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Bob Rae an Enabler of Social Injustice - but Brilliant orator; Mum, Dad and Sister; Supreme Court of

Bob Rae,

Two years after we first met how would you evaluate your performance in the James vs York University matter?

You stated to a Paul J James supporter over the past year, to paraphrase, "I have done all I can to help him".

Well then, would you please expand on that for the readers - many blind copied. What have you done exactly to assist Paul J James in this matter? To assist resolution? Social Justice being served for the greater good? To do the right thing?

More accurately, you have done all you can to protect York University, the Canadian Judicial process, the Canadian establishment, just as JP Savage, Pat Santini, Peter Montopoli, Canada Soccer, Toronto Star, National Post, Harriet Lewis, Lorna Marsden et al. You have enabled social injustice and dreadful harm to continue. You are an enabler of social injustice. Not a resolver of them. You have humiliated Paul J James at a level previously not experienced - quite the accomplishment under the circumstances.

In December 2017 I told you very personally, my biggest regret in life was not being a father. You stated it is not too late. Two years later I assure you it is.

Supposing my mother and father were to die any day moving forward. Imagine the further agony your approach and that of your cohort of evil, Colin Perkel, will have contributed to. There is simply no reconciliation with them without justice being served. The layers of damage from the handling of the Paul J James matter are enormous, irreparable. All so unnecessary. How do you think my father felt when he read the Toronto Star article you, Mary Ormsby, Adam Vaughan and York University coordinated. Your lack of self awareness and/or care on those facts is utterly shocking. Unless of course you really are a psychopath with zero legitimate emotional feeling - the true definition of evil.

For those reading this correspondence here is your speech to Canadian Parliament in 2012.


If all males were guaranteed to age in the manner you have then we would be very happy. And your statements of course are correct. Some persons on this thread will recognize the passion, eloquence and authority with which you speak is not dissimilar to the way Paul J James/ Bruce Twamley could galvanize a group of Canadian soccer players. And of course the War on Drugs has been the facilitator of more oppression and harm to humanity than all wars of the twentieth century put together. Conservative politicians have absolutely no way out for the carnage and immorality they have delivered over the decades. Similarly though, the Liberals have no out for the hypocrisy and evilness they have delivered in spite of knowing the truth in the Paul J James matter. It really is horrendous. Diabolical.

And all the Supreme Court Justices dressed in their Father/Mother Xmas outfits can do is nothing but sit there like deer's in the headlights. Yet. During this same period they brought forward and ruled on a case concerning a Canadian citizens right to fornicate with an animal. Of which they ruled citizens can. Meanwhile 11 overdose deaths a day happen. A mental health and housing/homelessness crisis abounds throughout the nation.

Bob Rae. You know decriminalization is coming to Canada. And when the irresponsibly overdue policy is finally ratified the country will evolve into a better nation for it. Yet at every turn you and your collaborators have used the condition over my head and manipulated the lies and deceit of York University and collaborators to the point if I die/had died you could not care less and will merely scapegoat.

As egregious, you have manipulated my poor naive malleable family, Mike Young, Hillsborough Disaster video, TSN et al are outdated, antiquated, immature and corrupt.

So. I evaluate your performance in the handling of the Paul J James matter as appalling and evil. Watch for the next email sent to Carmine Isacco - the master soccer coach at York University whom I "feel for" in that he is caught up in this whole mess because York University do not care about their own employees.

Finally, you can have no complaints about these correspondences. It is not harassment. You have made your decisions. You were the one who excommunicated and you are the one who ignores all email communications because you know you are wrong and therefore you implicitly scapegoat through silence. Your tactic however has now passed into the threshold of diminishing returns.

Page 23 of Dr Jordan Peterson's book 12 Rules of Life states/encourages Rising Up against bullied/bullying behavior of others. That is what I am doing in regards to the stigmatization of my life of which you have tried to bully me from the get go. I am biting back. And if it hasn't hurt yet. It will.

"This an official request for the Paul J James matter be brought to an immediate end. What has happened and been permitted to take place is wrong. It has been immoral. It has been unethical. It has been extraordinarily damaging. It has been disgraceful. It has been colluded. It has been corrupt. It has been ruinous. It has taken a decade of a citizens life. Ruined a soccer career. Damaged other people. It has permitted cruel abuse to be delivered onto one citizen with impunity. And it has been covered up by all and sundry including you yourself. The whole process has been an indictment of Canada as a nation. As you know, I have a justified, intense dislike of Canada and the people who permitted this to happen. I cannot live here a moment longer. Currently staying in a shelter with about 20 other people all in one room while the CIS national championships take place. It is a poignant reflection of the absurdity and crimes of the system for this to be the reality. Only you can reflect on your very own contributions Bob Rae. I see no redeeming quality in you however, to suggest you will reflect with integrity or the self awareness required. You appear the same character make-up of those who have caused Paul J James such harm. I make the request in spite of this assessment most specifically for Ashley Anne Kelly and for posterity. Only in Canada could a nation treat someone in such a way. Someone. Who others - not myself - pitch as being talented. A matter so simple to have resolved. Until that is manipulation, deceit, greed, selfishness and evilness took over".

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