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Bob Rae: Calibrating the Damage you alone have Caused - No way Out

Dear Bob Rae,

Recently, I sent an email to a select group suggesting I would no longer write items referencing you and Mike Young.

Things change. Mike engaged scant disingenuous Canadian legal opinion on the James matter. Why now would he do so after a two year wait. And this without consulting with Paul J James first?

You, Mike, Telephone Box man, others on this thread would do well to read Malcolm Gladwell's most recent book Talking to Strangers. It highlights lying, liars, double agents, defaulting to the truth, transparency. It gives insight into the mind of "Paul J James" on how to navigate such nefarious behaviors of others.

The Path of Most Resistance Ethos

My nature; upbringing; and internal developed resistance and strategy to flight and survive a lifetime of ridicule gave me an unexpected ability. To observe correctly - an acquired but difficult skill to master. Yet correct observation is a key component in maximizing the ability of a team of soccer players/people. And/or for Paul J James to navigate the horror house of deceptions over the past decade and in particular the past three years.

Paul J James knows when someone is lying to him. Malcolm Gladwell is correct. Consistencies and Inconsistencies. One alone could be an aberration. Two together more powerful evidence. Three, four, five inconsistencies and you have comprehensive deception.

The inconsistencies you have delivered, including with Mike Young are overwhelming. With the take down of the Hillsborough Disaster video (and Mike Young's cooperation); with my family; Colin Perkel; Toronto Star etc.

When you stated in 2017. That you disagreed with all of York Universities decisions in my regard and all of the Canadian Judicial process decisions up to and including the Supreme Court of Canada, along with, you would "not let me down" - well then - it would be considered an inconsistency two weeks later when you could not look me in the eyes, stating the file could not go back to the Supreme Court of Canada and York would not settle. You see the manipulation of the Truth Bob Rae? If the file cannot go back to the Supreme Court of Canada then the whole system is totally corrupt. You know that.

Attached for you and all readers here. One again. The 78 page affidavit sent to the Supreme Court of Canada in the summer of 2016. Along with the Memorandum of Argument. The legal discrimination alone, is overwhelming.

Section 15 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms states all Canadian citizens have the right to be treated equally and fairly irrespective in this instance of known mental disability.

No one can read this document and not conclude anything other than Paul J James a Three Time inductee into the Canadian Soccer Hall of Fame has been absolutely brutalized.

How do you think I feel when you cuckoo Mike Young - someone I connected with, not you. You did so in order to control the story on behalf of the system of deceit, deception, corruption.

How do think I feel when I rest my head down at night Bob Rae?

Later in the year of 2018 Mike Young contacts me and says three persons from Canada had contacted him stating Paul J James was a loser and still uses crack cocaine as a crackhead. Three days on from that moment at our very last meeting in front of Kevin Tierney you announce again you would not take it back to the Supreme Court of Canada, nor will you write to York University, but instead you state, "what about your friend, Mike Young". That would be a signpost that something is amiss. Inconsistent to getting to the truth in the best interest of the overall good.

Defaulting to the Truth

In layman's terms: people can detect those telling the truth but those same people have far greater difficulty detecting those that lie. When "talking to strangers" we therefore default to the truth. We believe strangers are telling the truth! The perfect recipe for deception. For Judges and Establishments and media to pull the wool over the eyes of their subjects. To get away with unlawful discrimination, obstructing justice. To formulate false narratives. To deliver false testimony. Adjudicators to lie and manipulate. Judges to collude. Media to write false facts and statements.

Serving Social Justice: James vs York University

As previously written.

"This is not about whether the Paul J James matter can go back to the Supreme Court of Canada.

This about the Supreme Court correcting their own egregious errors/behavior along with the Canadian Judicial systems appalling human rights abuse delivered to one Canadian citizen.

This is about the one year delay (law) being a "bona-fide" discriminatory, systemic barrier infringing on the human rights of those persons with diagnosed highly stigmatized mental health conditions filing a human rights claim outside the one year time frame. The Paul J James proves unequivocally that if you do file outside the period in question, your human rights to be treated equally and fairly will not only be abused they will be obliterated. And in protecting this one year time limit the Canadian establishment will let Canadian citizens die rather than correct and/or deliver fair social justice.

Why? Because the one year delay for filing a claim was set up solely to protect the wealth of organizations not Canadian citizens, irrespective of the harm delivered. It really is. ALL about the money, power and wealth.

This is also about a criminal investigation into all those who are responsible for delaying justice being served to Paul J James, obstructing justice, defamation, false testimony, intimidation, infringement of my civil rights, my right to privacy.

Calibrating the Damage you alone have Caused:

You to me in January 2018: "I can't help you if you are going to be so Truthful"

Of course I wish I had never met you Bob Rae. And I regret being so desperate to accept your deceptions back in 2017.

Since I met you my life has never been worse. I have slept on the streets, lived in parks, in shelters; starved myself to the point of ultimate demise; lost irretrievable contact with family, Ashley Kelly my dog Max

Last night I rested for the last time in a bed full of bugs at the Parkview Arms. Not sure what is worse. Living outside in the elements or in a shelter housing 20-30 people - all in the same room. What is certain. Living in a bug infested room is the worse of all three options.

There are no words to describe the pain you Bob Rae have caused to my life in just two years.

Back in January 2017 you stated that your lovely wife questioned why you were getting involved in such a matter. I said to you at that time, "I agree with her. Why are you?" Not because it was not an important social issue highlighting such appalling injustice. Rather we are polar opposites on the political spectrum of directness and integrity. My life behaviors are consistent. So are yours. This matter required integrity, swiftness and humanity. You delivered the opposite. You are totally out of touch with what humanity is. You cry over the Rhohingya but you cannot care enough about your own citizens to do the right thing when called upon. To display character when required even if it means going against some of your colleagues. That is what it is to be a leader with character. It is to do the right thing. Were York University right or wrong? Then what now are the damages? Irreparable.

Knowing what you know about the Truth of this matter. How can you look in the mirror each morning? Same question to Mary Ormsby?

There is No Way Out for you; the Canadian Judicial process; York University, Canada Soccer, the Canadian Media and all those who have obstructed justice.

I see the Toronto Star have removed the legal disclaimer at the beginning of the online feature. Why would that be?

Canada. Again. Is a disgraceful country full to the brim with too many cowards and "Pedophiles of Truth".

"O, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive!"

How can you now agree to take the James vs York University back to the Supreme Court of Canada, when you declined to do so two years ago. Hence Mike Young's timely intervention.

You have merely torn a part another two years of a persons life.

Paul J James

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