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Bob Rae - Relapsing is a part of being a behavioral Addict; Namby-Pamby's'/Pedophiles of tru

Bob Rae,

Relapsing is part of your recovery. As it is for all Canadian Politicians. You live in an unrealistic, hedonistic, very selfish subcultured world. You are all, in some way, as radicalized, as Terrorists. A good case could be made that you are worse. You contribute to killing your own citizens for example. Speak to your colleague and friend Monique Begin. At the very least you ruin too many lives through lies, deceit and manipulation. And this fact, not just from personal experience. Again. Speak to your colleague and friend Monique Begin.

For your information.

Deceit, slyness, representing evil, being two faced and manipulation when it is ingrained into the parietal segment of your brain is difficult, if not impossible to change. The longer such behaviors have been cemented into your memory recall, the more difficult to eliminate. You are in the seventh decade of your life. Why should I or anyone else Trust you now, based on your handling of the Paul J James matter?

Readers should be certain you have relapsed into the aforementioned default behaviors. Your excommunication and ongoing ignoring strategies/weapons pristine illustrations. Communicating would of course take courage. So would being responsible for your actions and errors in resolving this matter.

The epitome of Cowardice: York University, Harriet Lewis, Mahomoud Shoukri, Lorna Marsden, Maureen Armstrong, the Right Honorable Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Mary Ormsby, Anne Marie Owens, CBC, Canada Soccer, JP Savage, James Maloney, Deborah Schulte,etc, et al

Bob Rae.

You cannot pretend to be a humanitarian or purport to be a good human being. That would be a mismatch in your case. You need to "match" being a humanitarian with being a good person (as in sociological Coupling Theory). And you cannot possibly be considered a good person when you scapegoat, lie, deceive, manipulate, intimidate in the way you have in the Paul J James matter. On a matter of mental disability? To sit back and saliva at what stares in front of you rather than be offended at the disgusting social injustice. Cannot you not comprehend the sickness you have displayed by using your status, intellect, power and influence in abusing your position to obstruct/delay justice rather than resolving the matter immediately upon your knowledge of the incontrovertible facts?

You have poisoned everything. You have even shown Mike Young the recent recipient of an Emmy Life Time Achievement award to be not such a nice person. Turns out some of the same unenviable character traits as Bob Rae. I will never communicate with him again. I do regret very much exposing him to such a diabolical country.

I will never be cowed into submission from the intimidation you, York University and the Canadian Judicial system have delivered. What is most sickening is that you and your culprits of evil are happy for a person to die rather than correct a matter so simple. Another Xmas will come and go. You really are sick fucking bastards! And you can have no complaint for usage of such a choice of words. No three words conjure up such accuracy at this time.

Donald Trumps recent assertion of the Prime Minister being two-faced is an understatement of significant proportion based on my three year experience trying to communicate with him

President Trump is on his best behaviour, but is everyone else?

Footage appeared to show Canada's PM laughing about the US president with other leaders.

To be a Liberal representative is to be two-faced, weak, sly, immature, narcissistic, serpents, unethical, immoral, unbelievably selfish. As I have often written/alluded to over past two years Canada could not hit itself out of a wet paper bag if ever we were attacked by a foreign nation. We have developed into a country of Namby-Pamby's. And for the lay person here is an abbreviated definition of a Namby-Pamby.

"Without firm methods or policy; weak or indecisive: namby-pamby lacking in character, directness, or moral or emotional strength: namby-pamby: feable, spineless, weakly sentimental in judicial judgments, pretentious, or affected; insipid"

If the definition fits then it must stick: "Pedophiles of Truth", Namby Pamby's, Cowards. Sick, Behavioral Addicts

Canadians need look no further than the handling of the Don Cherry fiasco as further evidence beyond the Paul James matter. Canada fire an 85 year old hockey legend and institution for "being correct" and then try to justify it.

Start being Responsible Bob Rae and Co. Start acting in a responsible manner. Grow-up. Grow a pair of gonads or ovaries - which ever fits.

Finally. I will be sending yet another letter to the Supreme Court of Canada over the next 24 hours.

Supreme Court of Canada. As reminder. You have made a complete, utter mockery of the system of Canadian justice through your handling of the Paul J James matter. I hold you accountable for all that has preceded this date and what lay ahead.

Question for the Honorable Court to begin:

Was the adjudication of the James vs York University file while live at the Honorable Court based on incompetence or corruption (what you like to "euphemize" as bad faith)? It is one or the other. It was most certainly not based on equality and fairness of Paul J James' human right under section 15 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms to be treated with just that, equality and fairness. It is time you started doing your job properly.

Fornicating with animals. In the words of John McEnroe, "You cannot be serious!!"

Paul J James will never conform or accept to such absolute nonsense delivered throughout this horrific ordeal and process. To such intimidation. To such vicious, cruel excuses. To such evil and cowardice.

Paul J James

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