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Pedophiles of Truth

York University

"Pedophiles of Truth"

Another email will follow tomorrow which will update the readers on why I am in Toronto living on the streets after the Ontario Provincial Police picked me up in Carlton Place. The titles to tomorrow's piece will be

  • Ontario Provincial Police: PC Kory and PC Josh

  • Back in Toronto Living in Shop Windows.

A further email will follow after that titled:

Dear Carmine Isacco.

He is currently at CIS National finals and so I do not want to disrupt Carmine with what I write. It will be sent out next Monday. It has already been completed. To give a hint I use this past weekends Everton football match where an Everton player gets seriously injured and a teammate provides a rather poignant but profound illustration of his own character. What matters above all else.

"You win, you draw, you lose but all that doesn't matter when something like this happens. I wish I didn't score, I wish we lost 0-5 and this didn't happen. I know you will come back stronger bro and we will be there for you."

I have lived on the streets pretty much for the past 3 years. I have continually starved myself. Last night I slept in a park, shop windows, in Tim Hortons, on a subway car and today for four hours in the main Toronto Library. I reluctantly accept my life now as filthy as it is and has been. I do not and will never accept being so brutally back stabbed by those whom I helped and sacrificed for. Most importantly I do not accept person's lying in Canadian submissions without correction which is a criminal offence. As the following outlines regarding pedophile Jerry Sandusky the similarities in covering up the truth, deceit, turning blind eyes, excommunicating and refusing to tell and correct the Truth has devastating consequences which ruins and costs people their lives.

_________________________________________________________________________The Right Honorable Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, the Liberal Party of Canada, Bob Rae, York University, Canada Soccer and the Supreme Court of Canada.

No Choice but to Communicate with you. Would prefer not to write another sentence, word or paragraph on my life and story but I am forced to just a little while longer.

Prime Minister. The five day deadline is up. I now label you, Bob Rae, York University and those others listed below and throughout as unequivocal "Pedophiles of Truth".

You are "Psychological Pedophiles of Truth". It is a label you should be ashamed of. But you have earned it.

And no word conjures up more vile thoughts and feelings than the word "Pedophile" even when it is metaphorical.

Paul J James has been psychologically raped, violated and abused in every aspect of his life. Mentally molested by York University's behavior for over a decade. Canada Soccer, the Canadian media. The Supreme Court of Canada. Mary Ormsby in her September 8, 2018 piece which remains online "psychologically sodomized" Paul J James with ruthless untruths, humiliation at a level which should earn a prison sentence. And yet all with complete impunity. The savage act nearly ended my life from starvation.

Further anger, distress, revulsion, outrage and a profound sense of pain are the emotions I continue to feel after the barbaric cowardice you, your government, Bob Rae, York University and Canada Soccer have displayed in the handling of the Paul J James matter. It is why I repeat, at some point,

"I will set myself on fire in social protest".

It is a timing thing and plucking up the courage. And as a display of your sickness you will let it happen rather than correct what should have been corrected a decade ago. And there is no out for you on this last remark. I mean suppose I had already done so - your Scapegoating Deceit filled, Criminal Reddit comment when released about Missing Person: Paul J James would be the story line spin in the Canadian media. You are all truly very, very disturbed, sick people. It is why I will never stay in Canada in spite of so many good Canadians including the two OPP officers

27 days ago

This is very sad news. I realize that his mental health and substance abuse issues have been common knowledge for several years. This isn’t a “shock” but it is still unsettling. I hope that he is found and can receive more help to turn things around. I remember back to high school days—before I could cheer for the States in a World Cup (because we couldn’t qualify). I remember watching games on tv and cheering for Canada at Mexico ‘86. I really hope that he’s located and gets another opportunity for recovery.

"Pedophiles of Truth"

York University, Canada Soccer, The Toronto Star, Bob Rae, The Prime Minister, the Supreme Court of Canada. Jenn Myers. Bree Carr-Harris, Gillian McCullough, Carmine Isacco, Jamie Teixeira, Shelia Forshaw. That's what you are. "Psychological Pedophiles of Truth". CBC, Toronto Star, National Post. That's what you are. It is a label which fits. And because it fits it sticks in the Paul J James matter.

Malcolm Gladwell's latest book Talking to Strangers.

"The Boy in the Shower" Chapter uses the infamous pedophile scandal with Jerry Sandusky to illustrate the damage caused from Defaulting to the Truth.

Truth, deception, manipulations, lies, deceptions and "criminal irresponsibility" by those in power and others in general who knew the truth but who did absolutely nothing. Turned a blind eye. Sat on the Truth. Blatantly deceived. Scapegoated. Peron's who lied and failed to correct the lies in spite of the damage being caused before their eyes. Delayed Justice. Obstructed Justice. All causing further psychological torture and abuse of not being able to move on.

All eventually exposed.

Those same behaviors in the Jerry Sandusky case as outlined by Gladwell replicate the Paul J James story.

You the Right Honorable Prime Minister of Canada know the Truth in the Paul J James matter. So do York University. So does Bob Rae and so does Jane Philpott and Jodie Wilson-Raybould. So does Lorna Marsden. So does Pat Santini. So does the HRTO and the Divisional Court of Canada.

So do the nine Supreme Court of Canada justices.

You know decriminalization of all substances is coming. Your government sent Jane Phillpot and Jody Wilson-Raybould to Portugal to see the machinations of drug decriminalization and the positive consequences. You know Canada can improve on even Portugal's system. You know that Paul J James represents the fulcrum reality that it is not about the use of any substance but the managed use of the substance which allows the person to live a normal productive life. The Paul J James story gives you all longitudinal evidence that this is absolutely the case. Dead or alive however it doesn't matter to you. Either way you can sell the Paul J James story as one good reason for decriminalization. Perhaps I am better dead for you and that is why the Prime Minister does not intervene on my setting myself on fire.

"Pedophiles of Truth"

Jenn Myers knows she has lied but she does absolutely nothing. Bree Carr-Harris excommunicated, lied and deceived. Carmine Isacco lied and deceived and still does. Jamie Teixeira. Sheila Forshaw. Bob Rae has persistently and ruthlessly lied, deceived and manipulated in order to obstruct justice from being served to protect York University; he has ruthlessly scapegoated Paul J James' mental health through others etc.

Substitute adolescent victim with adult victim and the subject matter from sexual to psychological abuse. Including a decade of discrimination, harassment, stigmatization, bullying, intimidation, defamation, slander, ostracism, isolation, excommunication, abuse - and the parallels are the same.

As with the Sandusky case, person's and organization should be investigated, removed, fired, and/or charged with crimes in the Paul J James matter including blanketed obstruction of justice. The abuse of one Canadian citizen has been criminal. Outrageous. And yet it continues unabated. It is why. I state and write with such passion and tenacity that I hate Canada as a nation. And I absolutely hate living here. Regret moving to Canada in 1980. Wished we hadn't. It is why I request the annulment of my Canadian Soccer Hall of Fame status and the renouncement of my Canadian citizenship.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Bob Rae you have done absolutely nothing to correct the abuse and injustice. Not only that in Bob Rae's case you have actually made my life worse to the point I would willingly prefer not to exist than have to live in Canada. You appear to be the person Dr Jordan Peterson warns his readers about. Beware the person who takes such delight in facilitating the demise of another human being.

Canada is a rigged, very corrupt nation. Bad/Evil Politics facilitate this reality.

The Good News for all those mentioned. Whenever you cease to exist be it in five, ten, twenty, thirty, or forty years time:

"You will not be Going to Hell".

No such thing. Just like there is no such thing as a heaven. Dust to dust, ash to ash. Having experienced nothingness. I assure you.

The problem is.

It is this reality which permits you to deliver such appalling abusive treatment to another citizen and then cowardly turn your back. The rarest of all commodities is time itself. There is no second go round. It is the combination of these factors which illuminate why the Paul J James story is so appalling and disgusting, representative of the very very sick world in which we live.

Many have been Blind Copied.

Paul J James

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