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Thank You, OPP Provincial Constables, Kory Beaton & Josh Villenguvg

Dear Provincial Constables Kory and Josh,

Just a short note to thank you both very much for the compassion and kindness you delivered to Paul J James this past week in Carleton Place.

Two hours before our encounter my freezing forehead lay on a table at Tim Horton's contemplating another 7 hour walk, this time, to the city of Perth.

Pouring with rain outside as my eyes shut I "wished up on a star" for a miracle to descend from somewhere.

Two hours later lying in a bed staring at the ceiling I was humbled by the good fortune to have been found by Provincial Constables Kory Beaton and Josh Villenguvg from the Ontario Provincial Police.

Your professionalism, kindness and genuine care for the well being of Paul J James first and foremost was appreciated, likely beyond yours and others comprehension. Organizing a hotel room and a bus ticket back to Toronto the next day was breathtaking. Never to be forgotten. I, like so many Canadian citizens are too often prejudiced by one way of thinking when it concerns other segments of society outside of our own wickets. This neglect certainly includes the Canadian police forces. We are oblivious to the realities you have to endure. More profoundly we fail to consider why you do what you do in the first place. As you so eloquently stated when asked, "it is to make the world a better place".

So that it is clear. As kind and compassion as your coordination of the accommodation and travel arrangements were. It was the two Constables, as people, which made the difference. You are a huge credit to the organization you represent. It was an honor to have met and interacted with you.

Later today I will be sending out a blog outlining my excursions from the downtown Ottawa Mission to Carleton Place. Of course you will be featured.

Also. I have cc'd here along with Paul J James supporters from around the country and world the Prime Minister's Office, Bob Rae, Andrew Scheer, Elizabeth May and the Supreme Court of Canada. I am sure they will forward this to Jagmeet Singh. Under the circumstances it is important persons in authority receive such information.

Thank you so much again.

Yours sincerely,

Paul J James

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