J James circumstance - 13 hunger strikes? With consideration of all the facts. Diabolical is the only word which fits.

F. Three Quotes which encapsulate:

Confronting the Stigma of Drug Addiction

"Stigma is not Just a Word. It is a word with devastating consequences" January 2017

"My circumstances today are not because of my Substance Disability but the reaction to my Substance Disability" April 2018

"Most people have good, Honourable, humane intentions when interacting with their fellow citizens. If however, you want to turn admirable people into unwitting discriminatory, prejudicial, judgemental citizens then simply inform them you live with a substance disability. The metamorphosis is breathtaking and cutting, facilitated by profound ignorance and bias erroneously conditioned onto our psyches as normal behaviour when in receipt of such information. For the past three generations we have behaved towards persons in this unenviable group so poorly and inappropriately it now ranks as the most significant preventable immorality of our time". April 2018

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