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Update & a few Thank You's - Facebook

Dear All,

To those who sent birthday wishes through Facebook. Thank you so much.

You should know I have only ever been on Facebook a couple of times, back in 2012. Confronting The Stigma of Drug Addiction was set up by a social media person. However I am not in a position to manage any social media instruments. Have not owned a cell phone in 3 years ever since the January 2017 CBC ruse and my throwing it against the wall.

To Mike Young from California a special thank you for you know what.

I have agreed to stop starving myself. The walk from Ottawa to Carlton Place and all which that entailed means physically I am in a difficult position It was timely to stop. In doing so the shelter where I stay (once in a while), immediately received a significant bag of food items, sent from Covenant House to Paul J James. Hard to not get choked. Whoever was responsible for that kindest of gestures, well, it was appreciated by all those persons staying at the Park Road Respite. The right course of action was to donate the gift to them on your behalf.

The blog I was due to send out to Carmine Isacco and by association Jenn Myers at York University yesterday has been delayed. I am adjusting the writing to make sure it is pristine and serves the purpose which is transparency. It will be sent out as soon as it is completed.

The most important aspect of Confronting the Stigma of Drug Addiction has always been to get to the Truth. Not just on the Paul J James matter but the social phenomena itself. Carmine, Jenn Myers, Bree Carr-Harris, Jamie Teixeira and many others can have no complaints now..

If Paul J James has confronted and "picked fights" with the Prime Minister, Bob Rae, Mike Young, my father, sister, Tom Harrington, the Supreme Court of Canada then I most certainly will with those who have caused the greatest harm of all and at the source. I could make a very good argument that had it not been for Tom Harrington and Bob Rae's "communications" back in December 2017 ignited by the amazing staunch Paul J James supporters I would not be sitting here writing this note. One look at a photo from that period reveals the serious starvation level I was at.

It is time for Carmine Isacco, Jenn Myers, York University, Canada Soccer, many others, including Canada as a nation to grow up in terms of Truthfulness, Ethics and Morality.

It is the implicit purpose of the remaining two blogs.


Paul J James

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