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The Canadian Establishment - So. What Do You Do Now with Paul J James?

When I read this piece on Sahar Khodayari I was choked. Her sacrifice while reflective of humanity's appalling cruelty was nevertheless inadequately redeeming, in that her ultimate goal, from such inevitability, was achieved.

"Iran has faced increasing pressure to lift the ban on women attending men's matches.

Now, according to a state-run news agency, the Islamic Republic has "guaranteed" that 3,500 female football fans will be allowed in the stands for the Iran-Cambodia 2022 Football World Cup qualifier on October 10".

The Canadian Establishment - So. What Do You Do Now with Paul J James?

The simplest answer of course is that you tell ALL Canadians the Truth. You hold yourselves accountable. Reconcile the matter in full. You set Paul J James free. You respect his wishes. To permit him to live as a normal person for the first time in a decade. You permit Paul J James to freely leave Canada with social justice/resolution and you pick up the positive benefits/pieces from doing so. You hold accountable York University, the Canadian Judiciary, Canada Soccer, the National Post, the CBC, the Toronto Star and those citizens responsible for such unlawful, egregious behavior and to the fullest degree. Behavior which has so ruthlessly destroyed a life and soccer career and delivered such harm.

Like those Canadian citizens who have supported Paul J James throughout, you should finally put forth and display a moral character. Integrity, compassion and understanding for the enormous unthinkable damage you have delivered. Follow the Rule of Law. Conduct a forensic investigation, assessment and analysis of the Paul J James file to make sure parameters are put in place mitigating the chances of the same circumstance from ever repeating itself into the future.

"I, Paul J James, after ten years fighting back against the unrelenting poor treatment, discrimination, intimidation, ridicule, slander, defamation, unemployment et al etc, feel physically and psychologically used, dirty, raped, abused, beaten up, brutally humiliated. So unbelievably unnecessary. Yet no matter what I say or how I act there is an evil "antidote comment" of those with such malevolence who always acted through total self preservation and selfishness. Make no mistake I am ashamed of ever being associated with Canada as a nation. The fact I have to write and disseminate statements stating, I will now light myself on fire, reflects Truth of how Canada can and do operate as a nation. Outrageously corrupt. Deceitful. Sly. Cowardly. A Path of Least Resistance approach which cultivates too many of the wrong people who will stop at nothing to get their own malicious way to the point you kill your own citizens.

To once again, paraphrase past Canadian Health and Welfare Minister, Monique Begin from 2010,

"There is now incontrovertible social science evidence that social injustice is killing citizens (Canadian) on a grand scale".

The Paul J James story is reflective of how this happens so easily and with ruthless abandon. No care from a "psychopathic" ignorant establishment class on issues they most often, have no right speaking about or judging upon.

Over the past four years persons at all levels of Canadian society including my sister have stated if it were them receiving such treatment they would have committed suicide by now. Yet I haven't had thoughts of doing so. Hunger strike protests and even lightening ones self on fire are not acts of suicide when the person does not want to die. On the contrary the person wants to live but will risk their life in whatever form they have to. The reality that a Canadian citizen has had to humiliate and bare himself to the acts of hunger strike protests and for so long is a total indictment of ALL those who permitted it too happen without immediate reconciliation including ALL Canadian politicians and Canadian media who should hold their heads in absolute disgrace. You can have no complaints now! You ignored and you ignored and you ignored. You lied. You deceived. And you covered up. Total shame on you ALL.

You can lock me up in a prison cell or an asylum and I will huger strike full on. Release me and my position stays the same.

It is what makes the poignancy of Sahar Khodayari so powerful.

"I, Paul J James, relate to why she could have committed to such an act of unequaled bravery. Just like Dr Jordan Peterson in "getting into the mind of Stalin and Hitler" can understand how they could commit such evil atrocities. The oppression Canadians with exposed substance disabilities are subjected to by its own citizens is the modern version of archaic oppression of females in "third world thinking and acting nations". The behavior of the Canadian Establishment in the Paul J James matter is an absolute disgrace of which York University and Osgoode Law School have led the charge. That is, along with Canada Soccer who should not be permitted the rights to hosting a FIFA World Cup when they cannot even ethically, morally and compassionately address the human rights abuse of one its alumnus whom gave much to the association and country. Canada Soccer have been deceitful, immoral and totally unethical in their handling of the matter.

The following reflect a negligible portion of the improprieties (and abusive actions) delivered over the past decade. Submissions throughout the Canadian Judiciary highlight much more, as do the many writings on Confronting the Stigma of Drug Addiction website. I cannot at this time write of the behavior of Canadian soccer industry imbeciles who went out of their way to take advantage of my mental health status once it was exposed. A group of disgraceful Canadian citizens who took such advantage of my honest character in the way I dealt with the Singapore circumstance. A significant trauma in my life - in large part because of the innateness of whom I am as a person following on from my mother and fathers upbringing and adherence to being honest.

Asking the right questions.

1. Have the Canadian media, Canadian politicians, the Canadian Judicial process, Bob Rae, Colin Perkel, Mary Ormsby and others scapegoated Paul J James search for social justice and exposure of the Truth, onto mental disability throughout the past decade escalating to unprecedented levels of deceit and suppression of truth over the past three years? Answer Yes.

2. If a person who wants to LIVE freely, devoid of oppression, bullying, ongoing discrimination, slander, defamation, abuse and intimidation and is willing to risk their life to gain social justice for the betterment of others in doing so. Is this an act of Suicide? Or an act of courage? Are soldiers of war, persons committed to running in front of bullets to win a battle or to save others, suicidal or brave?

3. Harvard Business School. Opening Law School lecture. Paraphrased. A person looking over a bridge. Trolley on tracks coming down hill about to hit and kill 5 citizens. Person can pull a lever detouring trolley to a different track which will kill one citizen and save the other five. Is that decision an act of murder and/or morally the right decision. Is doing nothing an act of murder of the five victims who would be killed. If the person jumped over the bridge in front of the trolley to save all citizens but instead sacrificing oneself - is that an act of suicide or bravery?

4. How did the Canadian establishment get to the point that they have a Canadian citizen who has now stated he is willing to light his body on fire to the point of death in order to seek social justice posthumously and to force social change in four areas?

Decriminalization of ALL substances.

Implementation of a National Action Strategy on thwarting the deleterious consequences of Stigma as it relates to mental health of ALL Canadian citizens.

A national action investigation into why the Canadian media, Canadian Judicial process and Canadian politicians behave immorally, unethically and unlawfully in the execution of their responsibilities, as it relates to mental health.

Mental disability discrimination claims are removed from adversarial judicial processes. Canadian Judicial process is "changed" to reflect fair, appropriate treatment of ALL Canadian citizens irrespective of social status. A judicial system which is held accountable for its ethics and adherence to Truth seeking and not unaccountable for bad faith adjudications and behaviors of its lawyers and process.

5. Did York University LIE in their Judicial Submissions. Answer Yes. Is this act of LYING acceptable to a reasonably minded Canadian citizen? Answer NO it is not.

6. Did the Supreme Court of Canada inappropriately administer and adjudicate in bad faith the James vs York University human rights discrimination claim? Answer YES they did.

7. Did the National Post newspaper and CBC defame Paul J James, suppress truth of the matter through collusion with York University and the Canadian judicial process? Answer Yes they did.

8. Did the National Post and CBC ignore requests for their articles to be removed from all online sources? Answer Yes they did.

9. Did the HRTO adjudicator in the original filing of the James vs York University claim egregiously manipulate case law, the Truth of the matter, painting a false narrative of the circumstance? Answer Yes he did. Did the adjudicator make a false statement stating the Applicant did not respond to a request of information when I as the Applicant did so through a page and a half testimony on March 22, 2013? Answer then, Yes he did.

10. Did I Paul J James state to Jenn Myers the AD at York University at the Rideau Canal in November of 2008 that, "I haven't been well for some time and I needed some time off. When you wake up and see blue skies, I see grey clouds". Answer Yes. Did York University AD then state to I, Paul J James, as a consequence of this information that I would "need to provide a Doctors note to the Employee Wellness Office at the institution and she would need to inform them of my health status". Did my doctor provide such information?. Yes he did. Did the same AD then lie about this reality in an email to me in February of 2012 and then in January 2013 in York University submissions? Yes she did. Did Carmine Isacco, Bree Carr-Harris and Jamie Teixeira lie in their Testimony in York University submissions? Yes they did. Did I repeat the same information to GOL TV personnel in November of 2008 and then I get fired immediately from my soccer analyst position for no reason upon my return form Rehab? Answer YES.

11. Did Bob Rae state he disagreed with all of York University and the Canadian Judicial decisions throughout this process? Yes he did. Did he do anything to mitigate the harm and provide an avenue for resolution? No he did not.

12. Did Mary Ormsby at the Toronto Star state the Toronto Star article would get to and reveal the Truth of the matter?. Yes she did. Yet the article avoided the Truth to the benefit of York University and the Canadian judicial system. It was egregiously defamatory, immoral, inappropriate and deceitful. She defamed the Singapore episode of my life and humiliated and maligned my relationship with Ashley Anne Kelly which such malice and intent I starved myself to below 130lbs. When I called Mary Ormsby using Kevin Tierney's cell phone later in the morning of Friday September 7, 2018 requesting she take the article down immediately you slammed the phone down stating, "don't go there". The evening of September 7, 2018 lying on an air mattress in an empty old funeral home in Dresden, Ontario I thought to myself if I did not wake up I would be okay with it. Did Mary Ormsby state she would give me a copy of the quotes she would be using on my behalf and a copy of the tape recordings of our meetings before the article was released? Yes she did. Did she provide such information? No she did not. Et al Etc, Etc.

13. Does the following outline one of the worse moments of a lifetime? Yes it does.

Spring 2018. Weighing 130lbs lying in single bed at Filmores Hotel emaciated and in terrible pain having tried to eat something as a consequence of severe stomach pains. As I open the door to Kevin Tierney I run to sink and vomit everywhere. 10 minutes later lying on ground in lobby of hotel for 20 minutes until ambulance arrived. Text from Bob Rae whom we sought assistance was curt and rude. Four hours later leaving hospital an outrageous email from Colin Perkel at the Canadian Press doing the bidding of others scapegoated the pain of social protest in line with the Canadian establishments approach throughout onto mental illness. Only to be trumped by my father agreeing with the email - back stabbing his son in the process. I love my father and would never hold a grudge against for doing so as his actions were based on ignorance and his own pain of humiliation of his son being in such a predicament. Juxtaposed that is from the malevolence of Bob Rae and Colin Perkel. No possible words to describe the pain of this and many other humiliations of this journey like no other.

Lock me up if you have to. It will make no difference. Reconciliation and letting me free is what should take place now. Let me go.

I want to thank those magnificent Paul J James supporters for your display of such character, nous and loyalty on such stigmatized oppressed conditions. In particular at this time to Kevin Tierney and Peyvand Mossavat two people whom have always had my best interests at heart and who both have gone beyond the level of duty in any life circumstance to honorably protect and care for Paul J James. Two Canadian citizens it was my life long good fortune to have had an association with.


Paul J James

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