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Dear Supreme Court of Canada : James vs York University Docket Number (#36795)

Dear Supreme Court of Canada Justices,

Please find attached a copy of the seventy-eight page Affidavit and ten page Memorandum of Argument sent to you in the summer of 2016 in the James vs York University human rights discrimination claim.

For transparency to the Canadian public you as Canada's highest court returned these documents to my home address at the time. It equates to the documents not being a part of the public record - covering up any impropriety that may have taken place through the process. You do the same to any Canadian citizen who at the end of cycle of the Canadian Judicial system apply for a Request for Reconsideration of their dismissed Leave to Appeal Application.

The significance for any Applicant is that after the seven year process of surfing the waves of the Canadian Judicial system of absurdity, you as an Applicant are in a position to connect the dots for transparency including obstruction of justice, deceit, collusion.

Paul J James has completed this process and the unveiling of what has happened is terrorizing in its wider implications of inappropriate unlawful behavior and intimidation throughout.

Unfettered Licence

Your unfettered licence as Supreme Court Justices to adjudicate is an honor and privilege unlike in any other profession known to man. It is a colossal responsibility Canadian citizens afford you based on our pristine trust of your roles.

Taking my own experience into account you have terrorized this faith. I close my eyes like former Supreme Court of Canada Justice Louise Arbour who has condemned on public record the absurdity of the court being permitted to pass by so much injustice with the privilege of not having to explain why. You pick and choose like a lottery on what to address. The opportunity for impropriety is beyond significant. The process infringes on a Canadian citizens liberty and freedom.

And in doing so you have established a system of "no accountability" for any justice, lawyer, adjudicator, organization in the event impropriety, collusion, partiality, conflicts of interest, obstruction of justice, false testimony has taken place. You have established a system which is rigged from start to finish. Any reasonably minded Canadian citizen upon reading the attachments to this communication can see for themselves how horrific the system can be, highlighted in the James vs York University matter before the court.

The lies. Deceit. Collusion. Conflict of Interests. Discrimination, Prejudice, Stereotyping. False narrative. Manipulations.

It is why the Global Index of Integrity ranks the Canadian Judicial system as 17 and 32 percent on integrity and accountability - itself a brutal indictment of one of the worlds wealthiest nations.

You should have your unfettered licence to adjudicate at a bare minimum reviewed because in this particular matter there is clear evidence of corruption in addition to the whole process being rigged. An explanation should be given on every file which comes before the court.

Toronto Star, Mary Ormsby, Bob Rae

Also. Attached to this communication is a video from Confronting The Stigma of Drug Addiction website.

It was made a few weeks after the September 8, 2018 Toronto Star defamation and savagery of the Paul J James story. My weight declined to 128 lbs article. I normally weigh 174. I will never remain in Canada as a result of the evilness which surrounds the RUSE by Mary Ormsby, Bob Rae, York University, and the Liberal Government.

The fact a group of persons could - behind closed doors - knowing all that they knew to be true in the Paul J James matter strategize and come up with an article of such depravity - covering up the truth while protecting the unlawfulness of others, is from a world and group of people I want no part of.

The 1400 views of the starvation video is not the 50,000 which should be indicated. The Canadian system even rigged this - the counter for views after speaking to Google/YouTube. Every time it reached 11,000 it went back to zero. It is the corruptness of the Canadian hierarchy you sit atop of.

I have requested the Toronto Star article be taken down. It still remains online. I have filed a lawsuit against the news-outlet. The horror continues. And all Bob Rae can do is act like 70 year old kid. Yet he and his colleagues including Mary Ormsby have treated Paul J James like I am a high school boy from the start.

Jim Panno's embarrassment yesterday - doing the bidding of others - the latest display of extraordinary irresponsibility.

Patriotism to Canada.

Supreme Court of Canada.

Don't ever question my patriotism for Canada. If you do then you never saw Paul J James compete, train or coach soccer for Canada. I have good reason to ashamed of the nation and the Canadian establishment at this time. You are an absolute disgrace. No citizen should have to be expected to wait for or fight for social justice to the level Paul J James has had to.

Canada - as indicated by the Prime Minister's tomfoolery as a clown mocking President Trump - are becoming global laughing stock.


Paul J James

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