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Bob Rae. Humanitarian. Addict. Enabler. Sick. Deceitful. Weak. In need of help. Intervention. Cant h

Dear Bob Rae,

Just want you to know. We are here for you. This is an intervention.

Like most people on the planet you have some serious unresolved issues which are causing you to act irrationally. In a manner which some consider evil. You are consistently making very poor decisions with how you are living your professional life. You are devoid of the bare minimum of human decency required for all civilized societies to operate.

I feel choked writing to you. But I take a deep breath and feel now that this is the start of something good for you, as ruthlessly hard as it will be.

Unfortunately your behavior and that of others has reached the point where you are negatively affecting other people. To the point in fact, it is destroying peoples lives. Literally killing Canadian citizens as confirmed by your friend and colleague Monique Begin in 2010 - "social injustices are killing Canadians on a grand scale"

After decades of such abuse and behavior. It has reached the point now, where it is totally unacceptable and it needs to stop before other Canadians including myself die. The world has changed from where you were once conditioned to behave and operate in a Machiavellian way. People do not want or respect that anymore. The new world has unfortunately passed you and your political colleagues of similar ilk, by.

That said. We want you to know Bob, there is counselling for you. You are a fully blown behavioral Addict Bob Rae (as referenced by Dr Gabor Mate) and you have been so for some time. I know its tough for you to hear. I understand that. But it has to be said. Your life of privilege and wealth and decades of Pavlov's conditioning on ignoring social injustices has developed a very sad inability for you to relate to social injustices in a manner which is based first and foremost on human decency and humanity.

Bob you and your colleagues have to stop turning blind eyes. If you keep denying in this way then you will get no where and your legacy will dwindle to insignificant at best or to complete nothingness. And you do not deserve that, in spite of the harm you have delivered for far too long.

Tough love is required Bob. In fact you need very tough love. Because. We will NO LONGER enable your lies, manipulations, deceit and insistence to not doing the right thing.

We want you to know that while you are a very sick individual there will always be hope.

And hope not just for you but your colleagues also including Mary Ormsby. That said I do feel - unfortunately - that Colin Perkel, based on his dress code alone, is a lost cause at this stage. Colin is a very sad case. Sad indeed. We need to just make sure that a circumstance such as Perkel's never happens again.

But lets not worry about others. The focus is on you. You just need to make this first step in seeking help. We will be there for you. To date you have proven to be deceitful. Very Weak. A Liar. A hypocrite. Totally unreliable in getting to and facilitating the Truth. You need to change. But realistically to get maximum benefit only you can change yourself. And so you need to think about breaking the cycle on your behaviors.

Over the next week we will have to address some of your more serious patterns and your relationships with others in order to get to the "Truths" of the matter in the James vs York University human rights claim. It will a be a tough but necessary process and please know that "all will be okay in the end". TSN, Toronto Star, Canada Soccer, Mike Young, the James family, Harriet Lewis, York University, the Prime Minister, the Supreme Court of Canada will be addressed and much more.

You will be required to leave your family and career for a full calendar year. And you can kiss your Tweed overcoats and jackets goodbye for the time-being as you will be required to live on the street. You will experience filth, confrontation and the stench of homelessness. Not sure if you can physically fight. No worries if you cant I will be there for you. We will stay in shelters including the one at Shebourne and Dundas which I have labelled as Dante's Inferno. We will also, during the day, be sleeping at the community centre on Robinson street in the company of other homeless men. Prepare yourself for some shocking sights.

So Bob. Before I let you go from this initial communication please answer these initial questions if you feel comfortable to do so.

How long have you been hearing those voices in your head telling you to ignore, "Paul J James' desperate pleas for you to be honest"?

How often over a twenty four hour period do you hear voices telling you to ignore such shocking social injustices?

What do you feel when your internal chimp orders you to manipulate facts, to humiliate people?

And how long have you recruited other individuals into assist you in covering up the true facts in the Paul J James matter?

What goes through your mind when you see a person starving to death?

Remember you an Addict Bob Rae. Its hard for you to hear I know that. But this is the first step to redemption for you.

While we cannot realistically help you to regain full consciousness on the true reality of living as a normal civilized Canadian citizen until you begin to help yourself, we will nevertheless start the process as best we can, beginning tomorrow. Which will kick off by addressing your decisions and relationships with the Canadian media, Mary Ormsby, York University, Harriet Lewis and the James family.

Until that time Bob. Stay Well. Be Safe.

"This an official request for the Paul J James matter be brought to an immediate end. What has happened and been permitted to take place is wrong. It has been immoral. It has been unethical. It has been extraordinarily damaging. It has been disgraceful. It has been colluded. It has been corrupt. It has been ruinous. It has taken a decade of a citizens life. Ruined a soccer career. Damaged other people. It has permitted cruel abuse to be delivered onto one citizen with impunity. And it has been covered up by all and sundry including you yourself. The whole process has been an indictment of Canada as a nation. As you know, I have a justified, intense dislike of Canada and the people who permitted this to happen. I cannot live here a moment longer. Currently staying in a shelter with about 20 other people all in one room while the CIS national championships take place. It is a poignant reflection of the absurdity and crimes of the system for this to be the reality. Only you can reflect on your very own contributions Bob Rae. I see no redeeming quality in you however, to suggest you will reflect with integrity or the self awareness required. You appear the same character make-up of those who have caused Paul J James such harm. I make the request in spite of this assessment most specifically for Ashley Anne Kelly and for posterity. Only in Canada could a nation treat someone in such a way. Someone. Who others - not myself - pitch as being talented. A matter so simple to have resolved. Until that is manipulation, deceit, greed, selfishness and evilness took over".

Paul J James

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