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In February 2012 Cracked Open was released for public consumption via a Canadian Press article written by Neil Davidson.

While the article was high...

Cracked Open - Supreme Court of Canada; Non-Redactions; Documents

May 13, 2020

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Two Recent Emails to the Canadian Establishment

October 3, 2019

September 21, 2019 


DearElizabeth May; Jagmeet Singh; Right Honourable Prime Minister Justin Trudeau; Andrew ScheerSupreme Court of Canada; Malcolm Mercer (McCarthy Tetrault); York University; Canada Soccer 


1.  Blind copied to this correspondence are Paul J James supporters. 


2.  My repeated request to you ALL.


Please now address the Paul J James matter with immediate effect in order to correct the extreme social injustice which has been deliberately delivered in the James vs York University human rights discrimination claim before the courts.  Doing so will assist other millions of other Canadian citizens.


Respectfully, please take immediate steps necessary to renounce the Canadian Citizenship of Paul J James


Respectfully, officially and immediately annul the Canadian Soccer Hall of Fame individual inductee status of Paul J James. 


3.  Canadian Establishment you have a complete mockery of the Paul J James mental health human rights discrimination matter.


Most recently with the manipulation with the YouTube Video Uploaded on September 19, 2019  


Consistent with the corruptness of the Canadian culture and system throughout this matter the viewing counter has and continues to be compromised each and every day since its upload.  Last night for example the viewer numbers were 96,  Then they dropped to less than 80.  Less than 24 hours after its release the numbers were over 100 and then they drop back to 77. 


It is a corrupt tactic of the system similar to others.  The following video for example was made as a consequence of the ruthlessly corrupt Toronto Star feature protecting York University and the system, on September 8, 2018 which has and continues to cause much pain and harm.


The viewing numbers rose above 35,000 yet dropped down to and remain at 1300 views a consequent of York University and oppressors unlawfully manipulating the YouTube system.  To be clear.  This is not misinformation or disinformation.  This is deliberate collusion against one Canadian citizen on the Truth of a social phenomenon of such magnitude it compares only to Climate Change in the damage it facilitates - the majority of which remains hidden.


4.  Canadian Establishment Farce 


You as the Canadian Establishment continue to make a farce of the circumstance and on a mental health issue  which impacts Canadian society at an annual economic burden of $51 billion per year.  The majority of the burden is a consequence of citizens not coming forward to seek education and assistance on the health issue for fear of being marginalised, isolated, ostracised and oppressed and then losing everything as a consequence.  Why on earth should desperate citizens open up with consideration of Paul J James matter?


It was a simple matter to have resolved 8 years ago. Not a complicated one.  The fact I am an Outlier, facilitates knowledge and Truth on the subject matter of significant  value and usefulness which you have oppressed, like vultures, to the point you have communicated a desire for a Canadian citizen to cease to exist rather than accept and reconcile the truth to the benefit of millions of others.


5.  Stigmatizing Weapons


There are five ruthless stigmatizing weapons persons/organisations/media/politicians use to oppress persons with exposed substance use/disability when it suits their purpose: Punish, Scapegoat, Patronise, Ignore and Bad Politics.    All are intertwined.  For example when you IGNORE you punish, scapegoat, patronise and participate in Bad Politics at the same time.   


As Political Party Leaders you have each harmed a Canadian citizen - ruthlessly using the Stigmatising weapons.  


6. Canadian Politicians


You are ALL too Weak.   


Not one of you has an ounce of credibility concerning the Paul J James matter and by association the mental health of Canadian citizens.  


You have made a mockery of the Paul J James matter and Paul J James the person for too long.  


Are you Cowards?  Or persons of Courage?


As it stands, you have no credibility as genuine human beings who consistently display Integrity.   


The closest in my estimation would be Elizabeth May followed by Jagmeet Singh.  


Justin Trudeau and Andrew Scheer are illustrations of ALL that is wrong with Canada as a nation.  Juxtaposed positions to the persons (supporters) who have donated and sacrificed in supporting Paul J James.  


After all both Political leaders, Trudeau and Scheer,  not only ignored the Paul J James request for Truth and intervention in the Paul J James matter they actually sought to take advantage through public statements via their Twitter accounts in June/July 2017.   It translated to the communication,  they couldn't care less whether a Canadian citizen  died/suffered the consequences of starvation - they just cared about political SPIN in the event it were to happen.


7.   About Time the Canadian Conservatives apologise for the unparalleled damage/carnage their "War on Drugs (People)" criminal, unlawful  ideology has caused and continues to impart onto Canadian citizens.  Specifically onto those groups most marginalised and oppressed: indigenous peoples; based on race; sexual orientation and inequality all disproportionately representative of mental health substance disability when compared with the general population.  You cannot purport to be non-racist, non-homophobic or to care about the "atrocities" imparted on to indigenous peoples without, in tandem, facilitating the human rights protection of citizens susceptible to having to live with a substance disability.   


8.  Jody Wilson-Raybould


Jody Wilson-Raybould  sent an email to Paul J James on September 11, 2017 77 days after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau ignored a letter of appeal for the Liberal Government - while starving myself - to intervene on a criminal matter involving York University and the Canadian Judiciary up to and including the Supreme Court of Canada. 


September 11, 2017  3.29pm


Dear Mr. James:


This office is in receipt of your correspondence addressed to the Right Honourable Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada. Given the legal nature of many of the concerns you have raised in your letter, the Prime Minister has asked that I respond on his behalf. I regret the delay in responding......


.......Our justice system is based on the important constitutional principle that judges must render their decisions independently, free from improper influence or interference. This enables judges to act impartially in hearing the cases that come before them. Therefore, as Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada, I cannot intervene in matters that have been decided by the courts.  



Yet Ms. Jody Wilson-Raybould was in receipt of ALL the documents in the Paul J James matter.  As an example the previously attached 78 page Affidavit sent to the Supreme Court of Canada in 2016.   In reference to her statement:


"Our justice system is based on the important constitutional principle that judges must render their decisions independently, free from improper influence or interference. This enables judges to act impartially in hearing the cases that come before them. Therefore, as Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada, I cannot intervene in matters that have been decided by the courts".  


Well.  All the documents provided to Ms Jody Wilson-Raybould established, CLEARLY, THAT judges DID NOT render their decisions independently, free from improper influence or interference. This enabled the judges/adjudicators in the James vs York University matter to act and rule PARTIALLY in hearing the case that came before them. 


These facts are unequivocal; incontrovertible, incontestable.  And they lead to the doorstep of former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada Ms Beverly McLachlin.  A person currently exhibited in the City of Ottawa recognition of great Canadian female influences of the past century.   



From September 20, 2019 


Ms Jody Wilson-Raybould wrote for the Globe and Mail.  


"A central lesson instilled in me from a very young age was to be careful with words because you cannot take them back – you must always speak the truth. This has been a vital teaching and one that has guided me in how I have approached the various roles I have been fortunate to play, including as a Crown prosecutor in Vancouver from 2000 to 2003, as Regional Chief of the Assembly of First Nations for British Columbia from October, 2009, to June, 2015, and as the first Member of Parliament for the riding of Vancouver Granville from October, 2015, to the present. And it guided me when I was subsequently appointed the first Indigenous minister of justice and attorney-general of Canada, from November, 2015, to January, 2019.  



"you must always speak the truth" Jody Wilson-Raybould 2019


"I cant help you if you are going to be so Truthful" - Bob Rae to Paul J James in January 2018.


Mary Ormsby reporter for Toronto Star - littered feature article with deceit, defamation and egregious manipulations of the Truth September 2018


Canada Soccer withheld information of the Paul J James matter from Canada Soccer' Board of Directors 2015-2019


Canada Soccer are in receipt and knowledge of the egregious behavior of two of their technical staff employees in regards to Paul J James, have done nothing to correct it.


Canada Soccer as conduits to suppressing Truth in the matter and protecting York University 


York University and McCarthy Tetrault lied in their submissions through the Canadian Judiciary and colluded with the Canadian media to protect the lies and suppress the Truth on a social justice issue of such magnitude. 


et al, etc, etc, 


9.  Current Status:  


Uncomfortable, gruesome - physically.  While I accept it, it should not take away from the horror of having to do it to gain Truth.  There are no words to describe the outrage. It really is a nightmare of ALL possible nightmares.  


YouTube Video was uploaded on September 19 a day after it was taped September 17.


Visited Parliament Hill on September 18 and spent 7 hours hours there.  Construction fences prevent persons from accessing much of the Parliament Hill grounds.


Visited Parliament Hill again on September 19 after completing a 5 mile run.  Irregular Heart palpitations caused me to stop and to ingest a few calories.  Photo was taken at Parliament Hill by a citizen but unfortunately the person has, to date, not forwarded it to my email.  RCMP monitored my movements on both days.


Will only attend Parliament Hill again when at the lowest ebb of weight and feeling of well being.  A video will be made at that time.


In the interim, a video will be made and distributed from where I currently sleep.


10.  Magnificent Donors 


To those who have donated now and over the past two years.  No words to describe the gratitude on behalf of not just Paul J James but all those it will eventually affect positively when social justice is eventually acknowledged and delivered in this matter in my presence or not. 


As a reminder I have - once embarked on Hunger Strike Protests - gained more employment than the previous 7 years but still nothing full time or steady or numerated at the level beyond poor; I could have claimed disability payments which was a scapegoating strategy of the oppressors to avoid delivery of social justice.  To have done so would have been to concede to defeat as it would have succumbed to the stigmatization weapons as outlined above.  It would have suggested I couldn't work because of a substance disability when that would be false.  I should never have been unemployed.  Had York University been lawful in their handling of the matter I would still be there.  


Monies remaining from campaign will be donated to The Ottawa Mission; St Joe's Church in Ottawa; and the Asquith Respite in Toronto - all of whom have provided either accommodations or food to Paul J James at varying times over the past 5 months.   It will be your donation which from the bottom of my heart I thank you.


11. One Man Show - Not a Movement


The final scapegoating mechanism for York University, McCarthy Tetrault, the Canadian Judiciary; the Canadian Media, Canada Soccer, and Canadian Politicians to mitigate their very own improprieties, misdeeds and collusion in suppressing the Truth in this matter has been to  "demand"  Paul J James create a social movement to lobby for social justice.  A final layer of humiliation to cloak the absurdities of the social injustice abuse which has been delivered.


I cannot and will not do so for two main reasons:  


a.  I, nor any other  Canadian citizen, should have to do so to receive social justice when the injustice has been so blatant, plain and obvious, unnecessary, abusive, egregious and on an issue so stigmatised it is impossible to generate consensus on a movement .  To do so would let the oppressors off the hook, mitigating their responsibility through the muddying of waters and as important, it would facilitate and permit such a cycle of deliberate injustice to take place again through a colluded Canadian Judicial process which is world renowned for its lack of integrity; 


b.  the issue itself because of the colossal damage of the Conservative War on Drugs ideology has conditioned the Canadian population to complete paralysis and apathy on the truthful reality on the issue, of which Stigma threads every aspect including the weapon of Bad Politics.  For those most marginalised and oppressed they unconditionally accept their fateful circumstances as their future reality.  It is why you see indigenous persons on our streets.  They have lost Hope of anything better.  And you cannot galvanise peoples when they have completely given up.  It is like this with soccer players.  You cannot coach those who do not meet the minimum threshold of motivation.



October 1, 2019 


Dear Elizabeth May; Jagmeet Singh; Right Honorable Prime Minister Justin Trudeau; Andrew ScheerSupreme Court of Canada; Malcolm Mercer (McCarthy Tetrault); York University; Canada Soccer.


1.  Blind copied to this correspondence are Paul J James supporters and others. 


2.  On Mon, Sep 30, 2019 at 10:52 PM Paul James <> wrote: 


Sorry for the late reply John.... thx for the kind thoughtful email....i'm struggling physically...still consuming a few calories as the pain is by now too much...very will be released soon made a few days ago.....pj


3.  My final request to you ALL once again:


Address the Paul J James matter with immediate effect in order to correct the extreme social injustice which has been deliberately delivered in the James vs York University human rights discrimination claim before the courts.  


Respectfully, take immediate steps necessary to renounce the Canadian Citizenship of Paul J James


Respectfully, officially and immediately annul the Canadian Soccer Hall of Fame individual inductee status of Paul J James. 


4.  There is nothing the Canadian Establishment can do which will change my feelings towards Canada as a nation, York University, Canada Soccer, Canadian Politicians, the Canadian media, the Canadian Judicial system.  Along with specific individuals within each category - including Bob Rae and Mary Ormsby - you are all, truly, a disgusting group of corrupt Canadian citizens.  You are the reasons why I am ashamed to be a Canadian citizen; of ever representing Canada as a nation and of emigrating here with my mother, father and sister in 1980.  


I do not know how to communicate to you with any firmer fervor than to say I will not exist rather than remain in Canada.  I want nothing to do with the country.  


5.   Similar to the documentary the Hillsborough Disaster, the following has relevance to the Paul J James human rights claim with reference to the corrupt judicial system controlled by the power and wealth.  With this story however you will not be able to eliminate it from Netflix like you did so brutally with the Hillsborough Disaster from YouTube.


"When They See Us"  Netflix  Four Part Docu-Drama; Plus Oprah Winfrey  Interview


Producer of Show quoted in reference to the Corrupt Prosecutor who along with NY Police knew they were being corrupt with the pursuit of innocent victims:


"She is a part of a system that’s not broken it was built to be this way. 

It was built to oppress.  It was built to control.   

It was built to shape our culture in a specific way.  

It keeps people (HAVES) here and some people (HAVE NOT'S) here.   It was built for profit it was built for political gain and power"

"The whole family end up in a prison of their own".


Same with the One Year delay for filing a human rights claim in Canada which makes a mockery of justice.  It was implemented for the Power and Wealth to deliberately oppress.  A systemic barrier to prevent justice being served and in the Paul J James case at ALL COSTS including lying, collusion, obstruction of justice, defamation, manipulation et al etc up to and with the willingness to let a citizen experience such humiliation and pain in fighting for the Truth you couldn't care less if he died in fact you would prefer it.. 

Actor who played the defense lawyer,  to paraphrase..."what is shocking is to see the story unfold and to recognize that the prosecutors knew the boys were innocent based on the evidence but they lied, manipulated and sought conviction anyway......"   


Same with the PJJ matter York U, Canadian Judical Process, Canadian media, Canada Soccer; Canadian Politicians; Jenn Myers, Maureen Armstrong, Lorna Marsden, Bob Rae, Harriet Lewis , The Prime Minister et al etc You ALL know the Truth - you always have.   Its what makes it so egregious and unacceptable and why I can never live here in Canada.  It is absolutely unfathomable to me the lengths you have been willing to go to maintain the corrupt oppression with no accountability on something so plain and obvious.  It will always be unforgivable.


Defendant Lawyer "That's not playing fair....


Prosecutor   "Fair?  Whats that word mean anyway?


Defendant Lawyer  "I dunno something to do with justice.. 


Prosecutor   "Its no longer about justice counselor...its about politics.   politics is about survival and there's nothing fair about survival"


Defendant Lawyer  "Survival at what cost?  Those boys don't deserve to pay the price....


Politics is a scapegoating word permitting "sociopaths in societies" to get away with such egregious corrupt behavior and with complete impunity.  


Megan Rapoine FIFA Women's Player of the Year  "I feel like if we really want to have meaningful change, what I think is most inspiring would be if everybody other than Raheem Sterling and Kalidou  Koulibaly were as outraged about racism as they were.   If everybody was as outraged about homophobia as the LGBTQ players.   


Greta Thunberg - Swedish Student on Climate Change:    'If you fail us, we will never forgive you"....How dare you put economics before what threatens our very existence, our well being".


You have all made your decisions.  You are all on the hook in the Paul J James matter.  There is no hiding place from your contributions in suppressing Truth including the unrelenting refusal to address the matter.  


How Dare You All.


Paul J James


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